Spring Travel Must-Haves

Whether you are heading off for spring break with your friends, family, or that special someone, it is always a good idea to put some advanced planning into your packing. From skin care to gadgets, here are the spring travel must-haves that you definitely do not want to be leaving at home.


Sunglasses and Sun Protection
No matter where you may be headed to, spring signifies the beginning of better weather, meaning that you are likely to be spending much longer in the sun while you are on your travels. This makes a pair of UV blocking sunglasses absolutely essential, because not only will they add an element of chic to your look, but they will also provide the skin around your eyes with extra protection from the sun’s damaging rays. In addition to your sunglasses, you should also bring along a few other items that can help protect you from the sun, from a broad spectrum sunscreen to a wide-brimmed hat.

Cleanser and Moisturizer
While you may be tempted to leave your cleanser and moisturizer at home, and buy new, smaller versions when you reach your destination, it would be far more beneficial to your skin to bring along your everyday cleanser and moisturizer. Although cleansers may be easily available, switching to a new formula suddenly can really disrupt your skin’s pH balance, causing everything from redness and irritation to breakouts. Sticking with products that your skin is already used to will help you to avoid any skin issues while you are away.

spring jacket

Spring Jacket
Even if you are planning on travelling somewhere hot and sunny, spring weather can still be quite unpredictable, which is why it is always useful to have a lightweight spring jacket on hand. Since you are opting for a light version, you will easily be able to squeeze this into your bag, and, whether you have a rainy day or a chilly evening, you will be covered. Trench coats are ideal for this, as they are always right on trend in the spring, and bring a classy touch to any outfit.

Portable Charger
The majority of people these days travel with a number of different gadgets and devices, and organizing the many different chargers for each of these can be time-consuming and frustrating. A portable travel charger takes all of the fuss out of travelling with gadgets, as these will allow you to charge multiple devices all at the same time with just one charging device, saving you time and space.

Woman using travel wallet

Travel Wallet
When travelling, it is always easier to keep all of your documents in one place, not only so that they are easily accessible when you need them, but also to ensure that none of them end up lost. A travel wallet is a great way to do this, as these will have pockets and slots for all of your essential travel items, from your passport to your foreign currency to your credit cards.

Spring is a fantastic time of the year to travel, and these must-have items are guaranteed to have your trip running as smoothly as possible. From a travel wallet to hold all important documents to a portable charger that will ensure that you are never stranded without your phone or camera, these items all deserve a bit of space in your luggage.


Tips for Updating Your Look

Woman of high fashion

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, making this the perfect time to update your look and add something new to your personal style. Whether you are seeking a few subtle adjustments or a huge dramatic change, here are some tips to help you get started.

Part Your Hair on the Other Side
If you have been parting your hair in the same place for years, flipping this over to the other side is an extremely easy way to update your look. While this may seem simple, a new part will add volume to your roots while changing the way in which the front sections frame your face. If your hair keeps flipping itself back over to the original part, try using some hair-setting tape to secure your new part in place before you go to bed, as this will help it to set overnight.

A New Lip Color
Everybody has their go-to lip shades, but trying out a new lip color can really help to shake up your look. If you tend to stick to classic shades, opt for something bold and bright instead, or, for those who are used to taking risks with lipstick, try swapping this for a subtle nude gloss. If lipstick is something that you never really wear, start off by experimenting with shades of red, as this is timeless and you are likely to easily be able to find a shade that complements you.

Woman applying blue lipstick

Experiment With Belts
Belts are an accessory that many people only use if they really need to, but they can really add a whole new element to your outfit, even if they are not necessarily needed. Using a belt to cinch in a blazer or fitted jacket can really enhance your feminine shape, while a belt on a loose dress can instantly turn it from casual to preppy.

Invest in a Pair of Pointy-Toed Shoes
While the tapered toe may come and go in terms of shoe trends, this is a classic style that many would consider to be the most flattering of all shoe shapes. The reason for this is because of the way in which pointed-toe shoes visually elongate the leg, especially when paired with an elegant pencil skirt or wide trousers. No matter what you wear them with, ensure that your shoes fit comfortably around the toes, without any pinching, and opt for a color that is similar to your skin tone if you want to elongate your legs as much as possible.

