Oktoberfest Inspired Dishes

Oktoberfest is one of those interesting times of the year where people suddenly express a previously unknown heritage. Everyone’s Irish for St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is similarly Bavarian when Oktoberfest rolls around. Whether you’re intending to indulge in this most peculiar part of the tradition or not, you can still enjoy the flavors of the season. OROGOLD would like to highlight this does mean more than indulging at a local ale houses or regional celebration of Oktoberfest. There are plenty of dishes associated with or inspired by the celebration you can enjoy as well. Some of the recipes for these dishes do involve a bit of alcohol, but the amount tends to vary and you have options when it comes to finding other ways to prepare them. Most dishes are going to be on the heavy side and involve meat though due to being inspired by the Bavarian holiday.

Beef stew

Beef Stews
Roasting meat and beer are intimately associated with Oktoberfest as a celebration. Some beef stews actually combine both, but you don’t need to find one that incorporates beer for the taste of Oktoberfest though. You should look for heavier stews that focus more on the preparation of the meat (or meat substitute, for vegetarians) as you’re looking for the rich scent and flavor more than anything. You want a recipe meant to sit in the stomach and fill you and others with warmth and a deep sense of being full. The kind of meal you’d be eating before you went out to a celebration that happened to involve a lot of drinking, strangely enough. You may not need to find a recipe using a beer in it for the flavor of the celebration, but it will certainly add robustness to the dish and as cooking boils off the alcohol most of the time it makes a good option for those who like the taste, but can no longer indulge as they could in the past.


Schnitzel is something many people feel the need to save whenever someone brings up German cuisine. They know the word is associated with the area and especially wiener schnitzel, but they seldom have a full grasp of what it means. OROGOLD would like to highlight that wiener schnitzel is more of an Austrian dish. Regardless, schnitzel is traditionally a tenderized meat lightly fried in a simple batter coating. This is probably best served alongside other parts of meal, but will add a clear regional flavor to any Oktoberfest celebration you put together. While pork and veal are the typical main parts of the dishes, there are vegetarian ways to prepare schnitzel as well to ensure everyone can enjoy this particular slice of the festival.


Every meal needs a dessert afterwards. Any Oktoberfest meal you put together will benefit from making a strudel. It too is mainly associated with Austria, but the close historical ties to Germany means it has a place in this as well. Strudel is a general type of pastry and that means you’ll find countless recipes in both books and online that tell you different ways to make it. You do get to choose the kind of filling you include in it though. Due to the season, you should consider using apples. They’re readily available in the fall and will provide something sweet to offset many of the heavier meat-based dishes typically provided for these occasions. A choice of toppings for the pastry will likewise let your guests make their dessert a personal affair.

Oktoberfest may only come once a year, but the festival spans sixteen days of food, spirits, and celebration. Your private celebration or the local version of Oktoberfest may not last that long though. Don’t worry about it. These recipe ideas will give you a way to capture the spirit and flavor whenever you want them. OROGOLD does caution against overindulging in alcohol of any sort as abuse can hurt your skin as well as other aspects of your health. Do enjoy the time though and make the most of this festival whether you’re in Bavaria itself or somewhere else in the world.


Desert Art Inspiration: Salvation Mountain – ORO GOLD Reviews

Salvation Mountain in Palm Desert, CAMost people visit Palm Desert for its chic atmosphere, fantastic luxuries, opulent resorts, incredible views and indulgent lifestyles. However, OROGOLD recommends you to venture beyond the obvious and spend one of your days going on a short trip to see an art installation that will stay etched in your memories forever. This installation inspires, evokes feelings of faith, leaves people dumbstruck and makes one fall in love with its beauty. Irrespective of the kind of feeling that it generates, each and every person who visits Salvation Mountain terms it as an experience of a lifetime.

