OROGOLD Helps You Revamp Your Style: Buying a Car for Your Personality

Young woman showing off the keys to her new carOROGOLD knows that buying a car can sometimes be a stressful ordeal. There are so many makes and models, and new technology being added to them every day. It can be difficult to know what car is the right choice for you. Safety is of course important, as well as design and comfort.

If you want to simplify which car is the right one for you, why not base it on your personality?

Buying a car that fits you as a person is crucial to your overall happiness with the vehicle you are committing to buying and payments you are no doubt going to be making for quite some time. Selecting a style you truly like, a color you like, and a model that’s right for you is important!

If you’re a big city living, fast paced lifestyle kind of girl, consider something sporty in your favorite color. Likewise, if you are a country girl, with a slower paced lifestyle and not too much going on, maybe a truck might be just the thing for you. Is this your first car? Perhaps a used car for a first car with a high safety rating might be what’s truly important.

Think about what’s important to your everyday life. Do you constantly use GPS? Do you like to plug your iPod in while you’re driving, or have a direct connection to Pandora radio? Many newer model cars offer these luxuries and more in their car purchasing packages, and sometimes will throw these things in for free. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and try to barter, when making a car deal sale. The salesman wants you to be happy, because they want to make that sale (and get paid)!

Consider the benefits versus the negatives when purchasing a car. Do you want something you can buy outright, or do you want something you have to make payments on that is newer and more reliable? Do you want a vehicle that is somewhat temporary for a ‘right now’ situation, or something you can use for years to come? It all comes down to lifestyle and lifestyle choices, and basing these off of your personality is a smart way to go. If you aren’t the type of girl who is good with managing money, perhaps sticking to a used vehicle without a lot of payments is the way to go – or even buying a used car outright.

It all comes down to personal preference and personality. Assess your current financial situation, your goals, what you want out of your car, what color is important to you, what frills you desire and go from there. If you’re still undecided, doing a bit of research on the internet will provide you with a wealth of information that you can use to make the best decision for you.

Once you make your decision and make your purchase, you will feel confident that you made the right decision if you carefully plan the process out beforehand.

Enjoy your new ride, and here’s to the open road!


A Whole New Do – OROGOLD Helps You Revamp Your Hairstyle

Woman getting a hair cutEvery now and then, keeping the same hairstyle tends to become monotonous and we like to change it up a bit. There are so many variations as to what hair style you could choose. From dying your hair, to adding strands of vibrant color, to highlights, to haircuts of various styles, there are so many different options to choose from.

Deciding on what style is right for you is sometimes easy. Other times, it’s not as easy as we would have hoped it would be. There are many websites dedicated to providing you with a new look, or general ideas of new looks. There are also many books and magazines at salons, which are usually kept up to date with the current trends. Sometimes, asking your hair stylist what they think is right for you works. This is risky business, though, considering the style they might like may be something you completely despise.

Aside from choosing a style you want, you can also attend hair shows, where you can volunteer as a hair model and have your hair cut, colored, and styled in a completely new and often times shocking look – something to think about for the more daring souls. OROGOLD helps you revamp your style with this helpful guide.

Finding a New Color

Finding a color that’s right for you is usually done based upon your skin tone. Certain colors may not look good on those of lighter or darker skin tones, and sometimes can make you look washed out. Choosing something that meshes well with your eye color, taking your features into consideration (i.e. freckles) is usually helpful establishing the right color choice for you. When in doubt, get a professional opinion before making the big decision to make a color change – especially if it’s something completely different than what your natural color actually is.

Finding a Cut That Fits

Sometimes, all it takes to give your hair a fresh new look is a new style or cut. Finding a cut that works for you should be based around the shape of your face, and your weight. These should be taken into consideration as well as what you actually want out of your hair style. If you choose a style that is difficult to maintain and you are always short on time, most likely you are going to hate the style because you can never make it look just right. Choose something that fits your lifestyle, and provides you with the level of design and difficulty suited to your time budget.

Adding Bangs

Sometimes, doing something as simple as adding some bangs can give you a whole new look. There are many different kinds of bangs to choose from, such as:

  • Baby bangs
  • Side swept bangs
  • Straight cut bangs
  • Razor cut bangs
  • Thick cut bangs
  • Angled bangs

Aside from getting some new bangs, perhaps adding a splash of color to them could also incorporate a new look. You could opt for a chunky highlight, or strands of a vibrant color such as blue or pink, to give your hair the ‘oomph’ you crave, all while not doing too much in terms of change.

All in all, a new hair style is a sure fire way to give you a fresh new look, without breaking the bank and consuming too much time.