Recommendations for a Productive Sick Day

Woman down with the flu

With flu season well underway, many people will be finding themselves under the weather and needing to take one of those precious sick days. While you may feel as though this will put you way behind, there are actually many ways in which you can go about having an extremely productive sick day.

Fluids and Nutrients
While you may not feel like eating or drinking much, your body still needs to function, and your immune system needs to be able to battle whatever may be ailing you. In order to be productive while you are feeling sick, you need to keep your body constantly supplied with fluids and nutrients. Whether this means keeping a pot of soup bubbling on the stove or spending a few minutes juicing a day’s supply of oranges, stock up on fluids and nutrients early in the day so that you can spend the rest of the day focussing on productivity.

Woman reading
Reading a trashy novel is not the most productive way to spend your sick day, but catching up on a few professional business books is a great way to learn something new. Whether you already have a stack that you have been meaning to read, or quickly download a few interesting titles onto your tablet, these types of books will help you to further your own professional development, and may even fill your head with fresh inspiration for when you return to work. You could also spend some time catching up on industry news, whether this means that you buy a few issues of trade magazines or read several articles online.

Documentaries and Educational Videos
Rather than binge-watching Netflix the entire day, spend your sick day watching a documentary or an educational video on a topic that you want to learn about in more detail. From short business talks on YouTube to longer, inspiring documentaries, this will take your mind off of being sick, and provide you with plenty of motivation to get back to work.

woman on laptop
Tidy Up Your Inbox
There are some people that have managed to master the art of keeping their email inbox tidy and well-organized, but if you are not one of these people, then spend some time doing so on your sick day. However, make sure that you do not actually start responding to emails, unless it is something urgent, as you need to give your body the chance to recuperate. Simply work on tidying up that inbox, creating folders for different categories, as this will help to boost your productivity in the future.

If you are hoping to make the most of your sick day, then make sure that, in addition to keeping a steady supply of nutrients and fluids around, you also have your smartphone, tablet and laptop within easy reach. However, if you begin to feel sicker at any point during the day, then take that as a sign that your body, and mind, could really do with some down time, and just sit back and relax, no matter how difficult this may be for you!


Your Summer Vacation Essentials – OROGOLD Reviews

Packing for a summer vacation leaves many of us with the same dilemma; how to pack as light as possible without having to leave much-loved items behind. To begin with, OROGOLD recommends you to make a list of all your basic essentials, such as underwear and a pair of jeans, and be sure to strictly follow your list. Include all the items that you will be packing at the last minute on your list, such as your toothbrush and your phone charger, to ensure that you do not end up forgetting anything important.

Woman selecting a swimsuit while shopping.

Bathing Suits
If you’re going to be spending your vacation by the beach, you will definitely need to pack more than one bathing suit, as nobody likes squeezing themselves into a wet one. Don’t forget to also pack some cover-ups – a sarong or a stretchy sun dress work especially well if you need to head off to other activities straight from the beach.

Woman cleaning her shoes at home.

A pair of flip-flops is essential if you’re spending time by the beach or pool, and can be paired with plenty of outfits for a casual, beachy look. You will also need a pair of shoes for going out at night, as many nicer places won’t let you in if you are wearing flip-flops. A pair of wedge sandals are comfortable and will work with many outfits. If you plan on doing some outdoor activities, such as hiking or playing a sport, be sure to bring along a pair of sneakers.

Woman choosing skin care products at a beauty store.

Skincare and Haircare Products
Sunscreen is a must for any summer vacation, and keeping your skin protected should always be your number one priority. The heat of the sun can also dry out your hair, so bring along a small amount of leaveP-in conditioner, as well as a spray that will help to hydrate your hair. Don’t forget about sunglasses, as these will help to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Sunglasses are convenient to pack, so it could be a good idea to bring a few different pairs, as sunglasses are an easy way to change the dynamic of your outfit.

Two friends wearing warm clothes and drinking coffee.

Warm Clothes
Even if you plan on visiting somewhere hot and tropical, you should always bring along something warmer to throw on top of your outfit, just in case it starts to rain or a cool front blows in. Since these are bulkier to pack, consider wearing your warmer clothes on the plane, as this will save you space in your suitcase whilst keeping you cozy and comfortable during your journey.

Woman charging her phone.

Multi-Gadget Chargers
These days, we travel with so many electronics, including phones, cameras, MP3 players, tablets, e-book readers, and much more. Rather than bringing along a separate charger for each, which not only takes up more space in your suitcase but also means you have more to remember when it comes time to return home, purchase a multi-gadget charger, which allows you to charge all of your devices with one charger.

When packing for your summer vacation, don’t forget to leave some empty space in your suitcase for any shopping that you may do. Make sure to also bring a mini travel first aid kit along with you, with items that will have you prepared for cuts and scrapes, colds and stomach bugs, as well as motion sickness, ensuring that no matter what happens on your vacation, you will be able to handle it.