The Salvation Mountain is a work in progress that took almost a quarter of a century to finish. Most visitors term this sculpture as a work of art while others are quick to point out that it is actually a work of faith. But the man behind this visual wonder simply termed the Salvation Mountain as his life’s work and a medium to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

Salvation Mountain is one of the must-see attractions when visiting Palm Desert. This unique art installation covers an entire hill in the Colorado Desert and features exquisite artwork made using more than 100 thousand of gallons of paint, adobe and thousands of hay bales. This artistic wonder was created by Leonard Knight, a local resident. It took Leonard 25 years of hard work to complete the entire project and it was only possible because of a single man’s unwavering faith to actually build a mountain out of nothing. The Salvation Mountain’s main claim to stardom came in the year 2007, when Kristen Stewart made it immortal in her movie Into the Wild. Leonard Knight also played a small cameo in the movie. It received recognition on Ripley’s Believe It or Not, National Geographic and Discovery Channel as well.

They say that the Salvation Mountain isn’t an ordinary mountain and neither is the man who built it. The mountain itself encompasses a number of murals and verses from the Bible have been painted in many of its areas. Visitors have been quick to describe it as a unique, visionary and moving sculpture that is beautifully accessible and more than worthy of all the hype and praise showered on it.

The Salvation Mountain perfectly delivers Leonard’s message “God is Love” through an enchanting display of bible verses that have been imbibed into waterfalls, flowers and lakes made from ribbons of paint. Knight passed away at the age of 82, but his unending faith and unwavering determination still serves as an inspiration for the numerous volunteers who dedicate their free time to help in the maintenance of this mighty art installation.

When to go

The ideal time to visit Salvation Mountain is between the months of October to April. OROGOLD recommends you to stay away from the place in the summer months because the temperature can often rise above the 100 degree mark.

What to carry

Make sure that you carry a gallon of paint and donate it for the mountain’s upkeep. Don’t forget to carry some sunscreen, a hat and water for yourself.

Closest restaurant

The Buckshot Deli & Diner is a quaint little small town diner with friendly service.

OROGOLD Examines the Best Features in Million-Dollar Homes – OROGOLD Reviews

There was a time when bigger homes were one of the main criteria in the million dollar home market. However, these days, people buying these million dollar homes prefer properties that have lesser square footage. Instead of those 10000 – 15000 sq. ft. homes, 4000 – 6000 sq. ft. homes are in huge demand. This doesn’t mean that the bar set by million dollar homes has gone down. It simply means that people prefer to spend their money elsewhere. ORO GOLD believes that one of the main reasons for this shift in attitude is that people try to get away from the hassles of maintaining a larger home when they won’t even be using many of the rooms in those homes. In this article, OROGOLD examines some of the best features in million dollar homes.Tuscany - countertop, commode and refrigerator in kitchen


One of the main determinants when it comes to expensive homes is the location of the property. Many people prefer hillside lots because of the privacy that they have to offer. Equestrian lots are also known to be extremely popular when it comes to million dollar homes

Exotic Kitchens

Kitchens are known to be one of the main selling points of million dollar homes. The presence of top-of-the-line luxury appliances is a must and things like dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, coffee bars, butler pantries are considered to be basic inclusions.

luxurious backyard with pool in modern australian mansionOutdoor Living Spaces

Another must have in million dollar homes are outdoor amenities. Many of the buyers of these homes use their backyards as major entertainment spaces and install equipment like barbecue grills, refrigerators, miscellaneous kitchen features and pizza ovens there. Things like a spa, a swimming pool, television viewing space and a dining room are in high demand as well.

Adequate Detailing

Finally, the modern day property market runs on quality rather than quantity. This means that buyers are always after customized finishes, trending features, upscale installations like hardwood flooring and baseboards.

Luxury home with multiple garages for multiple carsMultiple Garages

Three garages are considered to be a bare minimum in most million dollar homes, but four garage properties are highly preferred. Over-height garages are also trending since they allow for the installation of lifts where cars can be stacked.

