How to Get Eye Makeup to Stay Put

Woman applying eyeshadow.

After spending valuable time perfectly applying your makeup, it can be extremely frustrating to find that, after just a few hours, your hard work is already looking smudged and faded. To keep this from happening, OROGOLD has rounded up some helpful tips and tricks on how to get your eye makeup to stay put for the whole day.

Keep any Oil-Based Moisturizers or Facial Oils Away from Your Eyelids
Each and every one of us has a number of tiny oil glands situated at the eyelash line, meaning that your eyelids are able to produce oil on their own. If you use facial oils, or moisturizers that contain oils, OROGOLD recommends keeping these away from your eyelids, as the excess oil will only cause your makeup to slide off prematurely. If using oil-based products is unavoidable for you, the next best thing would be to make sure to wash your face thoroughly in the morning, so that you have a clean slate for your eye makeup to work with.

Build a Base
Before beginning to apply makeup to your eyes, it is important to build a base for this to grip on to, as this will help it to stay on for much longer. While primers are usually great for this, most formulas contain oil, which will not help your makeup to stay put. Luckily, there are other great ways to build a base, such as dabbing a small amount of concealer onto your eyelids, or even using a dust powder at the beginning to absorb any excess oil. Another trick that is popular with many makeup artists is to use an eye pencil on any areas that you plan to apply eyeshadow, picking a shade similar to that of the color you plan to use later. The texture of the pencil acts as a sort of grip for the eyeshadow to hold on to, keeping it from slipping off.

Woman applying eye pencil

Press the Color In
Once you have created your base, either with a concealer or an eye pencil, you will then need to work with some color. Rather than sweeping this onto your eyelids, OROGOLD suggests pressing it into the base that you have created, as this patting motion will give it a much longer-lasting effect.

Don’t Forget to Set
Setting your makeup is a crucial step that many tend to forget about, but it is one that gives your makeup some extra hold, essentially tying it all together. OROGOLD recommends using the same powder blush or bronzer that you will be using on the rest of your face, gently dusting your whole eye area with this.

From smudges to creases to faded patches, eye makeup can be difficult to manage throughout the day. However, by ensuring that you have created a good base to layer your makeup onto, and by remembering to set all of your makeup before leaving the house, any products that you use should last for hours, and will only come off when you decide that you want to remove it.

10 Min Youthful Makeover

While it may take some an hour in the morning to complete their beauty routine, not everybody has the time for this. The next time you are in a rush, try OROGOLD’s ten-minute youthful makeover for a fresh, younger looking appearance.

Woman using a concealer

Step 1: Complexion
For the first step, OROGOLD recommends using Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizing Balm, as this is a great product for aging skin as it does not sink into any fine lines or wrinkles. Using either young fingers or a brush, apply the balm to your face, evening out your skin tone. Next, use a very small amount of concealer on any dark shadows under your eyes. OROGOLD stresses not to overdo this step, as you don’t want your skin to look too white in any areas. You will usually need much less than you think!

Woman applying blush.

Step 2: Blush
The next step is to give your complexion a light flush, and the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush is the ideal product to use. Melt it into the balm over your cheekbones, blending it into the skin to give you a healthy glow.

Woman applying an eyeshadow.

Step 3: Eyes
To begin working on your eyes, a product such as the Clinique Lid Smoothie is great for adding a sheer wash of color while smoothing out your lids. As you age, it is important to focus on makeup that will define your eyes, as just a little will go a long way. Next, use a darker eyeshadow, such as a cappuccino color, on the outer edges of your lids, making sure to blend so that there are no harsh lines and the look stays soft and light. Next, using an eyeliner pencil, darken the line above your top lashes, smudging it with a Q-tip to ensure that it does not look too harsh. Use the pencil to create a light line on your lower lash lid, making sure to smudge it in. Once done, move onto your lashes, giving them a quick curl before swiping them with your favorite mascara.

Woman defining her eyebrows.

