How to Create a Holiday Wishlist

Holiday season

While you may no longer be writing a letter to Santa, a holiday wishlist is still a great way to let your friends and family know exactly what you want this year. For those who have never created a digital wishlist before, here are some great places to get started.

Pinterest is loved by many due to the way in which it is so easy to use, as well as being plenty of fun. When it comes to a holiday wishlist, Pinterest lays everything out in a beautiful visual format, meaning that your loved ones will be able to quickly skim through to view all of the items. You can add content to your wishlist from any website on the internet, and, once you are done, you can then share it with anybody that has an email address, even if they do not have their own Pinterest account.

Amazon Wish List
Amazon is one of the largest stores on the internet, meaning that you are likely to be able to find just about anything you could want on there. The site’s wish list feature is extremely popular and can be accessed by anyone that searches for your username. Once an item has been paid for, Amazon takes care of all of the delivery details and will ship it straight to your door, with this streamlined process being one of its main advantages. For those who want to create more than one wishlist, Amazon makes this easy, enabling you to control who has access to each list.

One of the top wishlist apps for smartphones, WishMindr has a pleasant interface that is easy to use, and allows you to save items from every website out there in a variety of different ways. When it comes to sharing your list, there are so many ways in which you can do this, from email to text message to social media, meaning that you will be able to share it with just about anyone.

Wishpot is one of the top wishlist websites out there, and, after signing up for an account, you will quickly understand why. In addition to being able to add items from any website, Wishpot also offers a ‘reserve’ feature, which means that once your friends and family have decided what they want to buy, they can easily reserve it until they are ready to make the purchase, and nobody else will be able to buy it in the meantime. Wishpot also monitors the pricing of your product across the internet, and will send you a notification if there are any price drops.

There are many different ways in which you can create a digital holiday wishlist, and the website or app that you choose should depend on the types of gifts that you are hoping to receive. While the Amazon wish list feature is the most convenient, this limits you to products sold by Amazon, whereas most other sites will allow you to add products from all over the internet, so do spend some time exploring your options before picking one.


Sustainable Spring Fashion

Woman wearing a dress

The fashion industry has frequently been under attack for having a disregard for the environment, but, in recent years, this has begun to drastically change. This is largely down to consumers themselves, as they increasingly want to know more about the products that they are buying, from where and how it is made to the larger issues that each brand as a whole supports. All of these evolving consumer demands have led to incredible innovations when it comes to sustainable fashion, with experts predicting eco-friendly trends that are truly exciting.

Faux fur jacket

Guilt-Free Fabrics
There is no doubt about the fact that wearing animal products is not at all sustainable, which has led to the development of some beautiful imitation fabrics, often of a much higher quality than the actual original. Faux fur has always been a great alternative to fur, and brands are now experimenting more with these materials, creating faux furs in bright and vibrant spring colors. There are also fantastic arrays of vegetable leathers that look just as spectacular as the real deal. While cotton may not be a fabric that comes from animals, 16% of global insecticide releases come from cotton, making it the opposite of eco-friendly. This, in turn, has led to a growth in organic cotton as well as alternative plant-based fabrics, made from ingredients such as soy, bamboo, wood pulp and corn. Designers and brands are even looking to fruits for fabrics, coming up with products such as Pinatex, which is a fabric made from pineapples.

The vintage trend has been around for a while, and it looks like it could be here to stay for even longer. Buying vintage is a great way to decrease your global footprint, while wearing a piece of clothing that has its own unique history. In terms of spring 2016, Victorian-style pieces are going to be extremely popular, whether it be layering a corset into your outfit or picking vintage pieces that feature exquisite florals and feminine details.

Hand bag

Ethical Bags
A bag is often used much more frequently than an item of clothing, which is why bags have received extra attention in terms of being sustainable and ethical. Thanks to the increase of guilt-free fabrics, as mentioned above, there are now some great alternatives to leather, many of which are just as durable and reliable. For those who want to begin making more sustainable fashion choices, bags are one of the best places to start.

Sustainable Online Shopping
In order to truly reach the masses, sustainable fashion needs to be available online, which is something that was previously lacking. There are now a variety of fashion websites out there that make it easy to buy eco-friendly pieces. Zedy and R.E.V focus on ethically made clothes and accessories, while the ASOS website boasts a Green Room that contains any items that have a certain eco-friendly element, be it the way that they were made or the fabrics that they are produced from. Mass market brands, such as H&M, have also been producing more sustainable lines, with their exclusive Conscious Collection already sold out in many places. This is a trend that other brands will soon adopt as H&M’s success is proof that fashion consumers are now much more eco-conscious than they used to be.

