Chic Winter Coats to Perfect Your Style

Chic Winter Coats to Perfect Your Style


Whether you are combating blustery winds or fighting your way through deep snow, a reliable coat is a must if you want to stay on top of all that the season may throw at you. To ensure that you have the right combination of style and practicality, here are some chic winter coats that will not only keep you warm and dry, but also give you a fashion forward edge.

Hooded Wool-Felt Duffle Coat – Burberry
Burberry’s outerwear always seems to have quite the timeless quality about it, and this hooded duffle coat, which comes in a striking red color, is definitely no exception. Woven from a thick and ultra-warm wool-felt, the coat boasts a generous hood, as well as large patch pockets and Burberry’s signature checked lining, and can be styled with everything from jeans and a sweater to a sleek party dress.

Oversized Shearling-Lined Cotton-Twill Parka – Balenciaga
This luxurious parka is an updated interpretation of archival Balenciaga couture, making it no surprise that it has been one of the most sought-after winter coats this season. The oversized cocoon shape can be cinched in at the waist with a drawstring, giving you the option to add some extra shape, while the quilted shell cuffs give the coat an added modern twist. To ensure your comfort and warmth, the coat is lined with a decadent shearling, which is known for being one of the best winter fabrics out there.

Lilia Belted Cashmere Coat – Max Mara
The Lilia Belted Cashmere Coat from Max Mara comes in a sophisticated gray, and features a relaxed silhouette that makes it extremely versatile when it comes to styling. This coat is one that oozes elegance and style, largely due to the way in which it has been meticulously handcrafted in Italy, and is made from the finest and purest of cashmere. The soft lapels help to give the coat just the right amount of structure, and the detachable waist belt gives you the opportunity to experiment with different silhouettes.

Kinsley Oversized Striped Faux Fur Coat – Alice + Olivia
The majority of winter coats are usually created from relatively neutral colors, which is why this striped faux fur coat from Alice + Olivia really stands out. If you want to add a vibrant pop of color to your winter outfits, then this coat, which features stripes in a deep claret, black and white, is perfect for you. This is a coat that really makes a statement, not only due to its bold exterior, but also its smooth satin lining, and, with its oversized fit, it can be styled in so many different ways.

A stylish go-to winter coat is an absolute must at this time of the year, and if yours is not as chic as you would like, then it may be worth investing in one of these pieces. Whether you make a statement with a striped faux fur number, or stay sleek and elegant in cashmere, these coats would all be a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

New in Men’s Fall Fashion

man wearing the latest fashion

The fashion industry experiences a whole array of new trends each and every season, and menswear is no exception. From the hottest fabrics to the most stylish designs, this is what you can expect to see much more of in men’s fashion this fall.

Duffle Coat
As is expected, fall fashion shows feature plenty of outerwear, and the most popular coat shape for this season was, without a doubt, the duffle coat. While the duffle coat may have originated in army barracks, this style has been beautifully updated for fall, with many designers putting their own unique spin on this classic design, such as the sleeveless version from Maison Margiela, and the Coach duffle coat that features a plasticized fabric.

men's fashion 2016 /

Earthy Tones
Many believe that the recent menswear trend for earthy tones was started by Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, and while there are plenty that consider his collection to be nothing more than a headline-grabbing stunt, there is no denying that it kicked off a few new trends in the industry. While navy, dark green, and black are always popular colors in the fall, this season sees copper, russet and sand take center stage.

Rather than thick scarves, neckerchiefs dominated the runways at Paris Fashion Week, as well as in other European capitals, from London to Milan, making this quite the European trend. The most stylish of the neckerchiefs were created from a cotton and silk mix, and featured bold colors and vibrant prints, adding a pop of vitality to any look.

Tailored Tracksuits and Funnel Necks
While Burberry may have been the first brand to pair together a tracksuit top underneath a classically tailored garment, this look has been begging to burst into mainstream fashion for many years, and it now finally has. This is the perfect example of the unique type of look and silhouette that can come from mixing high and low fashion, and can be seen from designers such as Reiss, AMI, Lanvin, and, of course, Burberry. When these tracksuit tops are worn underneath a coat, they create a funnel neck look, which is another hot style that takes the rollneck revival to the next level.

