Understanding Skin Tone

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Give Yourself a Face Lift with Makeup

Makeup has the power to transform, and there are certain techniques that you can use to instantly give yourself a youthful and radiant appearance. From knowing how to contour to learning where to highlight, OROGOLD has put together some top tips on how to give yourself a facelift through the clever use of makeup.

Make Contouring Your Very First Step
When applying your makeup, contouring should be the first thing that you do, even before applying your foundation. To create the illusion of high cheekbones, OROGOLD suggests using a darker shade under your cheekbones and a lighter shade above. This will all help to accentuate your cheekbones, making your appearance immediately seem much more youthful.

Woman applying highlighter

Use A Pearlescent Highlighter
One of the best ways to give your face an instant lift is with the careful use of a pearlescent highlighter. This can be in the form of a powder, liquid or cream – OROGOLD suggests choosing the formula that best suits your skin type. Apply the highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, as well as to the apples of your cheeks, the arch of your brows and the bridge of your nose. The pearlescent qualities of the formula will emphasize the way in which the highlighter catches the light, giving your face a bright and youthful appearance.

Minimize Age Spots
Age spots can be frustrating to cover up, but there are now many products on the market that are designed to do just so. Color correcting products come in many different forms, from serums to primers to concealers, so choose the ones that work best in your daily makeup routine. Age spots are usually best erased with an orange or peach corrector, while a green shade is extremely effective at hiding any redness. Once you have applied the corrector, layer your foundation over it, making sure that your foundation is a moisturizing one, to give your face a dewy appearance throughout the day.

Woman tweezing eyebrows

Maintain Your Brows
Well-sculpted brows that show no signs of thinning can really bring out the youthful qualities of a face. OROGOLD recommends brushing your brows upwards, tweezing away any stray hairs that are underneath the arch, as this can give the illusion of dragging your brows down and making you look older. If your brows have any sparse or thinning areas, OROGOLD would suggest filling them in carefully with an eyebrow powder or pencil. You should also use these products to make sure that your arch is well-defined, as this will give your whole eye area an instant lift. Once you have perfected your brows, don’t forget to apply a brow gel or a clear mascara to set them.

You don’t need to be an expert with makeup to understand how to give your face a bit of a lift with a few techniques. From contouring and highlighting to bring out your natural features, to using color correcting products to even out your skin’s appearance, these makeup tricks will each give you fantastic, and immediate, results.

How to Get Eye Makeup to Stay Put

Woman applying eyeshadow.

After spending valuable time perfectly applying your makeup, it can be extremely frustrating to find that, after just a few hours, your hard work is already looking smudged and faded. To keep this from happening, OROGOLD has rounded up some helpful tips and tricks on how to get your eye makeup to stay put for the whole day.

Keep any Oil-Based Moisturizers or Facial Oils Away from Your Eyelids
Each and every one of us has a number of tiny oil glands situated at the eyelash line, meaning that your eyelids are able to produce oil on their own. If you use facial oils, or moisturizers that contain oils, OROGOLD recommends keeping these away from your eyelids, as the excess oil will only cause your makeup to slide off prematurely. If using oil-based products is unavoidable for you, the next best thing would be to make sure to wash your face thoroughly in the morning, so that you have a clean slate for your eye makeup to work with.

Build a Base
Before beginning to apply makeup to your eyes, it is important to build a base for this to grip on to, as this will help it to stay on for much longer. While primers are usually great for this, most formulas contain oil, which will not help your makeup to stay put. Luckily, there are other great ways to build a base, such as dabbing a small amount of concealer onto your eyelids, or even using a dust powder at the beginning to absorb any excess oil. Another trick that is popular with many makeup artists is to use an eye pencil on any areas that you plan to apply eyeshadow, picking a shade similar to that of the color you plan to use later. The texture of the pencil acts as a sort of grip for the eyeshadow to hold on to, keeping it from slipping off.

Woman applying eye pencil

Press the Color In
Once you have created your base, either with a concealer or an eye pencil, you will then need to work with some color. Rather than sweeping this onto your eyelids, OROGOLD suggests pressing it into the base that you have created, as this patting motion will give it a much longer-lasting effect.

Don’t Forget to Set
Setting your makeup is a crucial step that many tend to forget about, but it is one that gives your makeup some extra hold, essentially tying it all together. OROGOLD recommends using the same powder blush or bronzer that you will be using on the rest of your face, gently dusting your whole eye area with this.

