Top Ways to Stay Pretty On a Plane

Woman in an airplane.

Don’t you miss the days when flying was glamorous? When the flight attendants wore neck scarves, the cocktails were served in glasses, and there were more high heels than flats on any given airplane…

But alas, those Mad-Men-style days are long gone. Flying is a much more pedestrian activity nowadays: dehydrating high altitudes, a less-than-glamorous security line, and strict TSA ounce regulations all impose significant barriers to beauty. But don’t fret: from figuring out how to fit your seventeen beauty products in a 3-1-1 bag to saving your skin from high-altitude dryness, this handy guide will help you stay beautiful from liftoff to landing!

Hydrate Your Heart Out
One of the most annoying parts about airplane travel is the havoc the circulated air system can wreak on your skin. Of course, the obvious solution to this is to make sure and hydrate like crazy before a flight: while you might be using the lavatory a bit more often, benefits like increased skin elasticity, brightness, and smoothness make it totally worth it.

And if you’re not too keen on hydrating on the inside (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) make sure to at least hydrate on the outside with a great hydrating facial treatment. We love facial spray formulas for their convenience and glamorous attitude…because there’s nothing more high-class than a gentle spritz of rosewater and sage to help keep your skin glowy and smooth!

Go Solid
From shampoo to facial cleanser, using solid versions of your favorite products helps narrow down your 3-1-1 bag so you can save that space for other liquids you need. Instead of a mini shampoo bottle, try solid shampoo bars as a space-saving (and money-saving!) alternative. Facial towelettes make a great alternative to cleanser, and you can even sub out your bulky deodorant for handy deodorant wipes. Our personal favorite? Lose the risk of carrying your expensive perfume bottle and try a solid perfume instead: you can even make these yourself!

Woman conditioning hair

Treat While You Fly
So you’re sitting in a chair doing practically nothing for a couple hours: why not use that time as a mini-spa experience? Before you head to the airport, massage some leave-in conditioner (coconut oil is my favorite!) into dry, dull hair that needs some love. Wrap it in a cute headscarf or turban and voila, instant hair mask.

Make Your Cosmetics Jostle-Proof
It’s not really a secret: your checked baggage isn’t exactly carried around on a silver platter in the cargo hold. It’s likely to be tossed around quite a bit, so if you value your beauty products, it’s important to package them appropriately. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Keep your powder products from breaking by placing a clean cotton ball under the lid, taking the pressure out of the container.
  • Place a plastic wrap under the caps of shampoo, moisturizer, and other beauty products in order to prevent leakage.
  • Planning a short trip? You can easily pack a few days’ worth of product into empty contact lens containers. No more exploded foundation bottles!

For those of us who have early flights and zero motivation to pull a full face of makeup on our flights, use the opportunity to do a mini-facial mask while you’re in the air! After cleansing, try a travel-sized clear mask all over your face and neck. No one will even know about your secret in-flight spa session.

Can Frozen Foods Be Healthier?

Looking after your health is something you’ve likely put at least a little thought into, no matter your age. Part of learning to live a healthy lifestyle involves learning how to cook and eat a variety of healthy foods. Fish is an often recommended type of food that has plenty of essential nutrients and the much-coveted fish oil omega fatty acids that are good for your mind and body. The problem is that not everyone lives in a place where they can get fish fresh. Common wisdom holds that’s the best way to eat it and most people credit the distinct fish smell from cooking it coming from the fish not being sufficiently fresh. Common wisdom doesn’t always translate into actual wisdom though, and OROGOLD would like to give you a clearer idea of how frozen foods aren’t necessarily the bane of a healthy living.

Frozen salmon fillets

One of the larger areas of concern for this is always fish. We routinely hear news stories about food poisoning from fish that wasn’t fresh enough. There is one thing that often gets overlooked in these matters though: the fish typically isn’t stored properly. You need to keep everything frozen until you’re intending to cook it and not defrost and then refreeze it. This is especially true of fish. You should definitely be aware of particular seafood warnings as some varieties, especially kinds of edible mollusks, do have very specific seasons outside of which any you get could be unhealthy. As a general rule though, a lot of fresh fish is immediately frozen upon being caught. This means they get processed into cuts, frozen, and then shipped to stores. You’re typically not actually losing anything from eating frozen fish. It will be just as healthy as if you caught it yourself.

