Improve Your Mood With These Home Decor Ideas

Couple in spacious kitchen at home

Your home should be your sanctuary, meaning a place where you can feel relaxed, satisfied and focussed. If your mood could often do with a bit of improvement, a few adjustments to your home décor may be all that is needed.

A Homey Kitchen
Your kitchen should be the heart of your home, and a great way to ensure that it really exudes a sense of protection and warmth is by setting it up so that you are always facing inwards into the room, rather than out of the room or at a wall. To make it even better, having a view of the door where people enter from, as well as a window with a landscape view, can really help to boost your mood.

Dim Your Bedroom
Your body’s natural sleep cycle can easily become disrupted by bright lights, and this can have a significant effect on your mood. To keep your body’s circadian rhythm as natural as possible, remove any harsh light sources from your bedroom, replacing these with softer lamps and dimmer lights. This practice can be carried out throughout your house, as harsh lighting will never do your mood any favors. You should also remove any computers or television screens from your bedroom, as well as your phone charger to prevent you from using your phone in bed, as these bright lights will definitely not help to improve your quality of sleep.

Smiling woman in stripes on couch and coloured pillows

Add Some Color
Even if you do not want to paint your home, there are several other ways in which you can add pops of color to your décor. Turn to items such as pillows and throws, wall art and glassware, placing these in areas of your home that could do with a burst of color.

Uplifting Colors
If your home could do with a new coat of paint, think very carefully about the colors that you choose. If you like the color that you currently have, it may be worth trying to go just one shade deeper, as deeper shades are bolder, meaning that they can really uplift your mood. Certain colors also have various effects on people, with blues seen to be calming, while deep pinks and oranges are more cheerful, so do look into this more if you are going to have your home painted.

Smiling woman pulling open curtains to let light in

Let the Natural Light In
Natural light can do wonders for the mood, so it is important that your home is filled with as much natural light as possible. Even if you are only able to have small windows, make sure that these are not covered up with curtains or blinds, and try to keep everything as open as possible.

If you have been looking for ways in which to improve your mood while you are at home, paying attention to your décor could be key. From focussing on uplifting colors to making your bedroom a peaceful, relaxing space, these tips will enable you to create a home that supports your mood, rather than detracts from it.

OROGOLD Advice on Decorating Children’s Bedrooms

Children's bedroom with mini table and chairsWhen confronted with home decor issues like designing a children’s bedroom you have to remember that unlike adult bedrooms they are used a lot more during the day and for lots of reasons. You need it to be able to cater for daytime activities as well making it a nice, comfortable place to sleep. Achieving the right balance can be tricky but not impossible.

As children can quickly get fed up with or outgrow certain interests (dinosaurs, princesses etc.) it is best to stick with one plain color on the walls. This can then act as a background for a few themed items and means if a child outgrows an interest the walls are something you do not have to change. Although you may prefer neutrals children often like something a bit brighter; try to avoid colors that are too vivid though as this can be over-stimulating at bedtime. An affordable way to create a theme is with peel off borders and stick-on motifs. A child interested in ballet could have ballerina borders and stickers and then, if they decide ballet is no longer for them, they simply peel off of the wall.

When children share a room it can be even harder to know how to decorate. Two adjacent walls painted one color and the other two painted in a contrasting color is the perfect way to help children feel they have their own space by creating their own little corner. Bedding to match their wall color can bring it all together.Vivid children's bedroom with circle print patterns

As mentioned, children’s bedrooms usually double as a playroom so when choosing the flooring it should be something comfortable to sit on and easy to clean. Carpet tiles, rubber or cushioned sheet vinyl all offer a great playing surface. If you prefer carpet, go for a synthetic short pile carpet as this will be a lot easier to maintain. Wood laminate is really easy to clean but can be noisy but a rug or two can help soften this.

Many of us rely on the bedside lamp for our bedroom lighting but multi-purpose children’s bedrooms need to be well lit everywhere. This is especially true for older children as they will often use their bedroom for homework. Adjustable desk lamps or spotlights are a good idea for them. Younger children can benefit from bedside lighting that can be dimmed to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Make sure any lighting fixtures or fittings in a young child’s room are tamper proof or are completely out of reach; touch sensitive lights are a safe choice.

From about 5 years old children will begin to have preferences for certain colors so getting them involved in the decorating decisions will help create a room everyone is happy with. It also makes them feel grown up and important when they feel included in decision making. Although you shouldn’t give in to their every whim do try and go for what they would like if possible as the most important thing is that they feel comfortable in their room. Plus, if your child’s idea of heaven is really not your taste the chances are they will soon outgrow it meaning you won’t have to put up with it too long!