OROGOLD on How to Look Amazing in Pictures – ORO GOLD Reviews

Taking a selfWe often try out ways to look good in pictures. Living in the Selfie generation and not knowing how to look good in a picture can actually be quite disastrous because not having a good picture means that we have nothing to post on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. And what person in the modern world isn’t active on social media? One of our biggest goals in life is to ensure that we don’t end up embarrassing ourselves when we get tagged on social networking websites. We are also always on the lookout for cute pictures where we look beautiful. OROGOLD Cosmetics shows you how to look amazing in pictures with this simple guide. So, whether you’re getting a professional photograph clicked or are taking a Selfie, following these tips from ORO GOLD can go a long way in ensuring that you look amazing while getting a photo clicked.

Makeup Tricks

The first and foremost lesson that you need to learn is how to maximize your looks with the help of makeup. You need makeup that doesn’t make you completely stand out, but doesn’t make you look dull either. Here are some of the top OROGOLD makeup tips to help you look amazing in pictures.

  • Choose an HD Foundation – If you’re very serious about getting the perfect picture clicked, you should always try to use a High-Definition foundation. This foundation was initially created for TV hosts and actresses and it almost looks invisible when you wear it. It is also available in all sorts of shades and it can hide just about everything.
  • Always start off with a primer – A primer helps to fade away the infections and fill in the fine lines that those horrible camera lenses always tend to focus on. Make sure that you invest in a good primer because it can make a world of difference to your overall looks.
  • Choose the right concealer – If the concealer you use is too light, you will end up having halos all around the eye area. If the concealer you use is too dark, you will end up having circles. Choose one that adjusts to your skin to solve your concealer problems once and for all.
  • Mind your neck – If you don’t venture further down with your foundation, you could have a face and a neck area that have a noticeable difference.
  • Use a blush and some bronzer – Using just one of these two products can make you look flat in the photograph. Apply the bronzer around your cheekbones and on the outside of your face. Follow this up with a blush by applying it to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Reinforce your brows – Your brows bring out the bone structure in a picture. Subtly sketch your brows with a pencil because they often tend to disappear in photographs.
  • Beautify your smile – OROGOLD recommends that you use a lip gloss that has a hint of blue. The tint automatically makes your teeth look whiter and brighter.
  • Keep the shine at bay – Putting a lot of powder can make your skin look very dry and dull in the photograph. Try to use oil-absorbing sheets to blot away that shine.

What Colors to Wear

Things like blacks, greens, turquoise and greens can act as the perfect base colors for the perfect photograph. You can always accent them with more dominant colors like red and pink. Try to keep the dominant colors for accents because they end up taking away the focus from your face. It also helps to stay away from using yellow, unless you plan to use it as an accent. One of the ideal color schemes that is preferred by women the world over is orange, brown, tan and a hint of maroon. You need tones that suit each other and go well with your overall personality. Here are a few ORO GOLD tips on what colors to wear for the best photographs.

  • Be wary of color contrasts – Stay away from colors that end up washing out your face. If you wear a color that resembles your skin tone, you won’t look well defined in the photograph. Stick to lighter and darker tones and ensure that you maintain a good contrast between your clothing and your skin color. If you have a dark or an olive colored complexion, white might be an ideal color to choose.
  • Coordinate your colors, don’t match them – You don’t need to wear perfectly matching colors. Try to use a few colors that go well with each other and look good together.
  • Limit the use of patterns – Patterns are not for everyone because they often end up distracting the final image.
  • Accessorize yourself – Accessories give your outfit an exciting value add and they also improve the way you look in a photograph. A necklace that the kids can play with, a hat which you can hide behind or a tie that you can hold while embracing your man are ideal things to look at.
  • Avoid all whites and all blacks – All whites and all blacks are totally out of fashion. If you’re wearing an all white shirt or an all black shirt, it is easy to lose the details in the photograph.

Poses that work best

Who doesn’t post photos of themselves in today’s Selfie driven world. One of the main things that truly define these Selfies is your pose. People often wonder about the best ways to pose for photos and finding your go-to pose can actually work wonders in transforming the way you look in a photograph. You need to understand that posing is actually a personal thing and poses that work for some might not necessarily work for others. The trick is to determine the pose in which you look better and the moves that really work for you. Check out these OROGOLD suggestions to find the perfect pose.

