Australian Beauty Trends

OROGOLD always finds it interesting to look at beauty trends from different countries, as you never know what exciting styles you may discover. Whether you are looking for a complete beauty overhaul, or simply want to add a unique twist to your own look, OROGOLD has put together some of our favorite Australian beauty trends to inspire you.

Metallic makeup

Metallic Makeup
Metallic makeup is a trend that seems to be making its way around the world, and has recently hit the shores of Australia. While you may have used gold shimmery body products and light reflecting illuminators in the past, this year will be all about turning it up a notch, opting for rich bronzes and bold golden sheens. From metallic smoky eyes to shimmering frosted lips, this is a beauty trend that OROGOLD believes we will be seeing plenty more of, no matter where in the world you are.

Natural makeup look`

Natural Beauty
A trend that is now becoming quite big in Australia is focussed on natural beauty with the bare minimum when it comes to makeup. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to face the world bare-faced. If you would still like some slight coverage, OROGOLD suggests dabbing some concealer underneath your eyes after applying an eye cream, before using some soft blush on your cheeks and a swipe of mascara for your lashes.

Woman with blue eyeshadow

Vivid Eyes
Bright eyeshadows are making beauty headlines in Australia, and it is easy to see why. Whether you simply go for an elegant line of colored shadow on your lids, or use a variety of bright bursts of color, this trend will definitely brighten up the winter months that Australia will soon be facing.

Woman wearing brown lipstick

Bold Brown Lips
You may think that brown lips are extremely 90’s, but they are now making a comeback in Australia. The great thing about this trend is that the shade and texture of the brown isn’t of importance, leaving it up to you to find a shade that works for your skin tone. Whether it be metallic brick or matte cocoa, brown lips are a gorgeous look that works for so many different people.

Dewy skin.

Dewy Skin
This season sees a huge emphasis being placed on the skin. Natural-looking, dewy skin is in, which is fantastic news for the health of your skin. Of course, it may take some time to naturally achieve this look, but this trend makes it a great time to focus on your beauty regime and ensure that the products that you are using are working for you in the way that you need them to.

Mini braids hairstyle

Mini Braids
With effortless, natural beauty being all the rage in Australia this year, mini braids are a trend that works well with this. It is an easy look to create and will instantly give you a cute, feminine, hippie vibe. Simply add a few thin braids at different points around your hair for this sleek look with just the right amount of texture.

Just like every other country around the world, Australia has their own beauty trends that become popular each year. From mini braids to metallic makeup, the trends this year are all ones that you can easily incorporate into your own look the next time you want to go for something slightly different.

Makeup Tricks for Every Type of Skin

When it comes to beauty and makeup, there is so much to learn that even experts can sometimes feel overwhelmed. However, if you’ve ever wondered about those little makeup secrets that all the professionals seem to know, then you’re in the right place, as OROGOLD has put together some fantastic makeup tricks for every type of skin.

Color wheel

Color Theory
Color theory is something that every makeup user should be aware of, and is the foundation when it comes to successful makeup techniques. Find a color wheel online, as you are likely to need this extra guidance at the beginning. Opposite colors cancel each other out, meaning that if you have a red pimple, applying a green-toned concealer is the best way to hide it. This is a trick that many makeup artists use, and a color wheel really is so useful when it comes to working out which shades work best with your skin tone or eye color.

Highlighter Underneath Foundation
This is a great way to achieve the ‘glowing from within’ look that many celebrities are sporting these days. By applying your highlighter before applying your foundation, your complexion will be given a natural-looking glow that will stick around throughout the day.

Finish Your Foundation With Your Fingers
Foundation needs to look smooth and blend well into your skin, and while it can sometimes be difficult to achieve this with brushes, your fingers will never fail you. By using your fingers, you will be able to gently press the foundation into your skin, without leaving a spotty or streaky finish. The warmth from your hands will also help to heat the foundation up, which makes it much easier to blend.

Woman using a concealer.

Hide Dark Circles
Dark circles are something that we all experience at one point or another, no matter what our skin type may be. While you may usually reach for concealer or foundation to hide these, there is a much better way to go about it. OROGOLD recommends first preparing the area under your eyes with an eye cream that is hydrating and quick to absorb, such as the OROGOLD 24K Dark Circle Eye Solution. Then, apply a corrector to cover over any green or purple tones, before following this up with the concealer that you usually use.

Use HD Powder Sparingly
HD powder has become extremely popular in recent years, giving the skin a soft but flawless look, hiding any imperfections for the camera, thereby making the product a favorite amongst celebrities. HD powders contain silica, and this is what reflects the light. However, apply it too heavily and you will be left with a baby powder-white face in any photos. OROGOLD recommends only using HD powders on the parts of your face that contain moisture, such as your T-zone, as this will enable it to fully absorb into the skin, giving you the flawless finish you desire.

While there are many makeup tricks for each of the different skin types, these are some that we can all use, no matter what your skin tone or type may be. From understanding color theory to knowing how to cover up your under eye circles, these makeup tricks will no doubt come in handy.