Frozen berries.

Another frequent food fight is over whether frozen vegetables are a boon or a bane for the plate. Not everyone has the time to go shopping from fresh vegetables every week and a good medley stored away in the freezer will help with a meal in a pinch. This is a little bit murkier than fish. Like fish, most frozen vegetables are frozen within the time immediately after being picked or processed. Sometimes research turns up that indicates the freezing process may reduce the amount of nutrients in them, but the amount lost varies. Other times they seem just as healthy. OROGOLD recommends taking a middle road when looking at this evidence. It seems likely that freezing does something, but whatever it does probably isn’t substantial enough to notice most of the time in plain, frozen vegetables. That means that they too are just as fit for eating as their fresh counterparts.

One way to look at some of the debate on frozen foods is that they can actually be healthier than “fresh” foods in some cases thanks to their immediate storage. The frozen foods don’t degrade any. They don’t get landed on by bugs in any further part of their travels. They don’t get handled by other people again before you get to them. These make a decent argument for favoring frozen foods at times. You can also get your favorites even when they aren’t in season. However, don’t forget that there is always going to be something special about hooking a large trout or picking vegetables in your garden. You have an idea of where they came from and what, if anything, you need to be concerned about. It offers a special connection to your food.

Frozen foods really shouldn’t be as controversial as some people make them. They offer convenience and ways to eat healthy when you’re not quite certain when you’ll need the ingredients. You can easily portion frozen food as well to make the most of your ingredients instead of being bound to the “use it immediately” rule of fresh food. OROGOLD suggests using a mix of fresh and frozen food to make the most of living a healthy life. A little flexibility goes a long way to helping maintain motivation when it comes to eating healthily.

Show Some Skin In Fall Fashions

Fashion Week for Fall and Winter revealed many interesting choices when it comes to fashion. As ever, there seems to be something for everyone and every situation thanks to the broader tastes of designers. One of the many choices the designers made was to sustained slits and cut out clothing through the cooler seasons when you’re more likely to find them in the warmer ones. OROGOLD took a look at this trend to try to get a clearer idea of what the designers intended. The one sure thing seems to be that this fall you can certainly get away with a more daring look until the weather gets a bit too cold for it…or after if you layer properly.

Woman wearing slits.

In the Fall/Winter Fashion Week, many designers tended to opt for midi length outfits to strike a position between pure summer fashion and a more conservative winter look. They did opt to spice these up with thigh-length slits though. Some options opted to only go part of the way up the thigh, but there were some designers who decided to go all the way up the thigh to add an extra dose of allure to the outfit. An important point to note is that the designers didn’t favor side slits in their outfits this year. There were plenty on show, but many took to favor placing the slits along the middle of the out. Notably, many designers went for outfits with a single slit rather than paired ones.

The Other Layer
One thing outfits didn’t lack was companion layers. Most of these were jackets, shawls, and capes. The latter two were the most favored as they added another layer of class without disrupting the main part of the outfit. Layered options for both slits and cut outs had an emphasis on not being vital to the outfit, but instead were meant to help accentuate the primary look of the outfit. They often also provided a way to help briefly shield models and others following the style from the chill of the cooler months when needing to pass through open air or less heated areas of a gathering. Think of the layering options as accessories when it comes to slits and cut outs. They are there to highlight rather than dominate.

Woman wearing a backless dress

Cut Outs
Cuts outs enjoyed an interesting relationship with slits on the Fall/Winter runways. Not because the two were often paired in a single outfit, but because the favored cutout pattern was often a slit for major designers. They opted for distinctly thin, central slits on outfits providing a glimpse of the skin without revealing much to add a tantalizing effect to the clothing. The outfits were often otherwise untouched and varied in fabric weight. Some of them gave the appearance of otherwise being a perfectly normal fall outfit, but the extra emphasis helped make them something more. There was a little variation across designers when it came to cut outs, but other shapes tended to follow the same kind of placements central on the chest or the upper chest to provide just a bit more without compromising the ability to layer with the outfit and keep wearing it through winter.