  • The Look Down pose – Call it the Look Down pose or the Armpit Sniff pose. When you’re posing for a solo photograph, this pose can help you appear to be effortless and this gives a more candid result.
  • The Arm Tuck pose – When you’re in the center along with a group of people, tuck in your elbows at your sides and angle the palms forward. Tilt your head slightly to one side. This gives you more personality and dimension rather than staring directly into the camera.
  • The Pop Your Collar pose – The Pop Your Collar pose is an ideal way to look candid. Try doing something while posing for a photograph. Things like pushing back a lock of hair or adjusting your collar can help you appear to be effortless.
  • The Sideways Snuggle pose – The Sideways Snuggle pose is an ideal one to employ when you’re clicking a photograph with your boyfriend. Angle your body towards the person and enjoy the side-face angle. Try to make eye contact with the person’s chest or face and this should make the photo appear to be very flattering and intimate.
  • The Jackie Chan pose – If you’re looking to appear silly and badass in the photo, all you have to do is employ the Jackie Chan fighting or leg kick pose.
  • The Lolly-Pop Head pose – The Lolly-Pop Head pose is ideal for a red carpet photograph. It requires an overhead angle that makes your head look slightly bigger and your body looks slightly smaller. Ask the person taking the photograph to stand on a step and angle the camera down if you’re looking to get this result.
  • The Thumb In Pocket pose – This simple pose is easy for a solo or a group photo and it makes you look completely at ease.
  • The Hand on Hip pose – The Hand on Hip pose is perfect if you’re at the end of the line in a group photo. This saves your arm from looking wider because of the lens angle. It also accentuates the slims of your arm and the nip of your waist. When using this pose, try angling your chin downwards.

Find the best OROGOLD tips that work for you from all three sections of this guide and you should be able to look amazing in all your future photographs. So take out those Selfie sticks and start clicking.

Winter To-Do List for Gardeners from OROGOLD Cosmetics

This exciting Winter To-Do list for gardeners from OROGOLD Cosmetics caters to all you green thumbs and DIY gardeners. It helps you understand how to prepare the greenhouse or the garden and get things in order during the winter season so that you have things in perfect order for the Spring season. There might be storm, rain or snow to contend with, but you still need to ensure that you make the most of the time available to you in order to enjoy a head start in the upcoming year. OROGOLD recommends that you don’t delay completing the following tasks under any circumstance.

Planting roses, trees and shrubs

Planting roses, shrubs or trees is an excellent thing to do because they should benefit from the warm soil that encourages root growth and develops quickly. You might have to soak them properly, but they should be able to take care of themselves pretty soon. It is also important to ensure that you keep an eye on the newly-planted items and ensure that they don’t dry out. The plants should establish themselves over the winter season and this should allow you to enjoy a huge head start in the Spring season.

Revamp the lawn

The winter months are the ideal time to revamp your turf or reseed a new lawn. The ground is soft enough and this makes things very simple. If you’re planning to revamp the turf, you need to understand that the right planning holds the key to ensuring that things go smoothly. This means removing those weeds and stones, adding compost, incorporating sharp grit on the heavy soil, digging over the soil and levelling the area on which you plan to lay the turf or sow the seed. The area needs to be kept well watered as well and your seed nests need to be protected from birds with the help of netting.

Divide the perennials

The winter months are the ideal time to splint plants that have become congested. Since they are dormant during the winters and the ground around them is quite soft, things become very easy for you. Some of the perennials that should benefit a lot from dividing are helenium, aster, hostas, rudbeckia and montbretia. You can also move plants that don’t seem to feel right in their allotted spaces.

Keep things neat and clean

Tidy up those evergreens and trim the hedges to ensure that everything remains neat and clean until the Spring season. You need to ensure that your evergreens don’t put on a lot of growth during the winter months as this makes pruning easier during Spring. Deciduous shrubs can also be pruned during the winter months.


Completing a final weeding of your garden before the weeds disappear for the winter months should make things much simpler when the Spring season arrives. Look out for things like bindweed and couch grass, the most irritating types of weeds found in the garden. If you leave them in the ground, they will simply come back next year.

Spruce the greenhouse

If the weather is quite sunny, this might be the ideal time to wash the windows and do any structural repairs needed in your greenhouse. A cleaner greenhouse might even encourage you to sow a few perennials and hardy annuals for the upcoming year.

