Top Ways to Stay Pretty On a Plane

Woman in an airplane.

Don’t you miss the days when flying was glamorous? When the flight attendants wore neck scarves, the cocktails were served in glasses, and there were more high heels than flats on any given airplane…

But alas, those Mad-Men-style days are long gone. Flying is a much more pedestrian activity nowadays: dehydrating high altitudes, a less-than-glamorous security line, and strict TSA ounce regulations all impose significant barriers to beauty. But don’t fret: from figuring out how to fit your seventeen beauty products in a 3-1-1 bag to saving your skin from high-altitude dryness, this handy guide will help you stay beautiful from liftoff to landing!

Hydrate Your Heart Out
One of the most annoying parts about airplane travel is the havoc the circulated air system can wreak on your skin. Of course, the obvious solution to this is to make sure and hydrate like crazy before a flight: while you might be using the lavatory a bit more often, benefits like increased skin elasticity, brightness, and smoothness make it totally worth it.

And if you’re not too keen on hydrating on the inside (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) make sure to at least hydrate on the outside with a great hydrating facial treatment. We love facial spray formulas for their convenience and glamorous attitude…because there’s nothing more high-class than a gentle spritz of rosewater and sage to help keep your skin glowy and smooth!

Go Solid
From shampoo to facial cleanser, using solid versions of your favorite products helps narrow down your 3-1-1 bag so you can save that space for other liquids you need. Instead of a mini shampoo bottle, try solid shampoo bars as a space-saving (and money-saving!) alternative. Facial towelettes make a great alternative to cleanser, and you can even sub out your bulky deodorant for handy deodorant wipes. Our personal favorite? Lose the risk of carrying your expensive perfume bottle and try a solid perfume instead: you can even make these yourself!

Woman conditioning hair

Treat While You Fly
So you’re sitting in a chair doing practically nothing for a couple hours: why not use that time as a mini-spa experience? Before you head to the airport, massage some leave-in conditioner (coconut oil is my favorite!) into dry, dull hair that needs some love. Wrap it in a cute headscarf or turban and voila, instant hair mask.

Make Your Cosmetics Jostle-Proof
It’s not really a secret: your checked baggage isn’t exactly carried around on a silver platter in the cargo hold. It’s likely to be tossed around quite a bit, so if you value your beauty products, it’s important to package them appropriately. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Keep your powder products from breaking by placing a clean cotton ball under the lid, taking the pressure out of the container.
  • Place a plastic wrap under the caps of shampoo, moisturizer, and other beauty products in order to prevent leakage.
  • Planning a short trip? You can easily pack a few days’ worth of product into empty contact lens containers. No more exploded foundation bottles!

For those of us who have early flights and zero motivation to pull a full face of makeup on our flights, use the opportunity to do a mini-facial mask while you’re in the air! After cleansing, try a travel-sized clear mask all over your face and neck. No one will even know about your secret in-flight spa session.

Gold Glitter Makeup Look

Gold is a color that looks fabulous on all skin tones, and gold glitter only serves to enhance this. However, gold glitter is something that many women stay away from, as you need to apply it with a bit of know-how in order for it to not look over the top. With the festive season coming up, OROGOLD is here to help you to embrace gold glitter with a makeup look that you can easily learn, giving your eyes that extra bit of sparkle.

Choosing a Gradient
When it comes to the eyeshadows that you use for this, or any other, look, it is important to choose a gradient that works with your skin tone and eye color. For this look, OROGOLD suggests opting for a palette that has golden tones running through it, featuring rich bronzes and browns, as well as a good selection of neutral shades.

Step 1: The Base
To begin with, make sure that your face is clean before applying an eye primer. This is an absolutely crucial step, as the primer will give your eyeshadow and glitter a good base to hold on to, and will prevent it from smudging or flaking off throughout the night.