Show a little skin doesn’t have to be the sole domain of Spring and Summer. Designers did their best to show there’s room for feeling confident about your looks and daring in your style even throughout the cooler seasons of the year. Don’t be afraid to try some of these styles, but OROGOLD would like to remind you that showing a bit more skin does mean you’ll need to remember to apply a little more sunscreen.

East Coast VS West Coast Style

The fashion world readily splits itself into particular camps championing different kinds of aesthetics. One of the more common splits in the United States is over what makes East Coast style superior to West Coast style or vice versa. Each side has its particular champions highlighting the benefits of the aesthetic choices of each coast. This is often a bit strange given major US designers have often lived on each coast throughout their careers. They often end up a bit less biased and blend the best of each coast. OROGOLD has assembled a short overview of what makes the styles of each coast to give you a clearer idea of what your preferred style might be. We’re not picking any favorites though.

Street style

Dare to Prepare
Both styles require a decent amount of preparation when it comes down to it. East Coast style emphasizes having an outfit for each occasion. Each outfit is crafted to work beautifully in the situation it is meant for and a large variety of accessories are available to make the most of each outfit. The goal is to emphasize and build an outfit around and occasion and item rather than being about fluid transitions between states of existence like the West Coast style. The aforementioned style focuses instead n the versatility and free flow from one part of life to another. West Coast style enthusiasts used a practiced casual aesthetic that can go from being work friendly to beach ready with only a few minor changes in presentation at most. This takes a fair bit of effort to get right though.

East Coast style enjoys its layers even in warmer seasons. Combinations of tops and jackets help define when and where to use an outfit. This also plays into the often dressed down “formal” tone to East Coast style as the layers lend a conservative look to some outfits. Color and cut choices allow the style to remain playful and cheerful as readily as its counterpart though. West Coast style seems to thrive in its use of layers. They are often when help provide the materials that let the outfits move from one gathering to another fluidly. An airy, button top over a tighter, beach friendly shirt is a relatively common combination. Additionally, the influence of bohemian-style fashion sense is also visible in this aspect of West Coast style. This aspect does come up in another way that OROGOLD feels merits discussion as well.


andersphoto /

Jewelry and Accessories
In some ways, West Coast style can end up treating jewelry as an extension of its layering philosophy. There is an emphasis on using multiple pieces to provide a carefree, mix-and-match kind of look in keeping with the bohemian spirit. This is at odds with the East Coast style idea of matching an outfit to an occasion. Jewelry and accessories are highlights or central aspects of East Coast outfits where the goal, as discussed, is to build around something. This often leads to less busy outfits with a central piece of jewelry being chosen for its eye-catching nature and ability to emphasize what the wearer wishes. The West Coast doesn’t entirely miss out on this, but encourages eclectic pairings to emphasize its practiced “casual” nature.

East Coast and West Coast styles each bring something to the fashion world, but it is little wonder that many people see them as opposed. Between the East Coast’s more formal approach and the West Coast’s “free spirited” approach, it does seem on the surface they must inherently conflict. Don’t think that tough. Each style has its edge areas where the two can blend a bit and how you use pieces of an outfit can make its one style or another depending on context. OROGOLD hopes you’ve got at least a somewhat clearer idea of what divides the two styles now though. Don’t feel bound to be loyal to the coast you’re on though as fashion is about self-expression.

How to Emulate Cool East Coast Style

Each coast has something to recommend it. The West Coast plays host to California and its seemingly eternal summer in many places. This gives rises to an aura of relaxation and enjoyment that pervades everything from day-to-day life to the heights of the fashion world. The East Coast, by contrast, is on top of things. With countless things whirling through the cities of that coast, there never seems to be anything to slow or stop them. Their fashion keeps in step with them as well. In fact, the East Coast seems to always have more outfits and ideas thanks to their need to adapt to more weather. OROGOLD has a few tips if you wish to emulate the competent and prepared style of the East Coast.

Street fashion.

Style With a Purpose
All accessorizing and fashion ultimately has a purpose, but not all of it is intended to be seen that way. West Coast style, in particular, tends to favor fashion that seems so relaxed that it can’t be purposeful. The East Coast opts for a different tactic. Most fashion ideas for the East Coast require a bit of obvious thought into their choices. For instance, you can pick a central piece of jewelry and build an outfit around that. Handbags and other accessories aren’t additions you just carry around in East Coast fashion, but highly deliberate pieces of the outfit itself. A driven sense of purpose helps define East Coast fashion even when it is being casual. Focus on building up your look around something for the best effect.