Pointed heels

Overhaul Your Skin Care Routine
Your skin is constantly on show to the rest of the world, and a great way to freshen up your whole look is by giving your skin a bit of a boost. Whether this means adding a few new serums and essences to your skin care routine, or trying out a new method of exfoliation, making a few changes at such a basic level will have a huge influence over your look.

Now that the dreary days of winter are just about over, this is the perfect time to think about updating your look. Whether this means styling your hair in a new way, or experimenting with different accessories, give these tips a go if you have been wanting to try something different.

Sustainable Spring Fashion

Woman wearing a dress

The fashion industry has frequently been under attack for having a disregard for the environment, but, in recent years, this has begun to drastically change. This is largely down to consumers themselves, as they increasingly want to know more about the products that they are buying, from where and how it is made to the larger issues that each brand as a whole supports. All of these evolving consumer demands have led to incredible innovations when it comes to sustainable fashion, with experts predicting eco-friendly trends that are truly exciting.

Faux fur jacket

Guilt-Free Fabrics
There is no doubt about the fact that wearing animal products is not at all sustainable, which has led to the development of some beautiful imitation fabrics, often of a much higher quality than the actual original. Faux fur has always been a great alternative to fur, and brands are now experimenting more with these materials, creating faux furs in bright and vibrant spring colors. There are also fantastic arrays of vegetable leathers that look just as spectacular as the real deal. While cotton may not be a fabric that comes from animals, 16% of global insecticide releases come from cotton, making it the opposite of eco-friendly. This, in turn, has led to a growth in organic cotton as well as alternative plant-based fabrics, made from ingredients such as soy, bamboo, wood pulp and corn. Designers and brands are even looking to fruits for fabrics, coming up with products such as Pinatex, which is a fabric made from pineapples.

The vintage trend has been around for a while, and it looks like it could be here to stay for even longer. Buying vintage is a great way to decrease your global footprint, while wearing a piece of clothing that has its own unique history. In terms of spring 2016, Victorian-style pieces are going to be extremely popular, whether it be layering a corset into your outfit or picking vintage pieces that feature exquisite florals and feminine details.

Hand bag

Ethical Bags
A bag is often used much more frequently than an item of clothing, which is why bags have received extra attention in terms of being sustainable and ethical. Thanks to the increase of guilt-free fabrics, as mentioned above, there are now some great alternatives to leather, many of which are just as durable and reliable. For those who want to begin making more sustainable fashion choices, bags are one of the best places to start.

Sustainable Online Shopping
In order to truly reach the masses, sustainable fashion needs to be available online, which is something that was previously lacking. There are now a variety of fashion websites out there that make it easy to buy eco-friendly pieces. Zedy and R.E.V focus on ethically made clothes and accessories, while the ASOS website boasts a Green Room that contains any items that have a certain eco-friendly element, be it the way that they were made or the fabrics that they are produced from. Mass market brands, such as H&M, have also been producing more sustainable lines, with their exclusive Conscious Collection already sold out in many places. This is a trend that other brands will soon adopt as H&M’s success is proof that fashion consumers are now much more eco-conscious than they used to be.

In order for sustainable fashion to really become mainstream, consumers today need to do away with “fast fashion”, choosing instead to invest in apparel for the long term, fixing it rather than replacing it if there is a problem. However, these spring trends are great steps forward when it comes to eco-friendly fashion, and it will not be long before even more brands begin to adopt sustainable strategies of their own.

Classic Fabrics are Back

Fashion is a cycle, meaning that trends tend to repeat themselves, whether it be ten or fifty years later. These trends can be anything from design details to silhouettes, but, for 2016, it would seem as though classic fabrics have made their way back into the spotlight.

Chambray shirt

Chambray is a plain-weave fabric that is similar to denim, but differs in the way in which it is woven. Chambray manages to bring together elegance and comfort in a way that other fabrics cannot do, and is such a classic fabric that it deserves a place in everybody’s wardrobe. This versatile and timeless fabric can be styled in so many different ways, whether you choose to opt for a classic look of chambray pants and a crisp white shirt, or a chambray shirt paired with dark denim skinny jeans to highlight the unique qualities of the chambray.