Customized Rooms

The need for customized rooms such as fitness rooms that include the latest machines and have space for things like yoga, entertainment rooms for kids to entertain themselves and have fun with their friends, office rooms for the couple which include two work spaces, wine rooms that include temperature controlled shelves and walk-in closets in the master bedroom has increased manifolds.

Luxury bathroom at over water resort with view of the ocean with wineMultiple Bathrooms

Properties that have multiple bathrooms with the main bathrooms having things like a variety of shower heads, oversized showers and soaking tubs are in high demand nowadays. Bathrooms are another place where people love to spend. Any property having exotic bathrooms is likely to be in high demand.

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are no longer seen as basic rooms in the house. These rooms must be big enough and be designed as multi-generational spaces that can host aging parents or adult kids who come back home for a holiday.

Green Living

With the hype around green living, properties that are environment conscious and energy efficient are in huge demand.


Dazzling Skin With Oro Gold Cosmetics – From Inside and Outside

ORO GOLD Deep Tissue Rejuvenation MaskThe quest for radiant skin prompts women world over to try out zany, smelly and sometimes downright vile looking remedies that involve a variety of foodstuffs, probably meant for consumption rather than being spread over the face. Mashing avocado and banana is a messy affair and raw egg smells horrible and feels awful plastered over your face, not to mention clammy old teabags commonly believed to alleviate bags under tired eyes. Although beneficial, olive oil applied topically also makes you smell like a salad. The incredible thing is that most of these delicious and nutritious food items are as beneficial to the skin when eaten as what it is when applied externally, if not better.
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What are Denise Richard’s Favorite OROGOLD Cosmetics Products?

ORO GOLD Cosmetics New Brand Ambassador Denise Richards

Denise Richards: “I love OROGOLD’s night serum in the Nano line. I also love the eye creams—I’ve tried all of them and they’re amazing”

OROGOLD Cosmetics is proud to offer its customers novel skin care products that help care for skin issues and improve the appearance of skin aging at the same time. We believe in offering our customers with solutions that allow them to age gracefully. To do this, we pack our products with some of the best anti-aging and skin care ingredients such as Gold, Vitamin C, Retinol, Natural Oils, and many other quality components. The age defying properties of our products are what helped us to grow in leaps and bounds into an international skin care company ever since we entered the American skin care market in the year 2008. OROGOLD Cosmetics feels extremely proud to be the preferred skin care brand for celebrities like Denise Richards. Denise is a former fashion model and an American actress who is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Denise had recently appeared in an interview where she talked about her skin care routine and the products that she uses to treat her skin and maintain its exotic beauty. We asked Denise about why she decided to become the brand ambassador for OROGOLD.

“I am very particular about what I put on my skin. I was approached by other brands and I never wanted to endorse anything that I wouldn’t actually use. I am proud to represent a brand that does not test on animals”.

Denise also spoke about the way OROGOLD products worked on her skin.

“I was really impressed about how my skin felt and looked after using OROGOLD. I think OROGOLD products are so unique because of the luxurious ingredients they use… Caviar extracts, Vitamin C, Mother of Pearl and 24K Gold. All these ingredients work really well together and make a difference in my skin”.


When asked about her skin care routine, Denise mentioned about the fact that she found it impossible to have a fixed skin care routine and how she found OROGOLD to be useful in this case.

“My typical day is that there is no typical day. I am like every other working parent, I juggle the kids, my career, my personal life and every day is different. My daily skin care regimen changes a lot and that’s one of the greatest things about the OROGOLD line, there’s just so many different collections within the line”.

In fact, OROGOLD Cosmetics has become particularly popular because of its unique collections. There are a number of exclusive lines that OROGOLD has to offer to its customers such as the Termica Collection, the Nano Collection, the Caviar Collection, the Cyrogenic Collection and the Multi-Vitamin Collection. Talking about the OROGOLD Collections, Denise spoke about how she used various skin care products from these collections in her daily skin care.

