Fashion and Flair With Denim

Fashionable woman with denim jacket

Denim is a classic material, and while it used to be mainly used for just jeans, this adaptable fabric can now be found in just about every garment type possible. If you want to add some denim flair to your wardrobe, without purchasing yet another pair of jeans, a denim dress could be exactly what you need.

Simplicity is Key
While denim dress styles have evolved quite a bit over the decades, the current trend for denim dresses is veering towards simplicity. A flowing silhouette that just about skims the body is always a great option, as is a shirtdress that features a darker wash of denim.

Dress It Up
When it comes to denim dresses, one of the main problems that many have is that it can often look slightly too casual. However, it is actually quite easy to dress a denim dress up, as all you need are a few statement accessories. Whether you opt for shoulder-grazing earrings or a pair of killer heels, the accessories that you choose can really transform your whole outfit.

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Cinch in the Waist
If your denim dress skims your figure, then there may be times at which you want to enhance your shape. This can easily be done by cinching in your waist, either with a skinny belt or a wider sash. This will give your look so much more definition, and will make your dress fit your body in a different way.

Denim Maxi Dresses
For those looking for something even more unique than a short denim dress, a denim maxi dress may be perfect for you. These usually tend to have quite a vintage vibe, so be sure to keep it modern with your shoes and other accessories.

A Harder Edge
Denim dresses are usually quite casual, but if you would like to give your look a bit more attitude, there are a couple of ways in which you can do this. Try pairing your denim dress with some combat boots, and even add in a leather jacket if you want it to be even more edgy.

The off-shoulder trend has been hot for quite a while now, and shows no sign of slowing down. Opting for an off-shoulder denim dress is a great way to embrace this style, and will give your dress a gorgeous, flirty, feminine quality. If you do not want to show too much skin, tie a thin silk scarf around your neck, as this will keep your chest covered while highlighting your bare shoulders.

Happy waving woman in denim dress

Cool and Casual
There are many ways in which you can dress a denim dress up, but it is sometimes always best to wear it in a casual way. Try wearing your dress with a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers for a cool, down-to-earth look.

Denim is such a versatile material, which is why every woman should have a denim dress in her wardrobe. Whether you dress it up with high heels and a statement clutch bag, or go for a casual vibe with sneakers and a baseball cap, your denim dress will soon become your go-to item in your wardrobe.

Your Maxi Dress Options for Fall

Much to the delight of many, maxi dresses are once again the go-to dress for this season, with many gorgeous new styles making their way into stores. From bold graphic prints to romantic, flowing silhouettes, these are some of your maxi dress options for this fall.

Woman in chifon maxi dress
Semi-Sheer Chiffon
While quite a daring fabric to wear, semi-sheer chiffon lends itself beautifully to maxi dresses, as you will see if you have a look at the dresses by For Love and Lemons. With a plunging neckline and cut out detailing at the back, as well as a slit at the front, these dresses are chic and sexy, but still have a down to earth, bohemian vibe.

Off the shoulder maxi dress
Off the Shoulder
Lisa Marie Fernandez is a designer that is always pushing the boundaries, but in a way that still never fails to perfectly complement a woman’s figure. With bare shoulders being another popular trend for 2016, the Rosie Off the Shoulder Linen Maxi Dress is at the height of fashion, and is designed to fall loosely over the body. With voluminous three quarter sleeves to give your arms some protection, this is an idea dress for fall, and can easily be styled with a scarf for when you need to keep your shoulders warm on a chilly day.

Bold, Graphic Prints
Maxi dresses that feature a bold print can really make a statement, and the graphic dresses by Diane von Furstenberg do exactly that. To give one of these dresses even more of an edgy look, pair it with some chunky jewellery and a cropped leather jacket, which will not only keep you warm, but also show off your dress’ silhouette.

Floral print maxi dress
Romantic and Floral
Romantic floral prints perfectly highlight the feminine qualities of a maxi dress, and just about every designer has a floral printed dress to choose from. The Floral Print Maxi Dress from Alice + Olivia features delicate straps that show off the back, even if a scarf is worn with the dress, while the cascading print on the floral Kirstin Sinclair maxi dress is definitely a show stopper.

Styling a Maxi Dress in the Fall
While maxi dresses may usually be a style worn in the spring and summer, there are many ways you can take your summer maxi dresses and style them so that they are appropriate for fall weather. Layering tights or leggings underneath is always an option, with even nude tights giving you an extra layer of protection without detracting from your look. Boots, whether ankle or knee length, also work well with maxi dresses, while a cropped leather jacket, or a fur vest, can easily be thrown on top.

Maxi dresses are an extremely versatile style to wear, and, when styled correctly, work brilliantly for the months of fall, and even into the early winter. Whether you opt for the sophisticated off the shoulder style from Lisa Marie Fernandez, or the soft and feminine pieces from For Love and Lemons, each of these options are right on trend, but have a distinctively unique appeal.

End of Summer Style

As the end of the summer season quickly approaches, so does the cooler weather, which can make putting together chic outfits slightly trickier. These end of summer style tips will help you to tackle the warm days and chilly nights, keeping you looking fabulously stylish right up to fall.

