Beauty Trends to Look Forward to This Fall

While it is usually the clothes that primarily dominate the fashion week runways, this is also where you can find plenty of beauty inspiration. From bold lip colors to fat lashes, these are the beauty trends that you can look forward to this fall.

Pink lips

Bold Lips
Bold lips are a trend that frequently comes and goes, and while it is usually the reds and pinks that are emphasized, this fall sees lip colors that are even more daring. From shades of black burgundy to bright grape to pale peach, these are not colors that you may be able to wear on a daily basis, but you can expect to see much more of them this fall.

Fat Lashes
For those who have been using mascara for years, it is likely that you take great efforts to avoid any clumps. However, you can do away with that this fall, as one of the beauty trends, which was seen in full force on the Dior runway, was thick, fat lashes, achieved with a heavy-handed swipe of mascara. If this is the look that you are going for, keep the rest of your makeup simple, but do opt for a dash of bold lipstick to help your eyes really stand out.

Bold lips and glittery makeup

Sprinkles of Glitter
It can sometimes take quite a bit of practice to master glitter makeup, and, if you have not yet managed to do so, this season is a great time to try again. From a shimmery dust running across the cheekbones at Burberry to a sprinkling of glitter around the eyes at Jenny Packham, this fall will be bringing with it plenty of sparkle.

A Natural Glow
While contouring and highlighting may have been all the rage this year, these trends will be taking a step back this fall in favor of a look that is much more natural. From Gucci to Stella McCartney to Valentino, healthy and fresh skin was seen across so many runways, so try to keep your skin natural this fall. While there are iridescent powders that you can purchase to emphasize this glow, there is nothing quite like the radiance that comes from a healthy complexion, so give your skin some extra care this fall.

Graphic Eyeliner
The graphic eyeliner trend has gotten even more creative this season, giving you the opportunity to really use your imagination when it comes to your makeup. Rather than simply drawing on a couple of cat eyes, be more adventurous and add in some graphic shapes. When it comes to the eyeliner that you use, black is always going to be the classic choice, but, if you are feeling bold, reach for a few brighter colors so that you can truly express yourself, whether this be blue, green, yellow or pink.

Beauty trends are always fun to experiment with, and there are a few this fall that really give you the chance to be creative. From a dusting of glitter around your eyes to graphic shapes drawn with eyeliner to lip colors that are darker or brighter than you have ever worn before, take the time to really express yourself through your makeup this season.

On-the-Go Makeup

Woman applying lipstick

When the clock is ticking and you only have five minutes to spare, it can be seriously frustrating rummaging around an overflowing makeup bag, haphazardly applying products to your face as you come across them. This is why every woman needs to have a few go-to makeup products that she can quickly turn to and easily apply in just a few minutes, but which still guarantee a polished and well-groomed look.

A concealer is definitely a necessity in an on-the-go makeup bag, and your favorite concealer is the best product to go with, as you will already be confident in applying it. If you usually use a brush to apply your concealer, this is not something you need to worry about when you are in a rush. Instead, use your finger to dab it onto your skin, because while this may not be as precise as a brush, it will blend into your skin much quicker.

Woman applying mascara

Mascara can quickly brighten up your entire face by opening up your eyes, and it takes less than thirty seconds to apply. A no-clump formula is always best, as you need to be able to simply swipe on a couple of coats as quickly as possible, and if you can find one that also gives your lashes a bit of a curl, then this will do away with the need for an eyelash curler.

Dark Eyeliner Pencil
An eyeliner is always useful when you need to quickly enhance your eyes. However, when you are applying your makeup with one eye on the clock, a liquid eyeliner should definitely be avoided, as any mistakes will eat up valuable time. Instead, a dark brown or black eyeliner pencil should be used, preferably one that is quite soft, as this will slide on easily and can quickly be blended if you are wanting a softer finish.

Woman applying lip balm

Tinted Lip Balm
You do not want to have to be dealing with lipstick when you are trying to be as quick as possible, which is why a tinted lip balm is a great product to turn to. This will keep your lips moisturized while giving you a subtle hint of color, and will only take a few seconds to apply.

Eyebrow Pencil
No matter how well-polished your face may be, untidy brows will always detract from your look, making an eyebrow pencil essential. Although a powder will give your brows a more subtle and natural finish, a pencil is much quicker to apply.

Needless to say, it is important to make sure that your go-to products are always in the best condition. This means keeping your eyeliner and eyebrow pencils constantly sharpened, and ensuring that no products are drying up or not working to their full potential, as this can be frustrating to discover at a time when you need them the most. Keeping all of your go-to makeup items together in a bag is the most convenient way to access them, and also means that the bag is easy to grab and take with you if you ever have to dash out in a hurry.

Gold Glitter Makeup Look

Gold is a color that looks fabulous on all skin tones, and gold glitter only serves to enhance this. However, gold glitter is something that many women stay away from, as you need to apply it with a bit of know-how in order for it to not look over the top. With the festive season coming up, OROGOLD is here to help you to embrace gold glitter with a makeup look that you can easily learn, giving your eyes that extra bit of sparkle.

Choosing a Gradient
When it comes to the eyeshadows that you use for this, or any other, look, it is important to choose a gradient that works with your skin tone and eye color. For this look, OROGOLD suggests opting for a palette that has golden tones running through it, featuring rich bronzes and browns, as well as a good selection of neutral shades.

Step 1: The Base
To begin with, make sure that your face is clean before applying an eye primer. This is an absolutely crucial step, as the primer will give your eyeshadow and glitter a good base to hold on to, and will prevent it from smudging or flaking off throughout the night.

Step 2: Eyeshadow
Choose the bronze shade from your eyeshadow palette and, using a brush, apply this to the inner and outer corners of your eyelids. OROGOLD advises that you use light strokes, as you don’t want the color to be too intense at this early stage. Next, choose a dark brown shade and blend this throughout the crease. If possible, OROGOLD suggests using a blending brush, as you will get a much better result. Finally, pick the lightest neutral color on your palette and blend this slightly above your eyelids, using smooth and sweeping motions to ensure that there are no harsh lines.

Step 3: Eyeliner
To begin with, use a waterproof black gel eyeliner to line your eyelids, before smudging down the outer corners with a flat-tipped brush. Next, you will need a sparkly gold eyeliner, which you should swipe along the outer corners of your eyes, as well as along your lower lash line.

Step 4: Add the Glitter
Although the eye primer that you applied in the first step will hold on to the glitter, it is always best to also use a glitter adhesive before applying the glitter, especially if you are going to be wearing it for a few hours. Gently pat the adhesive onto your eyelids before using your fingertip to tap the glitter on top.

Step 5: Extra Drama
To make this sparkly look even more dramatic, OROGOLD would suggest applying a black liner on your upper lash line, before swiping on a couple of coats of your favorite mascara. You could also use a brow powder to give your eyebrows some extra definition, making your eyes pop even more. Make sure that you apply the powder in light, short strokes, to ensure that it looks natural and blends in well with your brows.

The great thing about this gold glitter makeup look is that it is an easy one to master, and, once you do, doesn’t take much time at all to apply. Rather than shying away from the gold glitter this season, take a chance and embrace it, as we are sure that you will love the extra sparkle that it will give to your face.