Busy, but Not BUSY
There’s a wild flair found on the West Coast that leads to “thrown together” outfits that come in a myriad of colors. The East Coast tends towards color schemes and patterns that are considered comparatively conservative. Calmer colors and smoother lines help create sleek looks that work both on the street and at an event. East Coast color choice is by no means bland, but the idea is not to appear casual in everything. You want a relaxed air of refinement more than anything. Whites and dark blues are staples in East Coast closets for a reason. These provide a complimentary look without being a loud or overwhelming color or pattern. OROGOLD would like to emphasize that you should remember to match colors appropriately when emulating the East Coast. Matching outfits help highlight the prepared and consistently chic feeling of the style.

Street style

HUANG Zheng /

Be a Little Formal
Anyone used to the West Coast may not like the idea, but the East Coast does ask for a little bit of formality. Urban centers like New York City favor that sense of preparedness. You should try to have a jacket for each occasion or season. Wear more formal tops and bottoms. This doesn’t entail foregoing casual clothing at all, but it does mean avoiding a “beach” look. The East Coast is not about seamless transition from work to play. East Coast is about having an outfit for every occasion that you’ve assembled just for such times. This goes even for casual nights out. Don’t shy away from a cute top, but try pairing it with a tasteful bottom that gives the ensemble a less “I just threw this together” air. Be bold and be in clear command of yourself and your outfit.

East Coast fashion, on the surface, seems to ask for more of anyone seeking to emulate it. It really doesn’t though given the amount of time it takes to create outfits that seem casually thrown together yet remain strangely stylish. OROGOLD encourages you to experiment with East Coast styles as they make for an interesting way to change up your personal style as cooler weather approaches. Take style tips from New Yorkers and try layering your clothing for fall. A tasteful new top can potentially transform an already existing outfit as well. All you need to do is remember that your outfit shouldn’t be about an event happening to you. An East Coast outfit is about you happening to the event.

Beer Beauty Tips

Woman having beer.

The idea of having a decent beer and relaxing after a long day isn’t entirely unfamiliar to most people. Relaxation is good for the body and soul. It gives you time to rest and readjust after a long day of being who you need to be rather than who you are. But beer can do more for you than just help you unwind after a long day. It has a few surprising benefits if you’re trying to look after your appearance as well. These do rely on you being careful about how you apply them. OROGOLD recommends holding to the idea of “everything in moderation” if you opt to try any of the following beer beauty tips. You can get some effects out of them, but too much in the way of a beer treatment can hurt your hair or skin.

Facial Cleanser or Mask
Some products use beer as one of their primary ingredients. Those that often seem the best are cleanser and masks meant to clean the skin. The alcohol content of the beer helps to dry the skin out of the natural oils as well as help clear out any forming bacteria. Some credit it with being able to balance out the pH of your skin, but this is less clear. OROGOLD recommends you stick to products created by skin care companies as the various do-it-yourself options in these matters are not the most controlled in their recipes. Too much of the beer can and will dry your skin out more than you intended. This will lead to further skin issues instead of curing them. Remember that the quality of the product remains important in skin care and even well-meant recipes that should work can be wrong or miss the negative effects of chosen ingredients.

Beer Rinse
One useful aspect to beer is that you can use it as an impromptu rinse for your hair in a pinch. It is known to help strip away the natural oils. This isn’t the best approach for all hair though. Oily hair will get the most out of this as it will be harder for the beer to entirely strip the hair. By contrast, fine hair will suffer as losing what oil it has will make it easier for the hairs to snap. A good exception to the rule is if you’ve been using a lot of products in your hair and have noticed excessive build up that you’d like to get rid of to restore natural vibrancy to your hair. Beer can do that as well, but you should avoid doing this if you’re using a color or similar product in your hair as those don’t mix well. You will want a scented oil or something else to follow up with to help remove the smell of beer, though.

