Free For You

Gift BagIf there’s one thing that excites a person more than getting an amazing deal is getting stuff for free. And no, we are not talking about those “buy one, get one” free offers. We are talking about free goodies. Yes, you got that right. No purchase necessary, blow you out of your mind goodies and freebies.

Here at OROGOLD we believe in rewarding our loyal fans and followers. This is why OROGOLD runs a variety of themed weeks and promotions week in and week out and each week we offer some of our lucky winners with free samples of our luxury skin care products.

We simply love to give away free products because freebies are one thing that gets everyone excited. Our theme based offers and giveaways are something that all our users look forward to and they also give us an effective medium to get to know our users more.

We also believe in offering a no holds barred freebie. You don’t need to contact us or send us a review or even buy our product. You just need to enter our giveaway and register yourself for the weekly contest. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you are sent free samples of the product or other coupons (depending on the theme of the week).

Our giveaways are known to offer you with as much as $500 worth of OROGOLD products. All you need to do is share the OROGOLD page on your Facebook profile to register for the contest. Lucky winners are selected randomly and are informed about the offer won by them. If you’re one of these lucky winners, you can choose a product of your liking (provided it is within the allocated budget) and take it back home with you for free.

We aren’t the only ones that think free goodies are great! Marie Claire’s website has a special section called “Free For You”, dedicated solely to bringing you things that are free! You can find all kinds of exciting goodies in their giveaways including hair products, makeup products, skin care products, clothing and accessories. OROGOLD is very excited to be included on this giveaway page. If you want to score the cover looks of one of Marie Claire’s A-list stars or enter to win some amazing stuff, check out the Free For You page.