Top Summer Looks for Men

For those of you who are wanting to update your wardrobe with some stylish summer pieces, now is a great time to do so, as the warmer weather will have just started to roll in. When it comes to choosing garments for this summer, there are a number of noteworthy looks that have been seen across runways, featuring everything from oversized shirts to wide legged trousers to baseball caps.

Man wearing knee length shorts

Knee-Length Shorts
While there were plenty of thigh-grazing shorts seen on the runways, this is perhaps not going to be as much of a wearable look as the knee-length styles that were also popular. The best length to go for is something that sits directly above your knee, either in a tailored cut, or a lighter, more breathable fabric, such as silk.

Wide Legged Trousers
While many may have grown fond of the skinny shapes seen in men’s trousers in recent seasons, it is now time to go in the opposite direction, opting for wide-legged styles instead. Whether with trousers or jeans, wide-legged shapes are easiest to style with a casual shirt and a pair of trainers.

Man wearing white trousers

White Trousers
From formal chinos to casual jeans, white is set to be one of the hottest colors this summer. This shade complements a variety of skin tones, and always looks great when paired with items that feature a pop of color.

Expect to see plenty of overalls in stores this summer, and they are definitely a style worth trying. The hottest colors to look out for are dark blacks and denims as well as moody greens. From Givenchy to Alexander Wang, there are some great overall styles around, and can be worn in several different ways. While Alexander Wang dressed his overall-wearing models in all black, just like the overalls themselves, other designers kept things more low-key, with a simple white t-shirt and casual shoes.

Distressed Jeans
Distressed jeans have slowly been making a comeback recently, but they are set to explode in popularity this summer. From jeans that look as though they have almost been destroyed, to others that just have a few slight tears and bleached areas, the key to this look is making sure that your jeans appear to be at least somewhat lived in.

Man wearing a baseball cap

Baseball Caps
Baseball caps are one of the hottest men’s accessories to complete your look this summer, and they are completely unlike the baseball caps that you likely remember from your childhood. Instead, these styles are made from high-end, luxury fabrics, from leather to exotic animal skins, and feature contemporary design details, that make them appropriate to wear just about anywhere. Just about every designer out there has their own version of this classic accessory, so there is definitely a style out there that will suit your own personal taste.

It is often the case that summer looks for men are quite unwearable, more suited to an avant-garde runway than the streets of your average city. However, this is not the case this summer, with the top looks being ones that can be incorporated into such a huge variety of outfits.


Hawaii’s Flowers and Symbolism

Each Hawaii island is wonderfully diverse, and the same can be said for the state’s flowers. From the state flower of the hibiscus to the sweetly scented plumeria, these are some of Hawaii’s most beautiful flowers, along with the symbolic meanings behind them.

Hibiscus flower and extract

The hibiscus was first adopted by Hawaiians as their Territorial flower in the 1920’s, and, in 1988, Hawaii’s legislature legally stated that the yellow hibiscus was now the official flower of the state. While only five hibiscus species are actually native to Hawaii, other varieties were brought in over the years and hybrids that were unique to the islands were soon created. In general, the hibiscus signifies beauty, but the way in which they are worn can allude to different meanings. When worn behind the left ear, the hibiscus shows that the woman wearing it is married, while if it is worn behind the left ear, then that is a sign that the woman is single.

Crown Flower
Signifying royalty, the crown flower resembles a crown when the petals of the blossoms are rolled back, which is what gave the flower its name. The flower was also a favorite of the last queen of Hawaii, Queen Liliuokalani.

Red Ginger flower

Red Ginger
The spiraled red ginger plant boasts vibrant red spiky blossoms, similar to that of a pineapple’s pointed foliage. The meanings behind the flower focus on wealth and diversity, which is why they are often used in flower arrangements intended for gifts, as well as window displays in homes around the state.

The sweetly-scented plumeria has a number of positive meanings, from birth and love to perfection and new beginnings. Since they are so fragrant, only royalty used to be allowed to wear them, but they are now cultivated in abundance in Hawaii and are commonly used in leis.


There are four varieties of orchid that are native to Hawaii, and these grow so abundantly here that Big Island, with its many orchid farms, is often nicknamed Orchid Isle. The blooms cultivated here are mostly for export, but the orchid is widely loved across the state. These bright flowers are often given as a 14th wedding anniversary present, and, in ancient Greece, signified virility. Today in Hawaii, the orchid symbolizes luxury and the refinement of beauty, which is not a surprise when you take a close look at just how exquisite these flowers are.

