Online Shopping vs. In Store Shopping

Shopping is something many women enjoy, and for some, it can be difficult to decide whether to shop online or in person. Shopping online can have its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Shopping in store can also have the same. OROGOLD explores the pros and cons of both, so that you can make an educated decision as to which form of shopping is right for you.

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Pros of Online Shopping

Certain websites and brands will sometimes offer their loyal store credit card holders exclusive deals to special shopping events held online. Not only that, but if there is a point system in place, you will also be able to rack up extra points with some merchants.

There is usually a larger selection of merchandise available online as opposed to in store, being that the warehouses store more of the product for shipping. Some vendors will use free or extremely cheap shipping costs, especially for store credit card holders.

There are also ways to save money by shopping online by use of discount or promo codes which can be found through internet searches, and on occasion in promotional e-mails sent to your e-mail inbox. There are also many websites available online which provide discounted items at a fraction of the cost you would spend in store.

For women with busy lifestyles, online shopping is their only method of finding time to buy something for themselves, and this is a great option for them.


Cons of Online Shopping

When buying items from a store you may have never ordered or shopped with in the past, the sizing of clothing items may be off. You may know you wear size 7 in jeans; however, their size 7 may be too snug or even too big. Every brand has its own sizing chart. It can be stressful to anticipate an order’s arrival, and then receive the order only to find out the item(s) didn’t fit properly. Even more stressful, the items may or may not be eligible for a refund, and if they are, you may or may not have to pay for the shipping of the item back to the company. Sometimes, you may even have to fork over the cost of a restocking fee.

If you are purchasing an item online which contains scent, such as a candle, lotion, perfume or body wash, you may be unpleasantly surprised when you receive the item. Something you thought looked like it would smell fantastic may not be as lovely as you originally thought once in hand. Unless you’ve used or smelled the product in person previously, be wary of buying scented things online.

Sometimes, shipping fees are excessive, and there are only one or two expensive shipping options to choose from. That being said, it may be more cost effective to go to your local mall or store and purchase the item there, especially if you live in close proximity to the store.

Sometimes, certain items may be on back order, or take a long time to arrive – especially around holiday times. As a general rule to online shopping, it should be said that products intended for popular holiday gifts should be bought one – three months in advance of the holiday to ensure you receive the item on time.

Womans legs and feet show shopping in a store with shopping bags

Pros to Shopping in Store

When it comes to shopping in store, you are able to get your item the same day, where you don’t have to wait on an item to ship. This can be exceptionally important when you have an event scheduled for that week. Having what you need when you need it is obviously the point here. If time is of the essence, your best bet is to purchase the item in store and have it readily available to use.

When shopping in store, you are able to try on items and ensure they fit properly before buying them.

You are sometimes privileged to special sales and promotions only found in store.

Shopping in store may be more economical for those unwilling to pay sales tax and shipping fees. If the store is local, you could make a quick trip there, saving unnecessary shipping costs.

Some women prefer to shop in store due to the fact that it’s more hands on, and some people are generally more hands on shoppers. Something that doesn’t look as alluring on the same store’s website might jump out at you in person.


Cons to Shopping In Store

Some women don’t have the time it takes to physically make a trip to the mall or their favorite stores. Online shopping is much more convenient for them, as it only takes a trip to a website and a few clicks of a mouse.

Those who are disabled may find it difficult to get to stores in person. Due to this, online shopping may work better for them.

If you are short of cash on hand, and you have a store credit card, charging your order online may be a faster, easier way to go – and you typically earn more points via shopping online, as well as saving money with promo codes only redeemable online.

If you’re a mom of small children, taking them to the stores can be an overwhelming experience. Screaming, crying children can make shopping feel like a nightmare. In this case, shopping in store may not be such a great idea.

Perhaps you live in an extremely isolated location, with no access to your favorite stores. In this case, shopping in person isn’t always attainable, whereas shopping online may work much more effectively for you.


Make an Educated Decision on What Type of Shopping Works for You

While there are many reasons to shop online vs shopping in person, and vice versa, it’s important to note everyone is different, and everyone has their own preferences.

OROGOLD wants to known which method of shopping do you enjoy most, and why? Chime in below!


OROGOLD Offers Top Shopping Tips – ORO GOLD Reviews

Women shoppingWhen it comes to shopping, women are like moths to a flame. It’s an insatiable urge, something we feel we have to do at least every couple of weeks. What is it about shopping that is so exciting, fun, and addicting? We at OROGOLD believe we have the answer to that question: everything!

Shopping can be a fun way to pass the time, spend that extra money we have saved up for a rainy day, or just indulge in a little luxury for ourselves. Whatever the case may be for you, if you love shopping as much as we do – this article is for you. Here, OROGOLD offers some of the top shopping tips to help you become the best shopper you can be.