Step 4: Eyebrows
As you age, your eyebrows will begin to thin out, so it is important to use an eyebrow pencil or shadow to fill in your brows, giving them some much-needed definition.

Woman applying lip balm.

Step 5: Lips
Using a lip pencil, work your way around your lips in a feathery movement, blending it in slightly to avoid any dark lines. Use a sheer tinted lip balm over this, giving your lips a slight stain as well as some extra definition.

Woman applying a bronzer.

Step 6: Bronzer
A sheer bronzer is the final step in the makeup routine. Be sure to blend it in well so that it gives your face some warmth without looking too obvious.

As you are applying your makeup, OROGOLD advises that you regularly step back and take a good look in the mirror, working out if certain areas need more coverage, or if maybe you have gone overboard with one of the steps. It is always better to use less and then add more rather than having to take your makeup off and start the process all over again.

Island Beauty Inspiration – OROGOLD Reviews

The summer months are always the perfect time to update your look, making it a touch more tropical and exotic. Whether you are spending a few weeks at a beachy paradise, or simply staying local for the summer, OROGOLD brings you some island beauty inspiration to get you started.

Woman with natural makeup.

Simple Beauty
Hawaiians don’t tend to overdo it too much when it comes to makeup, so if you want to replicate this look, allow yourself to be inspired by the colors of the tropics but keep it toned down. Apply a tinted moisturizer to begin with, to give your face some color and keep it looking dewy. Dust a light coating of foundation on your face, applying a lighter concealer under your eyes if necessary. Top this off with bronzer, giving your skin an even glow. Keep your eyes simple, letting them speak for themselves, but add a pop of tropical color to your lips and nails.

Woman with beautiful wavy hair in a beach

Healthy, Textured Hair
The only way to get perfectly gorgeous summer waves in your hair is if your hair is well looked after. Coconut oil is commonly used in Hawaii, as well as the other Polynesian islands, with most people rubbing a small amount into their hair before stepping into the water. This protects the hair from becoming brittle after being constantly exposed to the elements. For an extra-special tropical treat, massage some coconut oil into your hair and onto your scalp, before leaving it to soak in for 20 minutes. Shampoo your hair as usual, but don’t apply any conditioner. You will soon find that your hair is much softer and silkier than ever. OROGOLD also recommends this method for anyone that suffers from dandruff.

Closeup of the noni plant found in Hawaii

Exotic Products
Using skin care products with exotic ingredients is always a great way to bring island beauty into your own home for a pampering session. Hawaii is full of native medicinal plants, herbs and flowers, all of which bring a range of benefits to your skin. Ingredients to look out for include coconut oil, kukui nut oil, pineapple, Kona coffee, noni, tamanu oil, awapuhi and volcanic ash, each of which have different functions and healing properties.

Woman applying a tattoo on her legs

Be Inspired by Hawaiian Tattoos
Tattoos have been around in Hawaiian culture for centuries, and there are many tattoo traditions that have a significant meaning behind them. Whether they simply say ‘ohana’, which stands for family, or are an intricate depiction of native flowers, Hawaiian tattoos are incredibly beautiful. Allow yourself to be inspired by these when it comes to your accessories, makeup and nail art, as this will add an exotically feminine, yet edgy, tone to your look.

Island beauty inspiration comes in all forms, from making use of native ingredients to being inspired by body art. OROGOLD always recommends trying out different styles and looks, and having fun with it, as this is the best way to see what suits you the most.

Luxe, Beachy Look – OROGOLD Reviews

A beach vacation can seem to do wonders for your skin and hair, giving you a natural beachy look. But, in reality, the intense heat of the sun ends up doing more damage than good. Luckily for you, OROGOLD reviews some easy and simple ways to achieve a luxe, beachy look, without having to spend weeks lying out in the sun.

Woman with beachy waves hairstyle.