Queen Emma Lily
The Queen Emma lily is another flower that is associated with Hawaiian royalty, as it was a favorite of Queen Emma, the wife of King Kamehameha IV. While the flower may be native to the Seychelles and Mauritius, it is grown quite widely across the Hawaiian islands for its elegant beauty.

Hawaii is packed with stunning blooms, with different varieties of flowers blossoming at different points throughout the year, ensuring that the islands are always filled with bursts of color. Flowers have always been a huge part of life on the Hawaiian islands, and this is a part of their culture that the locals will never let go of.

Christian Dior’s Fashion Influence

Model walking a Christian Dior runway /

We all know the name Christian Dior, but not many fully appreciate the major influence that this individual has had over the entire fashion industry. Born in 1905 in Granville, a seaside town on the coast of Normandy, Dior was always passionate about art, and, after he had to close the art gallery he owned, Dior began selling sketches to haute couture houses, soon landing himself a job as an assistant couturier. This was interrupted in 1939 when World War II began, but Dior continued developing his skills, creating dresses for the wives of the German and French soldiers. Once the war was over, new opportunities for businesses, including fashion, started to arise, and this is when Dior’s influential ideas and designs started to take the world by storm.

The New Look
Once the war ended, Dior strongly believed that the public was ready for a new style, and, in his first couture fashion show in 1947, the New Look was born. Dior delivered excitement at a time when the French couture trade was faltering, giving the public a look that was reminiscent of the Belle Epoque ideal. With long, full flowing skirts, tiny waists, soft shoulders and luxurious fabrics, the New Look was a huge success.

After The New Look
Dior’s subsequent collections after the New Look were developments of the original style, with the collections named after the silhouettes that the garments had. From the A-Line to the Zig Zag Line to the Arrow Line, all of Dior’s collections were created with the finest tailoring and the most luxurious fabrics. Each collection consisted of around 200 pieces, with new collections contradicting many elements of past collections, bringing a rate of change to the fashion industry that had not been experienced before. Dior himself would release style statements along with each collection, informing the public that there was to be “no yellow” that season, or “no hats with clean and tailored style”. The press would pick up on this and repeat it to the wider public, giving the industry a force that it had not seen before.

Dior’s Influence on Upcoming Designers
Being one of the most highly respected couture houses in Paris, Dior had his pick when it came to talented assistants, and it was some of these lucky few that were able to learn from the master, and go on to become significant fashion influencers themselves. Pierre Cardin was one of these, as was Yves St-Laurent, who contributed a number of outfits to Dior’s collections.

Sadly, in 1957 at the age of 52, Dior died after suffering from his third heart attack. At the time, his fashion house was bringing in over $20 million a year, and his financier decided to appoint Yves St-Laurent as artistic director, allowing the label to survive its founder. To this day, Christian Dior is still one of the most well respected, as well as famous, designers in the world, and the brand continues to produce designs that are synonymous with Christian Dior’s original standards of taste, elegance and luxury.

Jenny Packham – Queen of Social Style

Jenny Packam

lev radin /

Launched in 1988, the Jenny Packham brand and their unique signature style helped to revolutionize the bridal industry, providing it with a much more contemporary perspective. Now, in addition to bridalwear, Jenny Packham also creates ready-to-wear, resort, accessories and lingerie collections, with flagship stores in all of the major fashion capitals of the world. From Angelina Jolie to Kate Hudson to Dita Von Teese to The Duchess of Cambridge, Jenny Packham’s designs have been worn and loved by some of the most talented and influential women of this generation.

Caters to the Everyday Woman
London’s fashion scene is known for its eccentricity and quirkiness, but by staying away from experimental looks, Jenny Packham managed to carve out quite the unique niche for the brand. Packham’s signature floor-length gowns, that each cut a simple yet flattering silhouette, are aimed at the everyday woman. While critics may say that Packham’s designs are ‘safe’, their elegance makes them appropriate for many different occasions, while Packham’s signature detailing, from the cascading beadwork to the intricate embroidery, gives them an edge to stand out from the crowd.

Exceptional Bridalwear
Jenny Packham’s wedding dresses bring in half of the brand’s overall revenue, making them a significant part of the business. Packham discovered that unlike evening wear, occasion and bridalwear were able to hold strong against the recession, leading Packham to form partnerships with bridal companies all over the world, from the US to South Korea to Japan. When it comes to celebrity weddings, Packham has designed quite a few dresses, coming up with brilliant bridal creations for everyone from Liz Hurley to Fearne Cotton to Kim Sears. However, in order to remain accessible to her customers, Packham has recently launched a mini collection featuring nine floor-length gowns that are more affordable thanks to cheaper fabrics. With flowing silhouettes contrasting against contemporary structured shapes, these gowns are going to be extremely sought after for weddings this year.

