Add a Pop of Summer Color to Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer Colours

A pop of color is a great way to brighten up your summer wardrobe, and there are countless ways in which you can incorporate this into an outfit. From sunshine yellow to candy pink, here is some style inspiration for the upcoming months.

Shocking Pink
One of the hottest color trends for summer 2017 is shocking shades of pink, encompassing everything from candy pink to deep cherry. A shocking pink dress is beautifully feminine, and can be paired with neutral accessories to tone it down if needed. Alternatively, a deep cherry or raspberry colored cardigan is perfect for brightening up a chilly summer evening, and will also give your face a warm, rosy glow, while a bold pink skirt, in an easy silhouette, is unexpectedly versatile.

Vibrant Stripes
Bold, geometric prints are going to be huge this summer, especially when it comes to stripes. While classic, horizontal stripes will always be popular, criss-cross stripes are a great alternative, and provide an outfit with quite an unusual dynamic. From a pleated, flowing maxi dress, such as the one from Chloe, to graphic, striped accessories, such as the bags from Sonia Rykiel, stripes add color as well as pattern to an outfit, making them a worthwhile investment.

Yellow is another color that will really be making a huge statement this season, and while the runways were filled with full-on, completely chromatic yellow looks, all you need is a pop of this color to really make a statement. As always, accessories are the best way to go if you do not already own many clothes that would work with yellow, but a cheeky yellow sundress is also well-suited for the season. If you are really feeling bold, go for a classic pair of trousers in a sunny yellow shade, because while this may seem quite out there, they can easily be styled down with a simple white t-shirt and some black flats.

A Patchwork of Colors
On the summer 2017 runways, many designers turned to patchwork, creating everything from pants to shirts to outerwear. Many unexpected fabrics and textures were put together, and this really creates an interesting look, as well as a vibrancy that perfectly emulates summer.

Printed florals are always popular in the spring and summer, but, this season, they are set to be even brighter and bolder than ever, making them an absolutely perfect choice for those wanting to add colour and pattern into their wardrobe. Pieces that nod to the 70’s are especially on trend, but, other than that, just look out for items that feature plenty of contrast while still being feminine, such as with the floral off-shoulder top from Chloe.

While dark and moody outfits definitely do have an ambience about them, summer is a time for color and vitality. No matter what your wardrobe may already consist of, these tips will help you to incorporate a bit of extra color into your closet, making use of pieces that can be styled in so many different ways.

Haute Couture Designers

In France, the term haute couture is regulated by law, and a fashion house must follow a very specific set of rules in order to qualify for the criteria that grants them couture house status. While the term haute couture may get thrown around all too much today, the official haute couture designers continue to produce the highest quality and most exclusive pieces seen by the fashion world each year.

Chanel dress /

First established by Gabrielle Chanel, Chanel is a French couture house that has revolutionized the fashion industry on more than one occasion. Chanel has branched out over the years, but their couture collections are still an integral part of the brand, and are one of the most highly anticipated couture collections each year. Unlike what many other couture designers are experiencing, Chanel’s couture collections have seen a significant rise in sales, and this is largely due to the fact that the average age of a couture customer has fallen, with younger generations now wanting to acquire their very own one-of-a-kind piece.

Kenzo dress /

Kenzo Takada launched his couture house in Paris in 1970, and was part of a new generation of designers who wanted to push the boundaries when it came to couture’s traditional conventions, not liking the strict rules that seemed to be so set in stone. Kenzo did exactly this, shaking up the rules of couture with his colorful and exotic prints, and the way in which he mixed unique elements of his Japanese heritage with the Parisian elegance that haute couture is known for helped him to quickly gain a strong loyal following and a sturdy reputation.

Vivienne Westwood

lev radin /

Vivienne Westwood
British designer Vivienne Westwood has had a huge influence over the fashion industry with both her haute couture as well as her ready-to-wear. The designer’s trademark eccentricity results in collections that are fun and quirky, and the fact that she now considers herself to be an eco-pioneer in the fashion industry, and is never shy with her political viewpoints, has only earned her even more respect from critics.

Christian Dior dress /

Christian Dior
Christian Dior founded his couture house in 1946, and showed his debut couture collection in 1947. The house was over-run with orders from world famous stars, and even members of royalty, cementing his reputation as one of the best couturiers in the world. In 1949, Dior was the first couturier to license his name to a range of luxury accessories, quickly spreading his brand all over the world. While the French Chamber of Couture disapproved of this move, it was not long before the profitable practice of licensing was adopted by most of the other couture houses.

Haute couture is an important tradition in the fashion industry, and while couture may not be the main revenue stream for the majority of designers, it is still a way for them to showcase their most spectacular ideas, with couture pieces trickling down the fashion chain and influencing the very same clothes that you are likely to purchase in the next couple of seasons.

Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion – OROGOLD Reviews

When it comes to menswear, fall/winter 2015-2016 is set to be an extremely stylish season. From draped outerwear to bold prints and patterns, menswear is once again ignoring conventions in order to provide men with a much greater variety of trendy fashion options. ORO GOLD offers insights into the latest trends in men’s fashion.

Man wearing a stylish woolen coat.

Woollen Coats
The trend for the majority of menswear garments seemed to focus on looser cuts, and this was especially so in the outerwear that was shown at all of the major fashion weeks. The most popular coats for the season were cut and draped from wool, featuring soft shoulders that enhanced the over-sized and slouchy vibe.

Man wearing jeans with large pockets.

Super-Sized Pockets
The super-sized pockets trend will be welcomed by all those men who hate to carry bags around with them. This season, pockets are going to be bigger than ever, and will most likely be the focus of many outerwear pieces. The pockets, iPad Mini sized at the minimum, will be cut from contrasting fabrics and attached onto the garment in prominent positions, offering style and functionality at the same time.

Handsome man wearing a shirt with unusual prints.

Bold Patterns and Textures
Bold patterns and textures that stand out were seen on looks by many designers, and were applied to a variety of garments, from classic suits to full outfits. The more fashion forward styles were the ones that featured unconventional prints and patterns, although there were also plenty of plaid looks that were seen, which are great for men who aren’t as keen on taking risks with big patterns. If you are looking for other toned down designs, there were plenty of square patterns and patches seen on the runways, used in both big blocks of color, but also used more subtly on jeans and coats.

Stylish man wearing a sweater.

Layered Knits
Once again, knitwear has made its mark on menswear. Sweaters were seen on many runways, often paired with tailored trousers for a casual yet classy look. Different textures were mixed together in one outfit, emphasized by the ways in which different knitted garments were layered over each other. As was seen on the Pringle and Margaret Howell runways, an easy way to layer knitwear is to purchase a thin rollneck, made from merino wool, that can be worn under thicker knits. Rollnecks were seen peeking out from other knits, such as handspun cardigans and cashmere pullovers, at many shows, and white rollnecks, as seen at Balenciaga and Sandro, seemed to be a new trend all on their own.

Stylish man in a gray suit.

Green and Gray
In terms of color, grays dominated many runways, in a whole variety of shades and textures. Although gray is a common color in menswear, the way that it was styled and used in both tailored garments as well as tracksuit bottoms, has turned the color into a big trend for this season. The second most popular color was green, again in a huge variety of shades, from forest green to mint green to military green. These two colors were present on all of the major runways, including London, Milan and Paris, so you can expect to see more of them this season.

One of the best things about keeping track of menswear trends is learning how to later incorporate them into your own personal look. From layered knitwear to super-sized pockets, these garments are likely to dominate men’s clothing stores this season, so it is a good idea to decide in advance which would work best for your own style.