Men’s Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Man working on a laptop

Makeup tends to be dismissed as a thing for women, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about it. Most all actors wear makeup routinely and the models that help inform you of current men’s fashion trends. If a man is on TV or in a magazine, he’s probably got makeup on. That’s why the always appear cleaner than you ever seem to be able to reach. We think you might want to reconsider your biases and try out basic makeup routines for yourself. We went hunting and found some decent routines with videos to walk you through. With them, you’ll get that clean, smooth look you always wondered about.

Charlotte Tilbury – ‘Undercover’ Makeup
At less than five minutes long, you can learn a few quick tricks from this professional makeup artist as she quickly transforms a tired looking volunteer. The video focuses on mixing skin care along with bringing out the more natural tones of skin for a healthier look rather than any obvious makeup. It makes for a good watch if you need a rough idea of how to look a bit better without investing in a lot of products and tools. We recommend focusing mainly on the kinds of products she uses as opposed to particular brands themselves given that finding the right products for your skin is a process. Feel free to try out her suggestions, but be sure to be alert for signs that the product doesn’t work well for your skin.

Alex | Faction – Men’s Makeup Tutorial
If you’ll feel a bit more confident trusting another man about makeup, then this tutorial might be more your speed. Alex spends his time going over his own version of a simple routine useful for both models or men looking to look their best for a nice occasion. He is less involved with skin care, but still makes some mention of it and its uses during the video. We recommend him as a firm starting place for trying slightly more than basic routine as he blends multiple tons, but we further recommend speaking to an esthetician for tone matching for your own skin. Matching tons correctly is as key as proper blending to ensure a natural look.

James Welsh – Man Makeup
The charming James Welsh talks with his brother, a makeup artist, in this video about very basic makeup techniques. Together they have the natural you’d expect from brothers discussing a handful of simple techniques you can use outside of a routine. Special attention is paid to dealing with dark circles under the eyes and oil control, but they do cover other topics as well. The less formal or professional tone can also help if the other videos leave you feeling a bit out of your depth. The brothers not only discuss the products they use and their use, but show how to use them as well… complete with James checking repeatedly to be sure he’s doing it correctly.

You don’t have to feel guilty about considering makeup anymore. These barely touch on all the videos available for men looking to start using makeup. You only have to go looking to find more. From basic to advanced, you can teach yourself all the techniques you need to master makeup. We recommend paying attention when they bring up cleansers and makeup removers though. Using makeup does mean needing to take care to clean it off properly to avoid clogging your pores. Good luck learning, guys.

CA Street Style Stars

Street style

Trying to get the look of a Californian just roaming the streets of Los Angeles is a difficult proposition. Everyone has a different idea of what it means…even Californians. The most often noticeable trend is a certain aura of casualness defined by a person’s individual passions and eccentricities. Colors can be vibrant or tastefully muted. Street style seems to, in essence, encompass all that it means to be human without looking like you’re trying to hard. This seems a bit philosophical, so OROGOLD has a few people to point you at that may not have any better definitions, but they can give you an idea of what the look actually looks like. Findings its spirit will be left up to you.

This pair of photographers call Los Angeles home and do their best to roam the streets looking for the best examples of style they can find. Retro, chic, vibrant, subdued, or ultramodern doesn’t make a difference at all. The men and women they take photos of are posed to show of clear views of their personal sense of style. Streetgeist’s photographers don’t hesitate to take photos regardless of age or ethnicity. This makes their blog a particularly vibrant example of California street style. There are plenty of examples of people using the current trend towards androgynous style as well. Just expect to see some interesting characters when looking for outfit ideas. Some people look like they’ve just stepped out of the movies.

Lady à la Mode
In an almost completely opposite direction, we have this blogger. She focuses predominantly on displaying her own sense of California style by creating vintage looks. Heavy emphasis is placed on vintage clothing or accessories to make a look, but they tend to all favor a comfortable and somewhat casual air. She emphasizes not necessarily needing to spend a great deal to make her outfits, but doesn’t shy away from tasteful modern outfits when she can coordinate them fairly. This old meets new approach can show you how to look your best while drawing on an older wardrobe or how to find a use for some of the older clothes in the attic. Just because its old doesn’t mean it can’t be new and in style again.