Beachy Waves
Saltwater adds texture and volume to hair, making it naturally wavy and bouncy. To get this look without travelling to a beach, you can purchase a salt spray, which works on every hair type. Look for one that has added minerals, and a healthy oil, such as argan oil, to give your hair some shine, keeping it from looking dull. Use it sparingly on damp hair, scrunching up the ends of your hair as you spray. Let it dry naturally and then take a look at the result. Often, this can be enough to give you natural waves, but if you want to enhance them even more, you can use a curling iron to add even more texture. A tropical flower hair pin attached to the side of your hair is a great finishing touch to this look. When it comes to washing your hair, try to find a shampoo that has seaweed extracts, as this is brilliant for the health of your hair, retaining moisture and leaving it soft and easy to manage.

Woman exfoliating her skin with an exfoliator.

Sun-Kissed Skin
Before applying any product to your skin, it is important that you properly exfoliate. An exfoliator that contains both coarse and fine sea salt will help to invigorate your skin, taking away all of the dead cells and excess oil, giving you a good base to work with. Next, apply a tinted moisturizer to your face. This will quench your skin whilst giving it a hint of color and evening out your skin tone at the same time. A good bronzer is a necessity, as this will give you a sun-kissed glow, define your features and contour your face. Focus on the areas that would have been most likely to have been ‘kissed’ by the sun, such as your forehead, nose and cheeks. If you want to use a shade of blush on top of this, opt for a coral or pink shade, rather than a darker color, as this will give you a rosy glow without looking too overdone.

Woman wearing sunglasses with a pout.

A Juicy Pout
Whether or not you’ve been to the beach, the heat of the summer sun can make your lips extremely hard to care for. A lip gloss that has moisturizer and maximizer built in is the best product to take care of your lips, saving them from becoming dry and cracked. Choose a color that is light and soft, such as a peach or a coral, as you only want a hint of color, to keep you looking laid-back and beachy.

One of the best things about the beachy look is that it suits every skin tone, since it enhances and defines your natural features rather than altering them. These simple tips will help you to keep your luxe, beachy look lasting all summer, ensuring that you are never caught without beautiful sun-kissed skin and gorgeous wavy curls.

Safe Alternatives to Tanning

A number of experts all over the world have found conclusive evidence that the risk of using tanning beds or tanning booths is far worse than natural sunlight. Many experts believe that the risks of skin cancer caused by sunbeds is more than double the risk that one would face under the Mediterranean summer sun. According to these studies, 9 out of the 10 beds that were tested emitted UV radiation at levels which were about twice the recommended limit. As a result of these findings, the World Health Organization has already classified sunbeds alongside cigarettes on the list of the worst cancer causing habits and substances.

According to experts, tanning your skin under the sun can be almost as harmful as using artificial sources. You are bound to face skin damage, skin aging and are likely to be susceptible to skin cancer. To better understand the reasons behind the damage, you need to understand the tanning process. UV radiation is present at one end of the spectrum of light that travels to the earth from the sun. At the end of the spectrum, the wavelengths range from 100 – 400 nanometers and are classified as UVA, UVB and UVC (longest to shortest). The UVA rays are the ones that penetrate the skin and cause tanning, the UVB rays are responsible for damaging the external skin cells and causing sunburn and the UVC rays are considered to be harmless. It is also believed that the UVA rays are the main cause for photo aging and skin cancer. On the other hand, tanning beds use fluorescent bulbs which mostly emit UVA rays along with a small amount of UVB rays. The UVA radiation in the booth is known to have an intensity which is thrice the intensity of natural sunlight.

Despite these obvious harmful effects, the cases of malignant melanomas have been on the rise all over the world. The rates have risen dramatically over the past 30 years, a rise which is considered to be faster than any other form of cancer. According to a study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, people who begin indoor tanning before they reach the age of 35 have a 75% chance of developing a melanoma. Professor Harry Moseley, a consultant medical physicist at the University of Dundee, is also known to be quite worried for the health and safety of the young generation. He stated that the obvious failures of the sunbed industry are placing the younger generation at an even greater risk of skin cancer than was previously being projected.

