Hang Vs Fold to Take the Best Care of Clothes

There are some debates almost as old as civilization and whether you should hang or fold your clothes is one of them. Everyone that cares about their clothing has an opinion on which is better. You’ve probably even got your share of anecdotes as to the clear superiority of one or the other. OROGOLD is sure you care about your attire since you care enough to try to look your best. It seems best to see what can be seen in this debate to see if there is anything more to it than simple opinion. Hanging or folding clothes will keep working regardless of what the information that follows, but you may want to consider adjusting your habits to take that much better care of your clothing.

Woman wardrobe

Why is there a Debate?
Trying to look your best is always a chore. Fashion changes from season to season. You have to avoid life throwing random accidents your way that rip clothing. There’s also needing to dog those rogue glasses of wine at social functions to keep the stains away. With all of this, it is hardly surprising that people began contesting whether you should fold or hang clothes simply as a way to feel a sense of control over an aspect of clothing care. Most arguments go that folding your clothes will lead to creases in the clothing that degrade its appearance and will eventually become somewhat permanent over time even with a clothing iron. By contrast, hanging clothing leads to them slowly stretching and distorting over time. This is created with making clothing no longer fit well or leading to patterns no lo longer looking as attractive. There’s a bit of sense in each of these lines of thoughts, but they miss one thing: each fabric type is different.

Hanged clothes in a wardrobe.

Hanging clothing is the most visually appealing way of storing clothes. You can open your closet and readily pick through tops and bottoms as you seek the right combination for the day. There’s no question of where you put your favorite outfit as you can find it at a glance. An organized closet also provides a distinct sense of satisfaction. OROGOLD understands all of these aspects. Not all of your clothing will like this approach though. Lighter materials and dressier clothes should typically be hung in your closet. That favorite silk blouse you have? Hang it. The light evening dress for garden parties in the summer? Hang it. These benefit from it because their finer material is lighter than other clothing materials. The weight isn’t enough to drag them down and stretch them. Similarly, keeping them on hangars keeps them in their proper shape and prevents them from getting permanently wrinkled.

Woman keeping folded clothes in her wardrobe.

Most of us learn to fold our clothes first. This doesn’t go out of style as your age. We just stop folding everything once there’s finally something worth putting on a hanger. You do need to be selective about that though as the stories of fabrics getting stretched and distorted aren’t fully wrong. Clothing made of heavier materials like wool or that use decorative, bottom-heavy designs will suffer from being placed on a hanger. The weight will slowly stretch them out. As a result, you should fold these in half carefully for storage in a dress or another location. This will keep them safe and intact. Additionally, things like t-shirts that are made from coarser materials are easily folded as well. There is no real benefit to hanging them as the rough, more durable materials won’t be distorted by either method easily.

As with many great debates, the truth about hanging vs. folding is a mix of the arguments for both sides. There are distinct benefits to storing specific kinds of clothing in different ways, but for others there is no real effect. OROGOLD suggests going through your closet and dresser to consider the overall weight of the fabrics. It never hurts to reassess your previous storage choices. A quick update to how you’re storing your favorite clothes may be all its takes to extend their lives for years.


Our Fave Comfy Tees

Fashion woman wearing a tshit

Almost everyone enjoys a good t-shirt. They’re quick, serviceable, and above all they’re comfortable. A good selection means you can quickly grab one for an unexpected day out with friends without them looking down on your outfit choice too. You can even combine the right kind of tees together with other parts of your wardrobe to make a statement. There are plenty of opinions on what makes the best or most comfortable kinds of tees and OROGOLD isn’t going to try to settle that particular debate. Instead here are a few of our particularly favorite types of comfy tees available right now. These will always be there for you if your reach for them, but using them with style will be up to you.

Tissue Tees
These might not seem like the best choice with the seasons changing, but these slightly translucent tees remain incredibly comfortable and ready for use even now. You’re going to want to start layering with them though. It makes for an excellent undershirt beneath other tops. A good combination of colors can make the most of this kind of pairing. The additional bonus is that you’ll be warmer with a good tissue tee on under the other top than you otherwise would be and you can take the latter off if you need to cool down or make turn up your personal sense of fashion at a gathering. Look for your favored brands as you’ll find plenty of designers make these. Eskander and Monrow are two names to consider as you look for the perfect shirt.