Models wearing Jenny Packam gowns

lev radin /

Jenny Packham’s Tips on Choosing a Gown
There are usually many different factors running through a woman’s mind when she is choosing a gown, which is why Packham has come up with a few top tips to help in this situation. Firstly, Packham advises that women keep it simple and try not to stress about the dress too much, as this will add unnecessary pressure. When it comes to choosing a silhouette, pick the era that flatters your body shape the most, such as the Art Deco styles of the 20’s, as this will really help to narrow down your options. Finally, Packham advises that women make an effort to live in the moment. All too often, she comes across customers that want a dress that will still be in style in ten years time. However, this is near to impossible, so rather than trying to contemplate what you may want to be wearing in a decade, live in the moment and choose what works best for you right now.

Packham’s latest collections celebrate style and energy, and, of course, have plenty of Packham’s signature glamor. Jenny Packham’s collections are available all over the world, from Packham’s own flagship stores to other well-known department stores, and can also be easily purchased online.

Hermes Birkin – Fashion’s Most Luxurious Bag?

In 1981, the executive chief of Hermes found himself sat next to singer and actress Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London. After Jane placed her straw bag in her seat’s overhead compartment, all of its contents came tumbling back down, leaving Jane to explain to the executive chief of Hermes the difficulties that she had had finding a leather weekend bag that she actually liked. A few years later, Hermes created a black leather bag for Jane Birkin, and although she herself only used it for a short while, it had already become a global status symbol.

Victoria Beckham with Hermes Birkin bag

Everett Collection /

The Birkin Bag
Each Birkin bag is handmade in France by a team of experienced artisans, and each one features the brands distinctive saddle stitching, which was first developed in the 1800s. On average, it takes about 48 hours for one bag to be made, which is what justifies its high cost, as well as its scarcity. The bags are available in a range of sizes, with customers being able to choose their preferred color, hide, and other design details. The price of the bag ranges from $11,500 all the way to $200,000, depending on the leather used, as well as any other exotic skins. The highest price yet that a Birkin bag has been sold for is $99,900, and this was for the Himalayan Birkin in Blanc, which was made of matte Niloticus crocodile leather of almost an albino shade.

A Status Symbol
As OROGOLD mentioned earlier, it wasn’t long before the Birkin Bag became quite the status symbol, and this was mostly due to the limited number of bags that were created each year, making them extremely exclusive. The rarer the materials used in the crafting of the bag, the higher the price it will fetch, and the more sought after it will be. In addition to this, the process of actually buying a Birkin Bag is not at all simple. For a long time, there was a six-year waiting list for a Birkin, and the bag isn’t even listed on the brand’s website. While stores do receive a small supply of the bags, customers usually need to have a few connections in order to buy one. If you have been hoping to buy a Birkin, OROGOLD suggests searching the internet for guides on the best way to do this in your country – you will definitely find quite a few!

The Birkin is an exquisitely created bag, and with the reconditioning ‘spa treatment’ that Hermes offers for heavily used Birkins, it is a bag that you will be able to use for life. Since they are of such high quality, they can also be passed down the generations, making it quite the heirloom, and justifying why many choose to purchase one as an investment. Whether or not you would be willing to pay the price for a Birkin, there is no denying that this is most definitely fashion’s most luxurious bag, and it seems that it will continue being so for years to come.

Most Exclusive Fashion Labels

Fashion is all about individuality, creativity and personality, with the very best fashion brands being the ones that are able to convey this with their clothes. While some brands may cater to the mass market, there are others that focus on creating garments of the best quality possible, making their collections highly sought after. When it comes time to splurge on updating your wardrobe, take a look at this list that OROGOLD has compiled, featuring some of the most exclusive fashion labels in the world.

Louis Vuitton store

Tupungato /

Louis Vuitton
Originally founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and style. For six consecutive years, from 2006 to 2012, Louis Vuitton held the title of being the most valuable luxury brand in the world, with over 460 stores in 50 different countries. Although the brand does create ready to wear collections, they also design exclusive pieces, and collaborate with artists and other designers to come up with limited edition collections.

Gucci store.