Men in fashionable fall colors

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Slouchy Trousers
Tight, fitted trouser styles are now a thing of the past, with men swapping them for slouchy trousers this fall. While a wide pair of flares may not be for everybody, there are several designers out there that have created loose-fitting wool trousers, and even though they feature an elastic waistband, they bring looks together extremely stylishly. From Hermes to Bottega Veneta, make sure that the pair that you choose still incorporates plenty of tailoring in order to stay true to a luxury aesthetic.

Menswear has become so much more exciting in recent years, and the trends for this fall show just how far the industry has come. From bright and bold neckerchiefs to keep you warm, to tailored tracksuits that perfectly pair together high and low fashion, these looks are all worth experimenting with for this season.

Charlotte Beecham

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A British designer that has recently been making waves in the industry, Charlotte Beecham is the founder and creative director of Charlotte Simone, an accessories brand that has been worn by the likes of Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner and Olivia Palermo. While Beecham may have graduated from NYU, she now lives and works in London, and has managed to quickly make quite the name for herself amongst the fashion elite.

The Fur Hood
The ultimate in winter accessories, the fur hood is one of Beecham’s signature designs and has helped significantly in establishing her brand. Bringing together a scarf and a hood, the fur hood is still one of the most sought after pieces from the Charlotte Simone collections, and is, without a doubt, one of her best sellers, as it is not only ultra stylish, but also comfortable and warm, appealing to both mature women as well as young girls.

Reinventing the Scarf
While Charlotte Simone produces a range of different accessories, scarves are what fascinate Beecham the most, with the designer striving to reinvent this humble accessory. Aware of the fact that the scarf market was relatively untapped, Beecham brought together different knits, furs and woven fabrics to create truly one-of-a-kind scarves. One of the reasons for the incredible success of Beecham’s scarves is the way in which they are so versatile, working perfectly for both day and night, and easy to style in just about any ensemble.

Charlotte Simone Outerwear
This year, Beecham took her first foray into outerwear, producing a capsule collection that beautifully represented the aesthetics of her brand. With five different shapes and five different colors, the collection may be Beecham’s first attempt at ready-to-wear, but her work is already in high demand. With fun and fluffy accessories being the focus of this British designer, it will be interesting to see exactly how Beecham develops her outerwear line in the next few years.

Charlotte Simone and Kyle De’Volle Bags
As part of the Charlotte Simone Autumn Winter ’14 collection, Beecham collaborated with designer Kyle De’Volle, resulting in the Bon Bon Bag in four different colors. Created entirely out of shaggy shearling, the bag is fluffy and fun and adds a unique yet stylish element to just about any outfit. Again, this was Beecham’s first attempt at designing and creating bags, and while the designer did find certain parts of the process quite challenging, the resulting bags are some of her personal favorites out of all of her creations. While Beecham may have immensely enjoyed the bag-designing process, and will be continuing to expand into other fluffy accessories, the designer will be keeping her focus primarily on scarves, as this is what she wants her brand to be known for.

Charlotte Beecham’s fun and innovative creations are the perfect representation of quirky and eccentric British fashion. The success that this London designer has already witnessed is most definitely impressive, and it will be exciting to see what this talented designer produces in the next few years.

Mixing Trendy and Classic

Classic pieces are essential in any wardrobe, as they are so versatile, and can be worked into just about any style. When combining a classic piece with a more modern and trendy piece, the results will be a truly fashion forward look that makes a bold and individual statement.

Woman wearing a white button down

Classic Tops
For those of you just beginning to venture into the idea of mixing classic with trendy, tops are a great place to start. Classic options could include a button down shirt, a button down soft blouse, or a denim shirt, with each of these garments having so much potential when it comes to putting together a trendy outfit. The white shirt in itself can be worn in so many different ways, whether with trendy leather pants and ballet flats, or cigarette pants and a cropped sweater. Stripes are also a classic look when it comes to tops, and can be paired with anything from a pencil skirt to slouchy pants.

