Dazzling Skin With Oro Gold Cosmetics – From Inside and Outside

ORO GOLD Deep Tissue Rejuvenation MaskThe quest for radiant skin prompts women world over to try out zany, smelly and sometimes downright vile looking remedies that involve a variety of foodstuffs, probably meant for consumption rather than being spread over the face. Mashing avocado and banana is a messy affair and raw egg smells horrible and feels awful plastered over your face, not to mention clammy old teabags commonly believed to alleviate bags under tired eyes. Although beneficial, olive oil applied topically also makes you smell like a salad. The incredible thing is that most of these delicious and nutritious food items are as beneficial to the skin when eaten as what it is when applied externally, if not better.


Take egg white for example. Applied to the skin it is meant to tighten pores and leave the skin feeling smooth. It is, however, unpleasant to apply and is known to contain salmonella, not something any woman would happily spread on their face. Eaten, eggs nourish the skin with choline and lupein – key sources of Vitamin B. Eggs are also rich in antioxidants and high quality proteins, both ‘egg-cellent’ for the skin.

A Tomato a Day

Or a grapefruit, some watermelon, cabbage or asparagus are all known to keep wrinkles away. These delectable fruits and veggies have something in common: antioxidants. Scientists and skincare specialists like the folks at Oro Gold Cosmetics agree that antioxidant rich food is at the top of the list when eating with gorgeous skin in mind. Many ladies know that antioxidants are good things that occur naturally in certain types of food but are not sure exactly what the hype is all about.

Antioxidants in a nutshell: (and yes, nuts do contain antioxidants – especially walnuts)

  • Free radicals are unstable organic molecules
  • Because of the instability, free radicals seek to bond with other molecules
  • This cause tissue damage and aging
  • Antioxidants are nutrients and enzymes that help neutralize free radicals

All you Need

Healthy, natural food products that contain antioxidants and other healthy elements combat the aging process from the inside while Oro Gold Cosmetics products work from the outside to keep skin youthful, fight the ravaging effects of aging and to reverse damage already done.


5 thoughts on “Dazzling Skin With Oro Gold Cosmetics – From Inside and Outside

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  4. hi i am dr noha consulant of dermatology and cosmetology last week i visited ur station at deara dubai city center and i am very pleased wz ur product can u connect me to ursailer resident in eygpt if u have

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