Vintage Tees
The eternal lament that “they don’t make them like they used to” extends even to t-shirts thanks to the consistent trend towards vintage tees. Many of the most popular advertise classic rock and roll bands using their designs and logos from their heydays in the 70s and 80s. The larger than life symbols to match the music transcend time and continue to be a fashion statement. Comic movies being popularized by Joss Whedon and others are likewise making many classic superhero and superheroine symbols make a comeback on distressed or “vintage looking” tees as well. OROGOLD recommends considering buying a high quality “vintage looking” tee if you want to get the most out of your fashion. You can get the looks combine with modern standards of clothing, but if you spy just the right truly vintage tee then don’t hesitate.

¾ Sleeve Tees
These are classics when the weather starts to turn. A little more sleeve with a tighter cuff at the end of the sleeve to seal off the rest of the shirt and retain a bit more heat. These come in a dizzying variety and what you want will typically depend on individual taste. A Henley may suit your friend, but you may want a Raglan instead. The best news about looking for a good ¾ sleeve tee is that their universal appeal, independent of cut, means most designers have touched upon them at one point or another. Hervé Léger and St. John are both known to have options like this that are both tasteful and come with the assured quality associated with their names. You will likely need to look around to find something that suits you the best though.

Fashion is a personal as much as a public thing. OROGOLD can point you at these particular kinds of comfy tees, but it is up to you to make the most of the ideas. One cut or style will suit you just fine, but might make a friend doubt whether you understand fashion. Hopefully, this gives you the idea that you needn’t quite sacrifice all the comforts of summer quite yet even if you need to modify them a bit. Enjoy the changing weather with a change to your wardrobe.

Tips for More Comfortable Shoes

Woman looking at a shoe store display window

Shoes can end up taking up a substantial amount of closet space just to make sure there’s a pair of shoes for most occasions. Even the most practical people have to make concessions and typically have at least two or three pairs depending on their hobbies. You don’t necessarily have to wear shoes, but calloused feet have yet to be “in” for fashion. Their ubiquity means facing the fact that, despite our best efforts, shoes aren’t all that comfortable sometimes. OROGOLD has assembled a few tips for trying to ensure that your shoes are as comfortable as they can be though. They won’t necessarily keep any pair your wear for too long from eventually getting uncomfortable, but they may buy you a few more hours in the shoes before that happens.

Avoid Crushing Your Toes
Beauty hurts sometimes. Everyone goes to great lengths to try to look their best at least some of the time. The trick is that you have to admit some styles aren’t actually worth it. Pointy toed shoes are among some of the worst offenders when it comes to being able to wear them for any length of time. Ideally, your shoes should let your toes fall into a mostly natural shape. Shoes they use sharp, tapering toes crush your toes together. Most people can stand this for a little while, but it rapidly becomes uncomfortable. It can also cause long term issues for your feet if you make a habit of only wearing such shoes. Don’t think of this rule as a reason to ditch your favorite pointy shoes, but do try cutting back how often and how long you wear them.

Woman looking at a shoe.

Check Your Shoe Size
This may seem like an overly simple rule, but different brands often use measurements that differ from one another slightly. Your size can go up or down in shoes only slightly less often than it will in tops. As a result, try to use in-store shoe measurements to make the best selection whenever possible. Focus on all of your foot as well. OROGOLD understands that some people might not want to admit to themselves they wear a wide of their shoe size, but it is far better for your feet to get the wide shoe than to try to squish your feet into shoes that aren’t quite the shape you need. Any shoe, stylish or not, needs to fit properly if you’re going to wear it for an extended time.

Support Your Feet
A good set of heels is wonderful and can make you feel confident and beautiful. You do need to remember that your feet need extra support in heels though. The arching they put your feet through can cause issues if the shoes isn’t designed properly. In general, you should favor flats as they are the most likely to include adequate support for your full foot. Don’t write off your heels though. You can still wear those, but you’re better offer favoring heels with thicker heels rather than thinner. Weight distribution is the biggest part of a shoe having proper support and thinner heels are unable to do that with nearly the effectiveness of thicker ones. Don’t forget to check the inside of all shoes for proper arch support either.

A good set of shoes can make an outfit, but it can also break your feet if you’re not careful. You should always strive to feel happy, confident, and beautiful. OROGOLD exists to help you with that. But ignoring taking proper care of yourself for one aspect of beauty will only hurt you in the long run. You can look stylish even as you select shoes to be kind to your feet. Once you find those perfects pairs, you’ll be able to walk into a room with your head held high without limping out a half hour later.