The accessories that you choose to go with an outfit that has both classic and trendy elements is quite important, as this can either bring your whole look together or make it seem disjointed. If the focus of your outfit is on one of your classic pieces, it is usually best to keep your accessories quite trendy and contemporary, picking a color that is present in your outfit and opting for accessories in this same shade.

Woman wearing a trench coat

Just like with tops, it is relatively easy to style an outfit with the focus being on a classic piece of outerwear. Whether it may be a classic trench coat, a denim jacket or a simple blazer, these looks can all be paired with trendier items to give them a modern twist. Try wearing a trench coat with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a clutch, or a classic tailored blazer with a pair of skinny jeans for a fashionable smart casual look. When it comes to the denim jacket, try wearing this with a pencil skirt and some strappy sandals for an elegant yet feminine look.

Contemporary Hair and Makeup
The best way to give a classic/trendy look some grounding is by ensuring that your hair and makeup has plenty of contemporary touches. Even if you take inspiration from classic hairstyles and makeup techniques, which is always a fantastic idea for a look that is truly your own, make sure that the finished look is modernized, as this will give your entire outfit a fresh and relevant appeal.

Fashion is all about individuality, and your style choices reflect different aspects of your personality. If you are finding it difficult making your classic pieces look contemporary, try working on adjusting the silhouette, and make sure that your outfit contains plenty of non-neutral color. Mixing trendy pieces with classic ones is a great way to give your look a unique twist, so if your wardrobe is lacking some of the statement classic pieces mentioned above, this season is a great time to start adding some in.

Top Fashion Pieces of 2015

While we all may have our own personal favorites, there are some fashion items that rise to the top each year. From a classic pair of white sneakers to metallic bomber jackets, OROGOLD takes a look at some of the top fashion pieces of 2015.

Top Fashion Pieces of 2015


Original Stan Smith Sneakers from Adidas
Amongst the many different footwear trends of 2015, it was the classic white sneaker that caught the eye of many. In particular, it was the Adidas Original Stan Smith Sneakers that were one of the most popular items of the year, especially after they were seen being worn by David Beckham and Katie Holmes. Their fresh and clean look makes them work with so many different outfits, and their practicality is always a plus point too.

Christy Lace-Up Flats from Aquazzura
Aquazzura is an Italian shoe label that was extremely sought after in 2015, especially after many of their styles were seen at the various fashion weeks around the world, confirming their status as a shoe essential. The two styles that were the most popular were the leopard print Christy lace-up flats and the Wild Thing heels in a gorgeous red suede, both of which are available to purchase online. While both styles are a beauty, OROGOLD loves the Christy lace-up flats, as their small gold heel is an elegant touch that adds some instant glam to any outfit.

Bobbin Coat from Shrimps
Shrimps is a new fashion label based in London, and was one of a few brands, along with Stella McCartney, that placed an emphasis on sustainable and ethical alternatives to fur. The Bobbin Coat combines faux fur with faux shearling and features the brand’s iconic stripes, resulting in a coat that showcases unique colors and textures. For those of you who want a fun-yet-trendy piece of outerwear to add to your wardrobe, this is an item that OROGOLD suggests you take a closer look at.

Pixie Lonestar Dress from AG
AG is a denim brand that recently collaborated with fashion icon Alexa Chung, creating a fun and stylish new collection for 2015. The collection features denim playsuits, printed sweaters and suede skirts, but it is the Pixie Lonestar Dress that really stood out, becoming an instant hit with women all over the world.

So Real Sunglasses from Dior
Dior has always made fabulous sunglasses, but it is their So Real sunglasses, a beautiful bridge-less and reflective design, that have been their most popular style in 2015. The sunglasses come in a variety of hues, and have been seen on a number of celebrities, from Kendall Jenner to Anna Dello Russo, making them a highly sought after item this past year.

These top fashion pieces that OROGOLD has listed were not only popular with celebrities and magazines in 2015, but also dominated sales figures at many stores around the world. From the fun and vibrant bobbin coat to the stylish So Real sunglasses from Dior, some of these items will definitely be worn well into this next year.