Woman wearing distressed jeans

Distressed Jeans
When the weather turns too cool for your favorite summer shorts, distressed jeans that still show a bit of skin are a great transitional piece, and can be worn right up to winter. They can be dressed both up and down, and since they will be keeping your legs warm, can easily be worn with your go-to summer tops.

Masculine and Feminine
Combining masculine and feminine qualities in one outfit immediately makes it look much edgier and stylish, and this is a great way to dress towards the end of summer. The easiest way to do this is by opting for more feminine items for your main outfit, such as florals or a pretty summer dress, and then pairing this with a masculine piece of outerwear, such as a smart tailored blazer.

Woman wearing a waistcoat

A Long Waistcoat
A long waistcoat is ideal for the end of summer, as it gives you slightly more coverage but in a light and sophisticated way. A tailored version is the easiest to style, and, once fall arrives, you will still be able to wear it with a longer sleeved top underneath.

Wide-Leg Pants
The midst of the summer months are ideal for showing some leg, but, once the season draws to a close, you will need to cover up a bit more in order to stay comfortable. Wide-leg pants are perfect for this, as their flowing structure makes them extremely breathable, and can be paired with a fitted top in order to still enhance your curves.

Woman wearing midi skirt

Midi Skirts
While the evenings may be too cool now for a short, thigh-baring skirt, midi skirts will keep you warmer, but still give you that ultra-feminine edge. Once the temperatures begin to dip even further, pair your midi skirt with some fall boots and a leather jacket, which will make it much more practical on cooler days.

Maxi Dresses
Maxi dresses are always popular during the summer, but can easily be transitioned into fall as well. To keep your arms and shoulders warm, wear a slouchy sweater over it, preferably one that hangs off the shoulder slightly, allowing the straps of your dress to still show. Maxi dresses also work well when paired with structured jackets, and can also be used to create the masculine and feminine combination mentioned above.

Now that the weather has started to turn cooler, you will need to begin utilizing layers more, as these make it easy to deal with fluctuating temperatures, and will keep you from feeling too stuffy when the sun decides to shine. Rather than bringing out your winter wardrobe earlier than necessary, work on making your summer clothes transitional for fall, as this is a great way to mix up your style and create some one-of-a-kind seasonal outfits.

Polynesian Inspired Fashion

With vibrant colors and bold, graphic prints, Polynesian-inspired clothing is perfectly suited to the warm summer months. From beautifully exotic dresses to bold, printed heels, these are some of the highlights of the Polynesian inspired fashion styles that are currently out there.

Polynesian inspired fashion /

Resort Collections
Resort wear is ideally suited to Polynesian elements, with Mena being one brand that does this extremely well. With flowing silhouettes that feature graphic yet subtle prints, these styles provide an elegant taste of Polynesia. If there are designers that are particular favorites of yours, take a look through some of their resort collections, as you are bound to find a number of pieces that feature elements taken from Polynesia.

Polynesian Inspired Footwear
Polynesian inspired footwear is a great way to add an exotic element to your outfit, and there are some gorgeous custom-made designs available on Etsy. From casual Vans to towering stilettos, there are a number of talented artists that are using authentic Polynesian ink to create stunning prints on plain shades of these shoes.

Women wearing kimonos

The kimono was first brought to Hawaii by Japanese immigrants, and its style became quite popular on the islands. Today, the kimono continues to inspire designers all over the world, and Polynesian-printed kimonos are easily available. Pupuka is a Hawaiian brand that creates beautifully-structured kimonos, each one handmade using custom block-printed pieces of fabric, while Natalie Wood is an Australian designer that produces elegant kimonos that are favored by celebrities and the fashion elite. These are fantastic for the summertime, as they can be worn over swimwear to the beach, or over shorts and a tank top as a casual piece of outerwear. For a beachy look, opt for a brightly printed kimono in a semi-transparent fabric, while a solid-colored kimono with a few sophisticated details works well in the evenings.

Vintage Polynesian Prints
Alfred Shaheen was one of the masters of Polynesian prints, and there were many others just like him that produced truly incredible designs. Shaheen, in particular, revolutionized the print manufacturing industry at the time and was extraordinarily passionate about creating the finest prints, often using gold to trace around certain fabric details. While garments by masters such as Shaheen may be difficult to get hold of, Polynesian prints are widely available, and can brighten up just about any item of clothing.

Polynesian maxi dress

cycreation /

Polynesian Inspired Maxi Dresses
With a simple but flowing silhouette, maxi dresses lend themselves extremely well to Polynesian design details, especially when it comes to placement prints. Maxi dresses started to become more popular in Polynesia in the 70’s, many of them featuring plunging necklines and layered¬†graphic prints.

Tropical Accessories
Accessories make it easy to bring some island life into your outfit, and there is so much out there to choose from. From hand-carved wooden jewelry to colorful floral headpieces, Polynesian-inspired accessories are fun and currently extremely on trend.

Reminiscent of tropical islands and a calmer way of life, designers have long since taken inspiration from Polynesia. From flowing maxi dresses to artistically printed shoes, these styles are a great way to add a sunny and exotic element to any outfit.