From smudges to creases to faded patches, eye makeup can be difficult to manage throughout the day. However, by ensuring that you have created a good base to layer your makeup onto, and by remembering to set all of your makeup before leaving the house, any products that you use should last for hours, and will only come off when you decide that you want to remove it.

How to Apply Makeup to Dry, Flaky Skin

Dry skin is the most common skin issue during the winter months, and, as this worsens, skin begins to turn flaky, making it extremely tricky to apply makeup, as well as ensure that your makeup lasts throughout the day. To keep you looking your very best, OROGOLD is here with some useful tips on how to apply makeup to dry and flaky skin.

Skin care

Prep Your Skin
If you have dry and flaky skin, you can’t just begin to slather on the makeup without first taking the time to prep your skin, otherwise, your makeup will end up sitting on the skin flakes and caking in dry areas, emphasizing your flaky skin rather than covering it up. Before applying any makeup, you need to try to remove as many of the flakes from your face as possible, and the best way to do this is by using a light exfoliant, followed by a rich and hydrating moisturizer.

Liquid foundation.

Choose a Liquid or Cream Foundation
Once your skin has been exfoliated and moisturized, it is time to apply your foundation. Powder and mineral foundations are best avoided in the winter, as these tend to clog pores, leading to a pasty appearance. Instead, OROGOLD recommends a hydrating liquid foundation, making sure that the foundation is warmed to body temperature before applying it to your face, as this means it will absorb into your skin and blend much more naturally. While some prefer using a brush to apply their foundation, others tend to use their fingers, as this allows you to work the liquid into your skin, avoiding any patches that are still quite flaky. OROGOLD suggests experimenting with both methods to see which works best for your skin.

Woman applying makeup.

A Creamy Eyeshadow and Blush
Just like with the foundation, it is best to avoid powdered versions of eyeshadow and blush, as these will cake up on dry skin, drawing attention to parts that you usually want to hide. A primer on your eyes will help any shadow you apply to last throughout the day, while preventing it from creasing or smudging. Opting for a cream blush instead of a powder will give your skin a natural, dewy, rosy glow, hiding the fact that you have dry and flaky skin.

Woman applying lipstick.

A Perfect Pout
Dry and flaky skin affects your lips just as much as it does the rest of your face, and chapped lips are not what you want when striving for a flawless finish. To begin with, you need to exfoliate your lips, which is easily done with a soft toothbrush. OROGOLD suggests doing this regularly, as you do not want dead skin cells to build up on your lips. Once these flakes have been cleared, make sure that any color that you apply on top is a formula that is hydrating rather than drying.

It’s always quite tricky trying to apply makeup to dry, flaky skin, and, even once you do, chances are that the makeup won’t stay on all day. It is important to be aware of the products that you use and the way in which you apply them, focusing on hydrating and moisturizing products to give your skin the extra nourishment that it needs in the winter.

Makeup Changes for Winter

Woman examining makeup

You adjust your skin care routine to the colder months, so why leave your makeup routine behind. Every makeup routine should also undergo a few essential adjustments to keep your skin healthy throughout the winter. To help you to do this quickly and easily, OROGOLD has put together a few helpful tips on the makeup changes that you should be making for winter.

In the winter months, layering should apply to your makeup as well as your clothing. You should be layering your skin care and makeup products to protect your skin as much as possible. If primer is something that you usually forget about, you need to make the effort in the winter to always apply a layer of primer if you are going to be using foundation or eyeshadow. OROGOLD would also suggest applying a hydrating serum before the primer, to give your skin an extra layer of moisture.

Hydrating foundation.

A Moisturizing Foundation
The winter months are extremely drying on the skin, which means that you will need a richer foundation that contains moisturizing and hydrating properties. Formulas that have mattifying properties are also drying, so it is usually best to avoid these in the winter. OROGOLD also reminds you to keep in mind that since you will be spending less time out in the sun, your skin may lighten by a couple of shades, so it is important that your winter foundation takes this into account.

Cream Eyeshadow
If you tend to usually opt for powder eyeshadows, OROGOLD suggests trying a cream eyeshadow in the winter. These dry months will ensure that the cream stays in place, avoiding any embarrassing smudges or creases. Don’t forget that when it comes to cream eyeshadows, a little goes a long way, so apply it sparingly to begin with.

Woman applying lipstick

A Hydrating Lip Formula
Many lipsticks end up drawing moisture away from your lips, so it is essential to make sure that you are using a hydrating lip formula in the winter months. These will ensure that you can still enjoy your favorite shades, but avoid having to deal with pesky chapped lips.