Step 2: Eyeshadow
Choose the bronze shade from your eyeshadow palette and, using a brush, apply this to the inner and outer corners of your eyelids. OROGOLD advises that you use light strokes, as you don’t want the color to be too intense at this early stage. Next, choose a dark brown shade and blend this throughout the crease. If possible, OROGOLD suggests using a blending brush, as you will get a much better result. Finally, pick the lightest neutral color on your palette and blend this slightly above your eyelids, using smooth and sweeping motions to ensure that there are no harsh lines.

Step 3: Eyeliner
To begin with, use a waterproof black gel eyeliner to line your eyelids, before smudging down the outer corners with a flat-tipped brush. Next, you will need a sparkly gold eyeliner, which you should swipe along the outer corners of your eyes, as well as along your lower lash line.

Step 4: Add the Glitter
Although the eye primer that you applied in the first step will hold on to the glitter, it is always best to also use a glitter adhesive before applying the glitter, especially if you are going to be wearing it for a few hours. Gently pat the adhesive onto your eyelids before using your fingertip to tap the glitter on top.

Step 5: Extra Drama
To make this sparkly look even more dramatic, OROGOLD would suggest applying a black liner on your upper lash line, before swiping on a couple of coats of your favorite mascara. You could also use a brow powder to give your eyebrows some extra definition, making your eyes pop even more. Make sure that you apply the powder in light, short strokes, to ensure that it looks natural and blends in well with your brows.

The great thing about this gold glitter makeup look is that it is an easy one to master, and, once you do, doesn’t take much time at all to apply. Rather than shying away from the gold glitter this season, take a chance and embrace it, as we are sure that you will love the extra sparkle that it will give to your face.

Wearing Makeup to the Gym: How Much Harm Does It Really Do

Opinions on wearing makeup to the gym are incredibly varied. Some women swear by it, but others will go on and on about horror stories they’ve heard. It makes it difficult to tell what the facts are so that you can make a decision for yourself. Fortunately, OROGOLD can offer you a few simple tips and explanations as to why there are so many opinions. None of these will surprise anyone who invests their time in a good skin care routine, but it might never have occurred to you to think about what you knew in these ways. You can wear makeup to the gym. The catch is that you need to apply your skin care smarts when doing it.

Woman working out in a gym.

Pores and Exercise
If you’ve got problematic skin, then you likely already shy away from heavier makeup most of time. It can clog up your pores and make you more prone to breakouts. These principles apply to people with less problematic skin when working out. If you’re wearing foundation to the gym, then you won’t be able to swear and particular foundations are likely to sink into your pores as they open up from exercise. The fact is that the exercise itself is part of a healthy overall body and skin care routine. Body heat and sweat will open up your pores and make post-exercise exfoliation and skin care even more effective than skin care without exercise. However, you can’t wear foundation. You also run into the problem with foundation that sweat can make it run and disrupt your look in various ways.

Woman at the gym

Minimal Makeup
Sweat isn’t just going to mess up foundation though. This means you need to think about what kind of makeup you want to use at the gym. Focus on the smaller things that you can do. Focus on lip gloss or color that lightly complements your face rather than dramatic colors. Similarly, go for simple eye makeup. Eyeliner and mascara are fine, but you can do without eyeshadow. The trick with eye makeup is that your eyeliner and mascara need to be waterproof. Sweat will probably get in your eyes if you’re exercising, and non-waterproof eye makeup is likely to run. This isn’t a foolproof way around the problem though. Wear a headband or another means to keep sweat out of your eyes if you want to wear eye makeup, but remember it is better to do without the eye makeup if you can.

Woman cleansing her face

Cleanse BEFORE You Exercise
This may seem a bit counter-intuitive at first, but this is a good thing to remember. As we highlighted earlier, exercise opens up your pores through body heat and sweat. The same problem with foundation exists simply from not cleaning your face well before you go for a workout. Any accumulated grime can wind up clogging your pores. As a result, OROGOLD recommends that you find a good, light cleanser for use before any exercise routine you start. This will clean your skin and help you feel like your skin is cleaner and more vibrant before you set out. Getting into this habit can help you deal with any self-consciousness from using less makeup than usual at the gym.

