A Bit of Faux Fur For Your Wardrobe

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Fur can really add a sense of luxury to just about any outfit, but with the poor animal welfare standards that surround the fur industry, more and more people are now choosing to turn to cruelty-free faux fur instead. For those who want to add a bit of eco-fur to their wardrobe, here are some of the most stylish pieces out there.

Shrimps is a London-based brand that launched in 2013, and has caught the eye of many fashion editors and industry experts since then. The faux fur used by Shrimps is a modacrylic blend that feels just as plush as real fur, and this is the backbone upon which the company has thrived. The latest collection from Shrimps features a wide range of faux fur outerwear, from patchwork faux shearlings to floral printed faux fur coats, and while many other brands out there may be trying to copy the designs produced by Shrimps, no one has been able to replicate the authenticity of the brand’s signature faux fur fabric.

Charly Calder
Charly Calder creates faux fur garments for both men and women, as well as a selection of pieces for the home. This San Francisco-based designer makes use of fabrics that give her fur an extra long and lustrous pile, while the designs themselves feature bold colors, avant-garde silhouettes and dramatic cuts.

Adolfo Dominguez
Although Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez never formally studied fashion, he is known for redefining luxury style in Spain, and, thanks to his early days in Paris and London when he became involved with the green movement, faux fur is one of the designer’s signature fabrics. These creations stand out from the competition due to the way in which they utilize faux fur in such a sleek and elegant way, making the material even more wearable for everyday occasions.

Only Me
Russian brand Only Me really had to work hard to make its mark on the Russian fashion industry, as the Russians are known for having a historical love for fur. However, with exquisite faux fur designs that are all insulated with Thinsulate, a breathable yet heat-retaining material, the outerwear produced by Only Me was soon seen as being absolutely ideal for the cold Russian winters, and were actually able to provide more warmth to its wearer than regular fur.

Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney has long since been an advocate for cruelty-free fashion, with each of her fur coats sporting a label that clearly states “Fur Free Fur”. There are many different faux fur pieces to choose from, and in addition to this, Stella McCartney also places a strong emphasis on vegan suede and leather, meaning that you can update your wardrobe with plenty of cruelty-free garments if you shop at Stella McCartney.

Fur is one of the most divisive and controversial subjects in the fashion industry, and for good reason too. With more and more designers now choosing to take a stand against fur, you can expect to see even more faux fur fashion options available in the future.

Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion – OROGOLD Reviews

When it comes to menswear, fall/winter 2015-2016 is set to be an extremely stylish season. From draped outerwear to bold prints and patterns, menswear is once again ignoring conventions in order to provide men with a much greater variety of trendy fashion options. ORO GOLD offers insights into the latest trends in men’s fashion.

Man wearing a stylish woolen coat.

Woollen Coats
The trend for the majority of menswear garments seemed to focus on looser cuts, and this was especially so in the outerwear that was shown at all of the major fashion weeks. The most popular coats for the season were cut and draped from wool, featuring soft shoulders that enhanced the over-sized and slouchy vibe.

Man wearing jeans with large pockets.

Super-Sized Pockets
The super-sized pockets trend will be welcomed by all those men who hate to carry bags around with them. This season, pockets are going to be bigger than ever, and will most likely be the focus of many outerwear pieces. The pockets, iPad Mini sized at the minimum, will be cut from contrasting fabrics and attached onto the garment in prominent positions, offering style and functionality at the same time.

Handsome man wearing a shirt with unusual prints.

Bold Patterns and Textures
Bold patterns and textures that stand out were seen on looks by many designers, and were applied to a variety of garments, from classic suits to full outfits. The more fashion forward styles were the ones that featured unconventional prints and patterns, although there were also plenty of plaid looks that were seen, which are great for men who aren’t as keen on taking risks with big patterns. If you are looking for other toned down designs, there were plenty of square patterns and patches seen on the runways, used in both big blocks of color, but also used more subtly on jeans and coats.

Stylish man wearing a sweater.

Layered Knits
Once again, knitwear has made its mark on menswear. Sweaters were seen on many runways, often paired with tailored trousers for a casual yet classy look. Different textures were mixed together in one outfit, emphasized by the ways in which different knitted garments were layered over each other. As was seen on the Pringle and Margaret Howell runways, an easy way to layer knitwear is to purchase a thin rollneck, made from merino wool, that can be worn under thicker knits. Rollnecks were seen peeking out from other knits, such as handspun cardigans and cashmere pullovers, at many shows, and white rollnecks, as seen at Balenciaga and Sandro, seemed to be a new trend all on their own.

Stylish man in a gray suit.

Green and Gray
In terms of color, grays dominated many runways, in a whole variety of shades and textures. Although gray is a common color in menswear, the way that it was styled and used in both tailored garments as well as tracksuit bottoms, has turned the color into a big trend for this season. The second most popular color was green, again in a huge variety of shades, from forest green to mint green to military green. These two colors were present on all of the major runways, including London, Milan and Paris, so you can expect to see more of them this season.

One of the best things about keeping track of menswear trends is learning how to later incorporate them into your own personal look. From layered knitwear to super-sized pockets, these garments are likely to dominate men’s clothing stores this season, so it is a good idea to decide in advance which would work best for your own style.

OROGOLD’s Winter Style Files – ORO GOLD Reviews

This winter is boasting some of the most extraordinary styles of the year. From faux fur jackets, to tall boots and braided hair, cosmetic looks and more, there is something for everyone. OROGOLD has some ideas for you if you are trying to find out the fashions to buy clothes for yourself, or if you are just browsing for fun, ORO GOLD knows that there is something of interest to every woman with any style type!

Faux Fur Coats

From short to long, from exceptionally fluffy to just barely there, faux fur jackets are raging this winter. In a variety of styles and colors to choose from, our top picks this season are white and royal blue. We love different styles from various designers, with different collar types and styles. Get a matching faux fur hat for the ultimate in luxury.

Over The Knee Boots

Black boots in an over the knee but not yet thigh level style are very trendy this winter. Pair this with a mini skirt or mid-thigh skirt for the ultimate in cuteness. There are so many colors to choose from aside from black, such as brown, red, gray, and more. Matte looks more appropriate to wear on a casual level, whereas shiny boots tend to look far more attuned to a night out. Don’t send the wrong signal by choosing a boot style that is too high or with a heel that is too tall. Instead, be sure to choose styles which rise just above the knee and heels about 3-4 inches tall at most.

Our Hair Style Pick: Braided Updo

The braided updo can be worn in many different styles, but one thing’s for sure – it looks great no matter how you rock it. This winter, this style looks fabulous with any outfit – and you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. It’s simple and easy to achieve, and all you need is a mirror and some bobby pins.

Cosmetic Look for the Winter Season: Smokey Eye

The smoky eye is a timeless look which only seems to be getting ever more popular. This look works with any style and can be worn day or night to achieve the look of a runway model or true fashionista. Bring out your inner diva by rocking a smoky eye in either black, grey, or opt for a neon color – also very in this season.

Nail Color Style of the Season: Red and Gold

Red polish and gold polish when worn on their own this season look fabulous, but when you pair them together in any mixture of ways, it really makes for something special. Try gold tips with red nails, or swirling the two together. For our favorite look, opt for a red nail with a gold ombre tip.

There are so many fantastic styles to choose from this winter. We are always excited to share our favorite styles with you here at ORO GOLD, and we hope you will use some of these ideas when planning your next shopping trip or are looking for style ideas.