Zack Tanck
For men looking for a little direction, Tanck offers that and more. Also Los Angeles based, this blogger does his best to assemble quintessentially Californian styles. He favors using relaxed looking outfits that are easy enough to get on, but using combinations that take them from sloppy to chic. Nothing he chooses is too out of reach and some of it may already be waiting in the closet. The focus is on being comfortable in your own skin and capable of projecting through the outfit. Regular posts means there are always some fresh ideas to consider when updating your look. It doesn’t hurt that he’s fond of tasteful sunglasses either.

Each of these blogs has its own impression on what street style can mean, but they bring to it the distinct flair of California either from location or upbringing. The sheer variety is a welcome change for most people used to cookie cutter movie Californians. It really doesn’t take changing everything about yourself to get the look. OROGOLD recommends looking into some of the people the bloggers associate with for further ideas. Soon you’ll have more outfit ideas than you know what to do with.

Quintessential California Girl Style

California’s spirit reaches farther than its actual state lines. The reaching spirit gets touched across the world as people try to channel that sense of sun and surf into their own look. Looking like you just stepped off of a beach in California might seem a bit difficult without being there to see how everyone is dressed, but there are a few rules to keep in mind that can help you draw on that California Girl look. OROGOLD would like to highlight there is one very general rule to remember before the list even begins though: Californians generally don’t walk around wearing things with California on them. Emulating the California girl look requires subtlety.

Woman in a beach.

One of the key aspects to a California girl style is remembering to relax. Little about the style is meant to look anything at all like you’ve spent a great deal of time preparing. It requires an air and mentality of dedicating yourself to being casual. Yes, you can wear a nice outfit, but not one that is too tight. You can layer your clothing, but think of it more as wearing something an outfit that you wear an extra piece of clothing over to make it “professional”. California girls live in an area where work and play are only separated by a ten minute walk and you don’t necessarily want to be bothered with going all the way back to the apartment before enjoying yourself after work. As such, focus on looser, but flattering clothing oriented towards being beach ready without necessarily only being for the beach.

Natural makeup.

It’s Natural
The casual air should extend to any makeup use as well. Step out of a mindset where you focus on a dramatic look with a wide color palette, and instead consider using some of OROGOLD’s tips for enhancing your natural looks. This is part of California girl style too. A seamless transition between different activities requires a look that works wherever you are. Consider your skin tone and work from there with ways to enhance and complement your natural beauty. Just remember to keep it subtle overall. The style overall means embracing and being the epitome of casual ease. Embrace the mindset and it will even help you worry a bit less if you’re used to using more products.

Beachy look

Just Off the Beach
Hair often receives heavy emphasis in the California girl look. Long, straight blonde hair is a stereotype for a particular kind of California girl, but that’s not really the quintessential look you want. Focus more on using texturizing sprays and other tricks to lightly tousle your hair. It needs to look like it has seen the beach and that you’ve just come away to attend to “real life” before returning to the beach. Don’t use tight or highly formal hairstyles once you’ve gotten your hair to look like this either. Remember that you’re trying to look casual. A rushed looking bun or loose ponytail will serve to keep your hair in place, but keep you looking like it was more a concession to the world rather than part of a look.

At its heart, California girl style is essentially being yourself, but a you that doesn’t worry constantly about her appearance. You’re embodying the idea of a social and lived fluidity of being where you can be enjoying yourself in the sun one moment and be back to being professional in less than five minutes. As an extra tip, OROGOLD suggests carrying around sunscreen too for added authenticity and your skin’s health.

Why We Love California

There’s more to California than the stars of Hollywood. In fact, there are far more interesting places scattered throughout the state. There will always be a place for the pageantry of Hollywood, but sometimes it’s better to experience the other fascinating parts of the state. These range from places known for their sheer beauty to places you can go to get away from it all and recover. These are the places that OROGOLD finds the most compelling in the state. Some of these are easier to find than others, but we’re certain they can make any trip you take to California more memorable than the last. Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen no matter where you go on this list.

Hotel Del Coronado.

Southern California’s beaches draw people from the world over, and the Coronado area is no different. Multiple beaches are around the area and rest near the famous ‘Hotel Del Coronado’. The hotel itself is a beautiful example of resort life from an earlier era and stands as a testament to the human love of the sea and sun. The primary beach itself caters to all sorts and remains safe for swimming even though surfers can also find much to like about the waves as well. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to stay right on the beach, the hotel itself remains in excellent state as an example of Victorian architecture, but it also has a little bit extra for the brave. The hotel has a reputation for being haunted so you can spend your day warm by the beach and the night chilled by the stories of the hotel.