There’s only one major question that’s likely left in your mind now. Yes, you can use concealer on problem areas. Just keep in mind OROGOLD’s suggestions and tricks when you use it at the gym. Less is more when it comes to makeup at the gym. No matter what anyone tells you, you don’t need to surrender looking good when you exercise. All you need to do is stay smart about it and aware of your skin’s needs.

How to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles – OROGOLD Reviews

Although wrinkles are one of those natural side-effects that come with age, we are all determined to put them off for as long as possible, investing in an array of anti-wrinkle creams and other cosmetic products. Although you may think that a good night of sleep will help to erase away any lines that developed during the day, this is not exactly true. After the sun has penetrated into your skin, lying with your face on a pillow in the same position night after night only results in those same lines being ironed into your face, giving you deep wrinkles at a much earlier age. OROGOLD Cosmetics shows you how to prevent sleep wrinkles.

Woman sleeping on a pillow.

Sleeping Position
The best way to avoid sleep wrinkles is by adjusting your sleeping position, sleeping on your back instead of your side. If you have already tried this, and find yourself back on your side in the mornings, try placing a pillow under your knees, and a U-shaped pillow around your head, to stop you from rolling over. If you are still finding it unavoidable to sleep on your side, position yourself so that the lower half of your face is not touching the pillow. This will help to stop the marionette lines, the ones that run from your nostrils to the corners of your mouth, from forming.

Woman holding a pillow in her hand.

Change Your Pillow or Pillowcase
There are certain types of pillows available for those who prefer to sleep on their side, decreasing any physical stress that is placed onto your face. It may be worth investing in a specialty pillow that will support your neck and keep your face off the pillow at the same time. You could also try using a pillowcase that is made from satin or silk, as the slippery surface helps to reduce the friction between your face and the pillow, minimizing any bunching of fabric that would have caused deep creases on your face. Pillowcases that have copper-infused fibers are also available, and these claim to help stimulate collagen, resulting in younger looking skin.

Woman applying moisturizer on her face.

Sleep with Clean Skin
It is important to make sure that every night before bed, you thoroughly wash your face, cleaning away perspiration, makeup and oil that has built up throughout the day. If you don’t, your pores will start to get clogged up, not only resulting in breakouts but also preventing any fresh new cells from coming to the surface. A night cream that moisturizes your face can also help to enhance your skin and repair any damage. As we age, the production of collagen in our skin slows down, reducing the elasticity, which is why, as we get older, any sleep wrinkles do not fully fade away the next day. Mature skin is also drier as it contains less oil, making any wrinkles more visible, but a good night cream can help to combat this to some extent.

For women who sleep on their side, the most noticeable lines will appear around their mouth, cheeks and chin, whilst for men, these usually appear on the forehead. OROGOLD believes that preventing sleep wrinkles is a simple step that all can take to ensure that the skin keeps its clear, youthful glow for as long as possible.

Get Ready for a Day at Sea – OROGOLD Reviews

Looking chic at sea can often be hard to achieve, as the hot sun and salt water sprays can play havoc on hair and makeup. To help you avoid this, OROGOLD Cosmetics has put together some great tips that you can use when getting ready for a day at sea, ensuring that you look and feel your best throughout the day.

Woman with natural makeup lying on a beach.

Makeup – Less is More
Wearing a full face of makeup is not usually a good idea if you are spending the day at sea, but, for many people, having a completely bare face is also not an appealing option. Instead, opt for a makeup look that is natural and as minimal as possible. Many products have SPF built in, meaning that they will protect your face whilst giving you a good base. A waterproof bronzing cream is a good product to give your face a golden glow. It is also important to protect your lips from the sun, to save them getting chapped, and a tinted lip balm or lip stain with SPF is a necessity. Avoid lip glosses, as these will just slide off your lips as soon as the water hits your face. When it comes to your eyes, avoid any heavy eyeliners. Find a good waterproof mascara, swiping it quickly through your lashes to give your eyes some definition without making it look as though you are wearing a thick layer. If you plan on being quite active in the water and don’t want to risk any black streaks on your face, then a clear mascara would probably be best.

