Must-Know Makeup Trends for Spring Summer 2015 – OROGOLD Reviews

The spring and summer season of each year welcomes new makeup trends, many of which can sometimes take time and patience to perfectly achieve. OROGOLD found out that this year, the hottest makeup trends all focus on minimalism, allowing our faces to radiate and glow whilst limiting the use of heavier makeup to your eyes.

Young woman with a radiant complexion looking into the camera.

A Radiant Complexion
A radiant and luminous complexion was a beauty trend that was seen on many runways at fashion weeks around the world. A quick and simple way to achieve this is by massaging your skin, which enhances the circulation of blood around your face, making your cheeks seem rosy. You can then apply some primer to enable your skin to radiate even more. Choose a flesh colored lipstick, or just a transparent lip gloss, to emphasize this look.

Makeup that Can’t be Seen
When the natural, fresh and minimal look is mentioned in terms of beauty, this does not mean that you shouldn’t use any makeup. Instead, the trick is to apply your makeup in a way that makes it seem as though you aren’t wearing any. Try to enhance your natural skin color, as well as its texture and its natural glow. For fresh looking skin, use a sheer foundation, avoiding multiple layers. At the Houghton show, skin finishing powders with gold deposits were swept across the cheekbones of the models, making it seem as though there was bright sunlight bouncing off wet skin. If your freckles are something that you normally try to hide, now is the time to embrace them. Use a lip pencil to enhance your freckles, even adding more in some places.

Woman with statement making eyes.


Statement-Making Eyes
Whilst the rest of your makeup is kept quite low-key, you can dress your eyes to make a statement. The classic smoky eye, although a convenient go-to look, was not seen as much on the runways. Instead, mascara was the main cosmetic item used on the eyes, with a clumpy max lash effect featuring on many catwalks. Keep your lashes thick, allowing them to frame your eyes. Use eyeliner to create a thicker line, giving your look some edge and personality.

Many of the beauty looks for this spring and summer seemed to be inspired by festivals, featuring tie-dyed colors and washed out bright shades. To keep your makeup looking modern, try to avoid using much foundation if you plan to use bright colors, which will also add just the right amount of nonchalance to your look. At the Marques Almeida show in London, sunbleached pastel colors were added under the eyes of the models, whilst the models at the Alex Mabille show had copper colored eyelids.

The makeup trends for this spring and summer focus on embracing the natural version of yourself, whilst enhancing certain aspects to make your natural version even better. OROGOLD recommends you to keep your skin light and fresh, and let your eyes do the talking, either with a thick frame of lashes or some carnival inspired color. Don’t try to hide your imperfections, and instead try to truly embrace them and let them shine, as these features are what makes your face unique.

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