Picnic Under the Stars

When it comes to romance, there is nothing quite like spending an evening under the stars with that special someone, enjoying a romantic date for two.


Stargazing is a classic romantic activity, and one that you should definitely tie into your picnic. Your location needs to be somewhere distant from city lights, so it may be worth scouting for this in advance. Once you have found your perfect spot, it won’t take too long to learn a bit about astronomy. There are certain night sky fixtures that are easily recognizable, such as some of the bright stars and constellations out there, and you will no doubt impress your date with your stargazing knowledge!

Couple at a beach

Beach Picnic
A picnic under the stars at the beach, with the sound of the waves crashing in the background, is the perfect setting for a romantic date. A small bonfire will help the two of you to stay warm, and provide some extra ambiance, but be sure to check in advance whether or not this is allowed on the beach that you have chosen. The food that you pack for the picnic can reflect your beachy setting – think lobster rolls and decadent caviar, or even sushi. Of course, if you are able to set up a small bonfire, then marshmallows are a must!

Rooftop picnic

Rooftop Picnic
If you live in a city with a stunning skyline, then try to find access to a rooftop and have your picnic under the stars up there. On a rooftop, you can set up quite the gourmet picnic, complete with tables, chairs and white linens. Serving up a chilled bottle of champagne adds even more sophistication, or you could get creative and whip up some cocktails that you know your date would love. Line the edge of the rooftop with small candles to make it even more romantic, and set up a small sound system to serenade the two of you while you eat and gaze out at the view.

Drive in movie

Drive-in Movie
A drive-in movie is great for an initial or casual date, as it takes some of the pressure off since the entertainment will be taken care of. The food that you pack for the picnic can be classic movie theater items, such as popcorn, candy, hot dogs and nachos. For something more gourmet, consider a platter of different fruits and cheeses, such as Brie, Gouda and Cheddar, as this is not only tasty and easy to eat, but can also be visually stunning. If you have a few different local drive-in movie theaters to choose from, take a look at the movie screenings in advance and consider asking your date which they would prefer.

A picnic under the stars allows you to get quite creative with the planning of the date, not only with the location that you pick for the picnic, but also in the food that you pack. When planning a romantic picnic, be sure to remember to check weather conditions for that night, as you don’t want to have to make a mad dash for the car in the pouring rain halfway through!


Valentine’s Day Brunch

Couple in a restaurant

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, a long romantic lie-in followed by an indulgent and delicious brunch may just be the perfect way to spend the day.

Valentine’s Jazz Brunch, Boston Harbor Hotel, Boston
The Boston Harbor Hotel is hosting a whole weekend of fantastic Valentine’s activities, and their Valentine’s Jazz Brunch is a fantastic finale to this romantic event. With panoramic views across Boston Harbor, guests will be able to sip Moet & Chandon champagne while indulging in a lavish buffet spread. The dishes served will be an interpretation of traditional Creole cuisine by the hotel’s talented chef, and specific wines will be chosen to complement the food. To top it all off, the brunch will be accompanied by performances from a New Orleans jazz band, providing a brunch like no other!

Square 1682, Philadelphia
Square 1682 offers seasonal menus that feature fresh, local produce, and for this Valentine’s Day, they are serving up a brunch that you won’t want to miss. Some of the special dishes available include the Red Velvet Pancakes served with a vanilla bean whipped cream and a vahlrona chocolate sauce, and Cinnamon Banana Monkey Bread served with salted caramel and fresh strawberries. For those of you who want to celebrate the day with your children, the restaurant is running a special Valentine’s Day cookie-making session for little ones while they wait for their food to be prepared.

Juniper, Washington DC
From 11:30 AM until 14:00 PM, Juniper will be serving up a decadent Valentine’s Day brunch. Dishes are served up buffet style, with a huge emphasis placed on organic produce wherever possible. There will also be a colorful spread of fresh market salads, breakfast pastries, fresh fruit, the restaurant’s signature crab cakes, and, to top it all off, an interactive omelet station. The Valentine’s Day brunch will be served up alongside seasonal brunch cocktails, or an unlimited flow of the finest French champagne.

Valentine’s Day Brunch Cruise, New York
For those of you who want to do slightly different, how about enjoying an elegant Valentine’s Day brunch hosted by Hornblower, aboard a luxury yacht cruising down the Hudson? While taking in the city’s magnificent skyline, you and your partner can enjoy bottomless mimosas and the finest brunch spread, including dishes such as braised short ribs, Applewood smoked bacon, specialty breakfast sausages, grilled salmon, and so much more, as well as dedicated carving and dessert stations. Guests will also be able to enjoy Hornblower’s unlimited signature coffee, as well as their herbal teas. Each group of guests will have their own private table, and a live jazz band will be performing to add to the romantic atmosphere.

While a Valentine’s Day dinner may be standard for most couples, a Valentine’s Day brunch is a much more unique way to spend the day. Whether it may be cruising down the Hudson River sipping on mimosas, or enjoying a Creole spread overlooking Boston Harbor, these brunches will ensure that this Valentine’s Day is a romantic and unforgettable one for you and your partner.