Woman with a beautiful tan lying on a beach.

A Healthy Tan
It goes without saying that tanning your skin by lying in the sun is not going to do the quality of your skin any favors, but a bit of color can make the world of difference. An airbrush tanning spray would be the perfect solution, giving you a healthy looking tan without any of the dangers that come from exposing your skin to the sun. Purchase a lightweight formula that will not only set quickly but is also water and transfer resistant.

Beautiful model in a swimsuit with wet hair in an outdoor setting.

Hair Products
Salt water is one of your hair’s worst enemies as it dries it out extremely quickly. A leave-in conditioner will help to protect your hair from the water, keeping it healthy. You could also apply a conditioning mask the night before to towel-dried hair, before twisting it up into a bun. Let it down the next day for gorgeous natural-looking waves. The heat from the sun will also open up your hair cuticles, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeper, saving you from a frizzy-haired nightmare. Don’t spend too long fixing your hair into an elaborate style, as it is likely to be quickly blown out of place. Keep your hair looking as natural as possible, embracing any curls or waves with a texturizing hairspray. A scarf is also useful, as you can tie this around your hair to keep it out of your face.

Looking stylish at sea is all about embracing your natural features. OROGOLD recommends you to always use products with a built in SPF, ensuring that your skin and hair will be protected. Try to avoid any complex styles, so that you will be able to fully enjoy your day without worrying that your hair and makeup might be out of place.

Wedding Beauty: Dos and Don’ts – OROGOLD Reviews

Wedding photographs are something that you will keep and treasure forever, so it is every bride’s aim to look as gorgeous as she possibly can on her big day. No matter what sort of beauty look you think you might go for, there are certain dos and don’ts that every bride should follow in order to truly look her best. OROGOLD reviews some of the most important wedding beauty do’s and don’ts.

Bride gets makeup applied by a professional make up artist.

DO: More than One Trial
Doing a test run of your wedding day makeup is absolutely crucial, but you should also be testing out different looks before you do your final trial. If you are using a professional make up artist, be honest with them about what you like and don’t like, and don’t let yourself be influenced by any ideas that you don’t like the sound of. As you are doing all of your makeup trials, be sure to take photographs of every look, preferably in the same sort of lighting that you expect to have on the big time. This will ensure that you know exactly how the makeup is going to photograph, and you will be able to adapt it depending on how the photos look.

Bride looks at herself in the mirror and applies lipstick.

DO: Bring Along Your Lipstick
Remember to keep your lipstick with you as much as possible throughout the day. It is unlikely that your first application will last the course of the day, so it is important to have your lip color on hand to touch it up, especially before any photographs are taken.

Bride gets eyeliner applied on her eye lashes.

DO: Focus on Your Lashes
Defined eyelashes photograph extremely well, making your eyes look bigger without looking as though you are wearing heavy makeup. If you don’t want to use fake lashes, make sure you opt for a good quality waterproof mascara, as you don’t want it staining your face during any emotional moments!

DON’T: Wear Too Much Makeup
It can be tempting to want to try an elaborate style of makeup that really transforms your face, but your wedding day is not the day to do this. Although it may make you feel special at the time, you don’t want to look unrecognizable in your photographs. Focus on highlighting your best features with your makeup, keeping the rest of your face simple and looking natural.

Fashion model sporting a rock style with makeup.

DON’T: Make Any Drastic Changes
Whether it’s a spray tan, a new facial or a different hair color, make sure you do not drastically change your appearance a few weeks before the wedding. If you need a haircut, make sure you do this well in advance of your wedding day, giving yourself at least a month or two to get used to it, as you don’t want to be burdened by hair troubles on your big day. You also want to be certain that your hair and skin color goes well with your dress and accessories, and any last minute changes that may seem small at the time, could end up having a bigger impact than you expected.