Bring a Friend

Not only is it so much more fun to shop with a friend or two, but it also provides you constructive criticism from someone you can trust, and a true friend will never steer you wrong. If that dress really makes you look fat, you’ll know it!


Set a Budget

Setting aside a budget for your shopping excursions is always a great way to plan ahead, while still denoting a specific amount of whatever you want and are able to spend on that particular shopping trip. This ensures you won’t over spend, and also provides you with an exact amount that you know you can look forward to burning through once you hit the mall!


Do Your Research

If you’re a tad clueless as to what’s hot and what’s not, using the internet and making it your best friend for the day is a great way to ensure you are in the know before you go and explore the styles in person. Check your favorite stores for the newest fashions, and get your mind wrapped around what’s going on in the fashion world and find outfits and styles you love. This can help eliminate time wasted in one store because you didn’t go properly prepared. That way, you will have much more time to spend browsing through the other stores you love!


Try Before You Buy

One of the most important aspects of any shopping trip is to make sure you try on the item before you buy it. This will ensure the item fits properly, and that it actually looks good so there will be no unwanted surprises when you get home. If you love it, buy it! If you don’t, put it back. And for the love of God, don’t buy something that doesn’t fit. If it is two sizes too small, leave it alone. Don’t have the mind state of, “Well, when I lose 30 pounds I will definitely be able to fit into this! Let’s buy it!” No. Just…no. You’re wasting your money, and you know it. Stick with what works, and be proud of who you are right here, right now. It’s great to be optimistic, but why buy something you can only stare at every day while indulging in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s?


Shopping is a fun, exciting way to spend a day off. Be sure to be a smart shopper, and the rest will fall into place as it should. If shopping becomes stressful, you’re doing it wrong!


What are some of your favorite shopping tips? Share them with us below in a comment.

OROGOLD Offers Tips on Hiring a Personal Shopper – ORO GOLD Reviews

Personal shopper sitting in her office

Leading a busy and hectic lifestyle can at times take a toll on our ability to complete the day to day tasks in everyday life. Things such as getting the shopping done become even more hectic and difficult due to time constraints. Sometimes, it’s necessary to hire help – and that’s perfectly okay. OROGOLD knows that everyone needs a little help sometimes.

There are a few important steps you should take before hiring anyone, which will protect you as well as match you up with someone with the proper qualifications for the job.


Step One – Do Your Research

You should know what it is exactly that you are looking for before actually trying to hire help. If you simply want a personal shopper, do some research on what exactly a personal shopper does. Also, research the rates most personal shoppers will charge per hour or per assignment so that you have a general ballpark idea as to what you can expect to pay for this service.


Step Two – Post an Advertisement

Finding a few good places to post an ad for help wanted is pretty easy thanks to the internet. Sites such as Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, and your local newspaper’s online classified section is a great place to start. You can also take your advertisement back to the old school and post a written advertisement in your local newspaper’s classified section. Any or all of these ideas are a great way to let the world know you are seeking help, and get the word out. You could also use your social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise. Social media is a great way to spread the word as you could have your friends share with their friends and their friends share with their friends. You get the point.


Step Three – Interview Candidates

After receiving inquiries about the position, you can narrow down your list of candidates to a handful. From there, you can conduct interviews and select those you feel would be a good fit for the job, and whose personalities mesh with yours. This is important, due to the fact that they will be working closely with you. Discuss the job details, rates of pay, and ask any questions you may have. Also, give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions as well. It is highly suggested that you run a background check on the candidate prior to hiring them. This can help you weed out those who are less than what you would expect from someone you hired. Arrest reports are public record and are available for free online; however, a thorough background check will cost you anywhere from $10-30.00. It is your responsibility to pay for the background check, not the candidates. Some companies offer a month’s subscription to their services to run as many background checks as you like for a monthly subscription fee. This is generally the best way to go.


Step Four – Make Your Decision and Hire

Deciding on the proper individual for the job is sometimes difficult, but it can be done. Weigh the pros and cons each person has and weigh your options from there. Work with someone you feel you can trust and who you believe will do the job right. Once the interview process is over and you make the hire, rest assured the best part is yet to come. Now that you can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s time to get to work – or to delegate it!


Step Five – Relax

Now that you’ve gotten some appropriate help for the job, you can rest assured that you can carry on as usual while one of the important things you previously had no time to do is being done. Be proud of yourself, and breathe easy – the hard part is done.


Hiring a personal shopper will alleviate the workload and stress off of yourself, providing you with time to complete the other things requiring your time. By doing this the right way, you will avoid a potentially negative outcome and be happy with the end result.