There are a couple of possible ways to look at beer being useful for fighting acne. Some people swear by inactive supplements of brewer’s yeast, but we’ve previously discussed why that makes little sense. There are some that use beer as a component of acne-fighting products though. This was touched on in the previous section with the anti-bacterial properties of beer and how it can dry out your skin some. There is something to be said that there are also beneficial nutrients in the beer that help boost your skin’s health following that was well. Some of them can help the skin repair itself and move towards fading acne scars when paired with the right products as well. The exact mechanisms by which all of this supposedly works aren’t always clear, but the benefits are noticeable enough that acne-fighting products using beers certainly don’t lag behind their counterparts.

Using beer for beauty is something with a relatively long tradition. People have been finding ways to use it since they discovered how to make beer in the first place. The catch is that the modern beauty industry has had a long time to make products more specialized than raw beer for skin care. OROGOLD recommends favoring products that use beer as an ingredient rather than using beer directly on your hair or skin. This will help emphasize the better parts of beer and remove any potential negatives.

Host an Oktoberfest Party

Hosting an Oktoberfest party isn’t as large of an undertaking as organizing the actual festival. After all, you only have to worry about one building rather than an entire city. This doesn’t make the prospect of hosting the party and less nerve-wracking though. Your nerves are probably even more frayed if this is the first time you’ve ever actually considered hosting one too. Don’t worry. OROGOLD has a few tips and tricks on what to remember and do that should make things a little easier on you. You do need to keep one cardinal rule in mind when hosting an Oktoberfest party, though: it is a celebration. You should expect and foster an atmosphere of spirited enjoyment to stay true to the celebration. So be prepared to leave quiet contemplation of family and friends for another time.

Glass of beer

There is no getting around this part of hosting an Oktoberfest party. Beer may not be the full importance of the festival, but it certainly shares center stage. You’ll want to make beer selection one of the priorities when you’re deciding on the availability of drinks. Some people explicitly sell Oktoberfest beers when the appropriate time of year approaches, but you can’t always be sure of the quality of the product itself just because the name is on it. Many times it is a marketing gimmick and you’re best served by doing research ahead of times. Lagers are good options to consider when picking out a particular type of beer as Märzen, a lager, has strong associations with both Bavaria and Oktoberfest. Other types of beer are fine, but remember Oktoberfest is about drinking higher quality beer and anything overly watery is out of place.

Oktoberfest food.

Another important part of setting the party up properly is planning out the food. In this case, you’re going to want to consider that there will be alcohol involved for most people. Snacks are a good thing to stock up on and keep around at various places in the party area. People are supposedly there to enjoy the flavor of the beer and remain otherwise mostly sober. A ready supply of snacks will help as then people can eat a bit as they sip their beer. You can certainly have a central meal though as well. OROGOLD has touched on the topic of potential Oktoberfest inspired dishes before, but you can come up with your own if you prefer. The main thing to remember is you should focus on heavier, filling dishes. These will typically be ones that involve meat traditionally, but a savvy cook can easily find a vegetarian substitute if their social group prefers to shy away from meat.

Friends drinking beer.

Most people are going to want to hold an Oktoberfest party at their home and this is expected. Weather permitting, you should try to hold it as a roaming event that takes places both outside and inside though. This helps keep with the spirit of the original festival. It is a traditionally open-air affair with free standing tents for serving food and drink to people. Take advantage of a pleasant September or October day and try cooking outside one last time before the temperatures begin to get too cold to contemplate it. You can move inside later with the meal you cooked or snacks and enjoy your company in a cozier setting then. But do try to involve the open air at one point.

An Oktoberfest part really isn’t a terribly difficult undertaking. Like all parties, you simply need to invest a little time upfront for preparation. The only difference is that part of your preparations this time will necessarily involve a little research to get particular parts of the food and drink right. OROGOLD encourages you to enjoy your own small, but joyful celebration of the festival. Remember not to overindulge though as too much alcohol doesn’t help your skin or the rest of your body.

Oktoberfest Inspired Dishes

Oktoberfest is one of those interesting times of the year where people suddenly express a previously unknown heritage. Everyone’s Irish for St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is similarly Bavarian when Oktoberfest rolls around. Whether you’re intending to indulge in this most peculiar part of the tradition or not, you can still enjoy the flavors of the season. OROGOLD would like to highlight this does mean more than indulging at a local ale houses or regional celebration of Oktoberfest. There are plenty of dishes associated with or inspired by the celebration you can enjoy as well. Some of the recipes for these dishes do involve a bit of alcohol, but the amount tends to vary and you have options when it comes to finding other ways to prepare them. Most dishes are going to be on the heavy side and involve meat though due to being inspired by the Bavarian holiday.