Best Fabrics for Skin

Woman picking out a cotton tee

We’re used to a dizzying variety of fabrics in being used to make out clothing and each one of them seeming to have different instructions for care. This top needs to be washed in warm, but not too warm water while the bottom needs to be washed in cold water and hung out to line dry. One load of laundry can end up feeling like fifteen before you’re done. All of the fabrics do have their uses though. Not all of those fabrics are necessarily the best for your skin though. While we may be used to marathon clothes washing, We think you might want to consider going through your wardrobe and consider expanding the fabric types in particular directions. It should help simplify the washing and might even benefit your skin.

Plain and simple cotton is one of the best things for your skin. It needs relatively little treatment to be used as clothing. It breathes. The fabric itself is highly versatile as the weave often determines how soft it feels and how durable it is. Cotton clothing is also simple to deal with when cleaning most of the time. People have used cotton for clothing for centuries for the very reason that it is so good at what it does. Remember that we’re talking about plain cotton clothing though. Cotton blends use synthetic fibers that get various treatments as part of the creation. The blend itself also has to be made to mesh well together. This isn’t necessarily bad for you, but those with more sensitive skin are likely to react in some cases.

Everyone knows about the luxury of silk as assuredly as they know of the versatility of cotton. Silk isn’t quite a visually durable as cotton can be due to the particular weaves it uses, but as a material it is often stronger. The issues with silk mainly come from snagging. However, it is dyed in an array of beautiful colors that not only take to the colors, but keep silk’s unique shine. The material is also luxuriously soft to the touch on skin. A part of what makes silk so good for your skin is the same thing that makes full cotton clothing good for your skin: it tends to be almost entirely natural. This makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skins. If you can’t take to a particular dye, then it is easy enough to avoid with without skipping the entire material.

Yes, infamously scratchy sweaters get made from wool, a fleece, but not all fleeces are made equally. What they all share in common is that they get sheared off of animals from the world over. Lots of names get applied to the individual fleeces though. Angora, cashmere, mohair, and just plain wool are all kinds of fleece. The exact texture tends to vary from species to species. Anyone who has touched cashmere and angora can vouch for how soft those are next to the infamous sweaters of legend. But even plain wool can be soft and warm given the right handling. The trick is finding fleece clothing that feels good to your skin and doesn’t cause any sort of reaction. You’ll then have comfortable, warm, and tasteful clothing to wear that won’t harm your skin.

Nature typically seems to provide good solutions for a lot of things. This is especially true when it comes to selecting materials that are kind to your skin. You should favor natural fabrics over synthetics if you’re truly dedicated to caring for your skin. Less processing means less of a chance for a bit of fabric to be exposed to potential reaction causing chemicals. There are plenty of nature fabrics out there that you can try as well. Some are like fleeces and others are made from unexpected plant sources like bamboo. Experiment, but keep Mother Nature in mind.

Fabulous Fall Lip Colors

Autumn typically brings somber colors along with it for both clothing and makeup. It often seems at odds with the vibrant displays of color that are typical of fall in various parts of the world. This year is different though. Fashion Week did showcase plenty of old standbys for fall colors, but it also opted for daring, brighter shades from across the spectrum. Fall doesn’t have to pout this year. OROGOLD looked into some of the most common of these new, richer colors to find any commonalities. They tend towards shades of red and pink, but there are also plenty of wild cards in the mix that will make finding your perfect shades for fall more colorful than you thought.

Brick red lipstick

Brick Red
This shade sits between the traditional somber tones and some of the more vibrant shades in showing this year. Its deeper color provides a distinct visual depth that highlights the lips next to the rest of the face. But it isn’t quite the brooding tones of the past. Instead it seems suggestive of a dare to make the most of the fall and see what it has to offer instead of staying by a fire. The particular shade is also complementary across various skin tones. This makes it a potentially beautiful option for many people. If you’re uncertain, consult an esthetician, but the odds are this shade will suit you just fine. All you need to worry about is the right outfit.

Berry lipstick

Ripe Berry
Farther along the spectrum of color rests this one. There was a distinct nod towards eye catching lips in Fashion Week that was due in no small part to shades similar to this. They provided a distinctly vivacious look to the models when paired with the trend towards natural hair and makeup. It made them appear to have just come from eating fresh fruit. In addition to providing a look of health, the color stands out against the often drabber tones of the season to make anyone wearing it almost instantly eye catching. It is easily complemented with other makeup to lend an overall healthy look to most women even as fall progresses. OROGOLD suggests experimenting in this tone range to find the best color for your skin and outfits if you truly want a Fashion Week inspired look.