French Girl Beauty Secrets

If you have ever wondered how French women are always able to look so effortlessly chic, even when wearing no makeup, you don’t need to look any further. Take a look at some of OROGOLD’s favorite French girl beauty secrets, which you can use when you want to incorporate some flawless Parisian beauty into your style.

Woman enjoying a facial massage in a spa.

Enhancing Circulation
The French truly appreciate the power of good circulation, understanding that it is vital in order for the skin to glow from within. In addition to performing a daily facial massage, French women also use a mixture of water temperatures in the shower, with hot water to open up the pores and then cold water to close them. This sudden change in temperature gives a little shock to the nervous system, and gets the blood circulating faster through the body.

Woman with red lipstick

Red Lips
Red lips are a statement French girl look, especially when paired with messy but chic hair, a pair of jeans, and a plain white t-shirt. When it comes to makeup, French women prefer to keep things simple, and don’t tend to use much eyeliner. Instead, they make sure that their skin is absolutely flawless, and set this off with a crimson or scarlet shade on their lips. French girls consider red lipstick to be a strong enough statement that no other makeup needs to be worn with it – something that OROGOLD completely agrees with!

Woman with makeup.

Highlight Instead of Contour
French women rarely contour their faces, not wanting to bring shadows to their complexion, or change the shape of their face. Instead, they usually opt for highlighters, focussing on catching the light that falls on their cheeks, as well as on the cupid’s bow of their lips.

Woman conditioning her hair

Traditional Hair and Face Masks
Even with all of the new hair and face masks constantly appearing in stores, French girls usually prefer to stick to traditional favorites, making their own masks with recipes that have been passed down from their grandmothers. For a traditional French hair mask, mix together some rum, olive oil and an egg yolk, before leaving it on your hair for an hour and then shampooing it out. For the face, a mixture of honey and lemon juice evenly applied for ten minutes will be enough to soften your skin and brighten your complexion.

Woman applying sunscreen.

Avoid Sun Exposure
When it comes to keeping your skin out of the sun to prevent premature aging, the French are willing to go to extremes, slathering on SPF 50 even on cloudy days. In addition to this, they will usually carry a hat or an umbrella with them, for when the sun becomes exceptionally unbearable. This gives them younger looking skin, even as they age.

While French girls may have a whole treasure trove of beauty secrets that they utilize on a daily basis, there are many that we can adapt to our own beauty routines. From wearing minimal makeup to bring attention to scarlet lips, to enhancing your circulation so that your skin has an everlasting glow, these are some of OROGOLD’s favorite French girl beauty secrets.

Beauty Trend Alert: Face Shaving

Hair removal methods come in many different shapes and forms, from waxing to hair removal creams to tweezing. When it comes to your face, you may believe that shaving is primarily reserved for men, but, as the latest beauty trend goes to show, it can have huge benefits for women as well. OROGOLD takes a look at the latest hair removal beauty trend for women – face shaving.

Woman shaving her face with a razor.

Where Has the Trend Come From?
Face shaving for women has long since been popular in Japan. Known as kao sori, face shaving is a popular treatment that results in a smooth and soft complexion, and it also allows other skin care products to better penetrate the skin. In the West, face shaving is often known as dermaplaning, and is commonly used to treat certain skin conditions, such as mild scarring, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

How Does it Work?
Unlike with most men, who use a shaving foam and shave almost every day, face shaving for women is usually carried out on dry skin. A straight razor is passed over the face in short, sweeping motions, and although a tingling sensation is often felt, the process is painless. After the razor has taken off the short hairs on the face, it then works as an exfoliant, taking off the dead skin cells that build up on the face. The shaving is usually followed up moisturizers and serums, and often a facial massage, and, when done by a professional, the process takes about an hour.

Woman shaving her face

Myths About Face Shaving
Many women believe that if they were to shave their face, they would soon end up with a 5 o’clock shadow, but this is a huge myth. The results usually last two or three weeks, depending on the individual’s skin condition and hair growth. In Japan, it is common for women to undergo face shaving once a month, as part of their regular facial. However, for those of you who already have quite dark facial hair, OROGOLD would not recommend face shaving, as this could cause the hair to grow back darker and thicker.

Can I Try Face Shaving at Home?
The beauty about face shaving is that it is so easy to do it yourself at home. The only tool that you will need is a single blade, straight-edged razor, with a slope towards the razor head for easier maneuvering. Facial and eyebrow razors are widely available, either at your local beauty store or online. To begin with, pull your skin taut and start shaving downwards in short strokes, holding the razor at a 45-degree angle against your skin. Once finished, OROGOLD reminds you to make sure that you apply a layer of moisturizer.

Although face shaving for women may seem like a strange concept, it has so many skin benefits, from exfoliating the skin to boosting collagen production to giving your face a healthy glow. Plus, if you have ever wondered why aging men don’t seem to suffer from the same onslaught of wrinkles as women do, you now know that it could be down to the fact that they have been unknowingly exfoliating their faces on a regular basis for the majority of their lives!

