Choosing the Perfect Statement Coat

Stylish woman in coat and hat

With the colder months creeping up on us, it is time to update your wardrobe to reflect the changing seasons, and this means adding in some fall and winter coats. While neutral colors and styles may be great to wear year upon year, a statement coat is always fun to have, as this will instantly brighten up your cold weather outfits, and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Bold but Classic Colors and Prints
While you want your coat to make a statement, you do not want it to appear too trendy, as this will mean that you will not be able to wear it next year. When it comes to choosing colors and prints, opt for ones that are bold and vibrant, but still elegantly classic, such as stripes, checks or animal prints. These patterns tend to not go out of style, making your statement coat quite the investment piece.

Smiling woman in brown coat

Dramatic Silhouettes
Not everybody enjoys wearing bold colors and prints, and, if this is the case for you, then you can always look to the silhouette of your coat to make a statement. There are so many different styles out there that can really add some drama to your outfit, even if they are in neutral colors, such as oversized coats, vintage-inspired coats, and exaggerated details, from zippers to buttons to pockets. However, when it comes to picking a silhouette, you still need to make sure that it suits your body shape. Those who are taller can go for longer styles of coats, while those who are more petite should opt for styles that are shorter and well-tailored.

Try Out Different Fabrics and Textures
The majority of winter coats out there will be made from a waterproof fabric, as winters tend to be wet. However, do not be afraid to opt for alternative fabrics and textures when it comes to picking out a statement coat, whether this may be leather, tweed, cashmere, faux fur, or a knit. If the choices are too overwhelming, try to consider the types of outfits that you will be wearing your coat with, and opt for a fabric and texture that will contrast with this.

Smiling woman posing in colorful wool coat

Do Not Forget About Warmth
While you are thinking about color, print, silhouette, fabric and texture, you need to ensure that you do not forget to pick out a coat that will provide you with sufficient warmth, because this is, after all, its purpose. When it comes to warmth, wool coats tend to be the warmest, but, if you have opted for a cooler fabric or cut, you can still make sure that the coat features a warm lining, whether this may be fleece, shearling, or another cosy fabric.

A statement coat is a great way to add some attitude to your winter outfits, but you need to ensure that you pick one that not only flatters you, but also complements the rest of your winter wardrobe. Do not forget that when wearing a statement coat, you should try to keep the rest of your accessories simple, as this will help your coat to really stand out.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Neutral Attire

Woman posing with pink jacket

Wearing neutrals together is an easy and convenient way to dress, as this does not require too much planning. However, while neutrals are great, adding a pop of color to your outfit can really help to brighten it up and give it that extra special edge.

Bold Shoes
While you likely already own plenty of neutral colored shoes, investing in a couple of pairs of bright and bold footwear is always worthwhile. Since you are going to be pairing them with neutrals, the colors that you go for do not matter too much, as just about any bright color will match, so go for a shade that makes you feel confident and sexy.

A Bright Jacket
With the colder months quickly approaching, it is time to bring out all of your coats and jackets that you stored away for the summer. If you own a brightly colored jacket or coat, this is a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit, and, since it is just outerwear, it means that you will not have to wear that color throughout the day, and can remove it whenever you need to. If your outfit is predominantly black and white, cool colors, or even neons and hot pinks, look great with this, while warmer neutrals tend to work best with rich, jewel tones.

Woman with a printed scarf

A Printed Scarf
Scarves are a fantastic way to add some color, as well as pattern, to your outfit, and because of how versatile they are, they can be worn in so many different ways. Whether you wear it as a sash, a headband, around your neck, or as a pocket square, position your scarf in a location that you want to draw the eye to, as the scarf will create a great focal point. Do not be afraid to opt for vibrant prints either, as printed scarves are perfect for adding multiple colors to an outfit.

A Bright Belt
Belts are not only perfect for accentuating the waist, but can also add a burst of color to your outfit, especially if this is the only colorful item that you are wearing. When it comes to color combinations, there are many classic pairings that work brilliantly when it comes to belts, such as a red belt on a black dress, or an electric blue belt on a grey outfit.

Woman in white dress and striking blue necklace and bag

Striking Jewellery
Neutral clothing provides a beautifully clean background to showcase striking jewellery shades, making this a fun and interesting way to add some color to your outfit. A necklace is the easiest way to go, and you could even opt for multiple necklace strands, each featuring a different color.

Outfits that consist of neutral colors are clean and sophisticated, but adding a pop of color does give them a bit more personality. Whether you opt for some bold red shoes or a vibrant printed scarf, do not be afraid to experiment with your outfits and accessories, as you will no doubt come up with some combinations that you love.

Improve Your Mood With These Home Decor Ideas

Couple in spacious kitchen at home

Your home should be your sanctuary, meaning a place where you can feel relaxed, satisfied and focussed. If your mood could often do with a bit of improvement, a few adjustments to your home décor may be all that is needed.