Pink lipstick.

Yes, pink is in season now thanks to Fashion Week. Pastel pinks weren’t the most common either. The particular shades were often cooler, yes, but far from the dark, brooding colors associated with fall. It makes for a daring statement against the time of year as well as a truly unconventional look. One particularly popular shade was cherry-blossom as it offered coverage for a variety of models and complemented an equal amount of outfits. The main trick, as with other shades, was to use the rest of the makeup to complement features while allowing the lips to stand out without detracting from them. As a result, nude or very subtle makeup works best for this and the other vibrant shades used in Fashion Week.

Celebrating personal beauty is OROGOLD’s mission and it makes seeing that become a trend in Fashion Week itself particularly gratifying. There is a distinct air that comes from makeup that makes a face look lively as the world begins to settle in for its impending winter’s nap. This air will help you stand out and make your mark no matter how cool it gets outside. You will keep burning with a visible passion for living.

Gold Styles for Fall

A new season has finally descended upon us, and with it comes a new batch of ‘it’ colors to wear. Berries and reds will always be associated with fall, but the new and trendy color of gold is taking the fashion world by storm because of its unique and refreshing hue to spruce up one’s wardrobe and whole look. Wearing gold during a season like fall is interesting because it’s warm and neutral, but can be amped up to be bright and loud – unlike berries and reds, which are vampy and dark, or grays, which are too muted.

With that being said, wearing gold is a tricky little thing. If an entire outfit is gold, you can risk looking like a yellow Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. But if worn with the right color combination, it can act like a push-up bra to any look, emphasizing the right points. To find out how you can wear this color for any and every occasion this season, we have come up with four outfits to give you inspiration for your next golden outfit.

Casual fashion inspiration for fall.

For casual days such as going to glass or offices with no strict dress code, a neutral, plaid dress with a black cardigan is the right combination to emphasize a gold bag, some gold Oxfords, and the ever classic gold watch. The dark tones of the dress match the fall perfectly, while the berry-pink hue of the blush and lip stain will give you that beautiful flushed look.

Girls night out fashion inspiration for fall.

Girls Night Out
A night out is the perfect way to wear gold pieces because of its glamorous vibe. Pair a black, sleeveless turtleneck with a gold, paisley mini skirt, some black tights, and maroon heels. When the cold winds rise during the night, you can keep yourself warm with a thick, nude blazer. Do not worry about the blazer and skirt clashing because nude actually looks similar to gold, minus the shiny finish. Don some warm smoky eyes with a berry lip and you will be ready to have fun until dawn.

Corporate fashion inspiration for fall.

For a more office-appropriate look, you can still rock the gold trend by opting for a gold satchel that will hold all of your belongings, a gold layered necklace for a minimalist look, and a wash of gold eye shadow to give your peepers some extra shine. This will all stand out against a gray shift dress and black kitten heels, topped off with a warm coat with a muted golden hue.

Formal wear inspiration for fall.

If there’s any event where you can rock an all gold ensemble, it’s a formal event. If you’re overwhelmed by how much gold is in this look, don’t worry. This beautiful mustard gold jacquard dress, gold strappy heels, and gold watch are complemented by a comfortable rosy pink coat and pink lips – the matte texture of the lips and coat will help balance out all the shine. To complete the look, opt for numerous layers of black, waterproof mascara to keep you polished and ready to socialize all day and night.

Fall Beauty Product Launches

Woman shopping in a beauty store

While Fashion Week‘s purpose is to launch next season’s clothing, it also serves the purpose of signaling when fall is upon us with all its changes. Beauty products, like other aspects of fashion, are sometimes seasonal. There have been a number of interesting recent makeup releases from recognizable names in the business. OROGOLD is going to touch on some of these products to give you an idea of what’s new in the makeup world. Don’t hesitate to try some of these products, especially those from companies known for quality, as you might just find a new look that will suit you throughout the colder months of the year.

Guo Pei Collection (MAC)
Despite being released in the fall, this collection focuses distinctly on light, floral colors. The packaging for the various products reflect this with airy designs recalling the color and life of spring. It isn’t the most substantial collection in the world, but offers a small selection of shadows, lip color, and other basics. The floral colors offer a pleasant contrast to the tone the world begins to take as the seasons turn. Additionally, they offer a way to give yourself a healthy looking glow when used correctly. The Geo Pei Collection is a limited release MAC product line and at the higher end of their products. You can be sure of its quality and the staying power of its color.