Island Beauty Inspiration – OROGOLD Reviews

The summer months are always the perfect time to update your look, making it a touch more tropical and exotic. Whether you are spending a few weeks at a beachy paradise, or simply staying local for the summer, OROGOLD brings you some island beauty inspiration to get you started.

Woman with natural makeup.

Simple Beauty
Hawaiians don’t tend to overdo it too much when it comes to makeup, so if you want to replicate this look, allow yourself to be inspired by the colors of the tropics but keep it toned down. Apply a tinted moisturizer to begin with, to give your face some color and keep it looking dewy. Dust a light coating of foundation on your face, applying a lighter concealer under your eyes if necessary. Top this off with bronzer, giving your skin an even glow. Keep your eyes simple, letting them speak for themselves, but add a pop of tropical color to your lips and nails.

Woman with beautiful wavy hair in a beach

Healthy, Textured Hair
The only way to get perfectly gorgeous summer waves in your hair is if your hair is well looked after. Coconut oil is commonly used in Hawaii, as well as the other Polynesian islands, with most people rubbing a small amount into their hair before stepping into the water. This protects the hair from becoming brittle after being constantly exposed to the elements. For an extra-special tropical treat, massage some coconut oil into your hair and onto your scalp, before leaving it to soak in for 20 minutes. Shampoo your hair as usual, but don’t apply any conditioner. You will soon find that your hair is much softer and silkier than ever. OROGOLD also recommends this method for anyone that suffers from dandruff.

Closeup of the noni plant found in Hawaii

Exotic Products
Using skin care products with exotic ingredients is always a great way to bring island beauty into your own home for a pampering session. Hawaii is full of native medicinal plants, herbs and flowers, all of which bring a range of benefits to your skin. Ingredients to look out for include coconut oil, kukui nut oil, pineapple, Kona coffee, noni, tamanu oil, awapuhi and volcanic ash, each of which have different functions and healing properties.

Woman applying a tattoo on her legs

Be Inspired by Hawaiian Tattoos
Tattoos have been around in Hawaiian culture for centuries, and there are many tattoo traditions that have a significant meaning behind them. Whether they simply say ‘ohana’, which stands for family, or are an intricate depiction of native flowers, Hawaiian tattoos are incredibly beautiful. Allow yourself to be inspired by these when it comes to your accessories, makeup and nail art, as this will add an exotically feminine, yet edgy, tone to your look.

Island beauty inspiration comes in all forms, from making use of native ingredients to being inspired by body art. OROGOLD always recommends trying out different styles and looks, and having fun with it, as this is the best way to see what suits you the most.

Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin – OROGOLD Reviews

We all know that true beauty comes from within, and yoga is the perfect way to help your inner beauty shine on the outside. By stabilizing your hormones and enhancing the blood flow to your skin, yoga is a popular way to improve the health of your skin, giving you a healthy, radiant glow.

Woman performing the Shirshasana in her backyard.

The Headstand – Shirshasana
Although Shirshasana may be a difficult pose to master, it will make a significant difference in the way in which your face glows, simply due to the fact that as you are standing on your head, your blood is flowing downwards, enhancing the circulation in your face. It also simulates a face lift, as your skin will be hanging in the other direction since you have reversed the flow of gravity. The headstand not only helps to reduce wrinkles, but also brings more nutrients and oxygen to your face, giving you a healthy glow.

Woman wearing a white top massaging her forehead.

Yogic Facial Massage – Kapal Randhra Dhouti
The kapal randhra dhouti is the Yoga Institute’s signature yogic facial massage, and is a great technique that can bring about the same results as many skin care products. It works by stimulating the nerves in your face, giving you a natural glow when practiced over time. You will also find that it is a great way to reduce stress and relax. Begin by sitting cross-legged, breathing steadily. Using your fingers, gently massage your forehead, starting from the middle and working your way towards the temples. Then, gently pinch your eyebrows along their length, repeating this about 3 or 4 times. Massage around your eyes, in gentle circular motions, and in upward strokes, massage your cheeks. Finally, look upwards and massage your neck in upward strokes.

Woman peforming the Uttanasana yoga pose besides a waterfall.

Standing Forward Bend – Uttanasana
This is another pose that enhances the blood flow to your face, encouraging the renewal of skin cells and giving you a rosy glow. It is a great pose for beginners to try, as even simply bending at the waist, letting your head hang and closing your eyes makes your blood flow change direction. If you find the pose is painful in your hamstrings, try doing a simple warm-up first. To begin with, practice this pose for one minute every day, working your way up to five minutes as your body becomes more accustomed to it. This is the easiest of the forward bend poses, and once you have mastered this, you will be able to try the more complicated ones, all of which will give you glowing skin.

However experienced you are with yoga, it is important to warm up first, as unfamiliar poses could cause injuries. Yoga is a great way to de-stress, as well as improve your overall skin health. When it comes to your face, any pose that allows the blood to rush to your face faster will give you a rosy glow. Be sure to also drink plenty of water, as this helps your body to detoxify and will enhance all of the benefits that come from the yoga poses.