Sheer fabric dress

Sheer Fabrics
Sheer fabrics are set to be extremely popular this year, with chiffon and silk making quite the comeback. The beauty of sheer fabrics comes from the way in which they suggest rather than show, and they can be manipulated into so many different silhouettes that they are actually more versatile than many believe. Temperley London has a Victorian full-skirt silhouette dress that contains design elements dating back to the 1700s, but, with the sheer fabrics that are used, the dress is instantly brought into modern times. Jason Wu has a few dresses that experiment with combining sheer and fringe, while Boss has designed a masculine structured shirt with beautifully feminine, delicate sheer sleeves.

Silk dress

Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics you can wear, and is expected to be seen in all shapes and forms this spring. For a light and airy printed silk blouse that will channel the colors of spring even if it is still cold outside, head to Banana Republic, while those who want something a bit more casual can find a printed silk t-shirt at Joe Fresh. Banana Republic also have some wide-legged silk pants that are the perfect silhouette for pairing with a fitted top. Of course, one of the easiest ways to incorporate silk into your wardrobe is by investing in a silk scarf, as this can be worn with just about any outfit, giving your look a timeless and sophisticated quality.

Satin dress

Satin is another classic fabric making a comeback, which is only a good thing, as this fabric always feels soft against the skin. Satin is related to silk, another fabric that will be extremely popular this year, but many consider satin to be much more modern and sexier than silk, while still retaining its luxurious and expensive feel.

Classic fabrics can be styled in so many different ways, and can be dressed both up and down, so it is always advantageous when they are back on trend. From floaty sheer sleeves on a masculine shirt to a fitted silk t-shirt, classic fabrics are being used in new and innovative ways, giving them a freshness that makes them perfect for this year.

In for Spring: Strong Shoulders

This spring is going to be all about exposed shoulders, giving any outfit a sexy and playful edge. Whether your style is romantic and bohemian or classically chic, this is a trend that will be seen in so many different forms this spring.

In for Spring: Strong Shoulders

Shoulder Cut-Outs
Shoulder cut-outs are a great way to show some skin this spring, without having to bare too much. The beauty of shoulder cut-outs is that they are so versatile, and have been seen on a diverse range of garments. From Nicole Miller’s stunning navy jumpsuit to a tailored Vera Wang coat to a Jonathan Simkhai crop top, all of these garments may boast shoulder cut-outs, but they have each incorporated them in a beautifully unique way. Whether you prefer smaller, graphic cut-outs that show just a glimpse of the shoulder, or larger ones that expose a large portion of the arm as well, this is a style that just about everybody can embrace.

Off-the-shoulder looks can be traced back to many centuries ago, giving them a distinctly vintage feel. However, designers have been bringing this style back into modern times by adding contemporary touches to off-the-shoulder outfits. Salvatore Ferragamo and The Row is where you will find off-the-shoulder tops with romantic billowing sleeves, creating a gorgeous bohemian silhouette, while Michael Kors, Chloe and Francesca Liberatore all have off-the-shoulder tops that feature ruffles and frills, giving the garments an ultra-feminine feel. For something more fitted, take a look at Prabal Gurung, who has a cord knit midi dress that cuts a sleek and flattering silhouette.

Asymmetrical Necklines
Asymmetrical necklines tend to only reveal one shoulder and are a stylish way to show just a small amount of skin. Versace, Christopher Kane and Antonio Marras have paired their asymmetrical necklines with vibrant prints, while Stella McCartney’s asymmetrical necklines are all black and very sleek. Vivienne Westwood, Mugler and Sonia Rykiel also have designs featuring asymmetrical necklines that are definitely worth checking out for those who love the style.

Halter Necks
Halter necks have been embraced by a number of different designers for this spring. Rag & Bone opted for spaghetti strap style halter necks, while Andrea Jiapei Li emphasized the sport elements of the halter neck. Other designers who have their finger on the pulse of this trend are Brandon Maxwell, who pairs halter necks with skirts, Oscar de la Renta, who designed some quirky plaid printed ruffled halter tops, and Givenchy, with a stunning halter top champagne evening gown that would be perfectly suited to the red carpet.

Exposed shoulders are set to be one of the biggest fashion and style trends this spring, and it would seem as though the majority of designers out there have at least one garment that exposes the shoulders. Whether you want a romantic billowing off-the-shoulder silhouette, or a sexy, floor-lengthed exposed shoulder evening gown, this trend works for so many different body shapes, giving an outfit a sexy yet flattering edge.