Waterproof Formulas
Depending on where you live, it may be helpful to switch to waterproof makeup formulas in the winter. This means that no matter what you do, whether it be getting caught out in a torrential shower or frolicking around in the snow, you can be sure that your makeup will stay in place.

Woman with rosy cheeks

Rosy Cheeks
In the summer months, most people will tend to opt for a sun-kissed appearance on their cheeks, giving their complexion a bronzed glow. However, this doesn’t really suit the colder months. Instead, OROGOLD suggests skipping the bronzer and opting for a cream blush, which will give your cheeks a subtle highlight, as well as a rosy glow.

Adjusting your makeup products and routine to better cater to the winter months will ensure that your skin remains fresh and healthy throughout the season. From opting for cream-based formulas instead of powders, to maintaining your skin’s moisture levels, these winter makeup tips will keep you looking your very best.

Makeup Tricks for Every Type of Skin

When it comes to beauty and makeup, there is so much to learn that even experts can sometimes feel overwhelmed. However, if you’ve ever wondered about those little makeup secrets that all the professionals seem to know, then you’re in the right place, as OROGOLD has put together some fantastic makeup tricks for every type of skin.

Color wheel

Color Theory
Color theory is something that every makeup user should be aware of, and is the foundation when it comes to successful makeup techniques. Find a color wheel online, as you are likely to need this extra guidance at the beginning. Opposite colors cancel each other out, meaning that if you have a red pimple, applying a green-toned concealer is the best way to hide it. This is a trick that many makeup artists use, and a color wheel really is so useful when it comes to working out which shades work best with your skin tone or eye color.

Highlighter Underneath Foundation
This is a great way to achieve the ‘glowing from within’ look that many celebrities are sporting these days. By applying your highlighter before applying your foundation, your complexion will be given a natural-looking glow that will stick around throughout the day.

Finish Your Foundation With Your Fingers
Foundation needs to look smooth and blend well into your skin, and while it can sometimes be difficult to achieve this with brushes, your fingers will never fail you. By using your fingers, you will be able to gently press the foundation into your skin, without leaving a spotty or streaky finish. The warmth from your hands will also help to heat the foundation up, which makes it much easier to blend.

Woman using a concealer.

Hide Dark Circles
Dark circles are something that we all experience at one point or another, no matter what our skin type may be. While you may usually reach for concealer or foundation to hide these, there is a much better way to go about it. OROGOLD recommends first preparing the area under your eyes with an eye cream that is hydrating and quick to absorb, such as the OROGOLD 24K Dark Circle Eye Solution. Then, apply a corrector to cover over any green or purple tones, before following this up with the concealer that you usually use.

Use HD Powder Sparingly
HD powder has become extremely popular in recent years, giving the skin a soft but flawless look, hiding any imperfections for the camera, thereby making the product a favorite amongst celebrities. HD powders contain silica, and this is what reflects the light. However, apply it too heavily and you will be left with a baby powder-white face in any photos. OROGOLD recommends only using HD powders on the parts of your face that contain moisture, such as your T-zone, as this will enable it to fully absorb into the skin, giving you the flawless finish you desire.

While there are many makeup tricks for each of the different skin types, these are some that we can all use, no matter what your skin tone or type may be. From understanding color theory to knowing how to cover up your under eye circles, these makeup tricks will no doubt come in handy.

Choosing Your Foundation

Woman applying different shades of foundation

From tinted moisturizers to loose powders, there are so many different foundations out there, and unless you have chosen the perfect shade and formula for your skin type, you won’t be enjoying the full benefits of a foundation. Here are some of OROGOLD’s top tips for each skin type to keep in mind when choosing your foundation.

Oily Skin
If you have oily skin, OROGOLD would highly advise that you opt for an oil-free foundation formula, as this will prevent your makeup from sliding off your face. A liquid foundation that contains lightweight silicone will help makeup pigments to adhere to it without clogging pores, while a formula that contains salicylic acid will dry up oil-producing glands, minimizing breakouts. Powder foundations are also great for oily skin, as the powder will absorb any excess oil, leaving you with a smooth matte finish.

Dry Skin
Those of you with dry skin should search for a hydrating formula, either a liquid, stick or powder. Liquids and sticks both have a creamy consistency that work well with dry skin, while a hydrating powder will contain ingredients that are able to deliver a certain amount of moisture to your skin, ensuring that it does not dry out even further. Rather than rubbing the product into your skin, OROGOLD suggests using your fingers to lightly press it in, as this should help it to last longer. For those of you who don’t want heavy coverage, a BB cream is another great option, as this is packed with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants, all of which will benefit your dry skin while giving you a light and natural looking level of coverage.