Beef stew

Beef Stews
Roasting meat and beer are intimately associated with Oktoberfest as a celebration. Some beef stews actually combine both, but you don’t need to find one that incorporates beer for the taste of Oktoberfest though. You should look for heavier stews that focus more on the preparation of the meat (or meat substitute, for vegetarians) as you’re looking for the rich scent and flavor more than anything. You want a recipe meant to sit in the stomach and fill you and others with warmth and a deep sense of being full. The kind of meal you’d be eating before you went out to a celebration that happened to involve a lot of drinking, strangely enough. You may not need to find a recipe using a beer in it for the flavor of the celebration, but it will certainly add robustness to the dish and as cooking boils off the alcohol most of the time it makes a good option for those who like the taste, but can no longer indulge as they could in the past.


Schnitzel is something many people feel the need to save whenever someone brings up German cuisine. They know the word is associated with the area and especially wiener schnitzel, but they seldom have a full grasp of what it means. OROGOLD would like to highlight that wiener schnitzel is more of an Austrian dish. Regardless, schnitzel is traditionally a tenderized meat lightly fried in a simple batter coating. This is probably best served alongside other parts of meal, but will add a clear regional flavor to any Oktoberfest celebration you put together. While pork and veal are the typical main parts of the dishes, there are vegetarian ways to prepare schnitzel as well to ensure everyone can enjoy this particular slice of the festival.


Every meal needs a dessert afterwards. Any Oktoberfest meal you put together will benefit from making a strudel. It too is mainly associated with Austria, but the close historical ties to Germany means it has a place in this as well. Strudel is a general type of pastry and that means you’ll find countless recipes in both books and online that tell you different ways to make it. You do get to choose the kind of filling you include in it though. Due to the season, you should consider using apples. They’re readily available in the fall and will provide something sweet to offset many of the heavier meat-based dishes typically provided for these occasions. A choice of toppings for the pastry will likewise let your guests make their dessert a personal affair.

Oktoberfest may only come once a year, but the festival spans sixteen days of food, spirits, and celebration. Your private celebration or the local version of Oktoberfest may not last that long though. Don’t worry about it. These recipe ideas will give you a way to capture the spirit and flavor whenever you want them. OROGOLD does caution against overindulging in alcohol of any sort as abuse can hurt your skin as well as other aspects of your health. Do enjoy the time though and make the most of this festival whether you’re in Bavaria itself or somewhere else in the world.

Tips to Make Entertaining at Home Easy

Women having champagne at a home party

Even the most introverted person occasionally wants company, but having people over is its own special kind of stress. What do you do? How do you set things up? Do you even have all you need to do this? How long will it last? What if unexpected people show up? These and countless other question tend to dominate any would-be host or hostess the moment they start thinking about planning a get-together. OROGOLD fully acknowledges that these are all very valid questions to ask. You have to consider a number of things before actually putting a plan into motion, but they shouldn’t prevent you from trying in the first place. To help cut the stress out of getting people together for a special occasion or “just because”, here are a few tips to ease the pains of entertaining at home.

Issue Your Invites
You can take a lot of the stress out of numbers simply by personally issuing invitations instead of simply saying you’re having a gathering and telling people to pass it along. This can work well in smaller social groups, but the larger they get the more likely it is to spiral out of control. Consider your social circle when issuing invitations though. Are they the sort that would like a thematic invitation card or are they the kind who just want a friendly chat and a verbal invitation? Plan for a few extra people regardless of the method you choose for inviting people to your gathering. There will likely always be one or two unexpected guests at a gathering in all but the smallest of social groups. You’ll probably already know them and they’ll simply be coming along with a friend who didn’t know if they could bring a mutual friend or not.