Painted Canyon Hike.

Painted Canyon
This area of California is out in the desert region of California outside of Palm Springs. The canyons themselves are a product of the fault activity of California and generally credited as being the result of the San Andreas Fault. Regardless of their cause, the beautiful result is available for all to see. Colors flow from one to another amidst the rock and soil of the Painted Canyon and tower over hikers. Most of the colors are softer and therefore blend relatively well along the walls of the gorge. This location is a bit of a hike, so pack accordingly when visiting here. Additionally, ladders figure heavily into some trails through Painted Canyon, and as a result OROGOLD suggests this particular location if you lead a more active lifestyle.

Big Sur

Big Sur
As the place of choice of artists and other eclectic types for decades, it is little wonder that Big Sur has an unearthly quality to it. The towering coastal forest area clings to the Earth above pounding waves and looks out across the ocean with immortal patience. Big Sur offers a gateway into a primeval time with its timeless beauty and is a far cry from the beaches and deserts of Southern California. Retreats and other private accommodations dot the area. This has not turned the area into a true tourist trap though as California does its best to preserve the area. Thanks to this you can see many of the same sights that famous artists drawn to the area saw and perhaps even recognize them.

California’s diverse landscape offers something for everyone. This makes it a truly stunning place to live or vacation in. If where you’re visiting doesn’t suit you, you need only move up or down the coast until you find the right amount of people and atmosphere for your tastes. These places are only a few of OROGOLD’s favorite places in California and we actively encourage you to explore The Golden State. There are plenty of hidden and not-so-hidden gems to find.

Top Skin Clearing Foods

Taking care of your body is an integral part of skin care. Eating the right foods helps ensure your body has all the right nutrients to support full body health. Everyone knows this, but many people fail to practice it. If you need extra motivation for adopting a better diet, OROGOLD has a few suggestions for a healthier diet that will contribute on helping clear and repair your skin. All of these suggestions do fall under general rules for a healthier diet, but the compounds in their foods are used frequently in skin care products specifically because the industry knows how good they are for your skin.

Fresh salad

Dark, Leafy Greens
Kale, broccoli, and certain kinds of lettuce all fall under this general group of foods and they’re there for a reason. Dark, leafy greens are absolutely packed full of nutrients good for your body. The ones we’re most interested in though are vitamins A and C. These vegetables are absolutely full of them. Both vitamins are known for promoting collagen growth in the skin and improving your skin’s resistance to damage. That these vegetables come in a wide variety of textures and flavors makes them even easier to incorporate into a diet by adding them to some of your favorite dishes.

Citrus fruits.

If greens aren’t your favorite kind of food, then you can try eating a bit more fruit instead. Citrus fruit, much like greens, has plenty of nutrients for your skin. The one you’re most likely to think of immediately is vitamin C. Every citrus fruit as vitamin C in abundance, but what you don’t know is there is a lot of overlap in nutrients between citrus and leafy greens. Now there really isn’t a citrus equivalent for kale’s status as a superfood, but you can still get many of the same nutrients by having a nice grapefruit for breakfast or snacking on an orange in the afternoon.

Dark chocolate on a wooden table.

Dark Chocolate
If you ever needed proof that nature loves you and wants you to be healthy, dark chocolate is proof. Flavonols are fond in great abundance in dark chocolate. These antioxidants help fight free radical damage in the body and the skin. More specifically, antioxidants are known for helping combat the visual effects of aging when your diet has a ready supply. We do advise aware of specific facts before reaching for the first bar of dark chocolate you find. The chocolate really does need to be dark chocolate and have a high concentration of cacao in it. Additionally, don’t go overboard. Chocolate is good for your skin, but it includes plenty of sugars and other things that aren’t as good for you. Do have a bit of dark chocolate regularly, but don’t make it a full bar.

Taking proper care of yourself is the first step towards good skin care. When considering changes to your diet like the ones OROGOLD suggests, don’t forget to also consider talking to your doctor about an exercise routine as well. Improving your body’s total health will improve your skin and not relying on a single change to help with your skin care means you’re more likely to get noticeable results sooner. As one last rule, just try drinking more pure water instead of other things. This alone can help your body and skin a great deal.

