Weddings on the Fly

Couple in Las Vegas

Not only is Las Vegas known as ‘Sin City’ and ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’, but it is also extremely famous for being ‘The Wedding Capital of the World’, with over 50 chapels that process more than 100,000 weddings each year. When trying to arrange a wedding on the fly, Las Vegas is usually the first destination that comes to mind, but, if you are not a Vegas local, this can often be quite difficult, so here are some top tips to make planning for your Vegas wedding much easier, whether you have a month or a day to do it in! /

Avoid Holidays
Needless to say, Valentine’s Day books up quickly at all of the Vegas wedding chapels, as do other holidays when the Strip is usually flooded with tourists. Although it may feel romantic to get married on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, standing in line for hours will take much of the magic away, so try to avoid any holidays when picking a date.

Prepare for the Weather
Many people tend to forget that Las Vegas is a desert, and while the summer months may be the most popular months to visit the city, they are also the hottest, and can easily put a damper on your wedding if you do not plan it carefully. Indoor weddings are usually the best option, while outdoor weddings should be arranged for evenings or night time.

Little Church of the West, Las Vegas, USA

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Explore Your Options
While Las Vegas may have an abundance of chapels to choose from, there are some unique wedding options that you can explore. The world-famous Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel will always be memorable, as would getting married on board a helicopter with the city’s lights twinkling below you. If you would like a more traditional chapel, The Chapel of the Flowers has a beautiful garden, while A Special Memory is a New England-style chapel with 24,000 square feet of manicured grounds, and is one of the only free standing wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

Don’t Forget About the Legalities
It can be easy to get swept up in the romance of a wedding on the fly, but you must not forget about all of the legalities involved with getting married. Marriage applications can be filled out beforehand and brought with you on the day, and this will help to speed up the whole process. You also need to check the legalities with your home country if you live abroad, because while most countries do recognize a marriage performed in Las Vegas, many require extra information, such as a formal notification of overseas marriage.

Last Minute Extras
Depending on how much time you have until your wedding, you may want to look into a few extras. Many of the stores in Vegas have special opening hours to accommodate unusual wedding times, and they also accept orders on a short notice. This applies to everything from jewellery to wedding cakes, ensuring that you have everything that you need for your big day, no matter how last minute it may be. Many of the hotel spas and salons will also accept late bookings, so that you can pamper yourself beforehand and have the perfect hair and makeup for when you walk down the aisle.

With everything that you need all in one place, planning a wedding on the fly in Las Vegas is much easier when compared to other cities. From the location to the cake, there are so many options available, even at the very last minute, making it no surprise that thousands of couples every year choose to get married in the Wedding Capital of the World.


Unconventional Wedding Dresses – OROGOLD Reviews

With wedding season upon us once again, it is an ideal time to explore the world of wedding dresses. The big white meringue dress will usually come to mind, but these days, many brides are opting for something slightly more unconventional, whether it be an unusual color or a daring hemline. OROGOLD examines some of the most unconventional wedding dresses.

Ornate embellishments always make a dress seem more goddess-like, and look exceptional on a dress that has a simple silhouette. The top of the dress can be completely embellished, giving it a completely different texture and color from the rest of the dress. Embellishments also look great at the back of the dress, especially if the back is cut quite low, and gives your dress some great contrast with an edgier look.

Bride wearing a lilac colored wedding dress.

Wedding dresses can be found in a variety of colors, aimed at more unconventional brides who enjoy taking risks with their style choices. A princess style wedding dress is classic, but a great way to fully embrace the fairytale aspect would be to opt for a pink princess dress. Lilac is also a color that is set to be huge in fashion and beauty this season, and lilac wedding dresses have been seen on runways. Silver is also a great wedding dress color, as it is not too far from white, can still be paired with a white veil, and will have you shimmering down the aisle.

Bride wearing an unconventional wedding dress for a beach wedding.

A Wedding Dress Cover-Up
Beach weddings are usually more casual and low-key than traditional church ceremonies, and many are also very intimate, with only a few guests. When this is the case, an extravagant expensive gown is not needed, and there are some gorgeous sheer wedding dresses that double as a cover-up and can be worn over a white bikini or slip dress on your big day.

Wear the Pants
Whilst it may seem shocking to some, many brides are opting to ditch the dress altogether, and wear pants down the aisle, truly making a modern statement. You could either go for pants that are more tailored, and have a more extravagant top, or choose wide-legged pants that flow as you walk. Oscar De La Renta is a designer that has stunning examples of both.

Beautiful bride wearing a wedding dress with a short hemline.

Shorter Hemlines
There is no rule that states that wedding dresses need to be floor-length, and many brides enjoy the feeling of wearing a shorter dress, which, although unconventional, suits their style or body shape more than a floor-length gown. The length of the hemline is completely up to you, and no matter what you choose, they all still look great with a veil and other wedding accessories.

If you are choosing to go for a more unconventional wedding dress, it is even more important to make sure that it fits your body perfectly, so that your new look is stylish and not sloppy. Don’t be afraid to take chances with your wedding dress, and take the time to fully explore the more unconventional dresses out there. If there are certain elements that you like, collect images of these and look at getting your dress custom made for you, as you can then incorporate every design detail that you desire!

Beauty Looks for Your Big Day – OROGOLD Reviews

Planning in advance is always essential when it comes to your makeup for your wedding day. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming, so begin by taking the time to gather inspiration, and testing out certain aspects of the looks that you love. Whether you want to keep your look classic, or take some risks with an edgier style, we have put together some go-to beauty looks for your big day.

