The Makeup Brushes that Will Change Your Life – OROGOLD Reviews

Beautiful woman excited with her makeup brushes

There are so many exciting beauty products available these days that it can be insanely difficult to come up with a list of products that can truly change your life. Almost every aspect of beauty is known to boast of a long range of products and brands, with each brand trying to better the other on a daily basis. However, when it comes to makeup brushes, OROGOLD found it easy to create a list of brilliantly designed brushes that can really change the way you apply makeup. ORO GOLD examines the best makeup brushes that are bound to change your life. 

Artis Makeup Brushes, 9-brush set
The traditional makeup brushes were always used by another person or by a makeup artist who used to apply makeup on your face. However, today we don’t have the time or the energy to go to salons every time we need to get our makeup done. Artis has come up with an exceptional set of makeup brushes that makes it easy for a woman to apply makeup on her face. These ergonomic brushes aren’t just easy to use, they are super sexy to look at as well. The set comes in a beautiful velvet gift box that has a satin lining which reminds ORO GOLD of the opulent satin beds that we use in our own product packaging. 

The Estee Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush
Irrespective of your contouring palette, you are bound to enjoy using the Estee Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush because it makes it easier for you to sculpt the perfect bone structure with your makeup. The unique shape of the brush makes it perfect as a contouring tool and a foundation brush. Its dipped curve also makes it simpler to work with the bone structure of your face. The trick to use the brush perfectly is to cover the entire face only after contouring. To do this, apply the foundation on your brush and swipe it from the center in an upward motion to a few main areas: from across the cheek to the middle of your ear, from across the chin to over the jaw line and from the center of your forehead to the temple. Complete the application by swirling the same makeup over your entire face area.

Artis Makeup Brushes, 10-brush set
Artis has another set of makeup brushes that are also worth mentioning. These brushes aren’t simply delightfully beautiful, they are super easy to use and boast of elegant looking mirrored handles. Just looking at these brushes makes you want to look forward to applying your cosmetic products. These brushes are also sold in a set of three brushes and a set of five brushes. Each brush is made using CosmeFibre, a revolutionary fiber that makes it easy to apply makeup products. The fibers are densely packed, and the Oval 10 (one of the brushes in this set), alone has more than 250000 fibers! The beautiful looking velvet gift box in which these brushes are packaged comes with a magnetic flap and its inner tray can also be removed for re-purposing.


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