A Homey Kitchen
Your kitchen should be the heart of your home, and a great way to ensure that it really exudes a sense of protection and warmth is by setting it up so that you are always facing inwards into the room, rather than out of the room or at a wall. To make it even better, having a view of the door where people enter from, as well as a window with a landscape view, can really help to boost your mood.

Dim Your Bedroom
Your body’s natural sleep cycle can easily become disrupted by bright lights, and this can have a significant effect on your mood. To keep your body’s circadian rhythm as natural as possible, remove any harsh light sources from your bedroom, replacing these with softer lamps and dimmer lights. This practice can be carried out throughout your house, as harsh lighting will never do your mood any favors. You should also remove any computers or television screens from your bedroom, as well as your phone charger to prevent you from using your phone in bed, as these bright lights will definitely not help to improve your quality of sleep.

Smiling woman in stripes on couch and coloured pillows

Add Some Color
Even if you do not want to paint your home, there are several other ways in which you can add pops of color to your décor. Turn to items such as pillows and throws, wall art and glassware, placing these in areas of your home that could do with a burst of color.

Uplifting Colors
If your home could do with a new coat of paint, think very carefully about the colors that you choose. If you like the color that you currently have, it may be worth trying to go just one shade deeper, as deeper shades are bolder, meaning that they can really uplift your mood. Certain colors also have various effects on people, with blues seen to be calming, while deep pinks and oranges are more cheerful, so do look into this more if you are going to have your home painted.

Smiling woman pulling open curtains to let light in

Let the Natural Light In
Natural light can do wonders for the mood, so it is important that your home is filled with as much natural light as possible. Even if you are only able to have small windows, make sure that these are not covered up with curtains or blinds, and try to keep everything as open as possible.

If you have been looking for ways in which to improve your mood while you are at home, paying attention to your décor could be key. From focussing on uplifting colors to making your bedroom a peaceful, relaxing space, these tips will enable you to create a home that supports your mood, rather than detracts from it.

Add a Pop of Summer Color to Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer Colours

A pop of color is a great way to brighten up your summer wardrobe, and there are countless ways in which you can incorporate this into an outfit. From sunshine yellow to candy pink, here is some style inspiration for the upcoming months.

Shocking Pink
One of the hottest color trends for summer 2017 is shocking shades of pink, encompassing everything from candy pink to deep cherry. A shocking pink dress is beautifully feminine, and can be paired with neutral accessories to tone it down if needed. Alternatively, a deep cherry or raspberry colored cardigan is perfect for brightening up a chilly summer evening, and will also give your face a warm, rosy glow, while a bold pink skirt, in an easy silhouette, is unexpectedly versatile.

Vibrant Stripes
Bold, geometric prints are going to be huge this summer, especially when it comes to stripes. While classic, horizontal stripes will always be popular, criss-cross stripes are a great alternative, and provide an outfit with quite an unusual dynamic. From a pleated, flowing maxi dress, such as the one from Chloe, to graphic, striped accessories, such as the bags from Sonia Rykiel, stripes add color as well as pattern to an outfit, making them a worthwhile investment.

Yellow is another color that will really be making a huge statement this season, and while the runways were filled with full-on, completely chromatic yellow looks, all you need is a pop of this color to really make a statement. As always, accessories are the best way to go if you do not already own many clothes that would work with yellow, but a cheeky yellow sundress is also well-suited for the season. If you are really feeling bold, go for a classic pair of trousers in a sunny yellow shade, because while this may seem quite out there, they can easily be styled down with a simple white t-shirt and some black flats.

A Patchwork of Colors
On the summer 2017 runways, many designers turned to patchwork, creating everything from pants to shirts to outerwear. Many unexpected fabrics and textures were put together, and this really creates an interesting look, as well as a vibrancy that perfectly emulates summer.

Printed florals are always popular in the spring and summer, but, this season, they are set to be even brighter and bolder than ever, making them an absolutely perfect choice for those wanting to add colour and pattern into their wardrobe. Pieces that nod to the 70’s are especially on trend, but, other than that, just look out for items that feature plenty of contrast while still being feminine, such as with the floral off-shoulder top from Chloe.

While dark and moody outfits definitely do have an ambience about them, summer is a time for color and vitality. No matter what your wardrobe may already consist of, these tips will help you to incorporate a bit of extra color into your closet, making use of pieces that can be styled in so many different ways.

Makeup Tips From Your Fav Celebs – OROGOLD Reviews

With teams of professional makeup artists getting them ready for every single close-up, it is no surprise that celebrities are able to pick up some of the most useful makeup tips. OROGOLD brings you makeup tips from your favorite celebrities.

Woman applying lip balm.