TungCheung /

Gucci’s beginnings can be traced back to 1920, to a small shop in Florence that sold classic leather goods. Today, Gucci is the biggest selling Italian brand with over 450 stores around the world, as well as a variety of franchise deals and upscale department store outlets. Gucci’s distinctive style has made it one of the most copied brands in the world, but this hasn’t deterred its high-end clientèle, and the label continues to stand strong as one of the most exclusive fashion brands in the world.

Versace store.

Ewais /

Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace is one of the newer brands on OROGOLD’s list, but it didn’t take long for the label to become one of the most influential fashion labels in the world. With sharp cuts, vivid prints and offbeat colors, Versace consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion, integrating contemporary culture and fine art in many of their collections. While it may be one of the most expensive luxury fashion brands, Versace’s loyal customers are willing to pay any price for an exclusive Versace piece, but with such exquisite style on the line, it is not hard to see why.

Chanel store

Martin Good /

Chanel first gained popularity in the 1920’s, when Coco Chanel’s unique creations were the opposite of mainstream fashion at the time. Known for the invention of the Little Black Dress, as well as for the Chanel Suit and the Chanel No. 5 perfume, Chanel has become one of the most popular fashion houses of our time. Their collections are loved by celebrities and models, from Marilyn Monroe to Nicole Kidman, helping to elevate the brand’s status. While their ready to wear collections are always stunning, it is Chanel’s haute couture that OROGOLD loves the most, with these exclusive pieces being especially sought after.

From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, these fashion brands are not only some of the most exclusive in the world, but also some of the most well known. While the fashion industry may always be evolving, it is great to see that these luxury brands are able to hold their own, and continue to creatively innovate, significantly influencing the fashion industry as a whole.

Pastel Picks for Your Spring Wardrobe – OROGOLD Reviews

Fashion this spring is all about simple elegance in sugary-sweet shades of understated brights. The mix of pastels bring about an ethereal feeling, with minimalism and nature both huge inspirations to the color palette. Rather than having to buy a whole new closet, we have put together some key pastel pieces that are worth the investment, and which you can easily mix and match with items that you already own.

Woman wearing a red colored trench coat in a spring background.

A Pastel Trench Coat 
Trench coats are right on trend this season, with a pastel colored one even more so. Originating from menswear, the design of a trench coat really stands out when it is in a pastel shade. It is also a great piece to own if you are still on the fence when it comes to wearing pastel colors, as it is something that you can throw over any outfit. If a pastel coat seems too feminine for you, choose one that has its trench coat details enhanced, and is made from a heavier or textured fabric. For those who like the idea of pastel colored outerwear but don’t want a trench coat, opt for a pastel colored blazer instead, which you can wear to work as well as in the evenings.

Blonde girl in a pink top and pastel colored jeans.

Pastel Colored Jeans
This spring, denim is going upmarket, with many denim garments featuring intricate stitching and design details. A pair of jeans in an ice blue shade is a great way to embrace both the denim and pastel trends at the same time, without making your outfit look over the top. A candy colored pink pair of jeans would also be a good purchase, and can be worn with neutrals and light colors to ensure your look keeps its dreamy elegance. If pastel pink jeans are too bland for your tastes, choose a torn or distressed pair, giving your look a bit of edge. You can also pair them with tougher materials, such as a leather jacket.

Beautiful girl wearing colorful clothes and sunglasses

The term neon-pastels may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but the colors that this term refers to will brighten up your outfit whilst keeping your look trendy and stylish. In terms of actual color, neon-pastels would include shades that are reminiscent of children’s artificial sherbet, such as lime, raspberry and lemon. Choose garments in vividly saturated candy colors, giving a slight twist to the pastel trend. These colors also look great around the eyes, so think about the makeup you like to wear whilst choosing the color of your next purchase.

If you are still unsure about adding pastel colors to your wardrobe, start off with accessories, such as sunglasses or shoes, in ice cream shades, or with individual garments that you can wear with neutral colors. When choosing garments with prints, look for designs that emphasise the times of childhood simplicity, with retro patterns and floral art. For those looking to purchase just one statement piece this season but can’t decide which pastel color to choose, go for lilac, as it is not only one of the standout shades for this spring, but it also looks great against every skin tone.

OROGOLD with Advice on Developing a Signature Fragrance – ORO GOLD Reviews

Perfume fragranceEveryone who is anyone has a fragrance line with their name on it. Celebrities like Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift all have their own line of fragrances. Despite the charms of smelling like their favorite stars, everyone doesn’t like the idea. This is where customized perfumes become so important. People are getting more and more attracted towards customization because they simply don’t want to smell like someone else. People are always looking forward to smell unique, have a signature fragrance and smell like themselves. In this article, OROGOLD helps you understand how to develop a signature fragrance.