Combination Skin
Foundation can be tricky when it comes to combination skin, but your best bet is to opt for a powder foundation. OROGOLD recommends only applying it to the oilier parts of your face, so that you can matte this out and achieve a smooth overall complexion.

Sensitive Skin
Mineral makeup is the best option for those with sensitive skin, as the majority of these are not only free of skin irritants, but also contain soothing ingredients, such as zinc. Some mineral formulas are very highly pigmented, and this will help to cover over redness, discoloration and broken capillaries. There are also some great mineral pressed powders out there for those of you who find loose powders too messy.

Choosing a Shade
Now that you have determined what type of foundation is best for your skin type, you can move on to finding the best shade for your skin tone. The best way to do this is by dipping a Q-tip into the foundation, applying this to the side of your face along the center of your jawline. If the shade seems to be invisible, then you’ve found your match!

Beauty experts estimate that unless a woman is given the correct tools, only 15% of them choose the best foundation for their skin. To keep your complexion looking naturally smooth and flawless, keep OROGOLD’s tips in mind the next time you are choosing a new foundation.

Gold Glitter Makeup Look

Gold is a color that looks fabulous on all skin tones, and gold glitter only serves to enhance this. However, gold glitter is something that many women stay away from, as you need to apply it with a bit of know-how in order for it to not look over the top. With the festive season coming up, OROGOLD is here to help you to embrace gold glitter with a makeup look that you can easily learn, giving your eyes that extra bit of sparkle.

Choosing a Gradient
When it comes to the eyeshadows that you use for this, or any other, look, it is important to choose a gradient that works with your skin tone and eye color. For this look, OROGOLD suggests opting for a palette that has golden tones running through it, featuring rich bronzes and browns, as well as a good selection of neutral shades.

Step 1: The Base
To begin with, make sure that your face is clean before applying an eye primer. This is an absolutely crucial step, as the primer will give your eyeshadow and glitter a good base to hold on to, and will prevent it from smudging or flaking off throughout the night.

Step 2: Eyeshadow
Choose the bronze shade from your eyeshadow palette and, using a brush, apply this to the inner and outer corners of your eyelids. OROGOLD advises that you use light strokes, as you don’t want the color to be too intense at this early stage. Next, choose a dark brown shade and blend this throughout the crease. If possible, OROGOLD suggests using a blending brush, as you will get a much better result. Finally, pick the lightest neutral color on your palette and blend this slightly above your eyelids, using smooth and sweeping motions to ensure that there are no harsh lines.

Step 3: Eyeliner
To begin with, use a waterproof black gel eyeliner to line your eyelids, before smudging down the outer corners with a flat-tipped brush. Next, you will need a sparkly gold eyeliner, which you should swipe along the outer corners of your eyes, as well as along your lower lash line.

Step 4: Add the Glitter
Although the eye primer that you applied in the first step will hold on to the glitter, it is always best to also use a glitter adhesive before applying the glitter, especially if you are going to be wearing it for a few hours. Gently pat the adhesive onto your eyelids before using your fingertip to tap the glitter on top.

Step 5: Extra Drama
To make this sparkly look even more dramatic, OROGOLD would suggest applying a black liner on your upper lash line, before swiping on a couple of coats of your favorite mascara. You could also use a brow powder to give your eyebrows some extra definition, making your eyes pop even more. Make sure that you apply the powder in light, short strokes, to ensure that it looks natural and blends in well with your brows.

The great thing about this gold glitter makeup look is that it is an easy one to master, and, once you do, doesn’t take much time at all to apply. Rather than shying away from the gold glitter this season, take a chance and embrace it, as we are sure that you will love the extra sparkle that it will give to your face.

Asian Makeup Style

Trying to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and makeup is a chore sometimes. One day something seems to be the new style and then the next day you find out that someone you’ve never even heard of seems to think it is a bad idea and almost everyone abandons it. Some tricks do survive this wave of scrutiny though and these are the ones that tend to travel. There is a division between Asian trends and Western ones that doesn’t necessarily need to exist. OROGOLD fully acknowledges women of Asian ancestry do have particular difficulties of their own when it comes to applying eye makeup, but those are more about how to make the most out of a different type of face. There are plenty of generalized trends anyone can try adopting to get a new look.

Ombre lips.