Winter Skin Care Tips from OROGOLD Cosmetics

Dewy skin might seem to be a fantasy in the dead of the winter. The frigid and dry air on the outside, the horrendous heating on the inside, icy temperatures and harsh winds makes it very difficult for your skin to repair itself. And unless you do something about it, it soon ends up becoming a vicious cycle and leaves your skin looking dead and dry. So, in order to prevent your skin from drying up during the winter season and ensuring that it keeps looking dewy and beautiful, you need to adhere to these simple winter skin care tips that OROGOLD Cosmetics has to offer.

Add Salicylic Acid in your skin care routine

Make sure that you add a lotion or cleanser that contains salicylic acid into your winter skin care routine. This helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the outermost layer of your skin, gives you a thorough cleanse and diminishes the appearance of those bumps. The use of Salicylic acid further prevents a common winter skin issue known as keratosis pilaris, also known as rough skin.

Handle your skin with care

Start using moisturizing soap-free and alcohol-free cleansers and hand sanitizers to prevent chapping or parched skin. These products are less drying when compared to soap and also work wonders in preventing the skin from losing its moisture content. It is also important to lather on some lotion right after washing.

Cover up

Anything that creates a barrier and prevents your skin from coming in direct contact with the external environment works wonders during the winter months. Slip on some cotton gloves over your moisturized hands to prevent the appearance of parched hands. Don’t forget to add mufflers and scarves either.

Make the most of honey

To soften those horrible patches on your knees and elbows, all you need to do is to use a mix of honey and sugar. Studies show that applying honey on your skin helps to diminish inflammation and sugar increases the circulation in your skin. This can be particularly helpful during the winter months as the blood flow typically gets diverted to keep the body core warm.

Use products that contain lactic acid

To prevent scaly looking skin, add products that contain lactic acid. The use of lactic acid dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptian civilization and this ingredient works as a powerful exfoliant as well as an effective moisturizer to help you get rid of scales.

Use gentle exfoliators

Switch to using gentle exfoliators or gentle deep peels that allow you to exfoliate your dead skin cells without removing moisture from your skin.

Keep your showers short

Long hot baths might seem to be extremely relaxing during the winters, but they strip away the moisture from your skin. Restrict your showers to a maximum of 10 minutes and don’t bathe more than once a day during the winter season.

Wear the right pyjamas

The softer your pyjamas, the better your skin. You don’t need silk. All you need are tightly woven fabrics like cotton flannels and cotton. Stay away from blends of synthetic fibers and cotton as they can really irritate the skin.

OROGOLD’s Golden Holiday Looks – ORO GOLD Reviews

This season is all about metallic colors. That said, gold is definitely fitting for the season. This post is going to focus on something we as women all love – gold! OROGOLD has got a treat for you ladies today! Imagine showing up to a Christmas party decked out in gold. You would surely catch the attention of everyone in the room. Gold is beautiful and eye catching, and just a little can go a long way. We have some tips as to how you can incorporate gold into your Holiday look to get the glow you desire. Cleopatra herself would probably be proud!


Gold Nail Polish

Golden nail polish varieties have been flying off the shelves this season. This is the time of year when gold really tends to have the biggest impact, and it looks fabulous no matter how you wear it on your nails. From glitter polishes, to matte polishes, to pure, creamy looks, gold is a fabulous choice for your Holiday nail color. There are so many ways to wear it – from painting the full nail, painting the tips, doing half one color and half another color, such as red, and ombre nails. The possibilities are endless and are only as limited as your own imagination!


Gold Eye Shimmers

We absolutely adore the eye shimmer look. What better way to showcase your gold look than by making an impact through your eyes, the most powerful feature on the human face? Applying a bright, golden hue to your eyelids or brow bone would give you a glowing look, suitable to wear out to a party, or even just at home.


Gold Colored Clothes

Golden colored clothes are a great way to show your love for golden colors. This season, you can find golden pants, golden shirts, and golden accents on clothes in nearly every major every designer’s store and every department store. Many designers are kicking up the gold by using it on sequins, vibrant accents and intricate patterns. There is so much to choose from, and so little time! Gold looks beautiful when paired with black, red, emerald green, or blue hues this season.


