OROGOLD on Airbrush Makeup: What is it, and do I need it? – ORO GOLD Reviews

What Airbrush Makeup Is

Airbrush makeup is a temporary cosmetic application technique used to apply makeup to the face or body with a special machine, known as an airbrushing gun, which by use of air applies liquid makeup onto the skin in an even, smooth and near perfect manner. OROGOLD loves airbrush makeup because it gives women flawless looking skin and makeup.


Who Uses Airbrush Makeup?

Many celebrities were the first to experience the luxury airbrushing had to offer. Now, any woman outside of Hollywood can have the same flawless look as any of the stars by use of airbrush cosmetics. Women who want to look their very best choose this method of cosmetic application because they know it looks fantastic, and it works better than any product applied directly to the face.


Where is Airbrushing Done?

You could go to a salon to have this type of makeup applied, or invest in your very own Airbrush kit, complete with airbrush gun, foundation, blush, illuminating highlighters, and more.



Prices vary, but a good quality airbrush gun will cost at least $250 -500. There are many brands to choose from, from beginner’s guns which come with cosmetic kits specially blended for your skin type, to professional grade guns that cost quite a great deal more. To have airbrush makeup done at a salon or spa, you can expect to pay $150-300 at a high end salon.


Do I Need Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is all based on personal preference. If you have a special event to attend such as a birthday party, banquet, a very special date, or perhaps you’re getting married, airbrush makeup is probably the route you would want to go. If you have problematic skin, you are sure to benefit from airbrush makeup as it provides the skin with a flawless look, while also safe to use on sensitive skin. Airbrushing provides flawless makeup application, and covers any blemishes and even freckles. It gives you a perfect glow due to the high quality cosmetics used. If you choose to get the makeup applied at an upscale salon or spa, you can rest assured they are fully trained in their craft and will do an astounding job.


How Long Does Airbrush Makeup Last?

The makeup application typically lasts all day. People tend to gain a shiny appearance as the day wears on. If this happens, simply use a kabuki brush and some mineral powder to go over the areas which look shiny.


Makeup Removal

To remove this kind of makeup, simply use a gentle cleanser as you would regularly, and remove the makeup with warm water. Gently pat your face with a towel, and you’re done. Simple water alone will not remove the makeup as it is typically waterproof. Simple, easy removal makes airbrush makeup a fantastic choice for many women. In most cases, this type of cosmetic application removes easier than the regular everyday products you would use.


Is it Safe?

Airbrush makeup is completely safe, and can be used on adults, teens, and even children. The products used are of superb quality.


The Choice is yours

If you’ve never tried airbrush makeup, you should certainly treat yourself to an application at your favorite salon. This would be a fun, new experience you are sure to love. When the time comes and you want to look your absolute best, airbrushing is by far the way to go.


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