OROGOLD did not set out to change the face of cosmetics as a whole when it was founded in 2008, however the pampering store experiences and luxury products with high quality ingredients changed the industry. Blending the finest ingredients along with our signature ingredient, gold, allows OROGOLD to present the best products to discerning customers. Highly trained staff, indulgent facials and attentive service ensure that beyond getting great products, our customers feel valued. These have taken OROGOLD from its beginnings into the luxury brand recognized not only around the United States, but around the world today.

The Ingredients
One of the things OROGOLD prides itself on is the use of the most superior ingredient selection. The constant search for the best options to add to skin care products means always looking out for beauty inspiration, even if it comes from across history. Gold, our signature ingredient, included in each of our products thanks to the inspiration of Cleopatra, the famed Egyptian monarch known for using gold in her beauty routine. Our inspiration may come from the past, but modern day science plays an even bigger role in our product formulations. OROGOLD products are formulated with the vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other ingredients which has scientifically been shown to benefit skin.  Every ingredient is picked with care to make the most hard working product formulas which fit customer’s needs.

Listening to Customers
At OROGOLD, we believe that attentiveness means more then well trained staff who are courteous and eager to help. It is also more than having an easily navigable digital storefront to help you quickly and easily find what you want. OROGOLD believes attentiveness also encompasses helping a large variety of people take care of their skin. Each person has unique skin with its own history, sensitivities and needs. OROGOLD’s product development team keeps all these factors in mind when creating new products or adjusting existing products. They take customer feedback very seriously in order to accommodate the needs of many different types of skin.

Luxurious Standards
All products from OROGOLD are formulated with the idea that they should leave your skin feeling as pampered and relaxed as a day at the spa. That special feeling of luxury and personalized attention that allows you to relax and be ready for whatever the day has in store for you. The high-end formulas and opulent yet easy to use products allow you to elevate your skin care routine to this type of state. Clear instructions and ingredient lists take away from the worry of wondering what you’re applying to your skin and how to do it properly. Much like a spa, you need only lay back, relax and let the products do their job.

A Taste of Beauty
OROGOLD stands behind all of our product formulas. We are happy to offer a sample or offer you a product to try at any of our store locations. Whether you like to experience things before you buy or would like to introduce a friend to an amazing skin care experience, you are welcome to stop by any OROGOLD store to try out a product. You may even learn a few new things from one of OROGOLD’s trained skin care specialist. You are sure to leave with a taste of what the experience is meant to be.

These guiding ideals continue to make OROGOLD a leader in the gold infused luxury skin care market. Visiting any store, whether a physical location or our electronic storefront, allows you to experience OROGOLD’s dedication to its customers. Read the ingredients labels, try a sample or simply relax your way toward better skin. Everyone deserves to feel as pampered as Cleopatra.

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