Plan Ahead
Part of the stress about numbers is due to the need to know that you have enough food to entertain properly. OROGOLD suggests preparing a meal that you can slow-cook the day of the gathering or that you can cook ahead of time and simply warm again when it is the appropriate time. A sufficiently large meal like this means you can devote more time to your guests without feeling rude and that you’re ready for the unexpected. You can even do the same with any desserts you have prepared that have predetermined portions. Keep them arranged and ready for bringing out after the meal for anyone who wants them. It reduces the hassle and, once again, keeps you active and engaged with your guests rather than away from them. Everyone is there to appreciate each other’s company after all.

Fall decorations.

The time of year often governs why a gathering is happening due to the popularity of holiday parties. You can use this to your advantage. A few clever accents here and there can transform a space into something perfect for a seasonal party. By contrast, you can opt for a more timeless approach with floral arrangements or candles offering the main aesthetic. An important point to make is that you shouldn’t forget that serving pieces for appetizers can be just as much a part of the decoration as aesthetic only pieces. A well-prepared plate of appetizers make an excellent centerpiece for the casual center of a gathering and make the space instantly inviting. It also gives people something to snack on while they pass the time until the main meal.

Entertaining doesn’t have to be a nightmare of planning that makes you constantly doubt your own capabilities. You’ll likely find it one of the most rewarding things you’ve done when it all comes together. Just remember that everyone has felt that stress before and that you can get past it. Try remembering these few tips from OROGOLD and you may even manage to stop feeling stressed before the doorbell first rings. There are no promises on whether it will help deal with that last minute panic when you have to open the door for your first guests though.

Most Influential Films of All Time

Family watching a movie.

The film industry is one of the many ways that humanity has sought to immortalize its ideas. Story after story goes from page to screen every year. Most of them get forgotten before the next summer rolls around and fail to make any lasting mark. This isn’t true of all films though. Some of them appear and make a mark that ensures they keep being watched decades later. These are the ones with lasting influence that tease the minds of generations as they find their own meaning in the images flickering across the screen or simply renew a universal understanding or fear. There are a lot of ways to rank the most influential films and it has to pick from just one. OROGOLD has simply taken a simply of some of the movies universally agreed to be true landmarks in film.

The Wizard of Oz
The transition from black and white to color is one of the highlights of film, and no film really captured the sense of wonder quite like “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s famous transition from the drab normal world to the technicolor dream world of Oz remains embedded in the cultural memory even long after color film has lost its novelty. The story itself is simple, but compelling enough to keep the attention of people of all ages. Dorothy and her friends travel across the strange lands of Oz trying to find what they need the most as people. The storybook feeling contributes to the sense of timelessness that keeps the film being played on television even now. Special effects may have come a long way since the movie first came out in 1939, but this film helped pave the way.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Stanley Kubrick is a name well known to film enthusiasts for a good reason. His eclectic yet perfectionist style for film created films most consider modern masterpieces. Dr. Strangelove (1964) is his ode to the surreal and unnerving absurdity of the Cold War. In a desperate bid to figure out how to stop the end of the world, top men gather in a secret in the United States to discuss the actions of a rogue general that could very well result in nuclear armageddon. The black comedy twists and turns as Kubrick and his viewers try to come to grips with the strange yet then familiar absurdity of living in a world where any moment could be the end. Some aspects of the movie are considered to be incredibly funny, but Kubrick never truly eases up his message on how truly wrong the world of the film is and the world he was living in was.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Animation is an art that waxes and wanes in its popularity. Disney typically restores interest in traditional animation whenever it starts to get low. This 1988 film was one such occurrence. Based on the novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?”, the film takes viewers on a wild ride through a world where humans and cartoon characters live side by side in Hollywood. It differs a great deal from its literary source, but the film is actually more beloved than its predecessor. It circles around a private eye, Eddie Valiant, doing his best to unravel a conspiracy blaming Roger Rabbit, an anthropomorphic cartoon rabbit, for the murder of Toon Town’s primary benefactor. They stake keep getting higher as a mysterious man known as Judge Doom takes over pursuing Roger with intent to be both the jury and the executioner as well.

What makes a lasting film is hard to say. Live action and animated films are each found among the most influential films in the world. Something in them speaks to people and calls out to something that is timeless. As a result, people continue to watch films to laugh and cry along with the characters. OROGOLD recommends seeing each of these films and looking at other lists for influential films. Each genre practically deserves its own list. Think of it as a way to while away the increasingly long fall nights and enjoy quiet, warm evenings at home.