“Typically I love to use the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser to cleanse my skin and then I like the Multi-Vitamin Day Cream. For the evenings, I like to use the Vitamin C facial serum and the Nano Night Recovery”.

Denise also spoke about her favorite OROGOLD Collection and her favorite ORGOLD product.

“I have to say that my favorite collection of OROGOLD would be the Termica and my favorite product of the Termica is the energizing mask. It heats up on your skin, your skin gets really warm and that’s when all the yummy ingredients from the product get into your skin. I noticed a difference right away”.

Finally, Denise confessed her love for the Nano line.

“My other favorite line would be the Nano line which is really hydrating and even after using it for just one day, my skin looks softer, more glowing and more youthful”.

When Denise Richards, a celebrity who is particularly famous for her amazing looks, states that she chose OROGOLD because it is an amazing brand, we must definitely be doing something right. OROGOLD Cosmetics is proud to be a part of Denise’s life and we hope that we can impact the lives of millions of our customers all over the world in a similar way as well. In order to be able to reach our international customers we have opened OROGOLD Stores all over the world.

We would love to hear how our products have impacted your lives and which OROGOLD products you like the most. All you need to do to get in touch with us is to drop in your replies in the comments box below. If you are not familiar with OROGOLD products we welcome you to come into a store and try a complimentary sample. Or you can enter one of OROGOLD’s exciting giveaways for a chance to win a product or even a whole collection. Enter now at OROGOLD Giveaway, good luck!

ORO GOLD Offers Makeup Tips to Live By

There are new beauty products hitting the ever expanding skin care products market on a daily basis.  It can be very difficult to sort through the vast amount of products available which offer many different options and colors. Moreover, there is always some new trend or style to follow.  Luckily, having great skin never goes out of style. It is best to begin and end every day with ORO GOLD Cosmetics products to keep skin fresh and flawless.  ORO GOLD Cosmetics has put together some helpful tips and tricks to follow which will allow your make-up experience to be an easy one.

Women with day and night makeup.

Differentiate Your Day and Night Looks
There is a time for work and a time for play, and each situation calls for a different makeup application.  Day time makeup should be light, fresh, and more on the natural side.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t add a pop of color here and there, but the key here is less is more.  A polished, natural look is perfect for the office or brunch with friends. When the sun begins to set, you can get a little wild – and amp up your make-up too!  You can play with bright, bold, and metallic colors for your nails, lips, and eyes. For more help and tips check OROGOLD Makeup Tips for a Natural Look.

Hands Off!
One of the biggest mistakes people make with their makeup is what they use to apply it: their fingers.  Your fingers can add extra dirt and oil to your skin.  Invest in a good set of sponges and makeup brushes so that the only thing you are applying to your skin is makeup.  Use a sponge to apply liquid foundation and your arsenal of brushes to apply eye makeup and blush.  A large brush can help with overall blending and a lip brush will allow you to more precisely color your lips.

Woman applying foundation

Finding a good foundation can even and smooth your skin so that it looks flawless even before you add the rest of your makeup.  Foundation comes in different forms: liquid, powder, pressed powder, and powder to liquid.  Take some time to find the right style and color for your skin.  If there is one thing you should always buy from the top shelf, it is a high quality foundation.

Clean It Up
Before you turn in for the evening, erase your palette by washing and cleansing your face.  This way you can get rid of excess oils, old makeup, and other pollutants that build up during the day.  Sleeping can be very therapeutic for your skin. It gives it time to refresh and repair itself.  You could help this process along by using an Oro Gold night cream.

Makeup application does not necessarily have to be so complicated that it ends up taking hours of your precious time.  With a few and right cosmetics and skincare products from Oro Gold Cosmetics this can be easily achieved. Also, these tips and tricks which show you hot to use make-up correctly, can help anyone create the perfect, polished look.