How to Cover Tattoos

Woman with a tattoo on her shoulders

Tattoos are a wonderful way to express individuality or commemorate a particularly powerful event in your life with a permanent memento. The problem is that others don’t always appreciate the meaning behind tattoos. This can lead to a variety of social problems ranging from people complaining about the visibility of your tattoo during particular social events or a possible business partner being less certain of how professional you are. OROGOLD understands perfectly well that you don’t want to get rid of your tattoos, but dislike the judgment involved in some circles. As a result, we’d like to recommend a few ways to temporarily keep your “ink” out of the picture and people focused on who you are rather than how you’ve chosen to express yourself.

Intelligent Clothing Choice
This seems fairly obvious, but it is easy to dismiss some clothing options based on the season. If you have a tattoo that is easily covered by a long sleeve, then there is no reason you can’t find a tasteful with light enough fabric to artfully keep your tattoo hidden during a social function. It may be a bit difficult to consider such a thing in summer when you’re inclined to dress lightly, but more cover doesn’t need to mean you need to suffer to hide your tattoo. Simply remember to choose a fabric that breathes and opt for lighter colors if they suit you. You won’t be stuck in the gathering forever, and the novelty of your apparent style may even serve to help you stand out in a crowd.

Woman applying concealer

Clever Alternate Makeup Use
OROGOLD fully recognizes that a different style of clothing is not always an option though, and as a result we’d like to highlight you actually already have the means to cover up your tattoos sitting with your beauty supplies. Concealer and foundation will work just as well for covering up a tattoo as they will for covering up problem areas of skin. The main trick is making sure that you use them correctly. Remember to cleanse the tattooed area before doing this though. Cleansed skin will always handle makeup better. Other than that, focus on your typical techniques for covering up problem areas. Concealer, foundation, and then some sort of sealer. Don’t forget to blend around the edges either. We recommend testing this sometime before you need to actively hide your tattoo. This gives you extra time to see if you need to get a slightly different shade of foundation to better match the area the tattoo is on.

Professional Kits
If you’re feeling particularly worried about hiding your tattoo, then consider looking for a professional tattoo concealing kit. These typically include products similar to the standard makeup option we just covered, but are slightly thicker to definitively prevent any of the tattoo from showing up. There are some downsides to this though. Like all thick makeup, these kits aren’t the best for your skin over the long term because they can clog pores easily and don’t let your skin breathe. After using a kit, you should be extra kind to the tattooed area to ensure it recovers from the application of the kit. These kits are hard to beat for their effectiveness though and will provide you with extra peace of mind.

You don’t have to give up on your tattoos because someone might express disapproval, but keeping them out of sight long enough for you to establish that they aren’t a symbol of “problem” behavior is typically a good choice. The good news is that society is getting more accepting of tattoos as a whole. Just remember that they aren’t the best things to have visible for particular celebrations or job interviews. Keep OROGOLD’s suggestions in mind the next time you need to look your best…only a little less colorful.

Wearing Makeup to the Gym: How Much Harm Does It Really Do

Opinions on wearing makeup to the gym are incredibly varied. Some women swear by it, but others will go on and on about horror stories they’ve heard. It makes it difficult to tell what the facts are so that you can make a decision for yourself. Fortunately, OROGOLD can offer you a few simple tips and explanations as to why there are so many opinions. None of these will surprise anyone who invests their time in a good skin care routine, but it might never have occurred to you to think about what you knew in these ways. You can wear makeup to the gym. The catch is that you need to apply your skin care smarts when doing it.

Woman working out in a gym.

Pores and Exercise
If you’ve got problematic skin, then you likely already shy away from heavier makeup most of time. It can clog up your pores and make you more prone to breakouts. These principles apply to people with less problematic skin when working out. If you’re wearing foundation to the gym, then you won’t be able to swear and particular foundations are likely to sink into your pores as they open up from exercise. The fact is that the exercise itself is part of a healthy overall body and skin care routine. Body heat and sweat will open up your pores and make post-exercise exfoliation and skin care even more effective than skin care without exercise. However, you can’t wear foundation. You also run into the problem with foundation that sweat can make it run and disrupt your look in various ways.

Woman at the gym

Minimal Makeup
Sweat isn’t just going to mess up foundation though. This means you need to think about what kind of makeup you want to use at the gym. Focus on the smaller things that you can do. Focus on lip gloss or color that lightly complements your face rather than dramatic colors. Similarly, go for simple eye makeup. Eyeliner and mascara are fine, but you can do without eyeshadow. The trick with eye makeup is that your eyeliner and mascara need to be waterproof. Sweat will probably get in your eyes if you’re exercising, and non-waterproof eye makeup is likely to run. This isn’t a foolproof way around the problem though. Wear a headband or another means to keep sweat out of your eyes if you want to wear eye makeup, but remember it is better to do without the eye makeup if you can.