Educate yourself

One of the first things that you need to do before shopping for your own fragrance is to learn the art of fragrance making and understand what it takes to develop your signature scent. You don’t want to develop something that is too strong and leaves you with unwanted headaches. You want to explore all sorts of aromas to find something that suits your personality the best before you start mixing and matching them. Roses might be the most popular floral fragrance, but there is a lot more to floral scents. You might not like a particular floral smell, but another one might just end up captivating you. This is why educating yourself about the world of fragrances is so important before you go about building your signature fragrance.

Understand your personality

Understanding your own personality can work wonders in choosing a scent that really works for you. You have all sorts of scents to choose from – things like woody scents, fresh scents, spicy oriental scents and floral scents can work wonders for you. You can also visit popular perfume stores and take whiffs of different scents which fall under different categories to find one that suits you the best.

Understand your notes

Any signature fragrance should have three notes – a top, a base and the middle. The top note is the first impression that you want to leave. It should be invigorating and refreshing. It should be something that really makes your day when you wake up and invigorates you for the journey ahead. The base is the longest lasting part of your fragrance. It is what you’re finally left with after the top and middle notes evaporate. You could look at soothing smells like creamy vanilla or choose sensual smells like earthy, green or musk. The middle note is what you’re left with about 30 minutes after applying the fragrance. The middle note should always be a scent that helps you to settle into the day. Things like spice and soft florals are perfect ideas for the middle note. Once you evaluate the various notes and shortlist your favored smells, it’s time to experiment with different smells to create your signature fragrance.

Start experimenting  

Experimenting with your signature fragrance can be a lot of fun. You need to blend various essential oils and try to determine which smells blend well with each other. You can find these oils in any specialty perfume store. A number of online sites also offer different quality oils so you can pick and choose things that are perfect for your own needs. Essential oils are made using natural ingredients like herbs, fruits and flowers and they tend to be more expensive than those fragrance oils. Essential oils don’t contain any synthetic materials that can damage your skin either. If you have sensitive skin, you should always look at adding a few drops of almond oil or baby oil in your blends.

Add alcohol into your blend  

Once you combine the right essential oils, you need to add pharmaceutical-grade alcohol into your blend before you can bottle it for spritzing. The more alcohol you add into the blend, the more the fragrance dilutes. Make sure that you never use rubbing alcohol. With a little bit of research, you can actually find the right alcohol at a place near you. It is always advisable to use a dropper while adding alcohol because it becomes easier to mix the right quantities and things are less messy as well.

Wear the scent correctly

Most people end up going wrong when it comes to wearing the scent. For maximum effect, you need to wear the scent on your pressure points. This means that you need to apply it on the nape of your neck, your cleavage, the insides of your thighs, behind the knees and on your ankles. As the pulse points start warming up, the fragrance rises. The secret to making your fragrance last throughout the day is to apply it on the right places. Never spritz the fragrance in the air and walk through the perfume cloud because this really doesn’t work and it also leads to a lot of wastage.

High End Beauty Gadgets

When we think of beauty we don’t typically think of gadgets – but that’s all about to change! OROGOLD would love to get you intrigued by introducing you to a few of the hottest beauty gadgets that you can get your pretty little hands on right now. Some are simple, while others are a bit far out. Either way, we know you will love them – so, you’re welcome!

High End Beauty Gadgets



The Q-Redew is an innovative, amazing just plain fantastic tool for any curly-haired girl. A must have to keep in your bathroom or even in your car, this spiffy little gadget will transform the way you feel about your curly locks in a snap. The Q-Redew allows you to fix and touch up your curls when you are pressed for time or on the run. You can style and refresh your style all with one tool! The best part? Even girls with straight, thin hair can use it and it will give them waves to be envied. On the lower end of the price spectrum, this gadget sells for about $70.00.



Goodbye, crow’s feet, and hello youthful skin! PaloVia is a fantastic FDA approved laser treatment tool that you can purchase and use in the comfort of your own home whenever you have a few minutes. The results are well documented throughout many reviews and before/after pictures – and we must agree, it really seems to work wonders! PaloVia’s current retail value is $499.00.