Gold Jewelry

A girl can never own enough gold jewelry. This is the season to put some on, and show the world how astonishing you are. Pair a couple of gold bangles or a lot of them together to give yourself a huge accessory boost. Wear some gold hoop earrings or dangly gold earrings and rock some gold eye shimmer along with it. The possibilities, again, are endless!


No matter what gold holiday look you go for this season, you will look fabulous and trendy. Mix and match the above ideas, or simply create and come up with your very own. Use your own design ideas and accent any outfit you desire with gold. If you want to be goldtastic, and get the look of Cleopatra and the stars, choose some of these options before you head out to your next party.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, otherwise known as TCM, is a practice dating back to the Second Century B.C., and therefore has solid roots and history. TCM is used by not only the Chinese, but is now widespread throughout the United States and many other countries throughout the world. There are three main components to TCM in the USA, which are Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, and Tai Chi.


What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is exactly as it states, an herbal form of a specific type of medicine intended to relieve, alleviate or treat any specific type of ailment or illness. Many different types of herbs, minerals, plants, seeds, and even animal products are used in these types of medicines. Generally, these medications are administered through capsules, teas, powders or extracts. There are also other ways to take these medicines which are less common.

Doctor putting acupuncture needles on woman's shoulder,close-up

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the technique of applying pressure and stimulation through use of small needles to various parts on the body for relief of various ailments or for stress related reasons. This is one of the most well-known aspects of TCM worldwide. These needles provide health benefits in various ways and are controlled by the person administrating them. In the USA, these professionals need to be well trained and experts in their field.

Multi-ethnic group of adults practicing tai chi in park.  Main focus on senior man (60s).

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a very old practice of breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and dance-like body movements to stimulate the mind and spirit. Tai Chi is considered to be the most safe form of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is commonly used around the world.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription note with herbal medicine

More about Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been shown through clinical studies as well as purported by those who engage in it to be an extremely effective type of medicine as far as alternative medicines are concerned. There has been some controversy as to whether or not it is actually safe, at least in terms of the herbal medications. Sometimes, these medications have the ability to interfere with other medications or medical conditions which are already established or ongoing, therefore extreme caution should be taken before beginning any new herbal medication. It is always good practice to check with your physician first before engaging in any new medication to ensure complications don’t arise.


There have also been some case studies which show acupuncture to be dangerous, but the risk is extremely rare. This has usually only happened when the person administering the needles has used unclean, used needles as opposed to new needles from a fresh package. This is, again, a rare occurrence. More than likely, you will have a wonderful outcome with your acupuncture experience.


Tai Chi can be an extremely effective method for treating and dealing with stress and emotional disturbances for those looking for a natural method. Much like meditation, tai chi is based on mind, body, and spirit. It involves relaxing breathing techniques which are learned, practiced, and applied – and many people find it to be a better experience than taking medications to treat many stress related disorders.


Give Traditional Chinese Medicine a try for yourself. If you practice any form of TCM, what is it, and how does it work for you? OROGOLD would like to hear from you! Let us know in a comment.

Beauty Secrets from Ancient China

Ancient China is home to some of the world’s best ancient beauty secrets and techniques still employed till present day. While many have yet to learn what some of these tips and tricks are, ORO GOLD would like to present to you today a few of the most effective, yet not well known, beauty tips that can be found within ancient Chinese tradition.

Beads from pearls, on a white background


For centuries, pearls have long been admired by those seeking a brighter, healthier appearance. Chinese women are known to age well, and one can only wonder if the incorporation of pearls could have something to do with this. The pearls were ground into a fine powder, and either infused with other ingredients and applied topically to the skin, or ingested internally. The end result was a radiant glow, which was also well moisturized. Many Orogold products also contain pearls in their ingredients as well due to their natural and magnificent properties.


Oyster Shells

Oyster shells, much like pearls, also contain properties that have long been used and adored for their anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. Many exclusive and high end products will incorporate oyster shells into their ingredients list due to the fact that these properties are still sought after by so many women today. The Ancient Chinese would use oyster shells by crushing the shells into a fine powder and make a paste, applying it to the skin for its ability to keep the person using it looking young and vibrant. This method is still used today, as the benefits of the oyster shell have long been proven.