Every bride should look her absolute best on her wedding day, using makeup only to enhance natural features rather than hide them. Choose waterproof versions of every product if possible, and don’t forget to try out your beauty looks well in advance of the big day, taking photographs in natural light to help you objectively judge the outcome of any new makeup styles.

Beauty Looks for Your Big Day – OROGOLD Reviews

Planning in advance is always essential when it comes to your makeup for your wedding day. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming, so begin by taking the time to gather inspiration, and testing out certain aspects of the looks that you love. Whether you want to keep your look classic, or take some risks with an edgier style, we have put together some go-to beauty looks for your big day.

Beautiful woman looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Prepare Your Skin
Preparing your skin can begin months in advance of your wedding, and if you are not someone who usually has regular facials, it is time to start doing so, whether you visit a salon or do them yourself at home. Schedule at least 3 monthly treatments before the big day, ensuring that your skin looks clear and luminescent.

Beautiful girl with a rosy glow, blond hair and bright red lips.

A Rosy Glow
The color on your cheeks needs to be applied carefully, in order for it to perfectly offset the whiteness of the dress. Begin with a primer, ensuring that any makeup you apply will last throughout the whole course of the day, leaving you to focus on having a great time. Trying out different beauty products that will help you to achieve the best look is important. Make sure that you are wearing a white top when you are trialling your makeup, to give you a better idea of what it will look like in contrast to the white. If you plan on using a fake tan, make sure it is one that you have used successfully before, and know exactly how much to apply.

Beautiful bride with simple makeup and flowers on her head.

Keep it Simple
It is likely that most of your wedding photographs will be taken using natural lighting, which means that any heavy makeup might look overdone in your photos. It is best to keep it simple, avoiding heavy foundations and defining your eyes without the use of dense colors. A look that is always romantically feminine is to subtly line your lids, keep your cheeks rosy and flushed, and use a rich wine-colored lipstick, for a gorgeous berry look.

Closeup of kissable lips with red lipstick.

Kissable Lips
The lipstick that you choose to wear for your wedding ceremony is possibly one of the most vital makeup decisions that you will be making. Do not choose a lipstick that is too glossy, as this will be unlikely to last for too long. You should also not choose a lipstick that is too matte, as you do not want your lips drying out before the big kiss. Instead, choose a long-lasting moisturizing lipstick and apply several thin layers of it, blotting your lips in between each application, to make sure that it will be long-lasting and will wear off evenly.

It can be tempting to follow current trends when it comes to choosing your wedding day beauty look, but it is usually best to stay clear of these and opt for something more classic. Once you have chosen the specific look that you want, experiment with it over the course of a few weeks, adapting it so that it works best for your skin tone and facial features. As long as you make sure that your skin is healthy and your makeup is kept relatively simple, there is no doubt that you will look absolutely stunning on your big day.

Spring Beauty Trends to Try Now – OROGOLD Reviews

Each new season brings with it fresh new beauty trends, that have made their debut appearance on runways across the world. This spring is no exception, and we have brought together three of the most exciting beauty trends for this season, giving you a whole new dose of makeup inspiration.

Drawing on a serious cat eye

When it comes to cat eyes, there are two directions that you can take; subtle or bold. For a subtle look, which is great for the daytime and even to wear to work, use a liquid or pen eyeliner to draw a line over the top of your eyelid near to your lashes, flicking the line upwards at the corner. Bold cat eyes are also huge this spring, and the graphic look is easy to achieve with the right eyeliner. The method is the same, except that the line you draw needs to be much thicker, and rather than a delicate outward flick, you can go heavy with your line, creating a graphic shape around the outside of your eye. You can also buy thick graphic eyeliners, meaning that you only need to draw the line once rather than multiple times with a standard eyeliner. For those of you with shaky hands, try using a teaspoon as a guide, holding it against your eye and drawing your lines around it.

Image of a young woman with cat eyes makeup.

