Use a Foam Roller to Get Rid of Aches and Pains


Foam rollers have been used for decades in physical rehab clinics when it comes to pain management, and, when done correctly, can bring about the same benefits that a professional massage does. If you have never used a foam roller before, here is all you need to know to get started.

Purchasing a Foam Roller
Foam rollers are widely available at the majority of sports stores out there, and can also easily be purchased online. If you have never used a foam roller before, then it would be advisable to purchase a softer roller, designed for beginners, and this should be marked on the packaging, whereas if you are a competitive athlete and really require the extra help, a firmer roller would be the better option for you.

How to Use a Foam Roller
When using a foam roller, there are several different moves that you can do, each one targeting different areas of the body. The majority of moves are best carried out on the floor, with a yoga mat or low-pile carpet to provide a bit of support. The Upper Back Roll requires you to place the roller across your back, so that it is supporting your body, before rolling forwards and backwards slowly, to work on tight muscles along the middle of your back. For painful calves, the Calf Roll is ideal, while those who have been experiencing pain in their hamstrings or glutes should gives the Glutes and Hamstring Roll a try. There are multiple tutorials online for each of these moves, and these will help you to get the hang of all you need to do. With all of these moves, you should be applying a moderate amount of pressure to each muscle group, rolling no more than one inch per second. Each time you come across areas that are particularly tight, pause for several seconds and try to relax. Once you feel the muscles releasing, you can continue to move again.


The Benefits of Foam Rolling
Foam rolling stretches and tones the muscles, while increasing circulation, meaning that a greater amount of nutrients are able to reach all areas of the body, including the muscles, and their surrounding tissue, being worked on. This then helps with the body’s detoxification process, enabling waste to be broken down and eliminated in a far more effective manner. This waste would have otherwise built up within the muscles, causing stiffness and pain. If you often experience areas of tight, knotted muscles, then a foam roller would be able to help with this too, breaking up these bands and providing relief.

After each foam rolling session, you are likely to feel a little sore the next day, as your muscles will have experienced quite the workout. In order to experience maximum benefits, you should try to drink more water than usual after foam rolling, while eating cleanly and getting enough sleep, as all of this will aid in flushing out your system and allowing your muscles to function as effectively as possible.


Manicure Service – Try or Skip?

The quickest way to relax and pamper yourself is by getting a mani-pedi. Getting your nails done is a very calming experience, and it is, more often than not, an essential part of any woman’s lifestyle. It is not a mere luxury, it is a necessity. After all, well-groomed nails that are polished to perfection is a must for any modern woman.

Nowadays, nail salons are a dime a dozen. There are so many options and so many nail spa services available for your enjoyment. Professional nail care has now gone beyond the regular manicure. The bar for salon manicures has certainly been raised. If before a standard manicure composes of nail trimming, cuticle care, and polish application, there is now a plethora of services to add on to your manicure experience. We have put together a list of different services offered at nail salons, and we’re here to tell you if a service is worth that extra charge or not. Consider this a quick and simple guide from OROGOLD while navigating the long laundry list of services you read through each time you get your nails done. Trust us, this will get you ready and primed for your next nail appointment.

Paraffin DipParaffin Hand Dip

Paraffin wax treatment is a procedure wherein your hands and feet are dipped repeatedly into a tub warm melted paraffin wax. The temperature of the wax is closely regulated, and it is safe for you as well as beneficial to your skin and nail health. Your hands and feet will be slowly immersed into the wax bath around 2-3 times creating a thick hardened shell. From there, you will slip into gloves or socks that’ll retain the heat better and seal the moisture in. During this process the paraffin’s moisturizing properties get to work on your skin and the heat opens up your pores. After 10-15 minutes the wax will be peeled off, and you will be pleased to see and feel the difference on your hands and feet. Both will feel baby soft and incredibly smooth. An added bonus to this treatment is that paraffin has been proven to relieve stiffness and muscle pain in the small joints of the hands.

VERDICT: Must-try! You can’t beat the deep cleaning, hydrating, and healing benefits of paraffin. This is also a type of treatment that can be hazardous if not done correctly.

Foot Buffing

Foot Buffing is basically an exfoliating treatment for your feet. Typically preceded by a foot soak to soften the skin, foot buffing is a vital part of foot care and maintenance since it removes dead skin cells. Using a foot file or a pumice stone, a nail technician sloughs away the roughness in your skin and smoothens the coarse parts like your heel and the balls of your feet. This treatment is important in avoiding calluses and cracked heels.

VERDICT: Foot buffing is a pretty simple treatment, done with tools that you can buy at a store on the cheap. Skip this one, and do it yourself at home.

Hot Oil Manicure

A great cure for dry and brittle nails, and cracked hands, a hot oil manicure uses heated essential oils to restore your cuticles and nails back to health. Instead of soaking your digits in water, like in a usual manicure, a nail tech will prepare a bath of heated oils for you to sink your hands into. Choose from a variety of different oils, like sesame, almond, sunflower, tea tree, lavender, with varying added benefits aside from moisturizing, of course.

VERDICT: Skip. You can choose the essential oil of your preference at your leisure. You don’t even need to heat it, just lightly massage it into your cuticles then all over your hands. Wear gloves or mitts for maximum absorption.

Massage Add-OnFoot rub at nails salons

A standard salon manicure oftentimes includes a quick hand/arm massage of maybe 3-5 minutes with lotion. You can opt for a longer pampering with a massage add-on of up to 30 minutes to 1 hour

VERDICT: Try. Having a trained technician/therapist massage you is definitely worth every single penny. Go ahead, and treat yourself.


Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliating treatment that removes the top layer of the skin, and the dead and damaged skin cells along with it. The pores get cleaned out and it stimulates the production of new and healthy skin cells. It is lauded as an effective anti-aging procedure, which is great for your hands since it is one of the first parts of your body that shows signs of aging.

VERDICT: Try at least once. Microdermabrasion at salons can be pricey, but it’s worth a try to see the results. If you like it, you can always buy personal microdermabrasion tools to keep up with your treatments at the convenience of your own home.

Which service are you going to try on your next trip to the salon? Try a new service and indulge, you definitely deserve that extra TLC.