Cup of green tea with spoons full of various types of green tea


Many people today adore the taste of tea, and many people are also aware of its fantastic health properties. Green tea, oolong tea, and white tea contain many anti-oxidants which fight free radicals within our bodies, ensuring optimal health. There are also many polyphenols inside each cup of green tea, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The use of tea in ancient China was commonplace to avoid wrinkles, saggy skin, and even to keep acne away. The tea would be ingested internally, and even applied to the skin.



Believe it or not, mushrooms have many beauty enriching properties as well as health benefits. A serving of mushrooms can provide one with anti-cancer protection, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits – which are fantastic for irritated skin. Mushrooms also contain photoaging properties, which provide protection from the UV rays when exposed to mass amounts of sunlight. In ancient China, mushrooms were ground into a fine powder and applied topically to the skin to provide anti-inflammatory relief, and even used for sun protection.

soybean isolated a white background


For many centuries, many women who have worked in the soy industry in China have aged gracefully – and it’s no wonder. Soy has been known to contain anti-aging properties and is used in many beauty products till this very day. While containing known cancer fighting ingredients, soy also boasts isoflavones which help skin to appear younger and healthier. Soy also contains Vitamin E, which has repairing properties and also helps skin to regenerate in a healthier, more natural manner. Those in ancient China used soy by consuming the bean or in tofu form, to nourish the body from the inside out, as well as made a paste from soybeans, applying it directly to the skin.


Beauty in Wisdom

Much can be learned from the beauty secrets of Ancient China. While Orogold isn’t able to fit all of the longstanding beauty benefits of many natural products throughout ancient China in just one short blog post, we encourage you to do your own research as well on some of the many beauty benefits of products used throughout the history of Ancient China. A bit of research can go a long way. Here’s to beauty, wisdom, and young skin for centuries to come.

OROGOLD Guide to Fine Jewelry Shopping Tips – ORO GOLD Reviews

Purchasing fine jewelry isn’t like purchasing other luxury products. After all, what other purchases could you compare to purchasing items that are usually billions of years in the making. The precious stones with which fine jewelry is created not only have a unique level of complexity, they are also known to be extremely unique. Moreover, the investment associated with fine jewelry makes it essential for you to understand how to best choose fine jewelry for yourself. OROGOLD brings you a short and simple guide which offers you fine jewelry shopping tips. While this ORO GOLD guide isn’t everything you need to know when it comes to fine jewelry shopping, it is definitely the perfect place to start off.Attractive young couple looking at an expensive necklace in a jewelry store

Understand yourself

One of the first things that you need to do is to understand your likes and dislikes, keep in mind your personal styles and make an inventory of the things you have Vs the things you need. Remember, knowing what you like and what you need is the key to fine jewelry shopping.

Purchase jewelry from reputed dealers

Make sure that you stick to the reputed dealers when it comes to fine jewelry shopping. In today’s market, you can find fine jewelry being sold almost everywhere. However, it always makes sense to stick to the reputed and established enterprises. Since most consumers don’t even understand the difference between karats and carats and can’t distinguish between a sapphire and a blue topaz, it is easy for fraudsters to take buyers for a ride for a quick buck.

Keep track of your finances

One of the most basic tips that comes with any form of shopping is that you should understand what you can afford and what you cannot. This means that you should know the amount that you’re comfortable spending even before stepping foot in the jewelry store. Make sure that you spend within your means and you won’t have to regret it later.

Shop around

Make sure that you talk to a number of buyers before zeroing in on one. The more buyers you approach, the better the chances of a decent price. Make sure that you call ahead and ask the price per gram of gold. This helps you to shorten your field and save a lot of time and effort.

Don’t get attracted to unbelievable discounts

As they say, if it is too good to be true, it is most probably not. If a store offers you with discounts that are unheard of, play it safe. Shop around and compare the actual value of the item. Try to determine the reputation of the store. You might also find that the regular price of the item at other stores is lesser than the so called discounted prices.

Get a friend to accompany you

Make sure that you get someone you trust to come along with you. Jewelry purchases are personal decisions and it is important to choose wisely. It always helps to bring along a friend who understands your tastes and has a balanced head on her shoulders to stop you from getting carried away.

Purchase pieces that you fall in love with

It is very important to fall in love with the fine jewelry that you purchase. They say that if you find the right piece for yourself, you will find the piece talking to you. And even though jewelry designers love to play with the latest trends, when it comes to purchasing fine jewelry, you’re always better off choosing styles that won’t fade away for generations.  So unless you find something that leaves you speechless, don’t purchase it.