In order for sustainable fashion to really become mainstream, consumers today need to do away with “fast fashion”, choosing instead to invest in apparel for the long term, fixing it rather than replacing it if there is a problem. However, these spring trends are great steps forward when it comes to eco-friendly fashion, and it will not be long before even more brands begin to adopt sustainable strategies of their own.

Online Shopping vs. In Store Shopping

Shopping is something many women enjoy, and for some, it can be difficult to decide whether to shop online or in person. Shopping online can have its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Shopping in store can also have the same. OROGOLD explores the pros and cons of both, so that you can make an educated decision as to which form of shopping is right for you.

Woman shopping on her laptop with her shopping bags near her

Pros of Online Shopping

Certain websites and brands will sometimes offer their loyal store credit card holders exclusive deals to special shopping events held online. Not only that, but if there is a point system in place, you will also be able to rack up extra points with some merchants.

There is usually a larger selection of merchandise available online as opposed to in store, being that the warehouses store more of the product for shipping. Some vendors will use free or extremely cheap shipping costs, especially for store credit card holders.

There are also ways to save money by shopping online by use of discount or promo codes which can be found through internet searches, and on occasion in promotional e-mails sent to your e-mail inbox. There are also many websites available online which provide discounted items at a fraction of the cost you would spend in store.

For women with busy lifestyles, online shopping is their only method of finding time to buy something for themselves, and this is a great option for them.


Cons of Online Shopping

When buying items from a store you may have never ordered or shopped with in the past, the sizing of clothing items may be off. You may know you wear size 7 in jeans; however, their size 7 may be too snug or even too big. Every brand has its own sizing chart. It can be stressful to anticipate an order’s arrival, and then receive the order only to find out the item(s) didn’t fit properly. Even more stressful, the items may or may not be eligible for a refund, and if they are, you may or may not have to pay for the shipping of the item back to the company. Sometimes, you may even have to fork over the cost of a restocking fee.

If you are purchasing an item online which contains scent, such as a candle, lotion, perfume or body wash, you may be unpleasantly surprised when you receive the item. Something you thought looked like it would smell fantastic may not be as lovely as you originally thought once in hand. Unless you’ve used or smelled the product in person previously, be wary of buying scented things online.

Sometimes, shipping fees are excessive, and there are only one or two expensive shipping options to choose from. That being said, it may be more cost effective to go to your local mall or store and purchase the item there, especially if you live in close proximity to the store.

Sometimes, certain items may be on back order, or take a long time to arrive – especially around holiday times. As a general rule to online shopping, it should be said that products intended for popular holiday gifts should be bought one – three months in advance of the holiday to ensure you receive the item on time.

Womans legs and feet show shopping in a store with shopping bags

Pros to Shopping in Store

When it comes to shopping in store, you are able to get your item the same day, where you don’t have to wait on an item to ship. This can be exceptionally important when you have an event scheduled for that week. Having what you need when you need it is obviously the point here. If time is of the essence, your best bet is to purchase the item in store and have it readily available to use.

When shopping in store, you are able to try on items and ensure they fit properly before buying them.

You are sometimes privileged to special sales and promotions only found in store.

Shopping in store may be more economical for those unwilling to pay sales tax and shipping fees. If the store is local, you could make a quick trip there, saving unnecessary shipping costs.

Some women prefer to shop in store due to the fact that it’s more hands on, and some people are generally more hands on shoppers. Something that doesn’t look as alluring on the same store’s website might jump out at you in person.


Cons to Shopping In Store

Some women don’t have the time it takes to physically make a trip to the mall or their favorite stores. Online shopping is much more convenient for them, as it only takes a trip to a website and a few clicks of a mouse.

Those who are disabled may find it difficult to get to stores in person. Due to this, online shopping may work better for them.

If you are short of cash on hand, and you have a store credit card, charging your order online may be a faster, easier way to go – and you typically earn more points via shopping online, as well as saving money with promo codes only redeemable online.

If you’re a mom of small children, taking them to the stores can be an overwhelming experience. Screaming, crying children can make shopping feel like a nightmare. In this case, shopping in store may not be such a great idea.

Perhaps you live in an extremely isolated location, with no access to your favorite stores. In this case, shopping in person isn’t always attainable, whereas shopping online may work much more effectively for you.


Make an Educated Decision on What Type of Shopping Works for You

While there are many reasons to shop online vs shopping in person, and vice versa, it’s important to note everyone is different, and everyone has their own preferences.

OROGOLD wants to known which method of shopping do you enjoy most, and why? Chime in below!