Woman cleansing her face

Cleanse BEFORE You Exercise
This may seem a bit counter-intuitive at first, but this is a good thing to remember. As we highlighted earlier, exercise opens up your pores through body heat and sweat. The same problem with foundation exists simply from not cleaning your face well before you go for a workout. Any accumulated grime can wind up clogging your pores. As a result, OROGOLD recommends that you find a good, light cleanser for use before any exercise routine you start. This will clean your skin and help you feel like your skin is cleaner and more vibrant before you set out. Getting into this habit can help you deal with any self-consciousness from using less makeup than usual at the gym.

There’s only one major question that’s likely left in your mind now. Yes, you can use concealer on problem areas. Just keep in mind OROGOLD’s suggestions and tricks when you use it at the gym. Less is more when it comes to makeup at the gym. No matter what anyone tells you, you don’t need to surrender looking good when you exercise. All you need to do is stay smart about it and aware of your skin’s needs.

Reduce Sore Muscles After Exercise

Staying in shape is a pain in more ways than one, but keeping your beach body all year long has its own rewards. The most common problem that comes up when it comes to exercise is that no one enjoys the soreness that follows an exercise routine. Compounding this is that most people don’t think that they can do anything about the soreness at all. There is something to it in that a healthy exercise routine by its nature leaves you a bit sore, but you can take steps to reduce the amount of time that you’re sore. OROGOLD has a few tips to keep in mind for both during and after your next exercise section that will help make post-exercise soreness less of a problem.

Woman stretching her legs.

Professionals say it all the time, but people continue to ignore them. Stretching before you exercise has a number of benefits. It gets your body ready to move before you exercise and helps “wake up” your muscles before you actually start exercising. There is, however, a certain trick that you need to keep in mind. Tailor your stretches to match the exercise that you’re about to do, and be mindful of your full range of movement. So before a jog or run, take the time to move through those motions slowly and deliberately. Don’t force any muscle to stretch beyond its natural range though. Doing so causes damage to the muscle that will be exacerbated by the exercise, and repeated microscopic injuries like that can eventually add up.

Woman applying cream.

Topical Treatments
Various ointments and creams exist explicitly to help with muscle soreness. OROGOLD recommends finding one that suits your particular tastes or discussing it with your fitness trainer. Professionals often have a good idea of products to use that provide decent muscle relaxing effects without the product itself being uncomfortable. These often function as a form of “heat treatment” in how they feel by generating a sensation of heat that helps loosen relaxed muscles. However, some occasionally have pungent scents. This makes finding a scentless ointment or cream important for a daily workout routine where you need to move immediately on to the next part of your day.

Woman taking a break in the gym.

Take Breaks
A common mistake for anyone with an exercise regime is constantly pushing themselves in the belief that is the best or only way to actually achieve results. The truth is that everyone benefits from taking a break from pushing their body. These are referred to as “cool down” sections. You don’t necessarily stop exercising, but you move from the longer burst of high intensity exercise to a period of lower intensity exercise. A good example is to take a break while jogging and simply walk for ten minutes now and then. This gives your body downtime that it uses to recover some from the higher intensity exercise, and in turn reduces how sore you are at the end.

While OROGOLD can’t recommend a magic product that will make sure you’re never sore again after exercise, you can make exercise something less dreaded by remembering these simple tips. Adjustments to diet, posture, and activity levels are also possible solutions to help with soreness by helping shape your body into its intended form. The main thing to remember though is not to give up on exercise due to soreness as a good exercise regime helps promote full body wellness and keeps you looking and feeling younger.

Skin Care Report: Multi-Masking

Woman getting a facial treatment in a spa

There always seems to be a new trend in skin care, and for now that’s multi-masking. OROGOLD has talked about the various skin types and their care before. Most people who care about their skin are aware of the broad types skin types: normal, oily, and dry. Each of these comes with a few easily followed rules for optimal care, but the problem is that very few people are just one of these types. Most people have “combination” skin and have to pick what skin care treatments work best for most of their face, and then fix the areas where the same treatment is actually bad for the skin. Multi-masking is a way around this problem.