Look for trademarks

Make sure that you always look for the manufacturer’s hallmark on your karat-marked jewelry because it is mandated by the law in many countries (including the US). If you find a trademark, it means that the manufacturer guarantees the accuracy of the karat mark.

Get a description in writing

While purchasing fine jewelry, it is essential to get the seller to write a complete description of the jewelry on the receipt. Things like karat for gold; cuts, clarity, carat weight and color for diamonds; descriptions of carat weight and overall color for colored stones should specifically be mentioned on the bill of sale.

Have any other fine jewelry shopping tips that you would like to share with OROGOLD readers? Feel free to share your thoughts using the comments box below!

Best Eye Shadows for Fall

Eyeshadow makeup along with brushesFall is a time to accentuate your eyes with all of the wonderful colors seen in nature. All around us, we are reminded of the beauty nature provides in the form of color throughout the fall season. From browns, greens, golds, and beyond, ORO GOLD Cosmetics would like to delve into the best eye shadow colors this season has offer and share them with you.


Gold Shadows

There’s something magical and festive about gold eye shadows. It seems as though they are introduced in the fall months, and they don’t wear out their welcome until after New Year’s Eve has come and gone. Gold eyeshadow has the ability to brighten and accentuate the eyes, while looking nice enough to wear anywhere for any event or occasion. Pair a nice gold eye shadow with a nice deep brown liquid eyeliner for a standout look that will scream in the most subtle voice, “I look fabulous!”


Green Eye Shadows

Green hues always look earthy and natural, and can really work wonders for hazel and amber colored eyes. Application of green shadow can be tricky, and should only be applied to the actual lid itself under the eyelid crease. Going over the crease can cause the shadow to look overdone, and that’s not the look any of us are going for. Be sure to blend well, and use a smoky charcoal grey or black liner, as well as a smudged line on the bottom lashes for an easy yet classy look in a snap.


Eggplant Hues

Eggplant purple shadow lends a hand to the perfect smoky, sultry look adored by women everywhere. This fall, give the smokey eye a new spin by using eggplant colored eyeshadow to provide you with a mysterious, sexy look. Pair this color scheme with jet black creamy eyeliner for optimum blending capabilities. In no time, you will look just as good as the stars!


Silver Colors

Much like gold eyeshadows, silver hues add something magical to the fall season. Use them alone, or in conjunction with another more full bodied color to create a look that’s all your own. Made famous this season by Fall Fashion Week, silver shadows brighten and illuminate the eyes, complimenting eyes of every shade. Use with a liquid or gel eyeliner in black, blue, or plum to get a bold, fashionable look.


Learn Proper Application Techniques

By sporting any one of the above colors this fall season, you will be sure to look your absolute best. Research some tutorials on proper makeup application, and you’ll be on the road to creating your own rock star look just like the stars.

Be sure to splurge on good quality cosmetics, and your skin will reward and thank you for it by allowing you to put your best face forward.

OROGOLD Offers Top Shopping Tips – ORO GOLD Reviews

Women shoppingWhen it comes to shopping, women are like moths to a flame. It’s an insatiable urge, something we feel we have to do at least every couple of weeks. What is it about shopping that is so exciting, fun, and addicting? We at OROGOLD believe we have the answer to that question: everything!

Shopping can be a fun way to pass the time, spend that extra money we have saved up for a rainy day, or just indulge in a little luxury for ourselves. Whatever the case may be for you, if you love shopping as much as we do – this article is for you. Here, OROGOLD offers some of the top shopping tips to help you become the best shopper you can be.


Bring a Friend

Not only is it so much more fun to shop with a friend or two, but it also provides you constructive criticism from someone you can trust, and a true friend will never steer you wrong. If that dress really makes you look fat, you’ll know it!


Set a Budget

Setting aside a budget for your shopping excursions is always a great way to plan ahead, while still denoting a specific amount of whatever you want and are able to spend on that particular shopping trip. This ensures you won’t over spend, and also provides you with an exact amount that you know you can look forward to burning through once you hit the mall!