Pops of Color
Bursts of color around your eyes are a refreshing change from heavy black lids, and are perfect for spring. There are some gorgeous new eyeshadow shades available in yellows and magenta, or you could also use a wet brush to create a colored eyeliner. For a flattering shade that works with every skin tone, try lavender. Blend this over your eyes with a mauve shade for an extra special look. Be sure to keep the rest of your makeup light and minimal, as you want the purple tones to look fresh and cool rather than heavy and overdone.

Beautiful woman with natural looking makeup in a garden.

The Natural Glowing Look
This look has been seen on countless catwalks, and is a step up from the classic natural look. Instead of just focussing on a flawless complexion, the aim of this look is to make it seem as though your skin is luminescent and glowing from within. Keep your skin well moisturised and opt for a light coating of foundation, avoiding multiple layers. Use a highlighter to contour your cheekbones, also applying it around your eyes, to really make them seem bright. Keep your lips nude, either with a nude colored lipstick or a sheer lip gloss. A gold lipstick also works extremely well with this look, as it adds a rich shimmer to your lips whilst keeping them looking natural. To keep your eye makeup subtle, choose eyeshadow colors in shades of bronze, or even better, one with flecks of gold, which will really bring a luxurious sparkle to your face.

It is always fun to experiment with new makeup trends, adjusting certain elements so that they suit your own facial features and skin tone. The most important things to remember are to keep your foundation light, make the most of highlighting and contouring your features, and add bursts of bright color around your eyes, keeping your look fresh and minimalistic.

2015 Golden Glow Awards – OROGOLD’s Favorite Beauty Looks

Orogold’s 2015 Golden Glow Awards features some of the best beauty looks for this year. From a healthy bronzed complexion to sultry smoky eyes, these looks are perfect for every occasion this spring and summer.
Gorgeous woman with a glowing complexion.A Glowing Complexion
A glowing complexion that looks naturally and subtly bronzed is great for both day and night, and is a look that is simple to achieve. To begin with, lightly brush your usual foundation over your face, giving it a thin coating. Next, use a highlighter under your eyes, above your brow, and down the length of your nose, giving your face a much brighter look. If you don’t have a highlighter, you can use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your usual color. Next, use some bronzer around the contours of your face, going from the hollows of your cheeks up to your hairline. You can also apply some across your forehead and along your jawline for even more definition. Then, use the highlighter again on your cheekbones and around the outside corners of your eyes. Finally, apply a light layer of blush to the apples of your cheeks to complete your glowing look.
Gorgeous women with perfectly made up glamorous smoky eyes

Glamorous Smoky Eyes 
This is a great go-to look when you don’t have much time, as it is quick to do and always looks great, especially with glowing bronzed skin. Prime your eyes and then add a dark shade along your upper and lower lash line, starting off thin and gradually making it thicker as your near your outer eye. Blend it well and then apply a darker shade on top of this, which you also need to blend in. Use a light shade along your brow bone to intensify the look, and then finish it with some black kohl eye liner and a coating of mascara.

Beautiful lady with natural make-up and a nude pout.

A Nude Pout 
Nude lips are bang on trend at the moment, and are perfect for accentuating heavy makeup around the eyes. There are many nude shades of lipstick available, but for something extra special, look for a gold lipstick. Blend this onto your lips with the nude, and you will notice your lips look plumper and have more of a shimmer to them. Apply a couple of layers of a plumping lip gloss if you want a shinier pout.

Beautiful woman with long brown hair and perfect looking skin.

Effortless Hair 
ORO GOLD believes that the best way to keep the attention on your gorgeously glowing face is to make sure that your hair style is not too distracting. Effortless styles that look simple and chic are the best way to go for 2015. Avoid any tight buns and ponytails, and instead try a loose, low ponytail, tied below the nape of your neck.

There has been so much beauty inspiration recently, especially after all of the fashion weeks in cities around the world. Our favorite beauty looks feature some trendy yet classic styles that will suit every outfit and occasion, whilst being simple and easy to achieve. Try them all at once, or mix and match them with your personal favorite looks for a unique twist on our favorites.