He also stated that people needed to be encouraged to ensure that they take care of their skin. Otherwise, cases of skin cancer and malignant melanomas are likely to increase with every passing year, not just in the US, but all over the world.

Despite what your friends or peers might tell you, embracing your natural skin tone and protecting it from the harmful UV radiation is the best and the safest option available at your disposal. However, if you must tan, here are a few options that you may be interested in trying out and a few options that you would want to avoid at all costs.

Young woman getting spray tanned by a technicianTanning Alternative # 1 – Airbrushing

The process of airbrushing involves the use of airbrushes to apply tanning solutions as a form of sunless tanning that can help to simulate the appearance of a natural tan. This form of tanning is normally promoted as a much healthier and safer alternative to the long term effects of the sun and is mostly performed by companies who also offer other alternatives to tanning such as sun beds.

How does it work?

The process works by altering the pigment color of the topmost layer of the skin, i.e., the dead skin. According to the manufacturers, the dye does not harm the layers of the skin as the first layer is dead. The airbrushing technique can be found in a number of spas, beauty salons and specialized tanning stations. Moreover, it is applied by professionals and it ensures that the tan is properly distributed all through the body.

How long does it last?

The process is known to last for approximately one week, but it can be prolonged if you use a moisturizer. That being said, most tanning companies argue that you can easily get it reapplied after a week to enjoy a continuous tan for a long period of time.

Warnings: The downfalls of using airbrushing

Despite its obvious attractions, there are a number of downfalls of using airbrushing as your preferred tanning medium.

  • After an airbrushing session, you cannot take a bath for about 8 hours. When you take your first bath, you can only take a shower and not scrub your body.
  • You need to wear loose fitting clothes after the session as it takes about 6 hours for the tan to set.
  • Airbrushing creates a sense of falseness about your looks and some believe it reduces your natural beauty
  • Airbrushing can give you a fake appearance that seems to be too plastic.
  • The process can stain your skin as well as your clothing, thereby making it a messy way to get your glow.
  • Another major disadvantage of airbrushing is that it lasts for just about 7 days as the tan begins to wear off the moment the dead cells are shed off by the body. This can make airbrushing costs and inconvenience add up.
  • Finally, airbrushing can increase the chance of cancer. Some tanning solutions contain DHA, an ingredient that can cause DNA damage and genetic alterations if inhaled.

Rimmel Sunless TannerTanning Alternative # 2 – Sunless Tanning Lotions

Sunless tanning lotion is one of the most practical alternatives to natural tanning. It allows people to prevent exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and still manage to get that sun-kissed glow. What makes it so popular is that it is considered to be one of the most effective products and can be self-applied as well.

How does it work?

Sunless tanning lotions, also known as self-tanners, are considered to be the most effective sunless tanning products available. Most of these lotions contain DHA, an ingredient that interacts with the dead cells in the upper layer of your epidermis and brings about a color change. These products allow you to get a tanned look without getting exposed to the harmful UV rays. Some of these products might not contain sunscreen. Those that do, usually are not very strong and will only act as a deterrent for the sun’s rays for a couple of hours. Therefore, it is essential to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

How long does it last?

The color change is known to last for approximately 5 –7 days from the date of application as it mostly affects your dead cells.

Warnings: The downfalls of using sunless tanning lotions

Like any other tanning product, the sunless tanning lotions have a number of downfalls as well.

  • The biggest disadvantage of using a sunless tanning lotion is that it is quite difficult to apply the lotion evenly. This can result in streaking and end up ruining your appearance.
  • Sunless tanning lotions are also known to be pricey. Good lotions are not as cheap as most other cosmetics and they don’t last very long. As a result, people need to keep buying them from time to time in order to stay tanned. Furthermore, to get an even look, getting professional help or visiting tanning salons becomes important. These professionals also charge a large sum of money to give you that perfect tan.
  • Apart from the economic and practical disadvantages, there are a number of health disadvantages associated with sunless tanning lotions as well. People suffering from asthma cannot use such lotions and there are several lotions that can harm your eyes if they come in contact.

