Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

While many may think that the traditional white wedding dress has been around for centuries, it actually only became popular about 160 years ago, thanks to Queen Victoria’s preference for lace and pristine white. Before this, women would walk down the aisle in just about every color and style under the sun, and many of today’s brides are quite similar, shedding the white gown for a dress that better represents their individuality.

Hi-lo wedding dress /

Hi-Low Dress
A hi-low dress is a great way to show off your legs, while still wearing a dress that features a more traditional shape, if you so desire. This is a great option for the warmer, summer months, when a full skirt might be too hot and restrictive, and with so many different styles out there, you will have quite the choice when it comes to deciding just how much leg you want to bare.

Fashion Forward
Opting for an avant-garde wedding dress is a way to still be able to wear white, but without looking at all clichéd. The wedding gowns from Oscar de la Renta all feature a touch of whimsy, while the Alexander McQueen wedding dresses are all unique in their own way.

Pink wedding dress

A Pop of Color
For those that still want white to be the main color of their wedding dress, there is no reason why you cannot add a pop of another color to your gown, which will set off the white even more. For something quite subtle, opt for a pale pastel shade on a full skirt, such as a mint green or a pale yellow. If you want a bolder and brighter burst of color, a dip-dyed dress will most definitely stand out.

Printed Dresses
Printed wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular, and are a great way to show off your personality. The navy printed wedding dress from Francesca Miranda features delicate blue flowers on the full skirt, while the floral printed gown from Lover features a romantic but unexpected color palette, with the likes of deep magenta, gray and burnt orange.

Audrey Hepburn inspired wedding dress

Inspiration from Fashion Icons
When it comes to acquiring inspiration for non-traditional wedding dresses, there is no better place to look than at some of the fashion icons from the past. Elizabeth Taylor was always loved for her immaculate style, and, when she first married Richard Burton, wore a canary yellow gown to the ceremony, along with a large floral headdress, and pulled it off beautifully. Similarly, Audrey Hepburn also broke away from the norm in her second wedding, when she sported a headscarf, short dress and pumps, paving the way for all of those leg-baring wedding dresses that are becoming more and more popular today.

Your wedding day is a day that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life, so it only makes sense to opt for a dress that truly reflects who you are. Whether this means adding a touch of color, or going with a bold and vibrant print, take your time when it comes to exploring your options, and pick a dress that is able to match with your personality.


Pastel Picks for Your Spring Wardrobe – OROGOLD Reviews

Fashion this spring is all about simple elegance in sugary-sweet shades of understated brights. The mix of pastels bring about an ethereal feeling, with minimalism and nature both huge inspirations to the color palette. Rather than having to buy a whole new closet, we have put together some key pastel pieces that are worth the investment, and which you can easily mix and match with items that you already own.

Woman wearing a red colored trench coat in a spring background.

A Pastel Trench Coat 
Trench coats are right on trend this season, with a pastel colored one even more so. Originating from menswear, the design of a trench coat really stands out when it is in a pastel shade. It is also a great piece to own if you are still on the fence when it comes to wearing pastel colors, as it is something that you can throw over any outfit. If a pastel coat seems too feminine for you, choose one that has its trench coat details enhanced, and is made from a heavier or textured fabric. For those who like the idea of pastel colored outerwear but don’t want a trench coat, opt for a pastel colored blazer instead, which you can wear to work as well as in the evenings.

Blonde girl in a pink top and pastel colored jeans.

Pastel Colored Jeans
This spring, denim is going upmarket, with many denim garments featuring intricate stitching and design details. A pair of jeans in an ice blue shade is a great way to embrace both the denim and pastel trends at the same time, without making your outfit look over the top. A candy colored pink pair of jeans would also be a good purchase, and can be worn with neutrals and light colors to ensure your look keeps its dreamy elegance. If pastel pink jeans are too bland for your tastes, choose a torn or distressed pair, giving your look a bit of edge. You can also pair them with tougher materials, such as a leather jacket.

Beautiful girl wearing colorful clothes and sunglasses

The term neon-pastels may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but the colors that this term refers to will brighten up your outfit whilst keeping your look trendy and stylish. In terms of actual color, neon-pastels would include shades that are reminiscent of children’s artificial sherbet, such as lime, raspberry and lemon. Choose garments in vividly saturated candy colors, giving a slight twist to the pastel trend. These colors also look great around the eyes, so think about the makeup you like to wear whilst choosing the color of your next purchase.

If you are still unsure about adding pastel colors to your wardrobe, start off with accessories, such as sunglasses or shoes, in ice cream shades, or with individual garments that you can wear with neutral colors. When choosing garments with prints, look for designs that emphasise the times of childhood simplicity, with retro patterns and floral art. For those looking to purchase just one statement piece this season but can’t decide which pastel color to choose, go for lilac, as it is not only one of the standout shades for this spring, but it also looks great against every skin tone.