Makeup Tips From Your Fav Celebs – OROGOLD Reviews

With teams of professional makeup artists getting them ready for every single close-up, it is no surprise that celebrities are able to pick up some of the most useful makeup tips. OROGOLD brings you makeup tips from your favorite celebrities.

Woman applying lip balm.

Foundation on Your Lips
When going for a new look, after applying foundation to your face, apply some to your lips as well, to slightly neutralize the color. This tip, which comes from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, ensures that any color that you apply on top of the foundation, be it a bright lipstick or a shiny lip gloss, will last for much longer. Another tip when applying your foundation is to use a damp brush rather than a dry one, spritzing it with a bit of water, as this makes the foundation look much more natural.

Woman applying a concealer

Concealer Shade
Often, when using a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation, it shows up in photos, with the flash bouncing off the concealer. To avoid this, make sure that your concealer is the same shade as your foundation, keeping everything even.

Closeup of a woman wearing colored eyeliner.

Brightly Colored Eyes
When you want to brighten up your face with a pop of color on your eyes, a brightly colored eye shadow can often seem slightly tacky. A top tip from makeup artist to Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum is to skip the eyeshadow and opt for a brightly colored eyeliner instead.

Closeup of a woman applying mascara.

Make Mascara Last for Longer
If your mascara is starting to dry up, there is an easy way to revitalize it rather than having to buy a new one. Add a few drops of saline solution into the tube, swirling the brush around to fully mix it in. This will add moisture to the mascara formula, reinvigorating it.

Beautiful woman buying cosmetics from a store. q

Test Your Lipstick
Before purchasing a new lipstick, it is essential to test out the shade against your skin tone, to make sure that it is a good match. Rather than using the back of your hand to test out new shades, use your fingertips, as the pads of your fingers resemble your lip color much more closely than the back of your hand.

Woman with thickbeautiful eyebrows

Thicker Eyebrows
Those of you with thin eyebrows are likely to find it tiresome having to touch them up each day, however, there is an easy way to thicken them. Apply a nourishing balm to your brows each night before going to bed, as this gives extra strength to brows, as well as stimulates them to grow faster, meaning that in just 2 weeks, you are likely to notice that your eyebrows have gotten thicker. This also will make them much easier to shape and style.

Celebrities are constantly being bombarded with makeup tips and advice, so it makes perfect sense to turn to them when we want to know what works best. When applying makeup, no matter which style you are going for, OROGOLD reminds you to always make sure that you are using clean brushes, and purchase a brush cleaner if you find it difficult to keep your brushes clean.


What the Celebrities Wear Under Their Sexy Outfits – OROGOLD Reviews

A-listers walking the red carpet in fabulous couture gowns may seem extremely glamorous, but, what you may not realize is, many of those celebrities actually need some extra help looking that fantastic in their dresses. From a much-loved pair of Spanx to a double-sided Hollywood Fashion Tape, OROGOLD reviews exactly what it is that the celebrities wear under their sexy outfits.

What the Celebrities Wear Under Their Outfits

Spanx are one of the most common shapewear products, and are worn by so many different celebrities to help them squeeze into tight outfits. Curvy reality star Kim Kardashian admits to having to wear two pairs of the control pants in order to fit into some of her skin tight dresses, while Katherine Heigl wore spanx underneath her wedding dress. Oprah Winfrey has even named spanx as one of ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’, and has even stated that rather than wearing underwear, she wears spanx every day. From bodysuits to shorts to full-length bottoms, spanx come in many different forms and are the go-to garment for many celebrities. For those of you who are looking to invest more into your shapewear, take a look at the garments on offer by dMondaine, as these are a more luxurious, couture alternative to spanx that are favored by celebrities such as Halle Berry, Sofia Vergara and Kelly Osbourne.

Hollywood Fashion Tape
Hollywood Fashion Tape is a clear, double-sided tape that can be applied to fabric, as well as your body, helping to hold your whole look together and to keep your dress from falling away from your bust. Worn by many celebs who have chosen a low-cut dress, the tape works best for petite women who have smaller busts.