Foundation on Your Lips
When going for a new look, after applying foundation to your face, apply some to your lips as well, to slightly neutralize the color. This tip, which comes from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, ensures that any color that you apply on top of the foundation, be it a bright lipstick or a shiny lip gloss, will last for much longer. Another tip when applying your foundation is to use a damp brush rather than a dry one, spritzing it with a bit of water, as this makes the foundation look much more natural.

Woman applying a concealer

Concealer Shade
Often, when using a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation, it shows up in photos, with the flash bouncing off the concealer. To avoid this, make sure that your concealer is the same shade as your foundation, keeping everything even.

Closeup of a woman wearing colored eyeliner.

Brightly Colored Eyes
When you want to brighten up your face with a pop of color on your eyes, a brightly colored eye shadow can often seem slightly tacky. A top tip from makeup artist to Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum is to skip the eyeshadow and opt for a brightly colored eyeliner instead.

Closeup of a woman applying mascara.

Make Mascara Last for Longer
If your mascara is starting to dry up, there is an easy way to revitalize it rather than having to buy a new one. Add a few drops of saline solution into the tube, swirling the brush around to fully mix it in. This will add moisture to the mascara formula, reinvigorating it.

Beautiful woman buying cosmetics from a store. q

Test Your Lipstick
Before purchasing a new lipstick, it is essential to test out the shade against your skin tone, to make sure that it is a good match. Rather than using the back of your hand to test out new shades, use your fingertips, as the pads of your fingers resemble your lip color much more closely than the back of your hand.

Woman with thickbeautiful eyebrows

Thicker Eyebrows
Those of you with thin eyebrows are likely to find it tiresome having to touch them up each day, however, there is an easy way to thicken them. Apply a nourishing balm to your brows each night before going to bed, as this gives extra strength to brows, as well as stimulates them to grow faster, meaning that in just 2 weeks, you are likely to notice that your eyebrows have gotten thicker. This also will make them much easier to shape and style.

Celebrities are constantly being bombarded with makeup tips and advice, so it makes perfect sense to turn to them when we want to know what works best. When applying makeup, no matter which style you are going for, OROGOLD reminds you to always make sure that you are using clean brushes, and purchase a brush cleaner if you find it difficult to keep your brushes clean.

Nautical Home Design – OROGOLD Reviews

The beach-inspired nautical look is one style that never goes out of fashion, and looks great no matter where you live. ORO GOLD believes that bringing the spirit of the ocean into your home in a stylish and classy way is much easier than you would think, and there are many different ways to go about doing so.

A blue colored interior for a nautical home.

A Nautical Color Scheme
Unlike many other home design themes, where you have to choose from a huge array of colors, decorating your home in a nautical style is much more simple. Marine blue is the main color that you should be looking for. White is also essential to balance out the blue, and green accents also help to enhance the dreamy ocean atmosphere. When picking out certain home accessories, such as rugs and other textiles, geometric white and blue patterns will always bring a nautical feel to the room, without looking over the top. Blue is also great as a paint color for your walls, and can be accented with white edges to keep the room looking fresh.

Picture of a kitten hiding behind a piece of driftwood.

Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto shore by the tide, and is always spectacularly textured, with every piece being unique. Many artists use driftwood to create impressive sculptures, both large and small, as well as many other objects that can be used around the house, from shelves to seats.

Beach Decor
Bringing beach inspired décor into your home is always fun, as you have the option of finding the items yourself rather than having to purchase everything from shops. Shells are a fun addition to any home, but need to be properly cleaned, and even varnished, if you have collected them yourself. There are many ways to display them, from lining them up on shelves and tabletops to stringing them up along a wall. You can also fill glass vases of any size with layers of sand, pebbles and shells, bringing the beach into your home in a clean and sophisticated manner.

Nautical Motifs
Nautical motifs, such as sea creatures and anchors, are an obvious choice when designing your home in a nautical style. They are a great addition to any home, but need to be kept quite subtle. Choosing cushions with nautical motifs printed on them are a good option, as are framed paintings or photographs that feature sea-related images.

Picture of lit candles and seashells.

Recycled Sailing Objects
Re-using old sailing objects as decorative items is a unique and creative way to add some nautical style to your home. Old sails can be turned into fabric coasters, and since the material is already waterproof, you don’t have to worry about staining them. Rope is also used on all sorts of boats, and can make a great addition to any home when used in the right way. Wrap clean white rope around large candles to create beautifully textured candle holders, or wind some rope around a simple mirror, leaving extra length at the end so that the rope can be used to hang the mirror up on a wall.

With a bit of creativity, incorporating the essence of the beach and the ocean into your home is simple, as well as fun. Keep obvious motifs subtle, and make use of sea-inspired colors and textures. Look for inspirations in all aspects of the ocean, and you will find that you will soon be coming up with many unique ideas for your own personalized nautical style.