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Purchasing fine jewelry isn’t like purchasing other luxury products. After all, what other purchases could you compare to purchasing items that are usually billions of years in the making. The precious stones with which fine jewelry is created not only have a unique level of complexity, they are also known to be extremely unique. Moreover, the investment associated with fine jewelry makes it essential for you to understand how to best choose fine jewelry for yourself. OROGOLD brings you a short and simple guide which offers you fine jewelry shopping tips. While this ORO GOLD guide isn’t everything you need to know when it comes to fine jewelry shopping, it is definitely the perfect place to start off.Attractive young couple looking at an expensive necklace in a jewelry store

Understand yourself

One of the first things that you need to do is to understand your likes and dislikes, keep in mind your personal styles and make an inventory of the things you have Vs the things you need. Remember, knowing what you like and what you need is the key to fine jewelry shopping.

Purchase jewelry from reputed dealers

Make sure that you stick to the reputed dealers when it comes to fine jewelry shopping. In today’s market, you can find fine jewelry being sold almost everywhere. However, it always makes sense to stick to the reputed and established enterprises. Since most consumers don’t even understand the difference between karats and carats and can’t distinguish between a sapphire and a blue topaz, it is easy for fraudsters to take buyers for a ride for a quick buck.

Keep track of your finances

One of the most basic tips that comes with any form of shopping is that you should understand what you can afford and what you cannot. This means that you should know the amount that you’re comfortable spending even before stepping foot in the jewelry store. Make sure that you spend within your means and you won’t have to regret it later.

Shop around

Make sure that you talk to a number of buyers before zeroing in on one. The more buyers you approach, the better the chances of a decent price. Make sure that you call ahead and ask the price per gram of gold. This helps you to shorten your field and save a lot of time and effort.

Don’t get attracted to unbelievable discounts

As they say, if it is too good to be true, it is most probably not. If a store offers you with discounts that are unheard of, play it safe. Shop around and compare the actual value of the item. Try to determine the reputation of the store. You might also find that the regular price of the item at other stores is lesser than the so called discounted prices.

Get a friend to accompany you

Make sure that you get someone you trust to come along with you. Jewelry purchases are personal decisions and it is important to choose wisely. It always helps to bring along a friend who understands your tastes and has a balanced head on her shoulders to stop you from getting carried away.

Purchase pieces that you fall in love with

It is very important to fall in love with the fine jewelry that you purchase. They say that if you find the right piece for yourself, you will find the piece talking to you. And even though jewelry designers love to play with the latest trends, when it comes to purchasing fine jewelry, you’re always better off choosing styles that won’t fade away for generations.  So unless you find something that leaves you speechless, don’t purchase it.

Look for trademarks

Make sure that you always look for the manufacturer’s hallmark on your karat-marked jewelry because it is mandated by the law in many countries (including the US). If you find a trademark, it means that the manufacturer guarantees the accuracy of the karat mark.

Get a description in writing

While purchasing fine jewelry, it is essential to get the seller to write a complete description of the jewelry on the receipt. Things like karat for gold; cuts, clarity, carat weight and color for diamonds; descriptions of carat weight and overall color for colored stones should specifically be mentioned on the bill of sale.

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Exclusive Shopping Experiences

Stylish woman in high fashion in fron of luxury store

Shopping, like chocolate, coffee, and music is essential to every woman’s life. We thrive on it, and need to have our shopping almost as bad as we need the air we breathe. Here at OROGOLD we believe it should be added to the basic needs list, along with water, air, food, and shelter.

Exclusive shopping experiences are some of the most fantastic experiences a woman can encounter. High end stores tend to offer high end clientele the royal treatment, and provide the ultimate in service. For women who live for luxury and the finer things in life, these types of shopping experiences are perfect – and once they experience them, they will never want to go back to mediocre.


What Makes Exclusive Shopping Experiences Different

Exclusive shopping experiences are completely different from your typical run of the mill, mediocre shopping trips. They take place in stores that are of high quality with large price tags, and cater to the needs of women willing to spend a pretty penny on their fashion.

Most women who partake in these types of shopping trips are either professional women, or those whom are blessed with wealth and are looking for an outlet to spend money on high fashion. They appreciate simple, streamlined shopping without all of the nonsense, crowds, and low quality products that regular stores have to offer.

Many of these luxury retailers will provide their customers with a glass of wine or champagne as their orders are being rang up, or as they shop. Sometimes, in lieu of alcohol, fine chocolates will be provided instead. There is typically no music playing throughout these stores, and if there is, it may be classical or instrumental. If you are in a popular culture themed store, however, you may expect to hear upbeat music playing over the speakers. Exclusive shopping experiences tend to take place in the city, in areas with high volume traffic and many people abounding. Think New York, which has a few major shopping districts as well as an OROGOLD store, or places like Los Angeles, Boston, London, Paris, and Milan.

These stores offer superb customer service, with sales associates ready to answer to your every beck and call. They offer assistance in fitting rooms, as well as exchanging articles of clothing to find you something more your style or size, and offer their professional opinion – almost as if you have your own personal stylist for the time you are shopping there. This in and of itself is unlike any experience you will receive at any mainstream shop, store, or boutique.

Many of these stores allow shoppers by appointment only, to offer superb customer service that caters to your needs. Then again, many of these stores do not require appointments at all. It’s always best to call ahead and find out a stores policy if you are in the market for high end fashion – unless, of course, you are a regular, and know the established policy.


Once you go High End, You Never Go Back

It’s been said earlier in this article that if you are given the experience of shopping with one of these fine stores, you will never again want to shop at the lower end bargain stores you had been used to. There is something extremely special about walking out of a luxury brand with your bags in hand at the end of a fantastic shopping trip. The products are of the finest quality, and are made to last for the most part. You will be amazed at the difference in an exclusive shopping experience.


OROGOLD wants to know what your favorite luxury brands are. Chime in below, and tell us your thoughts!