The Shibue
The Shibue is a strapless panty that doesn’t have any lines, as it is simply a piece of fabric that twists underneath your private parts, and is held together by a soft silicone gel at the front and at the back, which is washable and reusable. The Shibue, which is great value for money, has gained a huge celebrity following from the likes of Kate Upton, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey. It comes in a range of colors and is the ideal solution for those of you who want to wear a sheer or thigh-bearing dress without the risk of going completely commando. For those of you who aren’t comfortable enough to wear the Shibue, ORO GOLD suggests opting for a seamless, nude panty instead.

Minimizer Bra
A well-tailored classic white shirt is always a sexy option, and is a go-to look for many celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston. However, the problems occur when the shirt is buttoned and begins to pucker, turning a chic, effortless look into a sloppy outfit. A minimizer bra can help to solve this, as it disperses the breast tissue from the middle of the body, preventing fabrics and buttons from puckering.

As fabulous and fashion-forward most of the outfits we see on the red carpet may seem, many of the celebrities that wear them need some extra help to keep their outfits looking so flawless. From classic shapewear to innovative underwear solutions, keep these options in mind the next time you are wearing a celebrity-worthy gown.

Outrageous Anti-Aging Practices

Young lady with needles on all sides of her faceThere are bound to be extremes in all spheres of life. Skin care and anti-aging practices are no different from the rest when it comes to outrageous anti-aging practices. Examples of famous celebrities swearing by a number of bizarre treatments are all too common. Irrespective of what people say, the best way of ensuring healthy and beautiful looking skin is to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and follow a proper skin care routine. However, can there be some truth to those wacky procedures as well? Right? Well, here are some of the funniest and weirdest practices that people have undergone in their quest for beautiful looking skin.

Placenta Regime
Yes, it has a weird name, but famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez are known to be fans of these protein rich formulas. Topical placenta is not only known to be highly beneficial for anti-aging, it is also known to be beneficial for acne prone skin. According to Harold Lancer, an MD at the Lancer Dermatology (Beverly Hills), having a placenta regime can help you to provide a noticeable lift to your skin. Adding nutrient rich placenta to your skin care routine should make post treatment care and maintenance extremely simple as well.

Vampire Facial
The Vampire Facial uses a needle based therapy. Before we get into the gory details of the therapy, let us inform you that Kim Kardashian is known to swear by the benefits of the treatment. The treatment starts off with a simple facial, but it proceeds to drawing out an ounce of your blood. This blood is then spun in order to extract the platelet rich plasma and is then topically applied to your face through small puncture wounds made by a pen-like device. As old world as this might sound, the treatment is known to boost your elastin and collagen levels and provide your skin with a unique texture and color.

Skin Needling
Skin needling, also known as collagen induction therapy and micro-needling therapy, is a non-surgical procedure that is used for facial rejuvenation. It requires the use of micro-needling devices to make perfectly controlled skin injuries using a handheld tool that consists of steel tines. These injuries are known to drastically increase the collagen formation in your body, thereby improving your skin.

Stem Cell Facial 
The Stem Cell Facial is considered to be extremely popular all over the world. It requires one to infuse mature and sun damaged skin cells with flawless skin cells in order to get healthier and younger looking skin. Stem cell treatments are known to treat a range of skin issues ranging such as rosacea, inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Diamond Creams
Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend, but they are also known to do wonders for your skin. There are a number of companies that use these exotic ingredients in their skin care products to help their customers boast of flawless skin for ages. Diamond dust in creams and facial treatments is said to be amazing at exfoliating the skin. Leaving you with glowing and brilliant skin – just like a diamond!

Acupuncture Facial
Almost everyone has heard about acupuncture facials being a common part in skin care therapies. These facials are considered to be a simpler version of Botox therapies that use thin needles to increase the collagen production, boost circulation and relax your facial muscles.

Do these treatments work? Your favorite celebs certainly seem to think so. Why not give some of them a try and let us know what it feels like?