Do Your Research

If you’re a tad clueless as to what’s hot and what’s not, using the internet and making it your best friend for the day is a great way to ensure you are in the know before you go and explore the styles in person. Check your favorite stores for the newest fashions, and get your mind wrapped around what’s going on in the fashion world and find outfits and styles you love. This can help eliminate time wasted in one store because you didn’t go properly prepared. That way, you will have much more time to spend browsing through the other stores you love!


Try Before You Buy

One of the most important aspects of any shopping trip is to make sure you try on the item before you buy it. This will ensure the item fits properly, and that it actually looks good so there will be no unwanted surprises when you get home. If you love it, buy it! If you don’t, put it back. And for the love of God, don’t buy something that doesn’t fit. If it is two sizes too small, leave it alone. Don’t have the mind state of, “Well, when I lose 30 pounds I will definitely be able to fit into this! Let’s buy it!” No. Just…no. You’re wasting your money, and you know it. Stick with what works, and be proud of who you are right here, right now. It’s great to be optimistic, but why buy something you can only stare at every day while indulging in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s?


Shopping is a fun, exciting way to spend a day off. Be sure to be a smart shopper, and the rest will fall into place as it should. If shopping becomes stressful, you’re doing it wrong!


What are some of your favorite shopping tips? Share them with us below in a comment.

OROGOLD Examines Celebrity Skin Care Tips: Keep or Toss? ORO GOLD Reviews

You want to look younger? Who doesn’t? Ever dreamt of having flawless body like your favorite celebs? Who hasn’t?  Let us get you in on a secret. It’s certainly not impossible to enjoy a flawless looking body like your favorite celebrity, but it’s certainly not going to be easy. Ensuring that your body looks flawless is a time consuming job that requires a lot of discipline and self control. We rounded up some of the top tips offered by celebrities to let you in on their little secrets. Skin care and body care are certainly not as easy as they make them sound, but these tips are definitely an excellent place to start.

Denise Richards in front of the OROGOLD wallCelebrity Tip from Denise Richards (in her interview with OK Magazine!) – Be particular about what you put on your skin and your body.

It’s great to have a skin care and body care routine, but you should ensure that you use products which actually suit your skin type. Choosing products is about checking for their compatibility with your skin and glancing through the ingredient list, not about getting attracted to that fancy looking jar and amazing marketing. If a brand can offer you the best of both worlds, why not!

Actress Kristin DunstCelebrity Tip from Kirsten Dunst (in her interview with Stylelist.com) – Moisturize your skin twice a day.

Any skin care routine requires you to follow two routines – one for the mornings and one for your nightly skin care. Both routines require certain basic processes such as cleansing, using serums and moisturizing the skin. OROGOLD suggests that you use a protective moisturizer in the mornings that prepares your skin for the day and acts as the perfect base for your minimalist make-up application and a hydrating moisturizer at night so that you can enjoy a softer and smoother look the next morning. 

Actress Ellen PompeoCelebrity Tip from Ellen Pompeo (in her interview with the Allure Magazine) – Drink a lot of water.

OROGOLD has always advised its customers to drink a lot of water so as to ensure that their skin and their body remains hydrated. When you drink water, it doesn’t directly affect the skin. It flushes through your intestines and gets absorbed into the blood stream. Only then does it get filtered to the kidneys, the point when it hydrates the cells of your body. Thus, drinking water might not directly hydrate your skin, but it ensures that your body functions normally. OROGOLD advises you to add topical skin care moisturizers that allow you to enjoy a hydrated look. This helps you to take care of hydration from the inside as well as the outside.

Celebrity Tip from Nicole Richie (in her interview with the New York Times) – Don’t wear a lot of make-up so that your skin has some space to breathe.

While wearing make-up isn’t necessarily a bad thing (it somewhat protects your skin from the sun), wearing too much of make-up can torment your skin. And didn’t you follow the recently concluded New York Fashion Week? Going “au naturel” is the hippest thing in the world of fashion. The lesser the make-up, the more fashionable you look. Remember, the idea is to add subtle amounts of make-up so as to highlight your main features, not to look plastic.  OROGOLD advises you to follow a proper and well defined skin care routine and concentrate on that UVA and UVB protection so that your skin looks beautiful even without make-up.

Remember, you don’t have a team of professionals helping you out with every aspect of skin and body care. You don’t have a huge fan following to give you that extra motivation. But, you do have that dream. Cling on to it with both hands and stay focused. A flawless looking body is easy to find, provided you give it the attention that it deserves.