Gradient Lips
Most women apply lipstick with the goal of fully coloring their lips with a vibrant color to help them stand out. A current trend in Asia opts for an entirely different approach. Gradient lips provide a soft flow of color from natural looking outer lips to vibrant inner lips that give the appearance of having just been stained by food. This is achieved in a number of ways, but a common variation on the technique requires you to have two colors of lipstick. One needs to be a nude that works for your lip color and the other should be the color that you’d like to have set apart from your lips. Using the nude to cover the outer edges of your lips will define a smaller inner area for you to use color on. The result is a playful looking style that appears more natural than design.

Woman with natural makeup.

Natural Makeup
Few Asian women opt for a makeup style that emphasize that they are wearing makeup. Instead they focus on bringing out their natural beauty through skin care and the careful application of nude makeup. This approach involves largely covering up any blemishes or problem areas without being too zealous with your makeup. Happily, this trend slightly corresponds to a lighter trend in this direction among Western makeup artist. OROGOLD suggests consulting an esthetician about some of the best ways to emphasize your own looks without it being obvious. These will often vary depending on your skin type and heritage. Taking this approach will give you a distinct “I just woke up like this” casual beauty that it is hard to ignore.

Woman with puppy eye makeup.

Puppy Eye
Everyone in the Western world is familiar with Cay Eye makeup, but Asia has turned this on its head with a Puppy Eye instead. This makeup technique is less about emphasizing a sort of aloof and mysterious look. It is about making yourself look both larger and more youthful. More than just the name makes it the inverse of the Cat Eye. Use your favorite liner to follow your upper lash line like you would when going for a more feline look, but you should instead follow the contour of your upper eye out and down when you reach the edge instead of going for the upwards flick. You can add extra emphasis to the look by meeting the line from the lower lash line as well, but it isn’t required in every version of the Puppy Eye.

Regional makeup trends don’t have to be trapped within a region. Spreading new ideas around allows makeup, like all good art, to grow from meeting its counterparts. OROGOLD fully encourages you to try some of these tricks if you aren’t already. You’re sure to get a different perspective on yourself and maybe even find your new favorite way to do your makeup.

10 Min Youthful Makeover

While it may take some an hour in the morning to complete their beauty routine, not everybody has the time for this. The next time you are in a rush, try OROGOLD’s ten-minute youthful makeover for a fresh, younger looking appearance.

Woman using a concealer

Step 1: Complexion
For the first step, OROGOLD recommends using Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizing Balm, as this is a great product for aging skin as it does not sink into any fine lines or wrinkles. Using either young fingers or a brush, apply the balm to your face, evening out your skin tone. Next, use a very small amount of concealer on any dark shadows under your eyes. OROGOLD stresses not to overdo this step, as you don’t want your skin to look too white in any areas. You will usually need much less than you think!

Woman applying blush.

Step 2: Blush
The next step is to give your complexion a light flush, and the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush is the ideal product to use. Melt it into the balm over your cheekbones, blending it into the skin to give you a healthy glow.

Woman applying an eyeshadow.

Step 3: Eyes
To begin working on your eyes, a product such as the Clinique Lid Smoothie is great for adding a sheer wash of color while smoothing out your lids. As you age, it is important to focus on makeup that will define your eyes, as just a little will go a long way. Next, use a darker eyeshadow, such as a cappuccino color, on the outer edges of your lids, making sure to blend so that there are no harsh lines and the look stays soft and light. Next, using an eyeliner pencil, darken the line above your top lashes, smudging it with a Q-tip to ensure that it does not look too harsh. Use the pencil to create a light line on your lower lash lid, making sure to smudge it in. Once done, move onto your lashes, giving them a quick curl before swiping them with your favorite mascara.

Woman defining her eyebrows.

Step 4: Eyebrows
As you age, your eyebrows will begin to thin out, so it is important to use an eyebrow pencil or shadow to fill in your brows, giving them some much-needed definition.

Woman applying lip balm.

Step 5: Lips
Using a lip pencil, work your way around your lips in a feathery movement, blending it in slightly to avoid any dark lines. Use a sheer tinted lip balm over this, giving your lips a slight stain as well as some extra definition.

Woman applying a bronzer.

Step 6: Bronzer
A sheer bronzer is the final step in the makeup routine. Be sure to blend it in well so that it gives your face some warmth without looking too obvious.

As you are applying your makeup, OROGOLD advises that you regularly step back and take a good look in the mirror, working out if certain areas need more coverage, or if maybe you have gone overboard with one of the steps. It is always better to use less and then add more rather than having to take your makeup off and start the process all over again.