High end bronzer makeup with brushTanning Alternative # 3 – Bronzers

A Bronzer is a liquid or powder cosmetic that helps you to give your face or body a radiant glow without having to expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. However, bronzers are not even close to tanning lotions and other forms of tanning as they are known to be a temporary solution. Your bronzers do not last more than your makeup and simply wash away.

How does it work?

Cosmetic Bronzers are available in the form of lotions, creams and powders. They can be used to get an immediate tanned look and are known to be stop gap solutions to your tanning problems. A bronzer is normally used for touch-up tanning and to hide imperfections. However, most women consider bronzers to be a form of makeup rather than an alternative to tanning as the tint only lasts until it is washed off.

How long does it last?

Bronzers don’t last very long. In fact, most bronzers do not last longer than your makeup and they can wear off the moment you wash them away.

Warnings: The downfalls of using bronzers

Despite their obvious disadvantages, tanning products have become quite popular in the recent years. While all tanning products are known to harm your skin in one way or the other, bronzers are among the safest options available. Even so, these bronzers are not free from issues.

  • The biggest issue is that a bronzer can only be used as a means of touch up since it washes away along with the rest of your makeup.
  • Bronzers can only be considered to be stop gap solutions and are a pricey long term tanning solution due to how little they last.

Tanning Alternative # 4 – Tanning Towels

Tanning Towels are an effective and simple alternative to natural tanning. They not only help you to protect your sun from the UV rays of the sun, but also allow you to get a uniform tan all over your body.

How does it work?

All Tan Towels contain an ingredient known as DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which is known to affect the superficial layer of your skin to give you a tanned look. When you wipe the towel over your skin, this DHA works with the proteins and amino acids present in the superficial layer of your skin to give you a natural looking tan. The biggest advantages of using these tanning towels are that they offer a uniform look and do not stain your clothes in any manner whatsoever. It takes about 2 Tanning Towels for a full body application. After applying the tan, you need to allow 2 – 3 hours for the tan to appear.

How long does it last?

The effects of tanning towels are known to last for about 5 – 7 days. You need to reapply these towels every week if you’re looking for a long term tanning solution.

Warnings: The downfalls of using tanning towels

There are a few disadvantages of using tanning towels as well.

  • One of the main disadvantages is that using these towels can lead to disastrous results if you’re not careful while applying them. Your skin might end up looking streaky or blotchy, which would allow everyone to understand that you’re sporting a fake tan.
  • Your skin needs to be prepared with a range of applications such as shaving and exfoliation before you can use these tanning towels.
  • Tanning Towels rely on DHA to give you that perfect looking tan. This DHA can be extremely harmful to the human body.Woman taking a pill

Tanning Alternative # 5 – Tanning Pills

Sunless tanning alternatives might be a practical way of getting that perfect tanned look, but tanning pills are a strict no. Tanning pills contain color additive canthaxanthin, an ingredient which is considered to be extremely unsafe for the human body. When canthaxanthin is taken in large amounts, it can turn the skin to turn brown or orange, impair your vision, cause hives or lead to liver damage. These canthaxanthin based tanning pills are also known to have dangerous side effects such as canthaxanthin retinopathy and hepatitis.

Things to do before you tan

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your skin for the tanning process. You need to ensure that you prepare your skin thoroughly in order for the tanning process to be successful.

  • ExfoliationA thorough exfoliation is extremely important as the tanning process only affects the superficial layer of your skin. As a result, it is important to get rid of the old blood cells in order to increase the effectiveness of the tan.
  • Getting Manicures and PedicuresGetting a manicure and a pedicure is equally important. You don’t really want those perfect looking looks and pathetic looking hands and feet.

Hopefully our guide has given you some good options for sunless tanning. What is your favorite way to tan (or not)? Let us know in the comments below!