Urban Chic Styles for Spring

While it may still be slightly chilly outside, spring is almost upon us, meaning it is time for that annual wardrobe overhaul. There are many great pieces on-trend for this spring, and if you want to incorporate some urban chic into your look, check out these styles that are all easy to replicate.

Woman wearing a striped dress

Bold, wide stripes are going to be huge this spring and are a great pattern to add to your wardrobe, as they give you some New England elegance that can easily be grunged down for a more urban chic look. A striped shirt with skinny jeans and knee high boots is always a stylish look, or, for something slightly girlier, pair a striped shirt with a bandage skirt and some Converse All Stars, topping off your outfit with a chic bowler hat.

Woman wearing a statement necklace

Statement Jewellery
Statement jewellery is a great way to add elements of urban chic to a look, but you need to seek out the best pieces for this. Statement bib necklaces add instant cool to any outfit, while pearls are a classy way to dress up a more casual look. Chunky chains are also going to be hot this spring, and can be worn on different parts of your body, from around your neck to around your wrists. If there is a certain type of jewellery that you are crazy about, such as two-finger rings or large graphic earrings, make this your signature style and experiment with different pieces that fall within your chosen category.

Woman holding a stylish backpack

Stefano Tinti / Shutterstock.com

The Backpack
A stylish backpack is about as urban chic as it gets, and luckily, backpacks have been given an exciting makeover for this spring thanks to designers such as Rick Owens, Burberry and Alexander Wang. Graphic handbags are also going to be popular this spring, so you could even consider mixing two trends into one, with a vibrant graphic backpack to complete your look.

Woman wearing knee-high boots

“It” Shoes
Having an “it” pair of shoes can immediately transform an outfit, instantly taking it from regular to urban chic. The style that you pick needs to be one that you love, whether they are Nike high-top dunks, thigh-high boots or skinny kitten heels. For a true urban chic look, a casual pair of “it” shoes should be paired with a more elegant garment, such as Converse All Stars with a short little black dress, while dressy shoes always stand out when worn with a more laid-back outfit, such as a pair of simple jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, there are styles that work with just about any pair of shoes, such as a classic white shirt paired with black leggings, as this simple look allows the footwear to stand out and make a statement.

Adding elements of urban chic to your look does not need to be difficult, even if incorporating new styles into your own does not come naturally to you. Whether you look for some statement jewellery to wear each day or find new ways to style your favorite striped shirt, these tips will all lend an urban edge to just about any outfit.

Spring Beauty Trends to Try Now – OROGOLD Reviews

Each new season brings with it fresh new beauty trends, that have made their debut appearance on runways across the world. This spring is no exception, and we have brought together three of the most exciting beauty trends for this season, giving you a whole new dose of makeup inspiration.

Drawing on a serious cat eye

When it comes to cat eyes, there are two directions that you can take; subtle or bold. For a subtle look, which is great for the daytime and even to wear to work, use a liquid or pen eyeliner to draw a line over the top of your eyelid near to your lashes, flicking the line upwards at the corner. Bold cat eyes are also huge this spring, and the graphic look is easy to achieve with the right eyeliner. The method is the same, except that the line you draw needs to be much thicker, and rather than a delicate outward flick, you can go heavy with your line, creating a graphic shape around the outside of your eye. You can also buy thick graphic eyeliners, meaning that you only need to draw the line once rather than multiple times with a standard eyeliner. For those of you with shaky hands, try using a teaspoon as a guide, holding it against your eye and drawing your lines around it.

Image of a young woman with cat eyes makeup.

Pops of Color
Bursts of color around your eyes are a refreshing change from heavy black lids, and are perfect for spring. There are some gorgeous new eyeshadow shades available in yellows and magenta, or you could also use a wet brush to create a colored eyeliner. For a flattering shade that works with every skin tone, try lavender. Blend this over your eyes with a mauve shade for an extra special look. Be sure to keep the rest of your makeup light and minimal, as you want the purple tones to look fresh and cool rather than heavy and overdone.

Beautiful woman with natural looking makeup in a garden.

