Most Popular Asian Bloggers

Asian model.

News is no longer hard to come by thanks to bloggers. Similarly, it is likewise even less difficult to find out someone’s opinion on the latest goings on in the world. You might not want to know someone’s opinion though. This remains the eternal problem of social media in general. If you do want a look into someone else’s world though, blogs are an invaluable tool. OROGOLD would like to recommend a few Asian bloggers in particular for their consistent ability in explaining and examining style trends. These bloggers range from makeup artist to fashionistas and everything in between. The one thing you can be sure of is that at least they know what they’re talking about.

True to its name, the blog by Rei Shito focuses on capturing the fashion world from the streets of Tokyo. She focuses on using her photography skills to capture the beauty and eclectic nature of Tokyo street style. These can range from new variations of traditional garb to simple, day-to-day fare worn with an extra flair. There is no telling what all will turn up on her blog as the days pass. Rei Shito’s dedication to capturing the style of Tokyo continues to drive her popularity around the world. She occasionally travels and shares images from those as well. The predominant focus of her blog remains true to its name and you’re far more likely to see the different forms of Asian street style rather than any others. Any would be readers should note that the blog is bilingual.

Break My Style
‘Break My Style’ is the blog of Laureen Uy, a fashion blogger from the Philippines. She does her best to create her own particular style while watching the world. Her blog is home to her particular tips and recommendations on how to assemble outfits properly or complement a particular look. Laureen Uy receives praise not only for her eye for style, but also having a highly approachable personality in her work. This makes her blog approachable by a wider audience than more clinically minded fashion bloggers. Like many of her peers, Laureen Uy’s popularity has launched her into an international scale of popularity. She frequently travels and shares her thoughts on style as she travels and just the nature of her life as a traveling fashion blogger.

The Indian photographer Manou runs this blog and provides a glimpse into the style of a country many people forget counts as part of Asia. He focuses on the street styles of the cities he lives in and visits. As a result, most of the pictures have a slightly candid feeling to them even as the subjects clearly pose, each in their own way, for the camera. The Indian focus is particularly apparent through the dizzying variety of colors that the outfits take in the photographs. Manou swaps between posting bulk collections of photos and posting single subject posts with small blurbs about their life and style. These make ‘wearabout’ not only a catalog of Indian street style, but also a quick glimpse into the lives of others.

There are plenty of popular bloggers out there. The trick is figuring out what you’re interested in and focusing on finding the best voices within that topic. OROGOLD has provided suggestions for fashion and beauty bloggers, but these bloggers are by no means all of your options. There may even be bloggers better suited to your particular tastes awaiting your discovery. Just remember that Asia is a highly varied part of the world and all it takes is a little investigation to find a blogger in the area that interests you.


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