I Will Take All of the Above

Town&Country - The Over-Indulgent Beauty Gift GuideTown and Country Magazine, formerly known as the Home Journal and The National Press, is an American lifestyle magazine that boasts of being the oldest general interest magazine that has been continually published in the US. The Magazine became a rage in the 1900s and it mostly featured works of poetry, fiction and essays. Once more and more influential people began to get into the fold, the magazine began to add things about gossip and society news into its pages. Today, the magazine is published on a monthly basis and its readership is full of middle class professionals, cafe society and socialites. The Town and Country Magazine mostly features articles that focus on fashion, interior design, parties, extravaganzas, travel, arts and other interests that concern the rich and the famous.

You can obviously imagine our delight when OROGOLD was featured in this prestigious magazine. The Town and Country Magazine featured Orogold in an article titled “The Over-Indulgent Beauty Gift Guide” that was written by Megan Cahn. The article talks about being extra nice to your loved ones by spoiling them with some of the most luxurious beauty products on the planet – products made with 24K gold. And this is where Orogold got a chance to shine.

As most of you’re already aware, OROGOLD perfectly uses the wondrous powers of gold into skin care and uses 24K gold in all of its skin care products. This helps us to allow our users to not only address specific skin care concerns, but also get younger, brighter and supple skin in the process.

Megan talks about the OROGOLD 24K Cyrogenic Restoration Cream in her article. “Who wouldn’t appreciate a cream made with 24K gold? Especially one that will take years off your skin” is what Megan has to say about OROGOLD. To check out the article, click here.

It gives us immense pride and joy to be featured in Megan’s article in an esteemed publication like Town and Country Magazine and we hope to keep coming up with revolutionary skin care products that help in transforming the way your skin looks in the future as well.

Hello Giggles Includes OROGOLD Body Scrub to Their Bond Girl Inventory


OROGOLD Cosmetics is emerging as one of the premier skin care products and as a result, we have been receiving a number of rave reviews from reputed media outlets and beauty advisories. OROGOLD’s latest mention comes in the form of rave reviews on HelloGiggles.com. The popular beauty advisory mentions OROGOLD’s 24K Golden Passion Body Scrub, a body scrub which helps to exfoliate dry skin cells from the outer layers of your body. The product is made using a unique herbal combination and exciting natural ingredients that help you to provide your skin with a silky smooth texture.


HelloGiggles.com is an online community that mostly caters to women. It covers a range of topics such as relationships, beauty, friendship, sex, pets, TV, tips, DIY, pop culture, movies and crafting projects. The website has been founded by Molly McAleer, Zooey Deschanel and Sophia Rossi and it welcomes posts and contributions from its readers on a daily basis. Courtney Leiva, a popular author with HelloGiggles recently wrote an article about the reason behind the a Bond Girl’s beauty. Her article titled How To Look Bond Girl Hot was inspired by the stars that graced the red carpets in the Oscars and her witty sarcasm is quite popular among all her fans. Courteney is considered to be an expert in all things beauty and she swears that her first love is Twitter.


You can obviously imagine our excitement when Courtney Leiva decided to mention the OROGOLD 24k Gold Passion Body Scrub in her post. Courtney, a well known beauty journalist, contributes to several well known sites like sheckys.com, theblush.com and thebeautybean.com, among others. We know we’re on the right track with our products when a beauty enthusiast like Courtney states that “Anyone knows that Bond babes always have glowing, drool-worthy skin, so be sure to get this 24K gold-infused (yup, it’s real gold kids) body scrub”. She also mentions the benefits that the OROGOLD 24K Golden Passion Body Scrub has to offer. “Slather some of this yummy smelling scrub onto your body for smooth and supple skin”.


To read what Courtney has to say about OROGOLD and its products, please visit http://hellogiggles.com/how-to-look-bond-girl-hot.

An OROGOLD Review and Referral From “The Life of Ultimate Luxury”

orogold review

“The Life of Ultimate Luxury” is a site dedicated to showcasing only the most luxurious products available on the market. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, the Life of Ultimate Luxury provided their readers with an Orogold Review in their “2013” Mother’s Day … Continue reading

Real Makeup Remover

Bottle of makeup removerYes, every woman has been there and done that. Getting home really late or really drunk, ignoring the fact that makeup should be removed before going to sleep and cursing yourself once you wake up for not taking it off. But, why all the hype around removing the makeup? After all, it stays on the face all day.

Removing your makeup and cleansing your face before you go to sleep is extremely important. It is right about the last (and by last we mean the last) thing that you should do before sleeping. Now you’re wondering how bad is it not to remove your makeup and are calculating all those times that you simply felt too lazy to remove it. Well, a couple of times couldn’t be all that bad, could it? You remember your mother glaring at you and forcing you to remove your makeup as a kid. Of course, you thought it was just another old age superstition. Or were was it something else? So what is it that makes removing makeup so important?

The problems of sleeping in makeupBeautiful woman sleeping with makeup on

When you sleep with your makeup, your skin becomes susceptible to the free radicals that cling onto your makeup throughout the day. These free radicals can lead to a breakdown of your skin collagen and also result in fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, when you sleep with makeup on your face, your pores end up getting clogged. This is generally known to result in acne.

That bad, huh? But what about sleeping with makeup for a couple of nights?

A single night is not really going to cause too much damage to your skin, but each additional night simply adds on to the damage. Remember, your pores become more and more clogged with every passing night and this can ultimately lead to things like acne and rough or dry skin.

So where do wrinkles come into the picture?

Examining forehead wrinklesYou tend to accumulate a great deal of oxidative stress during the day. And when you sleep with your makeup on, you don’t give your skin the chance to recover from that stress. This leads to premature aging. Moreover, the free radicals found in the environment also get accumulated on your makeup and torment your skin all through the night, thereby leading to a breakdown in your skin collagen and the occurrence of aged skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

And what about sleeping in foundation? Is it the worst?

Yes. Foundations are essentially thick oil based primers that damage your skin. There are known to be the worst for your skin when it comes to makeup as they prevent the skin from renewing itself during the night. This leads to blackheads and premature aging of the skin.

So the next time you feel too lazy about removing your makeup, think twice. You could be causing a great deal of damage to your skin, damage you certainly could do without. Remember, it always starts with “this once” and it keeps accumulating with every passing month. Good thing OROGOLD has got your back. The OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Cleanser not only effectively cleanses your face and removes your makeup but it is packed with skin nourishing ingredients including Vitamin C. The Vitamin C Cleanser is so awesome that it was including on shape.com’s article about Facial Cleansers That Actually Remove Makeup. Jene Luciani writes that the cleanser “definitely gives your face a glow.”