OROGOLD Cosmetics has managed to redefine the meaning of the words “luxury cosmetics” with its unique ORO GOLD Collections,  skin care products that have been infused with gold and the OROGOLD Giveaway concept. Despite having been launched as recently as the year 2008, OROGOLD has emerged as one of the largest skin care brands in the world. Today, our stores are present all over the United States and in 22 countries across the globe. What makes our products so popular is the fact that OROGOLD Cosmetics tries to ensure that its customers not only enjoy access to luxurious products, but also enjoy access to a luxurious experience.


The OROGOLD Experience

The OROGOLD Experience begins the very moment you step into the OROGOLD Store. Each of our stores offer you with a highly captivating environment wherein you can enjoy product trials, skin consultations and our signature OROGOLD facials free of cost. Our staff educate you on the best products for your skin and show you the wonders that OROGOLD products and collections have to offer. Furthermore, each OROGOLD product has been formulated using a special collection of ingredients that not only allow you to enjoy a range of skin benefits, but also offer you a soothing spa-like experience the moment you apply our products.


Rich Ingredients

OROGOLD redefines the meaning of skin care with superb OROGOLD ingredient combinations. The brand offers its customers with an exciting selection of products that are formulated using the best skin care ingredients like Vitamins A, C and E, Aloe Vera, Caviar, Collagen, DMAE, Green Tea, Chitosan, Shea Butter, Pearls, Gold, Diamond Dust and Seaweed Extracts.


The OROGOLD Guarantee

OROGOLD stands behind its promises 100%. Each of our customers is offered products depending on his/ her skin issues and skin types in order to ensure that he/ she only chooses products that work wonders for his/ her particular skin issues. However, if you feel that a particular OROGOLD product isn’t delivering on its promise, contact us and we will be happy to help you you!


The perfect at-home spa experience

OROGOLD products have become synonymous with offering our customers the perfect at-home spa experience. Everyones skin deserves that special pampering and every person deserves to be able to enjoy beautiful looking skin. This is why OROGOLD Cosmetics has created products that not only allow you to enjoy beautiful looking skin, but also allows your skin to enjoy the soothing spa-like feel at home.


OROGOLD Delights

OROGOLD Cosmetics tries to offer its customers with the best levels of service, at its store and online. Each OROGOLD Store consists of highly experienced staff who have been specially trained to help OROGOLD customers to understand their skin needs and choose the right OROGOLD products. Our store locations are also known to be the perfect pampering destinations wherein you can enjoy signature OROGOLD treatments. We also enjoy offering our customers with exciting freebies and tidbits from time to time on our OROGOLD Giveaway section. So visit any OROGOLD Store for a completely personalized skin consultation and complimentary product samples or log on to www.orogoldcosmetics.com to order your favorite products today.

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