How to Get Eye Makeup to Stay Put

Woman applying eyeshadow.

After spending valuable time perfectly applying your makeup, it can be extremely frustrating to find that, after just a few hours, your hard work is already looking smudged and faded. To keep this from happening, OROGOLD has rounded up some helpful tips and tricks on how to get your eye makeup to stay put for the whole day.

Keep any Oil-Based Moisturizers or Facial Oils Away from Your Eyelids
Each and every one of us has a number of tiny oil glands situated at the eyelash line, meaning that your eyelids are able to produce oil on their own. If you use facial oils, or moisturizers that contain oils, OROGOLD recommends keeping these away from your eyelids, as the excess oil will only cause your makeup to slide off prematurely. If using oil-based products is unavoidable for you, the next best thing would be to make sure to wash your face thoroughly in the morning, so that you have a clean slate for your eye makeup to work with.

Build a Base
Before beginning to apply makeup to your eyes, it is important to build a base for this to grip on to, as this will help it to stay on for much longer. While primers are usually great for this, most formulas contain oil, which will not help your makeup to stay put. Luckily, there are other great ways to build a base, such as dabbing a small amount of concealer onto your eyelids, or even using a dust powder at the beginning to absorb any excess oil. Another trick that is popular with many makeup artists is to use an eye pencil on any areas that you plan to apply eyeshadow, picking a shade similar to that of the color you plan to use later. The texture of the pencil acts as a sort of grip for the eyeshadow to hold on to, keeping it from slipping off.

Woman applying eye pencil

Press the Color In
Once you have created your base, either with a concealer or an eye pencil, you will then need to work with some color. Rather than sweeping this onto your eyelids, OROGOLD suggests pressing it into the base that you have created, as this patting motion will give it a much longer-lasting effect.

Don’t Forget to Set
Setting your makeup is a crucial step that many tend to forget about, but it is one that gives your makeup some extra hold, essentially tying it all together. OROGOLD recommends using the same powder blush or bronzer that you will be using on the rest of your face, gently dusting your whole eye area with this.

From smudges to creases to faded patches, eye makeup can be difficult to manage throughout the day. However, by ensuring that you have created a good base to layer your makeup onto, and by remembering to set all of your makeup before leaving the house, any products that you use should last for hours, and will only come off when you decide that you want to remove it.


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