The Natural Glowing Look
This look has been seen on countless catwalks, and is a step up from the classic natural look. Instead of just focussing on a flawless complexion, the aim of this look is to make it seem as though your skin is luminescent and glowing from within. Keep your skin well moisturised and opt for a light coating of foundation, avoiding multiple layers. Use a highlighter to contour your cheekbones, also applying it around your eyes, to really make them seem bright. Keep your lips nude, either with a nude colored lipstick or a sheer lip gloss. A gold lipstick also works extremely well with this look, as it adds a rich shimmer to your lips whilst keeping them looking natural. To keep your eye makeup subtle, choose eyeshadow colors in shades of bronze, or even better, one with flecks of gold, which will really bring a luxurious sparkle to your face.

It is always fun to experiment with new makeup trends, adjusting certain elements so that they suit your own facial features and skin tone. The most important things to remember are to keep your foundation light, make the most of highlighting and contouring your features, and add bursts of bright color around your eyes, keeping your look fresh and minimalistic.

Pastel Picks for Your Spring Wardrobe – OROGOLD Reviews

Fashion this spring is all about simple elegance in sugary-sweet shades of understated brights. The mix of pastels bring about an ethereal feeling, with minimalism and nature both huge inspirations to the color palette. Rather than having to buy a whole new closet, we have put together some key pastel pieces that are worth the investment, and which you can easily mix and match with items that you already own.

Woman wearing a red colored trench coat in a spring background.

A Pastel Trench Coat 
Trench coats are right on trend this season, with a pastel colored one even more so. Originating from menswear, the design of a trench coat really stands out when it is in a pastel shade. It is also a great piece to own if you are still on the fence when it comes to wearing pastel colors, as it is something that you can throw over any outfit. If a pastel coat seems too feminine for you, choose one that has its trench coat details enhanced, and is made from a heavier or textured fabric. For those who like the idea of pastel colored outerwear but don’t want a trench coat, opt for a pastel colored blazer instead, which you can wear to work as well as in the evenings.

Blonde girl in a pink top and pastel colored jeans.

Pastel Colored Jeans
This spring, denim is going upmarket, with many denim garments featuring intricate stitching and design details. A pair of jeans in an ice blue shade is a great way to embrace both the denim and pastel trends at the same time, without making your outfit look over the top. A candy colored pink pair of jeans would also be a good purchase, and can be worn with neutrals and light colors to ensure your look keeps its dreamy elegance. If pastel pink jeans are too bland for your tastes, choose a torn or distressed pair, giving your look a bit of edge. You can also pair them with tougher materials, such as a leather jacket.

Beautiful girl wearing colorful clothes and sunglasses

The term neon-pastels may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but the colors that this term refers to will brighten up your outfit whilst keeping your look trendy and stylish. In terms of actual color, neon-pastels would include shades that are reminiscent of children’s artificial sherbet, such as lime, raspberry and lemon. Choose garments in vividly saturated candy colors, giving a slight twist to the pastel trend. These colors also look great around the eyes, so think about the makeup you like to wear whilst choosing the color of your next purchase.

If you are still unsure about adding pastel colors to your wardrobe, start off with accessories, such as sunglasses or shoes, in ice cream shades, or with individual garments that you can wear with neutral colors. When choosing garments with prints, look for designs that emphasise the times of childhood simplicity, with retro patterns and floral art. For those looking to purchase just one statement piece this season but can’t decide which pastel color to choose, go for lilac, as it is not only one of the standout shades for this spring, but it also looks great against every skin tone.

Must-Know Makeup Trends for Spring Summer 2015 – OROGOLD Reviews

The spring and summer season of each year welcomes new makeup trends, many of which can sometimes take time and patience to perfectly achieve. OROGOLD found out that this year, the hottest makeup trends all focus on minimalism, allowing our faces to radiate and glow whilst limiting the use of heavier makeup to your eyes.

Young woman with a radiant complexion looking into the camera.

A Radiant Complexion
A radiant and luminous complexion was a beauty trend that was seen on many runways at fashion weeks around the world. A quick and simple way to achieve this is by massaging your skin, which enhances the circulation of blood around your face, making your cheeks seem rosy. You can then apply some primer to enable your skin to radiate even more. Choose a flesh colored lipstick, or just a transparent lip gloss, to emphasize this look.

