ORO GOLD Offers Makeup Tips to Live By

There are new beauty products hitting the ever expanding skin care products market on a daily basis.  It can be very difficult to sort through the vast amount of products available which offer many different options and colors. Moreover, there is always some new trend or style to follow.  Luckily, having great skin never goes out of style. It is best to begin and end every day with ORO GOLD Cosmetics products to keep skin fresh and flawless.  ORO GOLD Cosmetics has put together some helpful tips and tricks to follow which will allow your make-up experience to be an easy one.

Women with day and night makeup.

Differentiate Your Day and Night Looks
There is a time for work and a time for play, and each situation calls for a different makeup application.  Day time makeup should be light, fresh, and more on the natural side.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t add a pop of color here and there, but the key here is less is more.  A polished, natural look is perfect for the office or brunch with friends. When the sun begins to set, you can get a little wild – and amp up your make-up too!  You can play with bright, bold, and metallic colors for your nails, lips, and eyes. For more help and tips check OROGOLD Makeup Tips for a Natural Look.

Hands Off!
One of the biggest mistakes people make with their makeup is what they use to apply it: their fingers.  Your fingers can add extra dirt and oil to your skin.  Invest in a good set of sponges and makeup brushes so that the only thing you are applying to your skin is makeup.  Use a sponge to apply liquid foundation and your arsenal of brushes to apply eye makeup and blush.  A large brush can help with overall blending and a lip brush will allow you to more precisely color your lips.

Woman applying foundation

Finding a good foundation can even and smooth your skin so that it looks flawless even before you add the rest of your makeup.  Foundation comes in different forms: liquid, powder, pressed powder, and powder to liquid.  Take some time to find the right style and color for your skin.  If there is one thing you should always buy from the top shelf, it is a high quality foundation.

Clean It Up
Before you turn in for the evening, erase your palette by washing and cleansing your face.  This way you can get rid of excess oils, old makeup, and other pollutants that build up during the day.  Sleeping can be very therapeutic for your skin. It gives it time to refresh and repair itself.  You could help this process along by using an Oro Gold night cream.

Makeup application does not necessarily have to be so complicated that it ends up taking hours of your precious time.  With a few and right cosmetics and skincare products from Oro Gold Cosmetics this can be easily achieved. Also, these tips and tricks which show you hot to use make-up correctly, can help anyone create the perfect, polished look.