Photography Tourism – OROGOLD Reviews

The best way for amateur photographers to develop their skills is to find exciting and inspiring subjects to photograph, and this is where photography tourism comes in. Aimed at photographers of all levels, photography tourism enables photographers to explore some of the most exciting, exotic and colorful landscapes in the world. Each of the tours mentioned in this OROGOLD list of photography tourism destinations comes with professional photographers who can teach you more about how to hone your craft.

Image depicting wonderful African safari adventures

African Wildlife Photography
Photographing wildlife is known to be extremely tricky, as you can’t exactly tell the animals to stand still while you adjust your settings. In order to help guests capture the wildlife better, the &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, in KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa, runs tailor-made Photographic Safaris. The safaris are led by a team of expert trackers and rangers, and accompanied by professional wildlife photographers who can help guests with anything from lighting to composition to editing photos. For those who want to explore Tanzania, which offers some of the best wildlife-viewing opportunities in Africa, the two week Photographer’s Paradise course takes guests to some of the best viewing points on Mount Kilimanjaro, gives them access to one of the greatest wildlife migrations on earth across the Serengeti, and takes them to see the tree-climbing lions of Lake Manyara. The second half of the course is more relaxed, at a Zanzibar island, where guests learn how to take the most stunning sunset shots.

Breathtaking views of the Northern Lights phenomenon.

Mysterious Iceland
Iceland, with its mystical landscapes and world-famous Northern Lights, is a photographer’s dream. Wild Photography Holidays in Iceland offers two different courses, where guests will enjoy one-on-one tuition with professional photographers. They will also be taken to some of Iceland’s greatest sights, from the magnificent lava formations at Dimmuborgir, to inspiring geothermal landscapes that feature steam vents and boiling springs and mud pools. Of course, photographing the Northern Lights is also a part of the course.

Incredible views of the jal Mahal in Maan Sagar Lake, Rajasthan.

Authentic India
Authentic Adventures in Rajahstan, India, gives guests the opportunity to be taken around some of the best shooting spots in the region of Rajahstan. A professional photographer accompanies guests to Udaipur, the ‘white city’, Jaipur, the ‘pink city’, and Jodhpur, the ‘blue city’. Advice and instruction will be given on how best to capture the multitude of colors and vibrant energy, as well as the ornate palaces, snake charmers and brightly dressed locals. The trip is organized to coincide with the Camel Fair in Pushkar, which attracts more than a quarter million nomadic camel herders who set up camp nearby, attracting hoards of entertainers, dancers, traders, acrobats, and many other exciting photography subjects that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in the world.

Photography tourism is offered in countries all over the world, and many courses can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Whether you want to work on your composition, develop your wildlife photography instincts, or capture glimpses of other cultures, a photography holiday tour will be able to help, and you can be sure that the photographs that you take home with you will be better than any souvenir you might have purchased!

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