Makeup that Can’t be Seen
When the natural, fresh and minimal look is mentioned in terms of beauty, this does not mean that you shouldn’t use any makeup. Instead, the trick is to apply your makeup in a way that makes it seem as though you aren’t wearing any. Try to enhance your natural skin color, as well as its texture and its natural glow. For fresh looking skin, use a sheer foundation, avoiding multiple layers. At the Houghton show, skin finishing powders with gold deposits were swept across the cheekbones of the models, making it seem as though there was bright sunlight bouncing off wet skin. If your freckles are something that you normally try to hide, now is the time to embrace them. Use a lip pencil to enhance your freckles, even adding more in some places.

Woman with statement making eyes.


Statement-Making Eyes
Whilst the rest of your makeup is kept quite low-key, you can dress your eyes to make a statement. The classic smoky eye, although a convenient go-to look, was not seen as much on the runways. Instead, mascara was the main cosmetic item used on the eyes, with a clumpy max lash effect featuring on many catwalks. Keep your lashes thick, allowing them to frame your eyes. Use eyeliner to create a thicker line, giving your look some edge and personality.

Many of the beauty looks for this spring and summer seemed to be inspired by festivals, featuring tie-dyed colors and washed out bright shades. To keep your makeup looking modern, try to avoid using much foundation if you plan to use bright colors, which will also add just the right amount of nonchalance to your look. At the Marques Almeida show in London, sunbleached pastel colors were added under the eyes of the models, whilst the models at the Alex Mabille show had copper colored eyelids.

The makeup trends for this spring and summer focus on embracing the natural version of yourself, whilst enhancing certain aspects to make your natural version even better. OROGOLD recommends you to keep your skin light and fresh, and let your eyes do the talking, either with a thick frame of lashes or some carnival inspired color. Don’t try to hide your imperfections, and instead try to truly embrace them and let them shine, as these features are what makes your face unique.

Update Your Wardrobe for Spring

Now that the dreary days of winter seem to be mostly behind us, it is time to begin thinking about updating your wardrobe, putting aside your cold weather go-to pieces for some new spring essentials. Luckily, many of the fashion trends this spring will make it easy to incorporate pieces that you are likely to already own, whilst others are classic looks that are worth investing in, as they are bound to find a long-term home in your wardrobe. OROGOLD Cosmetics helps you update your wardrobe for Spring.

cute denim dress

Almost everybody owns something made of denim, be it a pair of jeans or a jacket. This year, denim will be going upmarket, with many pieces featuring intricate stitching and other design details. If you are looking to add a new pair of jeans to your wardrobe, look for a high waist flared style, or even a boot-cut. For those who are fans of denim, now is the time to experiment with other denim garments, such as dresses, culottes and dungarees.

Women around the world could not have been happier when they saw that flat, comfortable shoes were once again on trend for this spring. Flat does not have to mean boring, and there are a whole range of styles out there, from loafers to brogues.

Beautiful woman riding a bicycle in a white checked shirt.

There were such a variety of shirts seen on runways for this spring, from gingham to polo shirts. The checked pattern is always an easy one to incorporate into your look, and can be worn in a variety of ways. White is a color that will be popular this spring, and a crisp white shirt makes a beautifully understated impression. Choose one that has other interesting elements, such as lace, or a translucent fabric, to really stand out from the crowd.

The 70s
Another big trend this spring is the 70s, with many different looks that you can add to your wardrobe. From jewel-toned fringed shirts to chocolate suede, you can add a sense of the 70s to your style just from the fabrics that your clothes are made from. One great 70s inspired item is the pencil skirt, which can be worn during the day as well as dressed up at night. ORO GOLD recommends you to choose one that is made from high quality fabric and make sure you try sitting down in it before you buy it, as the fabric needs to flatter you no matter what you are doing.

Young woman in a trenchcoat

Trench Coats
Trench coats always seem to make their way back into the spotlight, mostly due to the way that designers can easily modernize them with different details and fabrics. A light trench coat is a great way to stay warm but stylish this spring, and you will find them in a variety of shades and prints. For something a little different, look for one that is made of a light and draping fabric, such as a silky wool, which you can wear over loose trousers for a luxurious yet relaxed evening look.

Spring is a great time of the year to add some new styles to your wardrobe, giving it a fresh burst of life just in time for the arrival of warmer weather. When buying new pieces, think about which ones would work well with items you already own, as well as what would work best on a daily basis when incorporated into your own personal style.