OROGOLD Advice on Decorating Children’s Bedrooms

Children's bedroom with mini table and chairsWhen confronted with home decor issues like designing a children’s bedroom you have to remember that unlike adult bedrooms they are used a lot more during the day and for lots of reasons. You need it to be able to cater for daytime activities as well making it a nice, comfortable place to sleep. Achieving the right balance can be tricky but not impossible.

As children can quickly get fed up with or outgrow certain interests (dinosaurs, princesses etc.) it is best to stick with one plain color on the walls. This can then act as a background for a few themed items and means if a child outgrows an interest the walls are something you do not have to change. Although you may prefer neutrals children often like something a bit brighter; try to avoid colors that are too vivid though as this can be over-stimulating at bedtime. An affordable way to create a theme is with peel off borders and stick-on motifs. A child interested in ballet could have ballerina borders and stickers and then, if they decide ballet is no longer for them, they simply peel off of the wall.

When children share a room it can be even harder to know how to decorate. Two adjacent walls painted one color and the other two painted in a contrasting color is the perfect way to help children feel they have their own space by creating their own little corner. Bedding to match their wall color can bring it all together.Vivid children's bedroom with circle print patterns

As mentioned, children’s bedrooms usually double as a playroom so when choosing the flooring it should be something comfortable to sit on and easy to clean. Carpet tiles, rubber or cushioned sheet vinyl all offer a great playing surface. If you prefer carpet, go for a synthetic short pile carpet as this will be a lot easier to maintain. Wood laminate is really easy to clean but can be noisy but a rug or two can help soften this.

Many of us rely on the bedside lamp for our bedroom lighting but multi-purpose children’s bedrooms need to be well lit everywhere. This is especially true for older children as they will often use their bedroom for homework. Adjustable desk lamps or spotlights are a good idea for them. Younger children can benefit from bedside lighting that can be dimmed to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Make sure any lighting fixtures or fittings in a young child’s room are tamper proof or are completely out of reach; touch sensitive lights are a safe choice.

From about 5 years old children will begin to have preferences for certain colors so getting them involved in the decorating decisions will help create a room everyone is happy with. It also makes them feel grown up and important when they feel included in decision making. Although you shouldn’t give in to their every whim do try and go for what they would like if possible as the most important thing is that they feel comfortable in their room. Plus, if your child’s idea of heaven is really not your taste the chances are they will soon outgrow it meaning you won’t have to put up with it too long!

OROGOLD Tips for Decorating the Guest Bathroom

Guest bathroom interiorYou want your guests to feel as welcome as possible when they come to stay at your house. That is why in your guest bedroom you have created a warm, inviting space that makes any guest feel welcome and at home. But what about the guest bathroom? As this is a room many people never even enter it can be easily overlooked and can often be a little neglected as far as home decor goes.

Guest bathrooms are often smaller than a regular family bathroom so there may be a lot less space to play with. Keep walls nice and light to create the appearance of more space. Creams and whites always work well but if you are a fan of color any light pastels will do the trick. If you want to incorporate bolder colours go for neutral walls with bold accents. If you have tiles you can accent with sporadically placed bold or patterned tiles amongst the plain ones. Like any bathroom the flooring should be wooden floorboards or tile as carpet in a bathroom can be unhygienic.Light colored guest bathroom

As space is often the biggest issue you need to consider the fittings carefully. For instance, a guest bathroom doesn’t really need a bath as it takes up space you do not have. A corner shower unit is ample. Putting a basin in can sometimes mean you can do longer shut the door; not ideal for a bathroom. Corner sinks are perfect for this as they fit into the smallest corner.

Enough about space though, the most important thing is to create a nice atmosphere. The accessories and little finishing touches are often forgotten about and yet these are the things that can make or break the whole feel of the room. Make sure the guest bathroom is stocked with fresh towels and anything they may need that could have been forgotten; shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste etc. If you have guests staying for longer than one night a laundry basket is really helpful. There is one thing that nearly all bathrooms have, something that we use on 99% of all our bathroom visits (usually without realising) and yet is a feature most often left out of a guest bathroom – the mirror. They work on many levels; not only are they practical but ensure walls are not blank and boring and reflect light making any space appear bigger.

Guest bathrooms can sometimes have no windows. Firstly, you need to fit an extractor fan for ventilation reasons. Then, try and make it look as light and airy as possible opting for white walls, tiles and appliances. Good lighting and mirrors can aid with this. Or, if you are feeling brave, for a really contemporary look, how about a wall covered in mirrored tiles? Windowless bathrooms can be dark so could definitely take this much reflective surfaces!
It may not be a room that is used much but when designing and decorating it give it the same love and attention as the rest of the rooms in your house. This way, people will feel welcome and comfortable; something we want for any guest.