Dolce & Gabbana
Fashion houses being involved in beauty products isn’t a new thing, but it isn’t what made their names. This fall Dolce & Gabbana have released a collection centered around coordinating with their fall and winter clothing lines. The tones available are all expertly coordinated to make the most of being paired with the clothing and make an excellent addition to anyone loyal to the fashion house. Trendy fashion hackers can certainly use this makeup as well to get the best of their own tastes paired with high quality makeup. OROGOLD suggests making the most of any palette you decide to try as such experimentation is what drives beauty and fashion forward.

Tarte Holiday 2015 (Sephora)
Focusing on the use of stained Amazonian clays, this collection is all about holiday inspired colors despite being released in the fall. The various light tones allow you to add a splash of color to your face to create a cheerful contrast to a potentially darker wardrobe. Blushes make up the centerpiece for this collection, but there are others makeup types as well. Some lipsticks are available in the set as well as a large eye shadow palette devoted to making your the life of any gathering over the coming seasons. Their placement in Sephora helps to provide just that extra bit of confidence in their quality. It doesn’t have to be the largest collection to be a good potential addition to your makeup kit.

These are only a few of the makeup releases that have come out so far in fall. Plenty more will come out as fall progresses, and many of them may end up being holiday focused like the last one. OROGOLD reminds you that classifying the particular color sets as seasonal serves as a handy guide, but don’t feel bound to them. Color has its own language and you’re certainly well-versed enough in it to know what works.

Fall Shopping Guide

The coming of fall means it is time to change out your closet again. Everyone has their favorite outfits that survive from year to year, but you’re likely just a little in love with some trends that Fashion Week brought with it earlier in the year. OROGOLD fully understands that you might need a little reminder of what is in for fall though. Old favorites have made a come back for this year, but there are plenty of newer things to experiment with if you want as well. These won’t be all the trends and you should always remember that fashion is constant experimentation. Feel free to simply use these suggestions as a starting point rather than what you have to do.

Woman wearing danglers.

Obvious Jewelry
Cooler weather tends to mean people start getting ill and looking less than their best. The current trends will let you counteract that though. Larger, more obvious jewelry is in style for this fall. Hoop and dangling earrings are particularly fashionable. The shining looks of the jewelry aren’t meant for making an outfit though. They are meant to serve as ways to highlight the part of an outfit you want people to look at or to help bring out the color of your makeup or eyes for a more vibrant look. This should help you look your best even if the changing weather starts to get to you a little. Just remember not to go too extravagant with your jewelry. Accent yours looks without dominating them.

Woman wearing flared jeans

Flared Pants
There is a distinct trend towards flared pants legs for fall. This trend continues to emerge and only seems to be getting stronger. They offer a nice contrast to the figure-hugging clothing many opt for in summer and bring a casual air to the fall season. OROGOLD recommends at least experimenting with this trend as it can also offer a way to worry less about the temperamental fall weather. A good pair of flared pants is often good regardless of the weather being warmer or cooler than expected unlike some other looks. This makes them flexible in addition to stylish. That combination is hard to beat when it comes to fashion.

Woman street style.

Long Sleeves
Everyone has tucked their hands in their sleeves to stay warm occasionally, but the upcoming trend makes this an element of style. Look for tops with longer sleeves that drape down past your wrists. The style tends to favor sleeves that fully engulf the hands, but you may wish to favor ones that only mostly do simply for ease of wear when you’re out and about. The look offers a stylish disdain for convention while giving you the appearance of a dramatically longer frame. You may want to think about whether you prefer this look or long gloves, which are also in, when trying to plot out fall outfits. Each one will determine a lot about the outfits your might favor.

You’ve still got some time before fall fully hits you, and you can use that time to find your new outfits. There’s no shame in sticking to old stand-bys though. With the trend towards accessorizing, you can even update your old favorite relatively easily and remain in style. OROGOLD believes you can achieve a lot with an older idea, but we might be a little biased. Regardless, you should get working on your fall look soon or you might find yourself dealing with the cold before you’re ready.

Nails for Fall 2015

With the beginning of a new season we are always faced with an age-old problem, what’s new in fashion and beauty and how can I achieve the look?

Nobody really likes to admit that from the minute the new season’s magazines hit the shelves we find ourselves trawling through the beautiful glossy pages hoping to find some inspiration.

Well, regardless of budget, one of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce yourself up and be bang on trend is to paint your nails.