OROGOLD Reviews the 5-2 Makeup Trend – OROGOLD Reviews

Beautiful redhead woman applying makeup.

We keep hearing about all sorts of diet routines that are supposed to go a long way in making us look thin. One of the most common diet strategies of late has been the 5-2 diet, where women eat normally for five days and restrict their food intake for the other two days. OROGOLD Cosmetics discovered that women are now switching to the same routine when it comes to makeup: applying normal makeup for five days and staying makeup free for two days. Some experts have gone on to state that going makeup free for two days in a week should help with glowing and younger-looking  skin because it allows the skin to “cleanse” itself from the irritating chemicals that many cosmetics contain. When ORO GOLD first came across this trend, we felt a bit skeptical. After all, being a luxury skin care brand, we like to base our decisions on real science and proven results.  OROGOLD decided to review the 5-2 makeup trend to highlight the factors that work for and against it so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Factors that Work Against the 5-2 Makeup Trend

It is always better to adjust your routine all seven days of the week
The 5-2 makeup routine isn’t any different from when you go on a diet. Eating healthy food for five days and undoing all the good work by following it with two days of junk food probably won’t earn you the physique you are looking to acquire. Similarly, going makeup free for just two days a week will not do as much good for your skin as you may hope. The ideal way to “detox” your skin is to modify your makeup routine and ensure that you use the right products. Rather than going makeup free for two days, you would be better off paying attention to removing your makeup every night and ensuring that you don’t makeup that is too heavy or not right for your skin type.

Beautiful brunette sleeping in a beige bed.

Nightly cleansing is all the “detox” that your skin needs
Most modern-day  cosmetics can last for about 24 hours. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to leave them on your face throughout the day and night. One of the most common mistakes made by women is that they leave the makeup on their face at night. Numerous studies have shown the amount of damage that this habit can cause to your skin. In fact, leaving makeup on your skin is known to be one of the surest ways to age earlier than usual. Cleansing your skin every night lets you remove the makeup from your face, thereby allowing your pores to breathe. This prevents issues like irritation and acne breakouts. Moreover, regular cleansing also helps with skin exfoliation, something that lets you get rid of the dry and damaged cells to reveal forever young looking  skin.

Makeup isn’t always bad for your skin
Avoid using makeup if it dries or irritates your skin. There was a time when makeup could wreak havoc on your skin, but most modern-day cosmetics are known to contain ingredients that are not harmful for the skin. In fact, some might even contain ingredients that offer skin benefits. There is one single solution when it comes to makeup. You need to follow your makeup applications with proper skin care. If you’re applying makeup regularly, processes like cleansing and moisturizing become all the more important. As long as you’re serious about your skin care routine and take proper care of your skin, makeup application shouldn’t hurt or damage your skin.

Factors that Work For the 5-2 Makeup Trend

Closeup image of a girl wiping off makeup from her skin to get a makeup-free look.

Going makeup free regularly  may help diminish certain skin issues
Many people suffer from issues like dermatitis rashes or rosacea when they forget to take the makeup off before sleeping or use heavy creams as a part of their skin care. This usually occurs because of the demodex mites that suck the oil out from the skin. Such patients are always advised to sleep with a bare face. The same rule applies for those using retinol-based skin care products. The idea is that taking a night or two off helps the skin to replenish itself and mitigate issues it suffers from.

The Showdown
Although the 5-2 makeup trend does have a few favorable factors, it’s nothing new. A better way of bringing about youthful and younger-looking  skin is to take proper care of your skin and concentrate on processes such as cleansing and moisturizing the skin if you use makeup regularly. It always helps to ensure that the makeup you use doesn’t contain any ingredients that could potentially damage your skin.

So what do you think of the 5-2 makeup trend? Do you really think that it’s effective? Or do you feel that you’re better off being serious about your skin care? Let OROGOLD know using the comments below.