Skin Care for Better Makeup Application

Woman applying makeup

Skin care and beauty go hand in hand, because if your skin is in its healthiest state, not only will you need to use less makeup, but you will also achieve a much more flawless finish. From prepping your skin beforehand to enhancing your natural glow, keep these skin care tips in mind the next time you are applying your makeup.

Prep Your Skin
Whether you are off to work in the morning or heading out for a night on the town, your makeup will always look its best if your skin has been properly prepared beforehand. In order to truly start with a blank canvas, you need to first cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser, before applying a toner to rebalance your skin’s pH level, as you want your skin to be at its best before applying any makeup products. Next, apply your serums, eye cream and moisturizer, before applying a primer. While a primer is not essential, this will give your skin some extra nourishment and hydration, while filling in any fine lines and wrinkles and acting as a base onto which your makeup can grip.

Woman applying lip balm

Don’t Forget Your Lips
Your lips are likely to be an important focus when applying makeup, but the skin on the lips is often neglected, making it important to prep your lips just as you would your skin. The best way to do this is by giving your lips a quick exfoliation, applying a gentle lip scrub in circular motions, before leaving it to rest for a few minutes. After rinsing this off, you will notice that your lips are so much softer and smoother, and a layer of a nourishing lip balm underneath your lipstick will help to keep them moist for the rest of the day.

Clear and Brighten Puffy Eyes
Rather than applying layer after layer of concealer to any under-eye dark circles, there are a number of ways in which you can naturally eliminate puffy eyes, making the rest of your makeup application much easier. The quickest way to do this is by performing a simple facial massage, rotating your ring fingers in the corners of your eyes near your nose in order to relieve any congestion, which is often the cause of puffy eyes. If you find that this is a frequently reoccurring issue that you have to deal with, then you should begin to look into the cause of your under-eye circles, whether this may be allergies or your sleeping position, and then work to change this.

Makeup brushes
Clean Makeup Brushes
If you do not thoroughly clean your makeup brushes once a week, as well as give them a quick clean after each use, then it is likely that you are transferring bacteria onto your skin each time they make contact with your face. There are many brush cleaners available that are most definitely worth investing in, and not only will this make a difference to your face, but it will also make it much easier to achieve a more professional makeup finish.

There are many ways in which your skin care practices will have an impact on the way in which you apply your makeup, and you should ensure that the two of these are always supporting each other as much as possible. From cleansing your skin before and applying any makeup products to knowing how to de-puff your eyes rather than needing to use layers of concealer, these skin care tips can really help when it comes to makeup application.

Makeup Tips From Your Fav Celebs – OROGOLD Reviews

With teams of professional makeup artists getting them ready for every single close-up, it is no surprise that celebrities are able to pick up some of the most useful makeup tips. OROGOLD brings you makeup tips from your favorite celebrities.

Woman applying lip balm.

Foundation on Your Lips
When going for a new look, after applying foundation to your face, apply some to your lips as well, to slightly neutralize the color. This tip, which comes from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, ensures that any color that you apply on top of the foundation, be it a bright lipstick or a shiny lip gloss, will last for much longer. Another tip when applying your foundation is to use a damp brush rather than a dry one, spritzing it with a bit of water, as this makes the foundation look much more natural.

Woman applying a concealer

Concealer Shade
Often, when using a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation, it shows up in photos, with the flash bouncing off the concealer. To avoid this, make sure that your concealer is the same shade as your foundation, keeping everything even.

Closeup of a woman wearing colored eyeliner.

Brightly Colored Eyes
When you want to brighten up your face with a pop of color on your eyes, a brightly colored eye shadow can often seem slightly tacky. A top tip from makeup artist to Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum is to skip the eyeshadow and opt for a brightly colored eyeliner instead.

Closeup of a woman applying mascara.

Make Mascara Last for Longer
If your mascara is starting to dry up, there is an easy way to revitalize it rather than having to buy a new one. Add a few drops of saline solution into the tube, swirling the brush around to fully mix it in. This will add moisture to the mascara formula, reinvigorating it.

Beautiful woman buying cosmetics from a store. q

Test Your Lipstick
Before purchasing a new lipstick, it is essential to test out the shade against your skin tone, to make sure that it is a good match. Rather than using the back of your hand to test out new shades, use your fingertips, as the pads of your fingers resemble your lip color much more closely than the back of your hand.

Woman with thickbeautiful eyebrows

Thicker Eyebrows
Those of you with thin eyebrows are likely to find it tiresome having to touch them up each day, however, there is an easy way to thicken them. Apply a nourishing balm to your brows each night before going to bed, as this gives extra strength to brows, as well as stimulates them to grow faster, meaning that in just 2 weeks, you are likely to notice that your eyebrows have gotten thicker. This also will make them much easier to shape and style.

Celebrities are constantly being bombarded with makeup tips and advice, so it makes perfect sense to turn to them when we want to know what works best. When applying makeup, no matter which style you are going for, OROGOLD reminds you to always make sure that you are using clean brushes, and purchase a brush cleaner if you find it difficult to keep your brushes clean.