OROGOLD does its best to gather together the ingredients and the skill to create the best products it can for you. This dedication doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t get to share your own experiences with the products though. The constant creation of products or refining of current ones means people have opinions about our products constantly. You may even have shared one in the past. It may not turn up here as we can only share so many, but hopefully the comments we share will help anyone who hasn’t tried OROGOLD products to decide if our products are right for their skin.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to be heard and as a result intend to highlight more recent comments whenever we can. OROGOLD promises to give you a say on our products regardless of who you are in life. Everyone is equal when it comes to try to take care of our skin. The reviews OROGOLD features on this page will not necessarily be from a consistent set of products due to the broad range of our products, but we will do our best to ensure that the reviews featured mention the products used for a degree of clarity.

So what are you waiting for? The world and OROGOLD want to know what you have to say about your experiences with any of our products.

See what others are saying about OROGOLD…

Sherry's review of OG Deep Peeling on amazon



6 thoughts on “OROGOLD Reviews

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  3. Love the Anti-Ageing Eye-Serum. Could not believe the immediate difference it brought to my eyes. Gone were the puffiness and dark circles! Wonderful product.
    Just a pity that the salesman did a complete Jekyll & Hyde on me as soon as I told him that I wouldn’t buy immediately, but will be back for the purchase the following day. He also lied about his position in Orogold!

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