Now we know some of you will silently scream in terror at the prospect of painting your nails, but trust us you can do it. Whether your nails are long or short, if you follow our few steps below, you will have beautiful nails and be completely ready for the Fall season.

One of the big trends this Fall is the 70’s look. From High Street stores like Topshop and River Island to high end designers like Stella McCartney 70’s boho chic prevails in store.

1970's Fever
What better way to complement this look or even just to add a hint of 70’s to your existing wardrobe than with these perfect hues from Ciaté.
Nails for Fall 2015

From the Olivia Palermo Ciaté Fall collection these polishes have rich, deep shades with a high gloss finish which will give you a great pop of color for any outfit. So how do you get the best wear out of these shades? Well just follow these few simple steps and you will be in manicure heaven.

  1. File your nails to your desired shape. It makes no difference if your nails are long or short, rich colors like these love short nails too.
  2. Always apply a base coat if you are painting your nails as color nail polish can leave the nails stained yellow.
  3. Apply two coats of your desired color. Try not to use too much polish on the brush as this will cause the polish to bubble on the nail.
  4. Apply the polish in three strokes. One down the middle of the nail and then one each down either side of the nail.
  5. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying another coat.
  6. To get the best of your manicure apply a high gloss, hard-wearing top coat. Top up this coat of polish every other day to prolong your polish.

We love this Sally Hansen top coat. It is fast drying and tough, we always have it in our manicure kit.

Sally Hansen Insta-dry

So get yourself down to the mall to find your favorite colors for this season and get painting while we leave you with this little nugget of advice: To prevent damage to your manicure, try not to use your fingernails to pick at things or pry things open and always use the end of a spoon or fork to open cans of soda or tins of food.

Asian Makeup Style

Trying to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and makeup is a chore sometimes. One day something seems to be the new style and then the next day you find out that someone you’ve never even heard of seems to think it is a bad idea and almost everyone abandons it. Some tricks do survive this wave of scrutiny though and these are the ones that tend to travel. There is a division between Asian trends and Western ones that doesn’t necessarily need to exist. OROGOLD fully acknowledges women of Asian ancestry do have particular difficulties of their own when it comes to applying eye makeup, but those are more about how to make the most out of a different type of face. There are plenty of generalized trends anyone can try adopting to get a new look.

Ombre lips.

Gradient Lips
Most women apply lipstick with the goal of fully coloring their lips with a vibrant color to help them stand out. A current trend in Asia opts for an entirely different approach. Gradient lips provide a soft flow of color from natural looking outer lips to vibrant inner lips that give the appearance of having just been stained by food. This is achieved in a number of ways, but a common variation on the technique requires you to have two colors of lipstick. One needs to be a nude that works for your lip color and the other should be the color that you’d like to have set apart from your lips. Using the nude to cover the outer edges of your lips will define a smaller inner area for you to use color on. The result is a playful looking style that appears more natural than design.

Woman with natural makeup.

Natural Makeup
Few Asian women opt for a makeup style that emphasize that they are wearing makeup. Instead they focus on bringing out their natural beauty through skin care and the careful application of nude makeup. This approach involves largely covering up any blemishes or problem areas without being too zealous with your makeup. Happily, this trend slightly corresponds to a lighter trend in this direction among Western makeup artist. OROGOLD suggests consulting an esthetician about some of the best ways to emphasize your own looks without it being obvious. These will often vary depending on your skin type and heritage. Taking this approach will give you a distinct “I just woke up like this” casual beauty that it is hard to ignore.

Woman with puppy eye makeup.

Puppy Eye
Everyone in the Western world is familiar with Cay Eye makeup, but Asia has turned this on its head with a Puppy Eye instead. This makeup technique is less about emphasizing a sort of aloof and mysterious look. It is about making yourself look both larger and more youthful. More than just the name makes it the inverse of the Cat Eye. Use your favorite liner to follow your upper lash line like you would when going for a more feline look, but you should instead follow the contour of your upper eye out and down when you reach the edge instead of going for the upwards flick. You can add extra emphasis to the look by meeting the line from the lower lash line as well, but it isn’t required in every version of the Puppy Eye.

Regional makeup trends don’t have to be trapped within a region. Spreading new ideas around allows makeup, like all good art, to grow from meeting its counterparts. OROGOLD fully encourages you to try some of these tricks if you aren’t already. You’re sure to get a different perspective on yourself and maybe even find your new favorite way to do your makeup.