Asian Makeup Style

Trying to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and makeup is a chore sometimes. One day something seems to be the new style and then the next day you find out that someone you’ve never even heard of seems to think it is a bad idea and almost everyone abandons it. Some tricks do survive this wave of scrutiny though and these are the ones that tend to travel. There is a division between Asian trends and Western ones that doesn’t necessarily need to exist. OROGOLD fully acknowledges women of Asian ancestry do have particular difficulties of their own when it comes to applying eye makeup, but those are more about how to make the most out of a different type of face. There are plenty of generalized trends anyone can try adopting to get a new look.

Ombre lips.

Gradient Lips
Most women apply lipstick with the goal of fully coloring their lips with a vibrant color to help them stand out. A current trend in Asia opts for an entirely different approach. Gradient lips provide a soft flow of color from natural looking outer lips to vibrant inner lips that give the appearance of having just been stained by food. This is achieved in a number of ways, but a common variation on the technique requires you to have two colors of lipstick. One needs to be a nude that works for your lip color and the other should be the color that you’d like to have set apart from your lips. Using the nude to cover the outer edges of your lips will define a smaller inner area for you to use color on. The result is a playful looking style that appears more natural than design.

Woman with natural makeup.

Natural Makeup
Few Asian women opt for a makeup style that emphasize that they are wearing makeup. Instead they focus on bringing out their natural beauty through skin care and the careful application of nude makeup. This approach involves largely covering up any blemishes or problem areas without being too zealous with your makeup. Happily, this trend slightly corresponds to a lighter trend in this direction among Western makeup artist. OROGOLD suggests consulting an esthetician about some of the best ways to emphasize your own looks without it being obvious. These will often vary depending on your skin type and heritage. Taking this approach will give you a distinct “I just woke up like this” casual beauty that it is hard to ignore.

Woman with puppy eye makeup.

Puppy Eye
Everyone in the Western world is familiar with Cay Eye makeup, but Asia has turned this on its head with a Puppy Eye instead. This makeup technique is less about emphasizing a sort of aloof and mysterious look. It is about making yourself look both larger and more youthful. More than just the name makes it the inverse of the Cat Eye. Use your favorite liner to follow your upper lash line like you would when going for a more feline look, but you should instead follow the contour of your upper eye out and down when you reach the edge instead of going for the upwards flick. You can add extra emphasis to the look by meeting the line from the lower lash line as well, but it isn’t required in every version of the Puppy Eye.

Regional makeup trends don’t have to be trapped within a region. Spreading new ideas around allows makeup, like all good art, to grow from meeting its counterparts. OROGOLD fully encourages you to try some of these tricks if you aren’t already. You’re sure to get a different perspective on yourself and maybe even find your new favorite way to do your makeup.


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