PMD Microdermabrasion System

Exfoliation is one of the best things a woman can do for her skin. It can provide a clean, flawless look as new skin cells are regenerated and the old skin cells are removed. It’s magical, really. By use of Aluminum-oxide crystals found in many microdermabrasion methods utilized in your Dermatologist’s office, you will renew and regenerate your skin to levels you have never before seen. The PMD Microdermabrasion System is valued at $179.00.


Baby Quasar Plus Basic

Light therapy has become increasingly popular for many skin conditions. Though many at home light therapy tools have claimed to treat and even heal a myriad of skin conditions, their claims tend to fall short and money is generally wasted. The Baby Quasar Plus Basic is a phenomenal tool that actually works for results you can see and feel. Acne is diminished and aging is prevented through use of this special light therapy tool. Retail value is $399.00 and worth every penny.


NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

This device is as handy as they come. For any woman looking to fight pre-mature aging, you may want to invest in one of these incredibly clever gadgets to add to your beauty and skin care regimen. By use of microcurrents pulsating through your skin, the aging process is halted and prevented. It’s rather a fabulous piece of equipment, in our opinion! The NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device retails at $325.00.



With so many high tech, high end beauty gadgets on the market, it’s difficult to choose only a small few to tell our readers about. We hope you will look into the products we have reviewed, and let us know your own thoughts or concerns. Have you had personal experience with one of these products? Let us know in a comment.

OROGOLD Examines the Top Luxury Cars in the World

Modern day luxury cars have really become very plush. Today, automakers really need to make that extra bit of effort in order to ensure that their highly priced products actually look special enough to attract the public interest. It is no longer enough to have the right number of cup holders. People now need motorized cup holders or complete champagne coolers. It is no longer enough to offer LED headlights. People are now looking for curve sensitive headlights and starlight headliners. When it comes to the interiors, automakers must really top themselves to offer customers with a level of opulence not seen before to become really popular. Continuing on with the OROGOLD theme of “luxury leisure”, OROGOLD Cosmetics examines some of the top luxury cars in the world today.

Audi S8The 2014 Audi S8

The Audi S8 4.0T offers a 4.0L 520 horsepower engine, SIDEGUARD curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, 8 speed automatic transmission along with overdrive, integrated navigation systems, rear side-impact airbags, automatic air conditioning, side seat mounted airbags, driveline traction control, 21” aluminum wheels and cruise control.

2014 Aston Martin Rapide S

The 2014 Aston Martin Rapide S is a 4 seat sedan that is available at a base price of almost $198250. The vehicle comes equipped with a 6.0L 12 cylinder engine that offers 19mpg for highway driving and 13mpg for city driving. Automatic transmission is also offered as a standard feature.

White Jaguar F-type coupe sports car and classic yellow Jaguar E-type on display at the 2014 Brussels motor show. People in the background are looking at the cars.2014 Jaguar F-Type

One of the most basic features of the 2014 Jaguar F-Type is the 3.0L 380 horsepower intercooled supercharger engine. Other popular features offered include 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, automatic air conditioning, driver and passenger side airbag head extensions, integrated navigation systems, side seat mounted airbags, 19” aluminum wheels, airbag occupancy sensor and cruise control.

2014 BMW 328

The 2014 BMW 328 comes with a 2.0L 240 horsepower intercooled turbo engine, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, 8 speed automatic transmission with overdrive, electronic stability, cruise control, 17” aluminum wheels, airbag occupancy sensors, driver and passenger knee airbags, 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags and driveline traction control.

Lexus IS 350 F SPORT sedan on display at the 2014 Brussels motor show. People in the background are looking at the cars.2014 Lexus IS 250

The 2014 Lexus IS 250 is famous for standard features like the 2.5L 204 horsepower engine, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, 6 speed automatic transmissions with overdrive, airbag occupancy sensors, 17” aluminum wheels, automatic air conditioning, driveline traction control, side seat mounted airbags, electronic stability and 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags.

2014 Audi A7

The 2014 Audi A7 comes with a 3.0L 240 horsepower intercooled turbo engine, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, 8-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, SIDEGUARD curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, driveline traction control, cruise control, 19” aluminum wheels, automatic air conditioning, driver and passenger knee airbags, airbag occupancy sensor and side seat mounted airbags.

Silver Mercedes Benz CLA compact saloon car on display at the 2014 Brussels motor show.2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Class

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Class comes with a 2.0L 208 horsepower intercooled turbo engine, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, 7 speed auto-shift manual transmissions with overdrive, driveline traction control, 17” aluminum wheels, cruise control, driver and passenger knee bags, BabySmart airbag childseat sensor, airbag occupancy sensor, ABS and electronic stability.