Choosing Your Foundation

Woman applying different shades of foundation

From tinted moisturizers to loose powders, there are so many different foundations out there, and unless you have chosen the perfect shade and formula for your skin type, you won’t be enjoying the full benefits of a foundation. Here are some of OROGOLD’s top tips for each skin type to keep in mind when choosing your foundation.

Oily Skin
If you have oily skin, OROGOLD would highly advise that you opt for an oil-free foundation formula, as this will prevent your makeup from sliding off your face. A liquid foundation that contains lightweight silicone will help makeup pigments to adhere to it without clogging pores, while a formula that contains salicylic acid will dry up oil-producing glands, minimizing breakouts. Powder foundations are also great for oily skin, as the powder will absorb any excess oil, leaving you with a smooth matte finish.

Dry Skin
Those of you with dry skin should search for a hydrating formula, either a liquid, stick or powder. Liquids and sticks both have a creamy consistency that work well with dry skin, while a hydrating powder will contain ingredients that are able to deliver a certain amount of moisture to your skin, ensuring that it does not dry out even further. Rather than rubbing the product into your skin, OROGOLD suggests using your fingers to lightly press it in, as this should help it to last longer. For those of you who don’t want heavy coverage, a BB cream is another great option, as this is packed with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants, all of which will benefit your dry skin while giving you a light and natural looking level of coverage.

Combination Skin
Foundation can be tricky when it comes to combination skin, but your best bet is to opt for a powder foundation. OROGOLD recommends only applying it to the oilier parts of your face, so that you can matte this out and achieve a smooth overall complexion.

Sensitive Skin
Mineral makeup is the best option for those with sensitive skin, as the majority of these are not only free of skin irritants, but also contain soothing ingredients, such as zinc. Some mineral formulas are very highly pigmented, and this will help to cover over redness, discoloration and broken capillaries. There are also some great mineral pressed powders out there for those of you who find loose powders too messy.

Choosing a Shade
Now that you have determined what type of foundation is best for your skin type, you can move on to finding the best shade for your skin tone. The best way to do this is by dipping a Q-tip into the foundation, applying this to the side of your face along the center of your jawline. If the shade seems to be invisible, then you’ve found your match!

Beauty experts estimate that unless a woman is given the correct tools, only 15% of them choose the best foundation for their skin. To keep your complexion looking naturally smooth and flawless, keep OROGOLD’s tips in mind the next time you are choosing a new foundation.


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