French Girl Beauty Secrets

If you have ever wondered how French women are always able to look so effortlessly chic, even when wearing no makeup, you don’t need to look any further. Take a look at some of OROGOLD’s favorite French girl beauty secrets, which you can use when you want to incorporate some flawless Parisian beauty into your style.

Woman enjoying a facial massage in a spa.

Enhancing Circulation
The French truly appreciate the power of good circulation, understanding that it is vital in order for the skin to glow from within. In addition to performing a daily facial massage, French women also use a mixture of water temperatures in the shower, with hot water to open up the pores and then cold water to close them. This sudden change in temperature gives a little shock to the nervous system, and gets the blood circulating faster through the body.

Woman with red lipstick

Red Lips
Red lips are a statement French girl look, especially when paired with messy but chic hair, a pair of jeans, and a plain white t-shirt. When it comes to makeup, French women prefer to keep things simple, and don’t tend to use much eyeliner. Instead, they make sure that their skin is absolutely flawless, and set this off with a crimson or scarlet shade on their lips. French girls consider red lipstick to be a strong enough statement that no other makeup needs to be worn with it – something that OROGOLD completely agrees with!

Woman with makeup.

Highlight Instead of Contour
French women rarely contour their faces, not wanting to bring shadows to their complexion, or change the shape of their face. Instead, they usually opt for highlighters, focussing on catching the light that falls on their cheeks, as well as on the cupid’s bow of their lips.

Woman conditioning her hair

Traditional Hair and Face Masks
Even with all of the new hair and face masks constantly appearing in stores, French girls usually prefer to stick to traditional favorites, making their own masks with recipes that have been passed down from their grandmothers. For a traditional French hair mask, mix together some rum, olive oil and an egg yolk, before leaving it on your hair for an hour and then shampooing it out. For the face, a mixture of honey and lemon juice evenly applied for ten minutes will be enough to soften your skin and brighten your complexion.

Woman applying sunscreen.

Avoid Sun Exposure
When it comes to keeping your skin out of the sun to prevent premature aging, the French are willing to go to extremes, slathering on SPF 50 even on cloudy days. In addition to this, they will usually carry a hat or an umbrella with them, for when the sun becomes exceptionally unbearable. This gives them younger looking skin, even as they age.

While French girls may have a whole treasure trove of beauty secrets that they utilize on a daily basis, there are many that we can adapt to our own beauty routines. From wearing minimal makeup to bring attention to scarlet lips, to enhancing your circulation so that your skin has an everlasting glow, these are some of OROGOLD’s favorite French girl beauty secrets.


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