Don’t Make These Concealer Mistakes – OROGOLD Reviews

Applying concealerConcealing our wrinkles, zits and dark circles seem like a never ending challenge. Over the years, many of us have strived to make the best use of our concealers , but it seems like we still haven’t gotten quite right. OROGOLD Cosmetics examines the top concealer mistakes that you might be making and offers advice on how to correct them.

Putting foundation before concealer
Many people use a foundation before using the concealer, but ORO GOLD believes that applying the foundation before applying the concealer increases the smearing and the smudging, thereby creating the need for you to re-apply the concealer. Try applying the foundation after your concealer. The results might surprise you by letting you cover more area than you planned to.

Forgetting to set it
One of the most common mistakes made by women all over the world is that they forget to set the concealer using translucent power after applying it. A light dusting of this powder prevents the concealer from caking and it helps to keep those creases at bay. Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to perfect your concealer application and hide those zits and bags the way you’ve always wanted to.

concealerRestricting your concealer
Another common mistake made by women is that they tend to restrict the role of a concealer. Apart from concealing the bags, zits and wrinkles; these handy makeup products can also be used to prime the eyelids for shadow application and to highlight the cheekbones.

Going too light
Going overboard while applying your concealers isn’t the answer, but going too light isn’t going to help you either. Selecting a concealer that is too light will simply draw more attention to your dark circles, and this is something that you would like to avoid. The ideal thing to do is to choose a peachy-toned warm concealer that comes in a liquid formula and is approximately half a shade lighter when compared with your skin tone. Choosing a light-reflecting product doesn’t hurt either.

Confusing the formulas
The different kinds of finishes and formulas that concealers offer are there for a reason. When it comes to concealers, you need to understand that there is no one-concealer-fits-all. It’s not magic. Most of the solid concealers that offer an opaque coverage are perfect for hiding the redness and the blemishes. On the other hand, the lighter liquid formulas work best on your under eye area.

Using your fingers to cover acne scars
Using the fingers to apply the concealer to your under eye area might be a good idea, but it will not earn you any brownie points when using concealers to hide the acne scars. If you’re looking at really concealing every indentation of your acne scars, you need to use a blush. Usually, a small concealer brush or a lip liner brush is good enough.

Ignoring the shadows
How many times have you tried to use your regular methods to apply and dab the concealer to hide a zit, only to realize that it just doesn’t work? The thing is that you need to look beyond that pimple. The only way to conceal a raised pimple is to apply the concealer right below the offending spot in order to lighten the shadow that it casts.


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