Beautiful woman looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Prepare Your Skin
Preparing your skin can begin months in advance of your wedding, and if you are not someone who usually has regular facials, it is time to start doing so, whether you visit a salon or do them yourself at home. Schedule at least 3 monthly treatments before the big day, ensuring that your skin looks clear and luminescent.

Beautiful girl with a rosy glow, blond hair and bright red lips.

A Rosy Glow
The color on your cheeks needs to be applied carefully, in order for it to perfectly offset the whiteness of the dress. Begin with a primer, ensuring that any makeup you apply will last throughout the whole course of the day, leaving you to focus on having a great time. Trying out different beauty products that will help you to achieve the best look is important. Make sure that you are wearing a white top when you are trialling your makeup, to give you a better idea of what it will look like in contrast to the white. If you plan on using a fake tan, make sure it is one that you have used successfully before, and know exactly how much to apply.

Beautiful bride with simple makeup and flowers on her head.

Keep it Simple
It is likely that most of your wedding photographs will be taken using natural lighting, which means that any heavy makeup might look overdone in your photos. It is best to keep it simple, avoiding heavy foundations and defining your eyes without the use of dense colors. A look that is always romantically feminine is to subtly line your lids, keep your cheeks rosy and flushed, and use a rich wine-colored lipstick, for a gorgeous berry look.

Closeup of kissable lips with red lipstick.

Kissable Lips
The lipstick that you choose to wear for your wedding ceremony is possibly one of the most vital makeup decisions that you will be making. Do not choose a lipstick that is too glossy, as this will be unlikely to last for too long. You should also not choose a lipstick that is too matte, as you do not want your lips drying out before the big kiss. Instead, choose a long-lasting moisturizing lipstick and apply several thin layers of it, blotting your lips in between each application, to make sure that it will be long-lasting and will wear off evenly.

It can be tempting to follow current trends when it comes to choosing your wedding day beauty look, but it is usually best to stay clear of these and opt for something more classic. Once you have chosen the specific look that you want, experiment with it over the course of a few weeks, adapting it so that it works best for your skin tone and facial features. As long as you make sure that your skin is healthy and your makeup is kept relatively simple, there is no doubt that you will look absolutely stunning on your big day.

OROGOLD on Engagement Trends: Surprise Photography – ORO GOLD Reviews

Young couple getting engaged is photographed by a photographerThe latest thing in marriage proposals is surprise photography to capture the moment. Having a photographer or videographer on hand is a thoughtful and increasingly popular method of adding to the element of surprise. Though you could employ a close friend of family member to film the occasion, professional photographers generally charge a reasonable fee for this short session. Hiring a professional is the best way to make sure your photos or video are top-notch and easy to share with friends and family. There’s nothing quite like capturing the look on her face when presented with a diamond ring!

There are several factors to consider when trying to plan a surprise photography proposal. First you have to make sure this is something both you and your fiancé-to-be are comfortable with. Some people just don’t love being in front of the camera! It’s also important that you have a Plan B in place because let’s face it, if you really want to pull off a great surprise, things don’t always go as planned unless you spill the beans. You should also decide exactly how much of this intimate moment you would like documented. There may be a second here or there that should be reserved for just the two of you. The biggest factor in planning a surprise photography proposal is coordinating with the photographer- have your signals, and make sure the timing is set.

Before you hire a photographer or videographer, take some time to really think about your partner, and how she would react to being in front of the camera with no warning. Even if she’s outgoing and adventurous, it can still be a shock when a lady has no time to prepare. A great way to keep the element of surprise and let her be prepared is to offer another excuse for the photo shoot. If it’s nearing the holiday season, say you’d like to have some nice photos taken for holiday cards. This reason shouldn’t raise much suspicion, and allows your fiancé-to-be the time to do her hair, makeup, and pick an outfit accordingly. If you can’t figure out a legitimate excuse to include your girlfriend in a photo shoot, locations like the beach or a park offer enough space for a photographer to hide-out unnoticed and even shoot from afar.

When you’re trying to plan an elaborate surprise, things usually do not go as planned. Be prepared to employ your back-up plan, whether it be location, timing, or people involved. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going to stash the engagement ring so she doesn’t find it, and how you’re going to get it from that spot. Go over your back-up plans with your photographer or videographer before the fact, so that if something goes awry, you’re both on the same page. This will help you keep your cool and not ruin the surprise. If you don’t plan to let her in on the shoot, sneak a small bag with a mirror, extra outfit, hair brush, and any other essentials into your car a day before. This will give her a chance to touch-up hair or make-up for the rest of the shoot after you propose.

Another detail you’ll have to figure out in conjunction with your photographer or videographer is how much you would like documented on film. If you plan to say something that you would like kept private, just let your photographer know, and work it into your overall timing. Whether you’d like a second before or after you actually pop the question, make sure your photographer knows when to stop shooting and give you the time alone.

Now comes the hard part- working out all of the timing and cues with your photographer! This is especially vital if you plan to keep the entire photo or video shoot a secret from your partner. The surprise can easily be ruined if your photographer steps out of the shadows too soon, or too late. Verbal and body language cues are the best ways to signal to each other without being too conspicuous.  You don’t want to go through all of the planning only to miss the moment where you get down on one knee. This careful planning requires in-person meetings with your professional beforehand to make sure you’re both clear on the cues and timing.

Once you have all of your plans in place, the location, hired professional, back-up options, and timing, you’re almost ready! Make sure you have the engagement ring, and making notes for yourself never hurts. While executing a surprise engagement photo session can take a lot of time and planning, capturing her reaction on film will be something to treasure for a lifetime.