Make Sure Your Pets Don’t Get to These Holiday Foods

Pets enjoying their Christmas treats.

When you’ve got a table overflowing with a festive feast, and a cute pooch watching your every move with mournful eyes, it can be very tempting to sneak your best pal a few bites of your holiday meal. While some foods are absolutely fine for your pets to snack on, there are others that can be quite dangerous, some of them even fatal. Keep your pets safe this festive season by reading OROGOLD’s tips on the foods that you should make sure are kept completely out of your pet’s reach.

Chocolate and Candy
This is one that most pet owners are already likely to know about, as chocolate is one of the most toxic poisons for a dog, and even more fatal for a cat. The reason for this is because chocolate contains theobromine, and the darker the chocolate is, the more fatal it will be for your pet. When it comes to candy, most of this contains Xylitol, a sweetener that is extremely toxic to dogs and can result in liver failure, so be sure to keep this well away from your pets.

Turkey Bones
When you’ve got a platter full of turkey bones, it is definitely tempting to give your dog a couple, but cooked bones are extremely dangerous to feed to dogs. Cooking softens the bones, and once your dog starts chewing on them, they easily splinter into smaller fragments, causing a variety of different problems, including intestinal blockages and perforations. If you do want to feed your dog bones over the holidays, OROGOLD would recommend visiting your local butcher and asking for some raw bones, as these are actually highly beneficial for dogs.

Meaty Leftovers
While some leftovers will be highly appreciated by your dog, there are others that you should avoid feeding. Fatty leftovers can cause internal injuries, so if you do fix your pet a small plate with turkey and gravy, make sure to keep the amount to a minimum. Too much meat and gravy, in particular, can cause problems such as canine pancreatitis, but if you keep the portions small, you won’t have a problem.

Certain Fruits and Veg
There are some vegetables that are toxic to pets, and these include onions, shallots, garlic and leeks, as well as certain fruits such as grapes and raisins. Nuts should also be avoided at all costs, with macadamia nuts in particular, a popular ingredient in holiday cookies and treats, causing kidney damage.

Now that you know which foods to keep your pets away from this holiday season, you are much better equipped to keep them safe. OROGOLD also strongly advises that you let your friends and family know this information as well, so that they will also refrain from sneaking your furry friend any dangerous table scraps. OROGOLD also advises that you keep any food packaging and wrappers out of your pet’s reach, and ensure that your bins cannot be opened by them, as the smells from your festive leftovers may be too much temptation for them to avoid!

Rules for Being a Good Guest – OROGOLD Reviews

These days, being a guest in someone’s home comes with a whole new set of rules in comparison to a few decades ago. House guest etiquette is still very much alive, so the next time you are going over to somebody’s house, ORO GOLD recommends you to ensure that you keep the rules for being a good guest in mind!

Woman looking at her wristwatch.

Be Punctual
People who are punctual show that they have respect for the time of others. If you are going to be late, make sure that you let your host know, as soon as possible. A message via text is not good enough, as it makes it seem as though you are treating the situation too casually, so be sure to phone them up and have a more personal conversation. Punctuality does not just apply to your arrival time. Keep an eye on the clock during your stay, and make sure that you do not overstay your welcome.

Woman receives a gift at a party.

Arrive With a Gift
It is likely that your hosts will have gone out of their way to get their house ready, so arriving with a small token of gratitude in hand is always going to be appreciated. A bottle of wine is the standard gift to bring, as are chocolates or flowers, but you could always go more creative and get them a box of chutneys or a fruit basket.

Group of friends having a pizza at home.

Respect Their House
If you have arrived with muddy shoes, there is no question that these should be taken off before entering the house rather than trailing mud through someone else’s home. Even if you have arrived with clean shoes, take a look inside before entering. If all you see is miles of pristine white carpet, it may be best to simply ask your hosts if you need to leave your shoes at the door.

Woman talking on her phone in a party.

Put Down Your Phone
When you are a guest at someone’s house, and are having a conversation with them, it is time to put your virtual world aside for a while. Resist the temptation to check your phone and focus on the other people in the room instead. If it helps, keep your phone on silent while you enjoy some face-to-face interaction!

Family having an outdoor meal with their dog.

Be Responsible for Children and Pets
While you are a guest, your children and your pets are still your responsibility, so make sure to have them under control. If your children are going through a destructive phase, it may be best to keep them with you, preventing them from wandering through the house. Even if your children are well behaved, they are also naturally curious, so make sure to instruct them from before about respecting other peoples’ privacy, as well as their belongings. If you are bringing along your pet, make sure to check with your host first to see if they mind having an animal in their house.

Good modern manners are getting harder to define, but it is important that you always respect not only your hosts, but also their house, possessions and their rules. Offer to help out whenever it may be appreciated, and always show gratitude for the generosity of your hosts.