ORO GOLD Cosmetics: Skin Care Basics for Men

There’s something to be said for proper skin care for everyone. That includes men. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be relegated to any one gender, but more often than not the idea of men taking care of their skin is regarded as distinctly lacking in masculinity. This is a particularly strange habit given no one thinks less of a man who eats right and exercises. OROGOLD would like to do a beginner’s for men looking to try and take better care of their skin. Don’t worry, guys, this isn’t going to end up with your counter having an unending chain of products. You’ll probably be adding a couple of products, but we’re mainly going to focus on habit changes.

Man washing face.

This rule never changes in skin care and there are no exceptions to it. You need to cleanse your skin regularly to clean out all the oils and dirt that day to day life gets stuck on your skin. A good cleanser helps loosen and disperse the accumulated grime of the night and the day to ensure your skin feels and looks softer and cleaner. Additionally, cleansing helps wake up your face and begins the process of softening men’s wiry facial hair. This is a pretty important step to remember almost for that alone. Grooming your facial hair is a distinct part of men’s skin care and not properly prepping the hair for shaving tends to lead to substantial skin irritation in most men.

No, you don’t get to step this step. Exfoliating the skin is similarly important to everyone, but it does come with a caveat: pay close attention to your skin when beginning to exfoliate regularly. Any abrasive product can cause noticeable irritation to the skin, and it is best to ration out the use of any exfoliating product over a week. Once or twice a week is generally enough for most people, but those with particularly oily skin can likely benefit from one extra time a week just to ensure their pores are clear regularly. Men should follow this step after cleansing, but before they shave. This also helps prep your facial hair for a close shave and makes them less likely to give you trouble when shaving.

Man shaving

Shave Smarter, Not Harder
Men, for the sake of your skin, don’t press down hard when shaving. This is one of main reasons you likely end up causing razor burn. Those long, heavy strokes? They’re actually damaging your skin. Try using shorter strokes when shaving, and a lighter touch. You can go back over an area as long as you’re careful. Allow the razor to glide smoothly across your skin instead of forcing it as close as it can go. Additionally, some groomers suggest experimenting with shaving with the grain of the hair if your skin happens to be more sensitive. It can help reduce overall irritation from shaving. Lastly, give your face a break. You may want to be as smooth as you can all day long, but your skin does need a break from shaving. Try seeing how long you can tolerably go before you need to shave for the sake of maintaining your particularly look. Letting your skin rest from the abrasiveness of your razor will help.

These three steps should help put you on the right path when it comes to taking care of your face. Following the directions in their given order is important for getting the best results. After shaving, OROGOLD strong recommends you moisturize in some fashion whether with a skin care product or an aftershave according to your tastes. Combined all of these steps should give you a basic routine you can follow that isn’t too much of a hassle. Just make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen whenever you go outside for extended periods of time and your skin will look and feel healthier in no time.


3 thoughts on “ORO GOLD Cosmetics: Skin Care Basics for Men

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  2. As men usually have oilier skin than women, they tend to wrinkle just as quickly. A light moisturizer and a nourishing cream can do wonders. If at all shaving irritates your skin, try moisturizing your skin after a shave & ideally before going to bed.

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