Exotic Beauty Looks – OROGOLD Reviews

Exotic beauty is a look that many women try to achieve, as it is a great alternative to usual day or night makeup. From accentuating the shape of your eyes to enhancing the color of your skin, there are many simple ways to add exotic elements to your makeup regime. OROGOLD offers a few simple tips to enjoy an exotic beauty look.

Tanned woman getting wet in a beach.

A Radiant Tan
Now that the consequences of lying out in the sun are widely known, there have been some great new tanning products out on the market. Before applying your makeup, give yourself a good base to start with by choosing a foundation that is a couple of shades darker than your skin color. If your skin is quite pale, apply a thin layer to the backs of your hands as well. For an all-over sun-kissed glow, there are some great moisturizing tanning lotions out there, and they can be used on your face as well as your body.

Woman sporting graphic eye makeup.

Graphic Middle Eastern Eyes
This is a bold and edgy look, and works well when the rest of your makeup is kept minimal. To begin with, apply an eye base from your lids to your brows, to smooth out any imperfections, and then apply a matte eye shadow. Next, use a white kohl pencil to line the bottom waterline, extending the outer corner wing outwards along the natural shape of your eye. Line your top and bottom lash lines with a black kohl liner, extending the outer wings so that there is a line above and below the white line you previously drew. Use a liquid liner to then sharpen and emphasize the black lines. Depending on how dramatic you want the look to be, mascara and fake lashes can also be used.

Woman showing off her pout clicks a selfie with her friend.

A Gorgeous Pout
A subtle lip color can perfectly complete any look, and depending on the products you choose, can give your face an exotic edge. A sun-kissed red lipstick looks great with most skin tones, and can be worn with a plumping lip gloss to add volume to your lips. A sparkling lip gloss worn on its own is also a great choice, especially for during the day.

Woman with lace makeup wearing a mask for the Venetian ball.

Exotic Lace
Lace is sexy yet mysterious, and when used in the right way, can give you an alluring exotic look. Lace can be used as a template and held over your face while you apply makeup around it. You can also use the lace itself, cutting it in a way to allow a piece to surround one of your eyes and disappear into your hair. For something more subtle, use the patterns of lace as inspiration for the patterns you draw with your makeup.

Exotic looks are fun to experiment with, as they are different from the way in which we usually apply our makeup. You can either adapt parts of these looks to your own style, for a subtle exotic appeal, or you can put a few of them together for a more dramatic and glamorous finished look.


OROGOLD on Caring for Middle Eastern Skin

Middle Eastern woman with beautiful skinMiddle eastern women are famous for their beautiful looking skin. The people of middle east are considered to have the most beautiful skin in the world. Some of the most beautiful TV personalities of the world have middle eastern features. Among the most famous examples of middle eastern skin include Shakira and Paula Abdul. According to some studies, Middle Easterners enjoy the youngest looking and healthiest skin in the world. This type of skin is also known to face signs of aging at a much later age with wrinkles usually not beginning until one crosses the age of 40. However, despite all these advantages, Middle Eastern skin is also known to be very susceptible to problems like dark circles and puffy eyes. Dark patches and pigmentation are other problems that many Middle Eastern women complain of. OROGOLD reviews some of the best tips for caring for your middle eastern skin.

Use suitable skin care products

Skin care products that contain Kojic Acid or Arbutin are known to be amazing in terms of dark patches on the skin and dark circles under the eyes. Women with Middle Eastern skin should also ensure that they add a quality eye cream that is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin K into their skin care routine.

Maintain your personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important for people with Middle Eastern skin. Things like removing make-up before sleeping, cleansing your skin every morning and night, removing the dirt and oils from your face before sleeping and exfoliating your face at regular intervals is very important. This helps to ensure that your skin has the requisite cleanliness that it needs to breathe.

Protect your skin from the sun

Protecting your skin from the sun is extremely important. One of the reasons why women in the Middle East enjoy great skin is that they usually keep their faces covered while out of the house. Sun exposure can lead to premature aging. If you must go out in the sun, make sure that you choose broad spectrum sunscreens which offers SPF 30 sun protection and cover up your face as much as possible.

Take care of your diet

Eating fresh food is very important for women with Middle Eastern skin. One of the main reasons why people in the Middle East enjoy better skin is that they eat fresher food when compared to those in the west. This helps to improve their overall health and nourish their skin from within. It is also important to maintain a balanced diet, add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet and stay away from food items that torment your skin.

Use moisturizers religiously

Using moisturizers on a regular basis helps the skin to retain its moisture and maintain a smoother texture. Women with Middle Eastern skin should apply moisturizers right after stepping out of the shower.

Take care of your sleep schedule

Since dark circles are one of the main skin issues for people with Middle Eastern skin, ensuring a proper sleep pattern is very important. Sleep deprivation is sure to lead to dark circles if you have Middle Eastern skin. Make sure that you sleep for 8 – 9 hours every night and try to maintain fixed sleeping and waking times.