Know Your Face
Using a multi-masking approach requires you to use your intimate knowledge of your face gained from a lifetime of caring for it as effectively as possible. Don’t just guess about whether you have an oily or a dry T-zone. Make a careful accounting for the products you’ve used over the years and what worked best. It should help you create a picture of how your skin is mapped out. An even better approach is to speak with a professional for a personalized skin care assessment. Professional assessment will increase the effectiveness of multi-masking in the long run.

Therapist applying a facial mask.

Use Quality Products
Trust what you know works. Utilizing any product as a mask is a personal experience, and everyone has a horror story about taking a random recommendation from a friend. Instead, refer to some of OROGOLD’s advice on appropriate products for different skin types. This will let you pick out the best products to use with your mental map of your face’s sections. Whether it is a moisturizing mask for the dry spots or an anti-aging mask for fine lines, make sure it is something you know works for you. If you got a professional’s aid in figuring out your skin types, then they can likewise provide you with quality suggestions.

Take Your Time
All products take time to both apply and work. This means allowing yourself you time. Set aside the time to wear your masks when you need to relax. The end of the day or a relaxing spa day are good options, but others exist. Carefully apply the appropriate product to the areas of the face it was picked for use with and try not to stray into any of the other skin areas to ensure the products don’t compete with one another and harm your skin. Then all you need to do is relax for a little while and let them do their work. Not only will the products themselves help, but ensuring you have time for relaxation lowers your stress and keeps you looking young.

In some ways, multi-masking is really something everyone, including OROGOLD, has known all along. Taking care of your skin requires using the right product in the right place. The difference is that it hadn’t occurred to many people before to use multiple products at once. Using professionally selected products all at the same time in the right areas will not only save you time in your skin care regime, but it will help your skin maintain an even look as the treatments will all occur at the same time. Multi-masking is one trend that you can be sure has something to it.

Outfits Inspired by Our Favorite Movie Heroines

When we need some new fashion inspiration, what better place to turn to than the big screen? From the classically stylish Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the quirky and offbeat Zooey Deschanel in (500) Days of Summer, here are some great outfit ideas inspired by some of OROGOLD’s favorite movie heroines.

Woman wearing a beret.

Bonnie and Clyde
The Bonnie and Clyde movie is based on the real-life couple, who were a notorious bank-robbing duo along with their gang. Faye Dunaway played Bonnie, combining her tailored yet glamorous style with her feisty personality. You see Bonnie wearing a beret in several scenes, and this is a great way to add a touch of her character into your look, especially when paired with skinny jeans. One of Bonnie’s other signature looks is her black turtleneck, and there are definitely some ways to make this more relevant for today. OROGOLD recommends pairing it with a high-waisted skirt and a cinching belt, as well as some gladiator-inspired heels to bring a more dramatic edge to your look.

Woman wearing a floral top and high-waisted denim shorts.

(500) Days of Summer
OROGOLD loves the character of Summer Finn, played by Zooey Deschanel, in (500) Days of Summer, mostly because of her offbeat yet totally relatable personality. Throughout the film, Summer is seen in some fantastic vintage outfits. To recreate her style, opt for vintage-inspired separates, such as high-waisted denim shorts paired with a floral top. OROGOLD also loves Summer’s unique take on the Little Black Dress – the Little Blue Dress! This is a cute alternative to the Little Black Dress, and the color makes it much more adaptable to be worn during the day, or in the summer. To bring more of Summer’s style into the dress, choose one that features some vintage elements, such as feminine details, lace or bows.

Woman wearing a black dress with pearl necklace and gloves.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with Audrey Hepburn starring as the main character, is an iconic film when it comes to style, elegance and fashion. The pieces worn by Hepburn are simple but still breathtaking, and are always worn with the most fabulous accessories. Of course, the Little Black Dress features several times in the movie, and this is something that never really goes out of style. OROGOLD suggests updating your dress with some Hepburn-inspired accessories, such as a pearl necklace or a floppy hat, or even some black gloves. Give your dress a more classically sophisticated appeal by pairing them with some black patent slingback pumps. The pearls in that outfit would also look fantastic with a cropped trench coat, one that has been tailored beautifully, and some black fitted jeans, giving you a modern-day Audrey Hepburn look.

There are many different movies with some extremely stylish heroines that we can all take some inspiration from. Even if you don’t recreate their look completely, just bringing some unusual elements from their style into your own outfit can really give your look a completely different dynamic!