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We keep hearing about all sorts of diet routines that are supposed to go a long way in making us look thin. One of the most common diet strategies of late has been the 5-2 diet, where women eat normally for five days and restrict their food intake for the other two days. OROGOLD Cosmetics discovered that women are now switching to the same routine when it comes to makeup: applying normal makeup for five days and staying makeup free for two days. Some experts have gone on to state that going makeup free for two days in a week should help with glowing and younger-looking  skin because it allows the skin to “cleanse” itself from the irritating chemicals that many cosmetics contain. When ORO GOLD first came across this trend, we felt a bit skeptical. After all, being a luxury skin care brand, we like to base our decisions on real science and proven results.  OROGOLD decided to review the 5-2 makeup trend to highlight the factors that work for and against it so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Factors that Work Against the 5-2 Makeup Trend

It is always better to adjust your routine all seven days of the week
The 5-2 makeup routine isn’t any different from when you go on a diet. Eating healthy food for five days and undoing all the good work by following it with two days of junk food probably won’t earn you the physique you are looking to acquire. Similarly, going makeup free for just two days a week will not do as much good for your skin as you may hope. The ideal way to “detox” your skin is to modify your makeup routine and ensure that you use the right products. Rather than going makeup free for two days, you would be better off paying attention to removing your makeup every night and ensuring that you don’t makeup that is too heavy or not right for your skin type.

Beautiful brunette sleeping in a beige bed.

Nightly cleansing is all the “detox” that your skin needs
Most modern-day  cosmetics can last for about 24 hours. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to leave them on your face throughout the day and night. One of the most common mistakes made by women is that they leave the makeup on their face at night. Numerous studies have shown the amount of damage that this habit can cause to your skin. In fact, leaving makeup on your skin is known to be one of the surest ways to age earlier than usual. Cleansing your skin every night lets you remove the makeup from your face, thereby allowing your pores to breathe. This prevents issues like irritation and acne breakouts. Moreover, regular cleansing also helps with skin exfoliation, something that lets you get rid of the dry and damaged cells to reveal forever young looking  skin.

Makeup isn’t always bad for your skin
Avoid using makeup if it dries or irritates your skin. There was a time when makeup could wreak havoc on your skin, but most modern-day cosmetics are known to contain ingredients that are not harmful for the skin. In fact, some might even contain ingredients that offer skin benefits. There is one single solution when it comes to makeup. You need to follow your makeup applications with proper skin care. If you’re applying makeup regularly, processes like cleansing and moisturizing become all the more important. As long as you’re serious about your skin care routine and take proper care of your skin, makeup application shouldn’t hurt or damage your skin.

Factors that Work For the 5-2 Makeup Trend

Closeup image of a girl wiping off makeup from her skin to get a makeup-free look.

Going makeup free regularly  may help diminish certain skin issues
Many people suffer from issues like dermatitis rashes or rosacea when they forget to take the makeup off before sleeping or use heavy creams as a part of their skin care. This usually occurs because of the demodex mites that suck the oil out from the skin. Such patients are always advised to sleep with a bare face. The same rule applies for those using retinol-based skin care products. The idea is that taking a night or two off helps the skin to replenish itself and mitigate issues it suffers from.

The Showdown
Although the 5-2 makeup trend does have a few favorable factors, it’s nothing new. A better way of bringing about youthful and younger-looking  skin is to take proper care of your skin and concentrate on processes such as cleansing and moisturizing the skin if you use makeup regularly. It always helps to ensure that the makeup you use doesn’t contain any ingredients that could potentially damage your skin.

So what do you think of the 5-2 makeup trend? Do you really think that it’s effective? Or do you feel that you’re better off being serious about your skin care? Let OROGOLD know using the comments below.

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